Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Completed on Planet Earth

Another year in yet another life comes to a close on beautiful planet Earth.  I look back and feel a
great sense of accomplishment as I sit here typing away.  That sense of accomplishment has more to do with global accomplishments than personal ones.  At no other time do I recall a greater sense of united connectedness with all that is, greater acknowledgement among the masses of awareness and the fact that at a basic level and even many more, we are all truly one race here on planet Earth and despite all of the difficulties and challenges we faced this past year, so many have pulled together from their heart centers and made a vast and beautiful difference not only for themselves but all of those around them.  I count myself so very grateful to be here on Earth at this time.  Never before have I experienced great diversity coming together as one in so many various situations.  Many nights have I spent this past year deep in meditation feeling the difference in the energy here on Earth and sending out even more across the globe to lend more love to strengthen the hearts and souls doing the same all over this world and surrounding it in the ether.

We are learning so very much individually and as we learn we light a path for even more to follow. 
We have trudged a path through a thick jungle of illusion and darkness and we have left many
mile markers for those who will later come to traverse the path we now have well trodden in this
space-time.  Our history is not limited to the books on paper with words we can see but is engraved
now in space records in time in not just our own dimension but others.  It may sound crazy and if
you do not understand what I'm saying and if you do not feel the truth of my words no explanation
could ever assist you.  However, even that is pure perfection.  We're all so unique with out points
of view and we'll consider to expand our perspectives and perceptions as we expand our hearts and
souls as we journey through this life and into the beyond.  So many gifts have we been presented
with and those gifts are being well used by those entrusted with their care.  Each soul has divine
purpose as they live and breathe here and it's so very beautiful when you come to understand the
frame work within which we work tirelessly day after day.  They are not in vane, our efforts to
understand.  That which we most lend our focus to is what we will time and time again materialize
within our realms of every day experience.  It's a beautiful thing even if sometimes your focus
lingers sometimes over long on any one of the many tragic experiences that occur here.  Each one is
an opportunity and that opportunity will be taken up by each soul that feels the call to activation
deep within his or her soul.

I am infinitely optimistic about the things to come.  Rapid lessons of expansion span the globe in
the collective of souls who come here seeking to go beyond the material and superficial dimensions
of experience.  What you seek, you will ultimately find here in this beautiful dream called life on
planet Earth.  You are assisted by human angels every step of the way and you are surrounded by your brothers and sisters who walk the path incarnate here with you.  In quiet moments, send out your
love and energy to those who are here with you and you'll wait not but one single moment before that
love and energy is returned to affirm and acknowledge you. Step gratefully and breathe gratefully
each and every day here incarnate knowing your life has meaning not only personally but also to the
collective of souls joining you here at this time.  Life itself is beautiful, deeply meaningful and
filled in every moment with a vast and endless supply of love and support.  One need only quiet the
little mind a moment and reach inward in love to meet it.  You are powerful and amazing souls
working your way through this life and should be proud of yourselves in every moment you find the
will and impetus to smile, to appreciate beauty in the simple things and to acknowledge the Source
light within you exists in everything even within each tiny green blade of grass.  Everything
matters, you matter and will continue to prosper in this life just exactly as you have planned.

Continue your days with the grace, hope and faith instilled in your core from the Source and it is
that which will carry you through even those parts of your journey that seem cloaked fully in
darkness.  There will always be those willing to pass the torch of light they hold so that you may
yet find your way. ~I send you great blessings of abundance, joy, hope, light and love beautiful
dreamers.  Happy New Year - 2013 on Planet Earth.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unknown Serenity

Oh the things I never knew
Strike me like the emptiness
Of the darkest space between the stars
I smile at the peace and simplicity of it
The dramas schemed and played for amusement
I don't find so amusing anymore
I much prefer serenity's grace
The silence of a cool night breeze
The play of light on storm clouds and flower petals
I breathe in the infinite
Despite my lack of coordinates
I know my space in this place in time
Finally now and then again
I dream a dream precisely sweet
It's depth of meaning endless for me
And I'll hold to that for no other reason
Than it plain and simply gives me hope
And a reason to smile a spacy smile
As I gaze up into cerulean blue
The foggy mists within my own mind
Have dissipated in no time
Memories fall from my mind like rain
And I catch them in the fulcrum that is my heart
Ever expanding in love and forgiveness no matter what
No matter what
Into the unknown I shall always gladly traverse
I find it more heartening than the known these days
Courage is it or plain fed up
Doesn't really matter much from where I stand
The end result is the end result
And the impetus for this mental and ethereal meandering
So, resigned I am to it
This life, there's nothing to it
My dreams, I'd best be off to them
For a while now
And after a while I gain some more
Understanding as I close the old and open each new door
Unafraid I will go
Where ever it is my heart guides me

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

Beware (Be Aware of) the "Click"

Word to the wise from the dating archives...Sometimes the "Click" is just not good.  The "Click" is that sentiment that most look for when dating ... that feeling upon meeting someone that you just, well, you know, "Click."  Well, please, please, please be aware that if you grew up in a dysfunctional home that "Click" can sometimes turn out deadly.  I am one who grew up in quite the dysfunctional home.  I refuse to disparage my parents here but I will just say that they did the best that they could with the challenges they faced emotionally.  I often thought that I made it through childhood unscathed.  Despite growing up very poor, from a broken home and not much of a good outlook by the statistics, I did alright.  I didn't know what college was growing up, only that it cost money and with no encouragement that I should ever seek it out, I didn't.  I went to work immediately and escaped the dysfunction of home.  I grew up, developed a successful career in management and married a nice guy and had kids.  But something was always missing.  After 7 years together, for many reasons, it just could not continue and so I filed for divorce, we ended things amicably and I returned home from the opposite coast where I had it all.  Those were some tough years, let me tell you but they were amazing years in terms of learning.

When I got back on my feet, I entered the dating arena.  I look back now and see that for sixteen years, I very unsuccessfully dated.  What I didn't realize was that I picked in my partners every form of  challenge that exists and even included those hopelessly addicted to pain.  Now, all of these folks are fine individuals with good souls and are so beautiful to me and I loved every single one but they had challenges in many arenas that just didn't work for me in the long run.  I do not wish to disparage them, the focus here is not even them but me and my own challenges I dealt with quite unconsciously.  I realized somewhere along the way that through my partners I was unconsciously trying to heal my parents and so I'd date and have no problem finding those I immediately "Clicked" with.  I didn't understand the "Click" and the reason it existed.  The "Click" existed because they bore aspects of their personalities very close to my parents in one way or another and this was just the worst thing in the world for me and there was no way I could ever truly be happy in those relationships.  So, I left every single one of them when I realized I faced a very similar and familiar challenge that I faced in childhood.

Over the holidays my brother asked me if I would consider making amends with my mom. We've been estranged for more than five years (and many periods over my young life off and on). He knows not what he asks of me.  Mom is one of the disordered and has a long history of addiction and behavior I find wholly vexatious, vengeful, vindictive (have I covered all the "V" words here?) and entirely unhealthy for me.  I'm an empathic soul and feel everything including sympathy for those who suffer even at their own hand for their own decisions.  Around such souls they can rant and rave all they want to and I'm clear on what is about me and what isn't but the fact that I kept finding myself amongst those souls that I "Clicked" with came into greater focus upon my brother's innocent request.  I gave his request honest and sincere consideration but have decided against it.  My life is so peaceful and so serene that I do not wish to go back to filling it with vexatious souls unwilling to seek help for what truly ails them and I refuse to stand in answer to those souls for their own mistakes that bring them pain.  I am not above assisting those in need but you see, the way I grew up, such behavior in me is considered enabling behavior or co-dependent behavior and so, like an alcoholic who abstains from alcohol, it's imperative that I abstain from consorting with the emotionally, mentally or financially disordered and misguided.

I realized that the "Click" is my clue and guide.  The "Click" that everyone else looks for, I too look for but for very different reasons.  When I find one I "Click" with, I know that at an energy and soul level I am comfortable for one reason and one reason only, there is something about them like my parents and if I wish to avoid the pain that has come time and time again, I must discontinue any close interactions with any soul I feel the "Click" with.  Instead, if I should ever become interested in dating anyone again, I  must find a soul there is no "Click" with...a soul who's energy is wholly unfamiliar to my long educated engagement of disordered energy of those who used to flock around me.  I am free from that energy now and it is like a breath of pure, pristine and fresh air.  I can never go back to it.  I do not begrudge the disordered from finding love, they just cannot engage me in romantic love.  I'm not that gal any more.  I'm interested in something wholly healthy, mature, no instant sense of fake and false intimacy that immediately precedes some form of emotional manipulation, no hiding disharmony and discord, no blame, no victims and villains, just pure bare honesty, mutual respect, mutual accountability, mutual responsibility and mutual and unconditional love.  I will not settle for anything less and should I never find that, I am content in my life at present as I've learned to find the beauty and love from within and within all things and all souls who cross my path.  I need nothing and no one to complete me as I have learned, finally after all of these years that I always was complete.

So, I encourage you to understand the "Click."  If your story is even remotely like mine, be aware of the reason for the "Click" and be prepared to make other arrangements if you truly desire a healthy normal dating adventure of the honorable kind.  As far as dating, I'm not sure I'm interested any longer.  After 16 years of learning the rougher aspects of my own delusions, I'm rather content just enjoying my kids, life, spirituality and helping others in much more healthy ways these days.  There isn't a lot of room for dating.  I sometimes miss it but for the most part, I honestly don't.  I'm happy now, happy with what I've learned, happy about every experience with every soul that I've ever dated because I learned to uncover the truth within me and it has NOTHING to do with the the labels of psychological transference and projection once vicious slung by more than I wish to count.  I stepped out of the victim and villain psychodrama a while ago and learned that it is not in me to ever venture back.  Life is too short and there are too many things that hold infinitely more meaning for me.  If you're out there testing the waters, stand in your own light and keep both feet firmly planted on beautiful Terra Firma, eyes wide open and your soul-senses acutely tuned.  Only then will you understand what comes before you.  Live, love and learn but do so with heart, mind and soul open to sensing everything. Beware the "Click."   ~Blessings for blissful adventures dearest dreamers.  Enjoy the play!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Place of Peace

There is a place of peace within us.  It is not easy to find by the untrained mind and not even by a trained one except with the assistance of time.  In this place of peace, there is no desire nor regret, there is nothing you hold out above the rest in this world, all the sounds are beautiful sounds, all the souls are beautiful souls and all of your experiences are just beautiful experiences from which you choose to learn and grow.

When you find this place of peace, the ego does not rule and control you and in fact, has learned to become quite silent relenting to the dictates of the soul and the soul guided the ego there with patience, compassion and understanding.  There is this place of peace where all attacks are understood as egotistical psychodramas and so no injury is ever really issued forth.  There is this place of peace where anger is questioned but love is always accepted.  There is this place of peace that shines an infectious light out into the world and ignites a peaceful and loving flame in the hearts of all the souls it touches.  It's inspiration burns away the need to compete, to be right and to be better and it begins to comprehend truly the oneness of all that is.  It understands truly that when you hurt yourself with thoughts, all are hurt.  It understands truly that when love is given freely to self, all are loved and the rippling effects go on and on from heart to heart and soul to soul. 

There is a place of peace beautiful dreamers and it is right inside the heart of you.  This truth may be buried in years of illusion that slows your thinking and makes you sleepy and sluggish to awaken to it.  But it does not change this truth.  You are the place of peace you seek and the more you get in touch with this space and feel your way to it over and over again, the more you will create and promote it out into this beautiful world.  It has before already been said, "Be the peace you wish to see."  Drink in the beauty of the sentiment behind those words rather than the superficial meaninglessness of the words themselves.  You are infinitely empowered to heal from the delusions of this dream and uncover the truth at every breath and step.  Above all else, you are truly loved.  If you wish to believe in anything in this dream, believe in that and embrace it wholly and fully in every second of every moment in every day of your life.  ~Blessings of peace beautiful dreamers.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The concept of the "Psychodrama" was developed originally as a method of therapy. Jacob L. Moreno created the concept in which players have an assigned role to initiate understanding into psychological structures of issues.   By encouraging an individual to address a problem in a creative way, reacting spontaneously and based on impulse, they may begin to discover new solutions to problems in their lives and learn new roles they can inhabit within them.  Psychodrama was created as a specific means to help address psychological issues from within groups.  We assign the meaning of this word to describe others who are unwittingly acting out a psychodrama in normal daily interactions with us/others.  For example, those using psychological projection to attack and provoke you for engaging in behavior you are not engaging in but the accuser is.  We call this in even non-psychological conversations, psychodrama.  The meaning we give it is someone unknowingly acting out a psychodrama from past unhealed trauma and pain.

When you are on the receiving end of the psychodrama scenario, it is so hard to hold your ground and not become engaged.  Those embroiled unwittingly in the psychodrama do not understand what they are doing entirely.  They want an emotional reaction and get a little jolt of a high from the energy they evoke in you when they catch you off guard with psychological transference and projection. The trouble is, that if we do not spot someone enacting an unwitting psychodrama, we end up giving them something that makes their condition so much worse.  The only real answer is to be so strong and sure in your own light that rather than being thrown off or pulled in unawares is to maintain your center and find a place of peace within you so that you can query the protagonist of their own psychodrama.  The ego, wants to defend and fight back but this is of no value really to the person engaged in psychodrama without knowing they are creating it.  To find a way quickly to either set a quick boundary and disengage or walk a person through the lies and assumptions they are creating is a much better way to go.  Pointing out their psychological shortcomings or using armchair psychology you studied up on in the heat of an argument is also a really horrendously bad idea and is of NO value at all what-so-ever.

I cannot count the number of times I've been caught unawares by the protagonist embroiled in their own unwitting psychodrama.  That so didn't help and by the time I realized, it was too late and my own emotions had become engaged.  The only thing I could do at that point was create a chasm of distance so that I could regain my composure unprovoked and understand better what was happening.  As a compassionate soul, these kinds of souls are drawn to me like a powerful magnet.  They get compassion from me at first but when I don't engage in the psychodrama, these souls adeptly search for my buttons.  As an open book, they will try anything to engage me and when I don't they then get outright nasty about it.  In such extreme cases, I have no choice but to pull completely away and disengage in any and all contact.  This, sadly, reinforces the protagnoists deepest fears at times.  As unfortunate as it is, it's not my responsibility.  I hold compassion but as a free will human being, I choose what I will and won't participate in and that is my right.  Sometimes though, with some people, I wish there were another way.  Without the other party getting psychological assistance, it is a no go in my book.  The sane one cannot be the one always running to therapy while dealing with the insane.  In other words, I refuse to make myself a human sacrifice for those who have a taste for the adrenaline rush and negative energy of psychodrama.  I've become a hermit lately because that is all I've had around me for so many years and I have to tell you, I'm tired.  I no longer wish to participate in psychodrama and really do not want to go through the energy drain of setting boundaries just to be attacked for asserting my right. 

I suggest (as I contemplate allowing a former protagonist in - only because this one IS a blood relative) that you learn to spot psychodrama early in any of your human interactions.  Learn to spot it, understand it and do not react from an ego place related to it ever. The moment you do - it's a lose-lose situation.  If you can maintain your light and your center and stay focused and unemotionally so, you can turn the interaction into a win-win.  It takes work and it takes effort and only you can decide if you're willing to put forth the energy to help the protagonist by neutralizing the psychodrama.  After a while, when they see they cannot get under your skin, they will move on to fresh meat.  I'm serious!  It sounds funny but those who engage in psychodrama only do it with those who will respond. When you stop responding to it with empathy and sympathy, the protagonists of the psychodrama go away.  You will have to become so sure of yourself, remain absolutely so high above reacting to insult and develop a steel or titanium disposition when around these souls.  It takes energy, patience and time but you can use compassion to help get you there.  Ditch the empathy 100% or you issue yourself an emotional death sentence with these folks.  Did you know that sociopaths, narcissistic and borderline personalities actually target empaths?  Yeah, sick and twisted but empaths have an abundance of emotion and those emotionally challenged and unable to feel as you do will be drawn to you.  Lessons in temperance much?  :)

As an empath I can attest to the truth of this and you can seek validation of this truth from so many sources (it's too many to list so I won't bother).  You need to know what you are dealing with and get so strong that you do not become the deliverer of the negative energy fix the creator of the psychodrama is seeking.  To engage in the negativity they seek, it's no different than handing a bottle of vodka to an alcoholic.  Be responsible for yourself and your actions.  Never take accountability or responsibility for the feelings and actions of others.  The only soul you can control is yours.  If you're dealing with a difficult personality in your life, I highly recommend the book, "Stop Walking on Eggshells" by Paul T. Mason, M.S. and Randi Kreger.  Very enlightening book with many helpful ideas.  Within the pages of this book, you'll also find an online support group to help you get through these difficult interactions with those who unwittingly and continually engage in psychodrama.  Just remember, full contact, partial contact or no contact is entirely up to you and no one has the right to judge you for what you need to do for you. To be honest, my heart goes out to all involved with difficult people, even the difficult people (see, empath).  I pray that everyone finds a measure of help and healing to get through these challenging situations without creating more emotional collateral damage.  However, involved parties need to understand their roles and motivations just like an actor on stage if they want to get through the scenario in a positive manner that promotes self-respect all around and emotional healing.  ~Blessings of higher love and greater understanding.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but very cool internet find)


Another conversation with a friend this morning gave me inspiration to write this blog post for today, on this special day of peace on Earth and good will towards man.  To go along on this mini journey of today's mental meanderings, I will need for you to forget everything you've ever been taught about right or wrong and the judging of good and evil.  I need you to open your mind and your hearts to consider something you may not, before, have ever allowed yourselves to consider.  In my mental meanderings this morning I have paused to consider whether or not there truly is such a thing as a mistake.  I can almost feel the egos writhing with the mere thought of this.  So, on with my thought...

There is not really such a thing as a mistake.  Consider that the Source of this Omniverse sees all.  Not one thing, not one action or inaction, thought or emotion goes without notice.  We are here for a reason and every act of this dream we participate in occurs for a reason that while might be hard to grasp in a moment of emotion, is ultimately for the good of all involved even if we can't even begin to comprehend how.  Every soul commits themselves to this dream for a reason and all of the scenes and actors will play out their roles for seemingly good or ill.  At times judgment and blame will enter your consciousness when we get angry about the lack of control for something that ultimately seems bad or wrong.  The burden of blame is the heaviest for the holder of blame.  The burden of the need to issue forth shame, guilt and negative judgments is heaviest for those in this world who choose to create that and hold that.  If you knew that all of your encountered experiences in this dream occurred for a perfect reason, you would have no need to separate yourself from your own Source love by picking up the burden of negative judgment and blame or worse yet, vengeance and vindictive thoughts.

Although it will likely be a very huge leap to grasp this concept for most, when you know that everything happens for a reason as every soul's need for an experience dictates, you begin to understand there is no need to carry the burden of blame.  We all want our ideal of good and perfection to play out as we expect it to.  But what if even though things do not play out as you expect or desire, the happenings and lessons learned by all involved are still pristine and perfect?  It is hard to imagine, this I truly understand but although some things are just a terrible seeming struggle for us, we can still attempt to unburden our minds and hearts by setting down blame, judgment and angry thoughts towards others who do not behave as you would have given a specified set of circumstances.  Set your heart free in the knowing that everything in this world does not go unnoticed.  Not one thing is missed or forsaken.  We need not worry ourselves that good will not occur from any set of seemingly negative circumstances.

If you could but see the fullness of any one person's life path and both the messages and lessons a soul brings to others, you would have no need for blame nor judgment.  In some things we must seek to find inspiration to do better and be better in accordance with the dictates of our souls and I do not suggest that folks stand idly by without lending assistance where a soul deems it absolutely necessary.  For even in that need and action, all is perfect.  The point is that living life can sometimes be burden enough without picking up the additional burdens that prevent our true growth and block the true light of love within us.  It is there burning brightly all the time.  It is only when the small voice of the small mind that has need to promote itself by degrading others that we cannot see.  It is, unfortunately, a very human behavior when the small voice from the small mind is so intensely in control.  But, the soul knows the truth and you can always feel the truth by what creates anxiety within or what creates the feeling of love within.  When you embody the feelings and actions of the judger or blamer persona, you are creating disharmony within and would often be better served by questioning why you would create anxiety, disharmony and fear within you rather than finding a more loving, understanding and compassionate approach to things you  may not be in full comprehension of such as the life paths and lesson plans of other souls on this planet.

Consider that at times you do not know the full picture and when you take one thing out of universal context and react to it, you are pulled off balance and you are creating disharmony in such actions for yourself.  You can create a different response to everything before you if you are willing to admit that you do not fully comprehend everything that is happening before you, that you cannot control one single thing in this universe but your actions, thoughts and emotions and that you and your judgments and blame are really just creating opportunities for your own soul to attempt to understand and transcend limiting thoughts.

So, there are no mistakes in this world.  When you begin to see that every soul does the only thing he or she knows how to do in a certain situation, the one thing that occurs is that you begin to include self in this knowing and from this you can allow forgiveness to enter your heart for your own judged mistakes.  Set yourself free of the burden of guilt, shame, remorse and blame for things you didn't know any better than to commit at one point or another in your life.  Stand in your own light today knowing that your every experience brings light and lessons not only to you but to all of those around you.  The construct and design of this dream is perfect, everything you do and see or experience is perfect in accord with your own soul's plan for development and learning here.  Strive, if ever you can, to take that leap from judgment to considering compassion and understanding in ways you are not used to.  In so doing, you set yourself free to love self more, to love and understand others more and to embrace this beautiful dream of your own design with greater understanding, faith, hope and even healing.

Merry Christmas beautiful dreamers.  I pray you find the light in every situation you face and when you sometimes face darkness - before you react, ask for understanding of the light to come to you.  It will come if you open your soul, mind and heart to it.  Blessings for a most beautiful day of peace and love to you all.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sparks of Divinity

Alone in the stillness and peace of an early morning sanctuary - aka home. It's dark and still out but the coffee is noisily brewing generating a wonderfully warm aroma that sets my soul to smiling.  Outside a torrential rain falls and I find I am in a beautiful mood despite a slight fogginess of thought that seemed to come in with the rain.  Having a conversation with a friend this morning, I wanted to write about some thoughts that have been spinning wildly through my head lately. They're not representative of any new concepts at all but rather a series of truths that resonated so deeply within me I do not know where it began or when, if ever, they shall end. 

The thoughts are simply this...What if we made a conscious attempt to daily consider that every single soul we encounter before us is God/Goddess incarnate?  Not every soul realizes as yet that they are God/Goddess incarnate at least in some form or manner, but they are.  What if we decided, based on the God/Goddess within us, not to hold judgment for anyone or anything?  What if we decide not to judge or react to our pain?  What if we decide to allow free will and to always honor our own in speaking kindly in its defense when sometimes other souls forget that as a particle manifestation of God/Goddess they also should allow every soul to be and express it's free will?  How might the world change?  How might our perspectives change? Our unconscious battles to be right, to control, to take energy and light from others do nothing to bring us closer to the true love we seek inside.  The ego only allows us to think this illusion of winning is truth.  Those that win by circumventing the free will of others actually lose so much as do those who attempt to steal free will by forcing others to be what they want them to be rather than to accept and love them as they are.

We all seem to want people around us to be to us what we want them to be or we will withdraw our love.  We do not know how to love and accept them unconditionally and that is not to say that we should participate in unsavory behavior conducted in unaware states by others.  We can love and still choose not to participate.  Now, let's expand this thought a little bit more from the over-arching concept above - we've turned it outward, now let us turn it inward.  For all the times the little voice from the little mind kicks in from a judgmental landscape, realize that you too are part of God/Goddess incarnate.  How is the little voice from the little mind inside honoring the sacredness of you?  If it stands in self-judgment, it is not loving and honoring you and even though the little voice from the little mind comes from within you, that does not lend to it a validity and truthfulness that one might think it does.  So, what if when the little voice from the little mind starts its judging, criticizing, controlling and fighting to steal energy from others, or attempts to be right at all costs -- you -- the bright and beautiful soul of you stands not in judgement but in full understanding?

If you treated the little voice and little mind as if it were a mere tiny child learning in a really big world, how might you experience things differently?  You would not punish a little child for lacking understanding and exploring and learning in a really big world would you?  Wouldn't you seek to gently guide it through challenges so it would learn?  We might be better met with much success if we did not fight the little voice from the little mind within and instead we let it think its thoughts without attaching further judgment or criticism to it.  What if we just observe and notice its ramblings, the pain it seems to want to be in and we did nothing but seek deeper connection to feeling our own bodies and souls along with our connection to nature and every other soul around us?  If you could take this approach, consider how much your world could change with one tiny shift of your perception and understanding?  It's possible this approach could change your experience of this world in a very big and positively impactful way.  There are times you can silence that little voice from the little mind by digging deeper into the infinite well of love within the heart of your soul.  As you dwell there, the fearful little voice cannot instigate any control or action and when it sees it is not in control, it eventually will be silent and you will have learned to listen to greater, more loving and important things.

I believe that there is a spark of divinity within each of us and as such, each soul is deserving of honor, integrity, respect and love - including the self.  What if we shifted our conscious thoughts and energy to this end in appreciation for unity rather than the competition of best or better than?  Imagine the beauty of the energy that would then flow more freely between us all.  Yes, I am a dreamer and leave me this dream of a concept for I hope that I might one day see it in action much more than I do now.  Goals and dreams are those things we strive for and for good reason.  What we put into this world, we get out of it.  If we cause pain - we will receive pain.  If we cause comfort - we will receive comfort.  If we love - we will receive love.  Instant Karma - so-to-speak.  Just some food for thought for now. 

You are all truly blessed in so many ways.  I hope that you know - that you always know.

(c) 2012 Photo random internet find.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Space Between

It was a sunny day in October of 1992 and I was sitting on my patio reading a copy of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  I heard a man speak to me although there was no one around me.  I was reading about control dramas and he told me to pay attention.  He said the content of this part of the book would be the focus of a very long lesson plan for me.  I listened and I paid attention.  I grabbed my notebook and pen to write down what just happened.  I documented my visions and messages in the beginning.  As I finished writing my journal entry it was if an unseen hand had taken over my pen and the following picture was drawn on the page: 

When the pen stopped moving I stared at the image for the longest time.  I felt a down-load coming but it had not yet completed.   I sent a thought back to my unseen teacher, "What is this?"  For an eternity of sunny silence it seemed I waited.  He began to speak again as the chills ran up and down my spine:  "This is a model of time from your present perspective.  You will need to study this and understand it.  It will bring you much comfort one day and then you will begin to move beyond it."

The download finally came and this is what I received:  The left hand side is all of your experiences and your past left behind you in space-time. The right hand side is all the experiences and your future to come - ahead of you.  You, you are the X in the are the present at the intersection between your past and your future.  The past has lead you to where you are and you should be grateful but not looking forever backwards.  The present guides and moves ushering in the future but we do not need to gaze forward always to the future, it will come.  The present is the culmination and the power of creation always. 

So, where it ended up leading me...spending my present looking back for longer than a moment to retrieve something is a waste of precious time and energy in my present.  Pining away for something I wish to have from my future  or looking ahead for longer than is necessary to set a goal, is also a waste of precious time and energy in my present.  If I maintain my focus on my present and my being-ness at the intersection of the past and the future, which is me, I am not diminished by either regret nor desire.  If I embrace either regret or desire, I am pulled off-track. Regret and desire are temptations unseen. If I place my conscious focus in mind, body and spirit in the intersection - the center of my existence, I expand and I physically feel the expansion.  Hmmm,  It is back to the cross-roads with my thinking and me.  There is something so very rare and precious about that intersection of the past and the future - it is me, it is time, it is outside of time.  I cannot articulate this much more in this moment as it seems a 20 year delayed piece of this puzzle has decided to download now.  Either that or I got the whole thing twenty years ago and completely ignored it (most likely the latter).

Once we have mastered the cross-roads, the space in between and the expansion of consciousness - we are ready to contemplate the other dimensions of which, our current physical perception is only one.  Uh oh, wait....Overload, bandwidth exceeded...ctrl-alt-delete. (giggles)

Okay - I'm back...I'm serious about the picture and the manner in which it was given.  I am serious about the message that was conveyed twenty or so years ago.  The simplicity of the intersection requires much expansion and in fact, that is exactly what I am feeling whenever it is I pull my focus fully into the present moment - I experience an expansion unlimited by what came before, what is to come or space-time.  That space in between is where the magic happens...that tiny little intersection is infinite beyond comprehension.  That space in between is you and me whenever we choose to place our focus there.  Time for some meditation me thinks.  

(c) 1993-2012 (Jaie Hart - diagram a la Paint and my mouse)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let This One Go

The gulls soar over head back to the sea while in the opposite direction and much further up, beautiful white clouds sail across an infinite sea of blue.  Muted sunlight brightens the back drop of just another amazing day in paradise.  I recount the day that escaped me in minutes unseen.  A surge of energy swept me away this morning as my list of chores was growing ever longer.  I made my way to them and then from one to another and noticed a bliss permeating my being.  I asked Divine Mother to assist me in thoroughly and clearly contemplating a matter near and dear to my heart.  In the moment of my asking, my heart felt heavy and the tears were very close to falling.  One moment longer and my prayer was answered but not in the way I thought it might be.  At the time I had wished to rethink a matter that had been heavy on my heart for years.  I wanted to reconsider whether I had done the right thing because in one emotional moment so far from me now, I made a fateful decision while in the throes of pure emotional exasperation and distress.  I did not know what else to do and wondered if I should open myself to revisiting the matter with those involved.  As the seconds passed into minutes after having asked for intervention, I was astounded to find a healing love descending upon my entire being. The more love I felt, the more the pain dissolved until it was no more within me.  I wondered, is this it?  Is this the answer, the pain of it is removed from me?  The only response I received from my questioning was pure and sweet bliss.  I drove around as often I do when I'm thinking through significant matters and nothing could deter this bliss...not the man who unthinkingly cut me off, not hitting every single light red for twenty minutes straight, not shopping traffic or people milling about when they ought be moving.  Within each soul I could see and feel a bright star shining, that light was love and it didn't matter what people said or did, I knew the truth of a moment.  So, the lesson of love continued and brought me greater understanding.  It was so simple, I nearly missed it.  At times we do the only things we know how to do whether right or wrong.  The reasoning then for whatever we did won't matter in the end as much as the love that we hold for everyone - including self...and the ability to create or allow forgiveness to ease the guilt and shame of regret.

In my particular situation, I wished that I had handled things differently once upon a time. But I handled a matter the only way I knew how at the time.  There is no shame in that, there is no pain in that and now, regardless, there is nothing but love for the parties involved whether or not I can bring myself to say the words. To open the door to say those words brings back all of those things I tried so hard to defend against.  The door shall remain closed but my prayers for love, for healing and light will continue always unto the rest of my days.  So be it then, I let this one go.

How Do You Carry a Cactus?

How does one carry a cactus? A question I have asked myself many times these passed five years.  Something I have always intuitively if not consciously known is that the cactus contains within it the same spark of divinity and love that unfolds in all of the other plants and flowers in existence.  Logically, I know this and when I open up my heart to the infinite, believe me, I feel this.  A little story to share.  Some time ago, a cactus came to call.  It requested my assistance actually and me, feeling so egotistical and superior, thought to lend myself to it's assistance.  Considering with gentleness, I did my best to carry it but then felt the painful wounds as with my bare hands I learned that I was ill equipped to carry a cactus.  I felt bitterly sorry that I could not carry the cactus as the pain was just too great for me.  The cactus then did a funny thing, it began releasing it's prickly appendages with force in my direction and as each landed, sorrowfully I felt the pain as each of it's barbs met its mark deep within in my skin.  I felt terrible and fought back and screamed, "How is it that you should be angry with me?  I carried you and it cut me deeply.  I went as far as I could but had to put you back where you were.  You are a cactus and I have only bare hands with which to carry you and the stickers full around you pierce my skin and cause me to bleed. My arms were already full and now I do not wish to feel pain and to bleed.  My love for you is as strong as it is for all other plants in the plant kingdom and I am so sorry.  Even though I tried, I could not carry you and can no longer try."  The cactus responded as a cactus would all stickers painful apparent and ever more still in abundance.  I considered the source and realized that a cactus will be a cactus.  I walked away from the cactus and to God and all around me, I openly admitted my failure at the inability to carry the cactus. I realized the folly of my egotistical desire to rescue the poor thing from itself. To this day, the thoughts still come, "Carry me," "How could you  not carry me," "I will never forgive you this grievance and God himself shall punish you grievously for your failure," says the cactus still. 

I walked away but I walked away schooled, more than humbled, deeply wounded, bleeding, guilty and remorseful for my own failure.  I understood the spark of divinity within the cactus but all the wishing, insults and demands of the cactus, my own desire to be helpful and loving, could not help me to carry the cactus.  I could not take the pain, I was weak.  Someone suggested then, a barrier between me and the pain...but even that was difficult for even were I to find a barrier, my hands were fully carrying other flowers in God's garden.  My arms were not big enough to carry the things that I had to carry, that I agreed to carry no matter what.  I turned my back on the cactus in full defeat but my love never wavered, my love never changed and I prayed to God for the strength to heal the visible and invisible wounds of my folly.  I also prayed that another might come along better equipped to manage the movement and carrying of the cactus.  In time and with much reflection I learned that calling a cactus a cactus did not help the situation.  Informing the cactus it's prickly barbs wounded and hurt me did nothing to help it's disposition.  I learned that standing there trying to hold what was too painful a burden to carry would not work for me.  I learned that standing their feeling helpless while the cactus unleashed additional fury upon me for my failure would help no one.  But I realized, although my arms were not big enough and the burdens I carried were mine to carry, the cactus would have to learn to conduct itself or patiently wait for understanding to dawn or perhaps a soul with thick sturdy gloves might come along with the ability to carry it.  My visible wounds have healed and there did come along a soul with thick gloves and skin who could carry that cactus.  It's funny the cactus seemed to get what it wanted but still it was angry because it wanted me to do it?  Why me?

While I may have failed the cactus in it's request, I could not fail myself taking responsibility for what I could not carry.  I was sorry, no one was sorrier than I in those moments and I felt the sting of the barbs every step as I walked away.  There was nothing else that I could do.  So, how do you carry a cactus?  Well, you ensure you have sufficient knowledge of the cactus, what is required for it's care and that your arms are protected, your hands have thick gloves and that you are courageous enough to brave the potential pain of proximity.  No, I do not hate the cactus.  I have nothing but love and respect for it as I do the rose, the daisy or even the sweet pea but I am unable to carry some of God's beautiful creatures in close proximity to my skin if I am unable to bear the pain of what comes with them.  It does not make me love them less.  It makes me realize my limitations and forgive myself my inability to carry what I was never meant to carry.

There are some people in our lives who are like the cactus.  The cactus is  beautiful and filled with divinity like any other of the creatures in the plant/flower kingdom.  Respect the cactus for it's divinity and know your limitations for proximity.  Respect all, love all and stand in your own light no matter where you are.  You are never a victim.  The people and things around you are your gurus in a moment.  Show them the same love and respect as you would show God incarnate - A Secret...that is exactly who they are.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sea of Red Lights

Water color blue and orange sky paints a panoramic silhouetted view before me.  Darkness encroaches upon the day at last and I, motionless in a sea of red lights.  We are all motionless for this one moment in time and yet, I can feel the cacophony of thoughts flowing like a raging river all around me.  I take a deep breath as I watch the last rays of the sun slowly fade from view and realize how this pure moment of complete lack of motion suddenly seems as if it has all turned into slow motion.  Were it not for Lifehouse playing on my car stereo, I'd not know that time was moving at all.  Frozen we were, all together, something somewhere on our minds not realizing we are but a collective one expressing itself in an abundance of individual thoughts moving forward from our original impetus of the stars we see still moving outward from the big bang.

My mind drifts back through this past year and the things that I have learned.  They were valuable things, painful things and things I am most appreciative of.  I've learned at times I can be dumb and gullible but I can always trust my gut, my intuition and my feelings because they will always lead me to stand squarely within my own light.  I may commit a wrong but will always right myself.  This year I learned about the depths of manipulation that people unwittingly engage in for this or that that truly is not of any lasting import but they just don't know and will risk everything through the use of it.  I've learned about forgiveness this forgive others for the things that they cannot help, myself for the things I should have come to realize very long ago and I've learned to love myself despite it all.  I've learned in this world that some moments of happiness seem so fleeting and some moments of pain seem to encompass an eternity.  I've learned that there are angels on Earth who feel me as I feel them, who stand by with a loving thought, a healing heart or a steady hand just as I would also offer without a moment's hesitation in return always.  I've learned that everything is transient, impermanent and perishable except for one thing, love.  Love defies all the laws, the rules and programs.

I've come to realize a dream that has tormented me for most of my adult life can finally be let go of, not because I cannot seem to make it come true successfully but because a new desire emerges that is so deeply ingrained in my being that I care not for dreams any more.  The only thing that seems to hold any significance at all for me is to see and to recognize the light and love of Source in every single thing and person before me, around me and that I may have the honor to cross paths with.  Regardless of It's shape or It's form, It lives and breathes in every single aspect of this dimension and all others.  There is nothing more important than that love or that light and in this discovery, I find I am set free of the trap the dream held for me.  I find it almost unbelievable to think it but I realize that I no longer need it.  It was never meant for me because I would eventually come to this one conclusion and in so doing, set myself finally and ultimately free.

Years have seemed to pass in the length of one four-minute song and the red lights slowly dissipate and the sea begins to move nearly in unison and its my turn now to move with it.  One turn and I have separated from the sea of metal boxes and red lights and I finally and gratefully make my way home.  I pull into the drive and notice the sky has grown quite a bit darker.  The stars begin to sparkle and shine and the peace within me deepens in a way I never thought possible.  Returning to the peace, safety and sanctuary of home I realize what a blessing it is to free one's self from certain vexing desires.  Some dreams can be like a lead weight too tightly secured around one's neck.  Such dreams can never come true because they were never meant to and they were never meant to because one will soon discover something more important than a silly dream exists and one will be delighted so much to find it heart and soul within.  I'm not sure how the road shall twist and turn from here but I'm finally free I think now in whispers... I hope, I pray.  I want peace, serenity and to feel the beauty of this amazing world more than I want anything.  At the end of this day, I know that I truly want for nothing, I need nothing and have everything I could ever imagine wanting.  This sense of wholeness of purpose of being...a place not of complacency but wholehearted acceptance of what is never minding what may be.  Perhaps this is all just simple joy that the shortest day of the year shall come and go tomorrow without event...without event.  Dreams within dreams begin to seem like such silly things when there is love to be had by opening up one's soul to the infinite.  Maybe I've put in too many hours at the office this week and I've rendered myself silly and dizzy with such thoughts.  No matter, really.  At this treasured moment in time and within the clear fulness of my present perception of it, I have peace and love, hope and faith. That's enough for me.  It's really enough for me. ~Blessings beautiful dreamers and take heart.  Those things of the most import will always emerge not from the outside world, but from within the deep well of your soul that contains the true heart of you.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Roles and Plays

How many times have I engaged in a play only to realize the part doesn't suit me?  I am afraid that I have most certainly lost count.  Even more times have I pleaded kindly with the writer of the screen play to cast me in a more appealing role only to have said same writer/director refuse me and insist on manipulating, shaming or imposing guilt upon me to remain in a miserable and overly dramatic play in the most horrid of ghastly and ghostly roles.  Having no choice then and heart-broken, I cast the script down at his or her feet and walked off the stage never to return.  How many more times will it be so?  I shall not answer any more casting calls and rather, I think I shall design my own screen play and it's one in which psychology is infinitely stable, love is spiritually at the core so very strong and optimism and curiosity shall guide every line, action and scene in a complete absence of judgement and inability to see the beauty of all of the play's participants.  I shall endeavor to initiate my own casting call and perhaps it is that I shall engage in said activities very soon.  But not now, I think.  I'm too busy writing, too busy creating, too busy healing the frustration from past roles gone awry and so very engaged in embracing all that is beauty, love and light in this amazing world.  Sadly, I suppose I did not clearly understand the roles I had unintentionally agreed to play.  I thought I was answering a certain call only to find the bait and switch trap had been laid.  But I cannot be trapped as a free-will human and shall be no one's victim of poor writing and directing even though I understand the point and the cause from which the roles were blindly created.  With great love I can find understanding and forgiveness but I cannot be manipulated, possessed or coerced into anything that does not align with the truth of my being.

For now, I tire of roles and plays.  I tire of trips and traps.  I dream of scenes more beautiful than most souls could ever even begin to imagine and I shall not settle for anything that is not in pure and beautiful alignment with my truest desire.  So, I go...practicing the lines in my head, creating the sets and scenes with graceful fluidity and openness enough to entertain those things I had not quite yet imagined.  I am not without hope or great faith and inside of me is a love that burns so pure and so bright.  I will never settle for a two-bit part in some psycho drama created by a soul overly mired in illusion to the point that they have so sadly lost touch with their pure love and light.  In my heart of hearts, I know I deserve by far much better than that and so, I must be always much better than that.  I do not fear my ability in any regard.  What I fear a little is the substance and volume of the pool of actors and co-creators of this dream here at this time.  But I have been encouraged to never give up hope on a dream, to lend my love and light to it instead always and trust in full faith it shall be just as I intend and create.  I smile from my soul now feeling the truth.

If you do not care for the roles you have been cast in, rewrite the role or step out of the play and create your own.  You are always infinitely empowered to do so. ~ In love and in light, I wish you all perfectly beautiful and inspiring dreams.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great Progress

There are a good many reasons, seemingly, to reach out and grab hold of fear waiting, worrying and wondering about what next will be taken from, disrupted or destroyed in your world.  Darkness can come in surprising packages.  A single moment where internal love is completely cut off by despair can create great tragedy in so many ways.  As many good reasons as there may be to fear dear ones, there are even more reasons to stand fearless in your own Source-given love and light.  Nothing in this world is within your control and still  you have no reason to fear.  The attachments of this world are nothing but an illusion created by a fearful small mind.  You never did need the small mind inside of you to grab hold of what truly matters.  Find the love inside of you, remember that wonder and awe from childhood - it's right there next to it - reach for that...remember the most beautiful thing in the world you have ever held in your mind or your heart - the love is right there.  We project so much onto this holographic design and we're so good at it that it looks real and feel real.  When you feel only love, only peace and only joy - you're getting to the truth.  When you are feeling fearful, anxious, disappointed and sad, there is a lie in the mix...there is a skewed perception and perspective just waiting for you to discover it and uncover the truth.  Find what inspires you heart and soul and give more of your  love and attention to that.  Move in tune to the beat of your own heart and in so doing, you shall inspire others to follow suit thus freeing themselves also a little more from the fear machine - the illusion.  ~Great blessings of love, clear vision and deepest understanding beautiful dreamers.  You ARE making GREAT progress.  Keep going.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Healing Grace

(Disclaimer: Realize as you read this article that I intend no harm or ill will and that in my own way, I too am grieving along side our brothers and sisters for the tragic events of yesterday.  This is my own way of grieving and I mean no disrespect to anyone - I honestly mean only love).  Contemplating the significant tragic events and loss of innocent life we have witnessed of late, it would be too easy to lock ourselves into prisons of  fear wondering "what is this world coming to."  Such thoughts will only lead us to a place of pain and despair and will not help us to deal with our grief at these tragedies.  Human beings, since before the beginnings of recorded history have had a propensity towards both mental illness and violence.  In my mind, one definitively leads to another as only in a moment of deep insanity could a soul take the precious life of not one but too many children.  I will not go into too much detail about our very violent world history but do recall for the sake of context, the violent histories in which the blood of innocents has been shed many times.  Too many times.  The information super highways give us more details today than ever before and faster - it is nearly in real-time often.  A gift and a curse, perhaps.

I've heard, in a very short period, reactions from grief pushing even political agendas against the NRA, government, etc. as those at fault.  I understand such perspectives but the truth is, weapons, neglect and ignorance do not kill innocents and any approaches along those very limited lines are like a band aid and wholly useless at solving the heart of the problem.  Where mental illness goes unchecked to the point that people are driven to insane acts to become infamous, to get attention, to make some twisted tragic point, I can't help but feel like somewhere, we failed the insane soul.  This is not a blame the victim mentality.  This is my own questioning as to how we really get to the heart of the matter.  What is it that creates the violently insane?  How can we recognize it, how can we heal it or prevent it?  We as a race have, as I said, a propensity towards ill mental health.  Our various shades of a grip on reality creates so much fear, lack of love and true despair leaving some to feel so helpless, small and threatened that they snap.  That is not our faults, please don't think that is my perspective.  In my own grieving mind, I seek a core solution desperately because I do not wish one more innocent child to befall the tragic decisions of someone gone violently insane.

I think throughout history, there have been no easy answers and we stop the criminally violent with violence and look no further for the real problem to try to solve that.  To me that would by like ignoring the opportunity to do surgery to save a life and just killing them to stop the illness.  That doesn't make sense to me but I understand that in these cases sometimes meeting tragedy with tragedy seems like the only thing we are capable of.   I could go off into a million directions right here and now but it is by far too sensitive a time for that.  When I read the news yesterday and I heard the news updates later in the day, my heart broke and the tears flowed in abundance for the families who should be encouraging patience of bright eyed little ones excited for Christmas day who will now because of the act of a mentally ill man who resorted to tragic violence, will be making funeral arrangements for their children.  Not a parent in this world doesn't feel their pain and who does wish them all the love, strength, solace and healing in the world right now.  I cannot believe that ever in our history this kind of violence was necessary for anyone to learn but it is going to continue until we find a way to get at the heart of the matter.  So many human beings are abused, forgotten, mistreated, bullied, judged, belittled and destroyed to the point there is no return...sanity shaky sometimes for all of us on our best days, some of us humans cannot bounce back...and then there are those chemically challenged inside their own bodies to the point that solid mental health can never be a reality.  What can we do to detect and prevent this without completely eroding the civil liberties of the masses?  I don't know and I wish I did.  Gun laws don't solve the problem.  If you take away the guns, they'll just resort to other and more heinous weapons that cause greater damage and they can sadly and simply be made for those insane enough and driven enough to tragic ends.

How do we get to a place where we find the love that heals instead of the fear and personal desperation that permanently wounds? A clever phrase of a dear friend comes to mind - how do we as a race come to a place where we are not creating permanent solutions to only temporary problems? I don't think we've had too many answers to get to the root cause so, what if instead of spending time on worthless laws and things that do nothing to preserve life and liberty, we give some real and very serious thought to what all of the causes are and try to come up with ways to solve them?  In project management when we run across trending problems, we get our best and our brightest together to take a look at all factors that lead to failure, we use every available tool to identify the core of a problem at the heart of a trend, we brain storm potential solutions and try to come up with a plan to address whatever process or concept has failed.  The formula there is simple.  How is it we cannot do that as a race with the many problems we face?  How is it that we just sit back and act like victims?  Lives are taken and the lives around those souls are permanently shattered for the rest of their time on Earth.  Its a hard, hard and tragic thing to try to hold for any length of time as a decent human being.  It hurts so much, too much.  There is too much pain around it.  My heart grieves for the families of those who lost their lives yesterday...and all the families who have lost loved ones in tragedy after tragedy here in the Earth school.  May God bless every one of them with healing grace and love so that they may heal their anger, sadness and frustration for losing the most precious thing we have in this world, life.

A word of patience and tolerance before I go.  Consider this, after tragedies, emotions run high as people grieve so very differently.  Try, if you can, to engage in some patience and understanding as people deal with their grief.  Try if you can to be the voice of reason.  Try if you can to hold a space of love rather than anger and frustration.  Be a solid rock for those affected deeply by this tragedy.  Be a light for those going through the dark tunnels of grief so that they will make it to the light on the other side knowing they do not walk alone.  We are one race - the human race.  It is through the coming together in love and light that we can create miraculous changes.  ~ In much love and healing light do I greet this day.  In every quiet moment, I shall be sending healing energy and strength to all of the families dealing with this tragic event and all tragic events all over the world.  Lend your strength and energy too, if you can.  They need our strength just now.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morning's Mental Meanderings

 I cannot abide by the limited view that this world holds of me.  I am not what I am judged to be by those who would judge me whether favorably or not.  I may misstep or not as I make my way through this life but I will be, regardless, all that I am for no one's pleasure but my own.  That is not to say that I do not care and that I do not love for I do both for all and deeply so.  I refuse to participate in dramatic plays because I do not wish to spend energy there.  I wish to save my energy to foster and facilitate stories and dreams revolving only around love and peace or harmony.  That is my choice and woe to the soul who attempts to usurp my free will and make it his or her own.  I will not suffer, nor will I lift a hand in vengeance but it is they who will render themselves to a place of great suffering in the very attempt of disrespecting the free will of another.

I respect all paths and those who walk the paths regardless of how they walk them.  I wish this world nothing but love, light, hope, bounty, joy, harmony and bliss.  I wish it because of love and for those of you who wish me ill, may God bless you and for those who wish me well, may God bless you.  There is no need for competition, for envy, for hatred nor emotional destruction for each and every soul already has those things they most desire and require.  There is never any victory in tearing down another to lift one's self up...the lifting up in such actions is only an illusion and truth be told, such actions reduce a soul to madness, insanity, depression and worse things in this world.  The illusions of the small mind are rampant and plentiful but to those open to the truth, open to love and open to hope, all will be revealed in due time.  Although everything is perfect as it occurs for good or ill,  I stand here a soul who wishes only to hold up the light for those who wish to see, to see from time to time for no other reason than it pleases me to do so.  I am nothing and no one, everyone and everything for the Source in me is the Source in everyone and everything.  Let all illusion shatter before you and embrace the loving light of resonating truth within you. ~Blessings for a beautiful dream precious dreamers.  You are so loved.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Listening for Silence

It's another day on planet Earth and I'm sitting in my kitchen right next to my open patio door listening to a very gentle rain falling.  There is a stillness and quiet, aside from the rain, of the likes I've never really taken the time to fully appreciate.  I took a deep breath and put all of my focus towards listening for the space in between the sound of the rain drops.  It was quite amusing and not as impossible as one might think.  It reminded me of a place I used to live.  My first California house was on a very busy corner.  It was a cheap fixer upper and all we could afford at the time.  I wondered how I would ever get used to the sound of the cars speeding by at night.  I decided that very first night that I would not allow myself to become agitated or annoyed by the continual hum of traffic.  Instead, I decided to listen for the space in between the cars buzzing by.  I slept like a baby in that house and at other times, I rarely even noticed the traffic as I had trained myself to disregard it.  Soon enough, the sound of the cars began to relax me as I had trained my mind to perceive the sound not as a distraction but as a mere contrast that would send my mind seeking the spaces in between. 

This concept is an important one because if I can train my mind to disregard disruptive engines racing down the street not more than 20 feet from where I laid my head at night and sleep like a baby, what else might I do if I put my mind to it?  I was considering a very stressful time of year I am experiencing at work and I wondered whether I might employ the same principle.  There are days I walk into my office, sit down, handle some urgent matters and various work-emergencies and look up just in time to see it's time for me to go home.  An entire day has sometimes slipped by and I have become frustrated at times at the thought of not having had a single moment to clear my thoughts or do the things I really needed to do.  But listening to the rain tonight, I realized I could have those moments to clear my thoughts.  Just as I did with the cars at night living on a busy street corner, I need only decide the high volume will no longer be something I resist and internally rebel against but something I embrace and instead seek solace in minutes of peace where ever I may find them during the day.  I've not tested this, mind you and I'm having one very stress-filled week.  However, I do not care for stress-filled weeks and I choose my experience so I must also choose to look proactively for peaceful moments and give more attention to feeling those tiny little moments more fully.  I'm up to a challenge and I know some how or some way I can master this as I have come to master anything I have ever set my mind to.

I have seen in my own life how powerful intent, followed by specific thought, positively charged energy with the absence of limits and just breathing in the love and peace truly is.  I look back sometimes and am stunned at what I have both unconsciously and consciously created.  So, well, with some effort, I think I can master this task and will put it into immediate employ the moment I step into my office tomorrow.  I'll have to let you know how it goes for me.  I am remaining curious about the design of my own concept and am looking forward, immensely, to testing it out.  Failure in this leaves me no worse off than I am.  So, I'm better off coming up with a plan to adjust my resistance to the over-abundance of stimuli in the office of late.  If I focus on my resistance and stress, I create more of it.  However, if I totally shift my focus away from stressful or not stressful thoughts and feelings and make a game out of finding minutes - I bet you I can shift my experience rather quickly.  It's funny how we sometimes go through a day letting the people, energy and circumstances just push and pull us without realizing we have a choice about how we experience our day.  Logically, I know this and all too well but apparently -- lately -- I have forgotten and am feeling wound up tighter than a 3-day clock.  I did have a very long and lovely stretch of peace - or, well, a stronger ability to compartmentalize the peaceful versus not peaceful for a time.  But the volume I have to contend with is increasing.  So, it's time for creativity - not stress.  Now, I ramble so will go back to focusing on the rain drops again for a bit - now THAT is peaceful. ~Blessings for infinitely creative thoughts beautiful dreamers.  I know that you too can accomplish any task or mind-set you decide to.  I believe in you.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Make My Own Sunsine! ~ Love ~

Numbers in the Dream

What if numbers are just numbers and days are just days with not one holding any more significance than anything else in this dream that we are dreaming?  It seems we as human beings always need a mystery to solve, something happening to endure or something tragic or wonderful to project our hopes, dreams or even fears onto.  Why, I wonder.  On one hand, I suppose I understand.  As sentient beings our minds might become so bored if we only had the option to look out into this dream scape we have created, interact with the actors we sent invitations out to to engage with us in our dream or to just contemplate the quiet stillness that is the heart of our souls.  I guess it is all in the way you look at things.  I have to be very honest though, I grow very weary of hearing about portals, 12/12 or 12/21 or the end of times or the vibrating out of this dimension.  Really, I do, I'm just being honest and I mean no disrespect to those who hold these things as significant.  I just respectfully disagree as is my choice in t he absence of mallice.  To me, numbers are just numbers and days are just days and portals are those places in time-space where we grab hold fully conscious of our soul-born inspirational sparks and begin a new journey of thought and emotion.  We'd like to think that sci-fi fantasy is real for all but it isn't.  We are collectively part of a larger dream and there are some things that we universally agreed upon within the dream scape or frame work, if you will, but then there are other pieces of that created so uniquely as to be experienced only by those souls who wish to create that - whatever THAT may be on whichever date they wish to experience it. 

While all of the natural cycles and circles that are all part of the physical framework we have projected our focus within swirl, as always they do, grab hold of the heart of your soul. It is there and only there that the truth of light and love will resonate deepest within you. If there is one ounce of anxiety - there is a lie in the mix.  If there is truly only love then your soul will resonate with the truth.  In great love and infinite light do I wish you all a peaceful, rational and beautiful journey through this amazing dream we call life.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo random internet find - and oh my goodness you should have a look at what comes up in a google image search on 12/21/12).  ~ PEACE

Friday, December 7, 2012


It's amazing how good classical music goes with a glass of deep red wine. After a long week existing with a mental focus in the world we commonly refer to as life on planet Earth, I'm grateful for this amazingly peaceful moment.  For long moments on end have I embraced the pure silence and stillness that has become a part of my every day in some way.  It's beautiful even if, I'll be honest, I'm not always quite certain what it is that I should do with it.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade this for all of the drama in the world but sometimes the quiet moments get quietest before the surges and uproars begin.  I know, I know - don't project!  I'm not projecting. I am responding as any normal human being would when so conditioned in such a way for any length of time.  However, I am not entirely normal and so, I won't stay with this thought more than a moment.  I'm just making observations among my own thoughts that I suddenly see with crisp clarity.

So, speaking of clarity, I see that I have created quite the sudden dichotomy of my Earthly dream-time experience to contemplate and so I shall do just that, contemplate it but not just with my mind.  I wish to feel it with my physical body, my etheric body and my spirit.  I want to know this peace so intimately that nothing and I mean nothing can ever separate me from it...and, well, right now "it" is me.  Thank you (looks  up smiling).  For twenty years, it seems, I've had one long roller coaster ride after another and I smile so deeply because it was such great fun - all of it.  Even the tears interspersed with laughter and wonder...well, wonder...I love that word right now.  There is much that I "wonder" about but there are many things I no longer have to wonder about.  I used to wonder if there was peace for anyone in this universe. Today I know the answer is unequivocally, Yes!  Infinitely Yes! And even Absolutely, Yes!  I used to wonder what love felt like - the real kind that was above and beyond mere reciprocal narcissism - oh, the mutual exchange of flattery has it's place from time to time - just don't live for that, is my motto and life seems to go quite well for me.  I'm talking about the kind of love that has no source-apparent...the kind that comes in with abandon and abundance the moment you stop your own chaotic thoughts and machinations and just breathe in the pure light of love. 

I think a walk underneath the beautiful stars may suit me just now.  There is something about the vast expanse of night time sky that fuels my thoughts and emotions in a seemingly magical way.  So, well then, I'll be off to it.  I hope that where ever you are and what ever it is you may be doing that you find the beautiful peace that exists in this life and are wrapped gently in the beautiful, pure and pristine love that exists in this amazing universe, multi-verse, omniverse. ~Blessings of love, light and, of course, great peace.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dreamers Dreaming a Dream

Life has grown for me so peaceful that I could hear a pin drop in this moment.  This, this fact is such an amazingly treasured gift from the heart of my soul.  Too many years of chaotic and rapid  learning and subsequent growth has propelled me into this state where I had become overly accustomed to organized chaos and controlled emotion on high.  I didn't realize how terrible it was until it all stopped and the silence, so deafening, gave me pause to truly breathe.  My mind reached for purchase in the familiar but the familiar was gone - chaos no more...insanity swirling drama creating people all gone.  I created them in my world for reasons I'm only now coming to fully understand and I smile now as I look back.  I have fond memories and terrifying ones but with greater perspective and the wisdom that comes when you finally remove all of those things that cover the truth - you realize you always held the truth.  Its never gone from the heart of your soul, only temporarily obscured by the happenings of human emotional drama.  The scenes we paint are amazingly real seeming.  But they are not real - not until you find the truth and the love and light that truly flows freely from that.

I learned that where anxiety and fear exist, there are heavy lies to uncover...there are those I'm being told about me and there are those I'm telling myself.  When you clear those all away with love and light only, understanding dawns and even on the darkest of days you smile because you are standing in the light of truth.  A lie cannot live where love truly dwells, nor can fear exist with true love in a soul.  These things are incompatible with love and light.  We feel these things in our souls and we just don't know.  When you tune in more acutely to the words swimming inside your own head desperately seeking emotion to attach to, you become the observer within the dreamer dreaming the dream and life becomes much more interesting then.  For a while at least and then you  may come to a point where the theme that has played out all of your life no longer holds any interest for you because you have finally understood it.  Then, when suddenly many themes close at once, lessons learned, finals taken and passed with flying colors there is the complete absence of emotion, motion and the peace becomes so palpable.  That's when you realize that beneath the layers of the drama you create to occupy your own mind, you are peace and serenity.  You are balanced and whole.  When you've spent your whole life fighting your own chaotic thoughts and then suddenly all root causes are vetted and ultimately resolved - what then?  What comes next?  What is there to learn when you've learned all of your lessons you struggled so hard with?  I can't tell you that because I'm standing in that beautiful space of completion, silence, stillness and peace.

I don't regret that not one bit but it will take me some time to get used to this beautiful bliss.  I wouldn't trade one second of listening for pin drops to echo across the field of my hearing.  It has welcome, so welcome.  I think I should like to sleep a thousand years and rest a bit - enjoy this peace so fully that I never for one second am ever tempted even remotely to trade it for one second of egotistical splendor.  No, never again.  That road has been traveled, re-traveled and then traveled again.  I think I shall pull this peace around me like the comforting blanket it is and settle into the stillness and get used to its grace.  Yes, that's it exactly.  And a thought does rise, well what then...what shall come next?  I don't really know but I hope it is learning in the absence of chaos those things I do not already know.  I've earned my knowledge and earned it well and the wisdom came with skinned knees and heart.  Thankfully, I'm still young enough to lean towards physical and emotional resilience.  Hmmm, resilience.  I like that word right now and will sign off on that note.  Thanks for perusing this night's mental meanderings.  I trust my words find you in good stead while you dream in this life and if not that you know the darkness and chaos can never last if you but do one thing - find the love inside of you and grab hold of it with all of your might.  It is the one thing in this life that will never ever leave you.  Only you have the power to shut it down, close it off or send it away.  I pray you never do that and if you have that you recover your senses and find it again post-haste.  ~Blessings of infinite love and light beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)