Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Between

Mesmerized by a water color painted sky, I drove west just to watch the last rays of the sun fading from view.  The silhouettes dark and crisply drawn before me was a perfect framework for the horizon.  This dreamy and ethereal feeling strikes me at this time of day.  It's the in between time of transitioning light and dark.  It has the same effect on me early in the day as well as night transitions into the day.  The in between is it. It holds something.  What is that something that always captivates me in a rare and calmly energetic state?  In such moments I can feel the heart beat of the Earth, I can breathe in the cool breeze and expand more easily for some reason.

We go through life moment to moment without much appreciation for that time of transition.  Those moments we step out or into the shadows of twilight and feel our way through the very alive moments of existence.  Things unseen take on new light and new life in the spaces between moments, the silence between sounds and the blending of colors transitioning moments as we move underneath the Earth's sky.  I breathe in deep and feel the energy pulsing within my core and despite the deep thoughts and twinges of less than perfect happiness of late, I too am in a state of transition between all of those things and experiences that came before and those yet to become.  I feel it with every fiber of my being and I'm quite honestly grateful.  The spaces between moments are where understanding dwells, more questions needing answers rise to the surface and the searching deeper within begins again in earnest.  It's a beautiful and peaceful time.

I continue driving aimlessly just moved by my vision, by simple sounds emitted from my car's sound system and the rush of the wind as I speed through it with the windows down.  I know where I have been and I finally do know where I'm going.  So, in the mean-time I shall endeavor simply to enjoy the ride.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Painting:  Artist unknown but signed - see lower right).

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