Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Observer Incarnate

Reaching out
Into the colors of the sun set
As the world turns
So do the cares of another day ending
Another day spent
Here on planet Earth incarnate
I can feel every ray
Of the sun as it fades gently from view
I let go slowly of the day
And breathe in and out gently
As I watch enchanted
A sliver of crescent moon
Hangs low in a fading blue sky
Birds in flight
Sea breeze blows the rest of my cares away
Such a beautiful view
A beautiful life

(c) photo/poem Jaie Hart, August 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Part of Me

Things cast aside
Wondering why

So careless
What else is it
We cast away

The asphalt holds silver sparkles
When the sun hits it just right
Newly painted lines as I make my way home
Homeless man standing on the corner
I can feel his story
He's a part of me
Woman walking across the street
Three children in tow
I can feel her story
She's part of me

I watch the sun
Slowly sink behind a freeway overpass
Thousands traveling oblivious
So focused on their destinations
That they miss the present
I feel their stories
Because they are part of me

I see the birds silhouetted against the sun
I feel them flying free
They too are part of me

The breeze blows
Frustrated drivers honk their horns
Caught up in some unthinking road rage drama
I feel their stories too
They're part of me

An open field
Wild flowers in bloom
Like a piece of time frozen
in a concrete jungle
I feel its story
It's a part of me

All of the emptiness
The things cast away
The forgotten things
The hidden things
I feel them all
They are part of me
And I am part of them

(c) photo/poem Jaie Hart, August 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Light Worker's Call to Action

So many of you out there are doing your daily thing and creating much love and light in this world and it is with deepest gratitude I think of you.  Many others may feel a call and yet are feeling unsure of what they can do to lend more love and light to this world. I'll tell you that it does not take much effort to bring positive thoughts into focus on any area you choose.  Simply imagine where you wish to bring more love and light.  Focus your efforts and attention to the hearts and souls of mankind here on this planet.  Hold a space of love and light for others to reconnect with the love within, to begin to remember who they really are and begin to take on greater understanding of this world and each soul's purpose in it.  You need do nothing more.  If you feel called to certain purposes in an effort to create good, healing, love and light, by all means do so.  Just remember that free will must remain in focus also.  It is not up to us to force people into the light or "right thinking."  Each must make his or her own decisions about what they will and won't do.  As light worker's collectively, we can create a huge grid of energy across the planet that is positively charged that will help others awaken, to right their thinking, right their actions, to heal and begin to understand there actions and to change them.  Send up your prayers for love, compassion and understanding across the globe for the millions who remain asleep...unaware of the harm they cause themselves and this world.  While we may not be able to force a single soul to do the right thing, we can create an energy dynamic that will facilitate awakening.  This facilitation of awakening has been going on for a very long time.  We can thank the efforts of the light workers that came before us for creating a space of love and light for us to awaken.  The energy across the planet is strong and we can make it stronger.  We must remember how very powerful we really are and know without a single doubt that we have the power to change the environment, to allow for more healing and more peace.  Call upon your God, Goddess, Source, whatever...for strength to deal with the things that will come, the grace to respond with love and light and the compassion to hold for those still sleeping instead of anger or frustration.

Your jobs are not easy ones and your efforts are appreciated.  Know that in every time in existence, people felt like we do...that evolution brings us many gifts and also curses and that there are many times there is little we can physically do.  Many people worried which added more fear to their environs.  We need not follow in those particular foot steps.  Love is the most powerful tool in this universe.  It can create spontaneous healing, spontaneous recovery and spontaneous change for those open to its power.  Love cannot be wielded incorrectly ever.  The truth is that the inauthentic will have choices to make:  Heal and grow or propagate more fear.  Love, when allowed deep into our cores, brings us healing, peace and so much more...Love allows us to see the truth, to feel the truth and to live the truth. Love will always be your sword of truth, use it often, gently and peacefully.

Be strong in your convictions to bring about a better condition for both the inhabitants of this planet and the planet herself.  Seek understanding of the lessons you face and do not become disheartened by what you see or experience.  Stay close to the love and the light and those who share your passions.  They will lend you strength when the tough life lessons come. In love and in light, brightest blessings to you all.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…
I thought I knew the reflection staring back at me.
It seems though lately,
That I don’t know her at all.

I’ve taken her for granted all of these years.
I’ve watched the struggle from a different vantage point.
I’ve seen the joys and disappointments,
But I’ve never really seen me.

Lately it seems that all I’ve known of me…
Is what the world has reflected back to me.
I’ve had my life filled with too much pain…
And in my reflection it now shows.

But as I stand here and stare a little longer,
The face seems to fade and I see something else.
I start to see the soul…
The spirit behind the fa├žade.

I see strength.
I see kindness.
I see wisdom and eternal youth.
I see a still hopeful teacher and student of life.

As I focus back in I see the lines around the eyes.
For a moment I’m anxious…
But then I’m at peace.
Each line represents the laughter I’ve had.

I then notice the tiny little streaks of white hair.
And again, for a moment, I’m anxious…
But then slowly, again, I’m at peace.
Each tiny gray hair is a lesson I learned and won’t have to repeat.

I see from one perspective my once smooth skin,
Now filled with spots and a weakening radiance of youth.
Again, a slight pang of worry…
But then I recall that I’ve had my morning of youth.

I’ve now earned the right to ascend to midlife.
I’ve earned the wings that raise me up.
I’m a mother, a boss, a friend and simply a soul who cares.
All of these things …bring more joy than the tears of yesterday.

No longer am I the willful child…
Continually knocked to the ground,
Who struggled to stand too soon…
And begin to run from myself again.

I’ve gained the wisdom to know…
That when life knocks you down again and again,
It’s sometimes better to stay down for a time…
Take a look at the world from your new perspective.

Then slowly rise when you’re truly ready,
When you know the time is right to dust yourself off,
Forget the path you were on before…
And then carefully choose a brighter direction.

It’s not obvious in my reflection,
But I’m no longer the wounded child from yesterday.
Nor am I the aging soul of tomorrow…
Today I am simply present.

With all of my worries,
With all of my joys,
With all of my faults and foibles,
I’m proud of who I have become.

My reflection doesn’t frighten me any more,
Because I have some how learned to love what I see…
To love what can’t be seen by those in the outside world…
To accept me for me regardless of what others think.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Thank you for showing me the truth…
Thank you for showing me who I really am…
Thank God, I can finally see.

(c) 8/2007 Jaie Hart (Photo and words)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Life Changing Darkness Transforms to Light

There are things in life that occur that change you going back to old paradigyms of thinking, acting or living.  Sometimes it is a single defining moment or event and sometimes it is a series of life changing events over many years.  I could write my own story here but that would be a novel and not a simple blog post but I do have to say that although some of these events and happenings may be quite difficult to contend with and even traumatic, the oppening of the heart, spirit and soul bodies that occurs afterwards is worth every ounce of pain that you've had to contend with.

I remember a time in my life where I was bothered by people who were different, even though I know it is I who was different.  I never quite fit in even if I could play along quite well.  I would notice the fearful thoughts arising in others and I seemed to be repelled and bothered by those things even though at some level I wanted to help. Little did I know that I could see these things only because they existed within me.  When I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield nearly twenty years ago, it planted a seed, a good seed but it took so long to find the nourishment enough for that single seed to germinate, grow and begin to bloom.  One of the things referenced within this book is the fact that once your heart center, soul center and spirit center has been openned, you can never go back to being who you were...oblivious to the wake cast behind you as you travel through life.  You begin to understand how everything matters, the smallest things, a collective of things, every thought, reaction and action matters.

I've taken some harsh words for my perspectives on compassion.  I see every soul in this world as a beautiful soul.  Despite whether they exhibit negative behavior or conduct themselves in unbecomming ways, I see their souls.  I see the light that shines within and I also see the shadows at the core of their worldly reactions dictated by the ego.  Hate has left me.  Fear, well, I'm working on only fear in this world is that people will remain asleep and continue to do great harm to themselves and others as a result of their refusal to see there is more in this world than material substance, gaining riches, power and control over others.  But then again, if I look closely, it isn't really fear at all...its more like drives me to want to work harded to explain how the different paths we walk, the events that unfold that are so very difficult and seemingly life shattering are not really about tearing you apart for the sake of tearing you apart.  These things happen because aspects of our character, built up through years of environmental psychology really need to be shed, shredded or obiterated in order for us to learn to go within and seek the light.  Not all of us will succeed and despite efforts of the best of the lightworkers this world has to offer, some folks will make choices to stay mired in the muck of dark roads that lead nowhere.

So, as a lightworker, the hardest thing to do is to leave tortured souls to their own devices.   However, there is not one of us in this world that has the right to circumvent the free will of any soul.  We can hold a space of love and light to entice people to think about themselves and their lives differently but that is about it.  We should not become frustrated at our lack to show someone their own beautiful light within.  Sometimes some folks must find it on their own and when we become open and aware, we must merely seek compassion and understanding both for those striving to find the love within and sending love and light to those reaching higher and higher realms of enlightenment.  Every time one of us heals, opens up and learns to accept life as a series of choices each soul gets to make on their own, the more we open the doors wider that will ultimately allow even more souls to come through to the light and love they hold within.

Having your heart open shows you things differently and once you see things differently along these lines, you will never be the same will mature and grow, raise your vibration, increase your love and light.  Allow this to be and do not be alarmed at how it comes to you.  My best advice is to seek the deepest understanding of every trial and tribulation you face.  Don't let the ego make it personal, make the ego your friend and when it becomes engaged in a negative way, treat it not as an enemy with harsh words but with the same love and patience you would a child trying to learn something new.  Focus on your own love and light within, embrace every seeming imperfection you think you have and know that you are perfect despite them...with them.  You don't have to change anything to open your heart, your spirit and your need only to allow new light and thought to enter you without any fear...strive to understand, drink in the delicious beauty in this world, see the best in others and in yourself and be unaffraid to set boundaries where others are so mired in the dark they inadvertently attempt to draw you back in.  You will not lose your light.  You came here wiith it.  It cannot be taken from you.  The only danger is forgetting...forgetting your light, your love and how divinely powerful you really are.

So, fear not when the trials and tribulations come.  As difficult as they are, you will manage and if you can seek the deeper meanings of what you face, find some kind of silver lining, your heart, soul and spirit will begin to open naturally and beautifully.  Just some thoughts to share this morning as I reached my consciousness out into this world and intensely felt the darkness...moved away from it with love and focused instead on all of the bright loving light in this world.  Much love and light to all and brightest blessings for peace.