Friday, July 27, 2012

Diving into the Fears Within You

If you want a life changing experience, dive into the core of fearful emotions.  I assure you this not for the faint hearted.  However, once you dive in, look around, take a good long swim in the sea of emotions that you created, you may come to understand quite a bit about the world and even more about you and the reasons you are here and living like you do. Sometimes, the things that make us fearful can become our greatest teachers in life.  We need only to be present in the moment and be ready and willing to see things from an alternate vantage point.  When we can see fearful or painful things from another perspective, it can change what we have come to know as fear-producing.  We make many assumptions about everything in our lives.  If this happens, it means this.  If that happens, it means that.  We judge and label everything around us in the negative according to one thing...what we fear most within us.  If we label someone as hurtful, they are a mirror of us...where have we been hurtful with self?  If we label someone as loving, we are in touch with the good and loving aspects that exist within us.

So often we think it is the people around us who make us feel.  What we fail to realize is that no other can create an emotion in us.  Our emotion can form only by our own thoughts...the ones that we have determined are the truth.  But our "truth" is shaped by the assumptions we make about our experience.  Take one simple example, you see another individual get promoted at work.  You feel you have worked long and hard to be promoted and yet it is this other soul promoted before you.  You may react angrily and feel hurt that this undeserving person was promoted and you were not. Your experience in life is not in the power of others to control.  It is you choosing to think you are unworthy that truly creates your pain.  It is you who thinks you are overlooked and unrecognized that makes you feel bad.  So, what other thoughts are you allowing to think that support this position?  What drama are you playing out in your mind over and over again to reinforce this feeling of "less than" everyone else?  Where in your life were you invalidated and looked over?  It could be someone important to you who originally planted these kinds of thoughts in your head or reinforced it either purposely or unwittingly when you were young.  Without realizing it, you have continued to play these tapes in your head over and over and your anger in this moment at not being promoted is actually the real you from way back when fighting to be seen for who you really are.  But you already are who you really are and you are not the labels others have placed on you and so, the success or failure of another does not have the power in and of itself to make you lesser or greater.  Only you have that power.  It's all you baby!

You already truly are amazing.  When you can learn to untangle the webs weaved by those around you who are or maybe were unaware of what souls really need to grow and live a healthy and normal life, you can free yourself from their misguided words and thoughtless seeming actions.  You may then begin to allow into your conscious mind your own gentle and loving thoughts about who you truly are.  You are a beautiful soul who tries so hard and who is amazing and so very deserving of love.  So, love you and show that love by never allowing comparing thoughts to give you a sense of greater than or lesser than someone else.  You cannot compare yourself to another soul and have a truly long lasting and rewarding experience.  Sometimes the actions of others are not directly derogatory to us at all but we just perceive that for some reason.  Even that can plant the seed of a wound that may lead you into a life of comparing and contrasting yourself to others to judge your success or failure.  It's a no win framework.

The one example above of diving into a fear is an obvious one.  There are similar ones that exist in the realm of your experiences.  You can find these learning and transformational opportunities by diving into the core of those things that seemingly hurt you the most.  In those spaces are tomes of information that you, with time, love and patience, can unravel and begin to see the definitive truths of from the provisional ones you have held with the unwitting creation of your assumptions.  You can release the fear through love and understanding allowing yourself to receive the beauty and light in this world.  Its really all up to you to stand in your own light of pure love or to remain seated forever in the shadows created by misunderstanding in your own minds.  Rise, I say.  Rise and feel the light of love.  It is already within you.  You may just need to allow yourself to see and feel it. Blessings of love and light dear souls!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a random but beautiful internet find that just spoke to me)

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