Saturday, March 27, 2021

Random Thoughts - Sunset Moon Moments


The puppy woke me up at 4:23 am this morning. He’s become an erratic alarm clock. My middle daughter was playing VR as I could hear her feet or something hitting the floor pretty hard repeatedly.  She may have woken the dog who was doing his little puppy best to guard the house and its occupants from the noises that weren’t normal.  Good job pup.


I’m now sipping coffee from a 32 oz mug that I received as a joke many years ago.  The coffee tastes good this morning.  I needed this little ritual today after a very tough week of puppy training, cleaning from said puppy training, crazy busy work week with too many meetings keeping me from my daily required tasks and life changes.  Oh, those life changes.  Sometimes the heart of the soul calls you to do things in your life that maybe you don’t want to do.  In my near 55 years of life now, I have learned that when it calls in the way that it does, it’s best to just listen…take heed…and then take action accordingly. Even when you don’t understand the reasons why, you have to trust the Universe, your heart and your soul.


Life has been this incredible swirl for the past many years – a peaceful swirl like a merry-go-round gently turning but playing your favorite song during a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  This pandemic, losing family, feeling like I’m losing my grip a little and wow.  Just to stop and breathe in the first rays of light this morning while the birds sing the sun up – it’s priceless, I really have to say. I realize in this life how much pain a soul can carry – it’s a lot.  I realize also how much gratitude a soul can hold – it’s a lot.


The day is shaping itself - readying itself to reveal itself in its own time, in its own way and within its own form and reason. I’m open, curious and sipping coffee from a giant mug and feeling the peaceful energy of the morning before the city stirs in earnest. It’s going to be okay, come what may.  One thing I have learned in this life is to trust myself to manage whatever may come. My thoughts are intertwined with domestic Goddess duties for the day and the philosophic meaning of all we encounter in life. If only I had answers to the million queries that flow through my consciousness.  Not that I’d know what to do with those answers, mind you.  Then again, sometimes it is a very good thing to keep the thoughts reigned in, hold them close to the Earth - grounded - with concentrated breath in and out set on repeat for a few moments. Being present loosens the chains of fear, of pain, of anxiety and even nostalgia. To be present with the breath is a gift – no yesterday – no tomorrow – just now – coffee – birds – sun and peace.


I watched the last rays of sunlight behind the mountains last night. The sky glowed with fiery red and pink light like burning embers in some cosmic fire.  I turned to go back into the house and saw a big bright full moon shining her light down upon the Earth.  I sent prayers up and out for all those I hold dear, for humanity, for the Earth and just then, a gentle breeze blew around me and filled my lungs with cool fresh air as if it were the Universe answering - don't worry - we've got you. I stood transfixed for a moment - mentally marking the moment.  Such a tiny moment but I tell you it was filled with the entire universe of experience, thoughts, love, hopes and dreams. I was reminded that sometimes you really have to take a long but gentle look at the scenery. The energy of it is waiting to fill you up when you most need it but you must make the effort to notice it - to fully acknowledge it. I don’t know why, but I needed to share that.


Blessings for your journey and may the road you’re on lead you to moments of great bliss and infinite understanding.


© 2021 photo/words (except the pup – picture courtesy of Brittany Harter)