THINGS: There are so many things that we experience day in and day out.  There are so many labels we can place upon this or that. There are so many ways that we can judge this or that wrong or right. No matter which side of the pendulum you adhere your beliefs to, there is always some alternate perspective that is equally valid whether you choose to acknowledge that fact or not.  When you begin to see, when you begin to understand a funny thing happens. You suddenly find less and less to argue about.  You find less reason to assert yourself, your views and your beliefs as right or the only possible and valid truth. You tend toward listening instead of talking because the view suddenly becomes less important than the soul speaking it.  The soul speaking it's belief comes equipped with an entire lifetime of environmental psychology and trauma that has shaped its belief.  When you understand that, at the very least you may tend more towards compassion and understanding.  You tend to lose your need to fight to be right by making another wrong.  You can speak to the soul acknowledging its voice, its perspective and you can hold a space while they figure it out because you know we're all really just figuring it out as we go.  It seems sometimes everything is yes, no, and maybe.  Humans are amazing. Surviving every single day in a life here on Earth is amazing.  Be gentle with those you encounter.  Be gentle with yourselves. (2023)

BREATHE:  We busy ourselves with thoughts and emotion that stir up the dust sometimes. But with one beautiful breath, you can blow it all away gently, simply and perfectly.  What about now?  How about this precious, magical moment?  It is perfectly unfolding in every second of your awareness even when you are woefully unaware.  It matters not, just go on living the lives you have before you.  Love will ultimately conquer all.

Release that from within you that no longer serves, brings only pain or stunts the growth of your spirit in any way.  Allow, accept and breathe into faith and love.  Know all of your tomorrows hold great promise and that peace is only ever a breath-away.

BE CURIOUS:  Some days you have to muster all the faith in you that you can and just trust in life wholly without knowing what will happen next. With a single breath followed by another and another you will learn to hold a space of calm peace and curiosity for all that you are about to meet. Deep breath in and slow intentional breath out, watch the light play in beautiful streaming conscious energy as you make your way into this day. This path you take will be nothing less than beautiful. Be peaceful, be love, be compassion – if anything, you can certainly do this. Bless.

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EMPATHS:  Never mistake kindness and compassion or empathy for an opportunistic and manipulative attack of any form. The kind and compassionate or empathic are guided by their soul. They will give you enough rope to hang yourself with if you truly have mal-intent. Their inner guidance system will always rise up and kindly end any manipulative attempts to control or take what to you does not belong. They will never usurp free will, rather they will stand steadfast in their own. Empathy will not stop them from righting what is wrong, please understand. Empaths are not weak. In fact, they are of the strongest on the planet. So again, I advise, do not mistake their kindness, compassion or empathy for weakness. If you care not in heeding this advice, you do so at your own peril for they are of the finest warriors of great integrity. You will not change their behavior because they answer to a higher authority - the calling of their own spirit. They will behave impeccably as is their wont ultimately. Blessings for greater understanding and much higher love.

Painting:  Susan Seddon Boulet

THOUGHTS (Pay Attention to Them):  
The splendor of presence, the wonder of positive intent and the majesty of being with the fullness of the entirety of your being is such a beautiful feeling. Everything takes on an ethereal hue, a glow, a sound that is more rich and vibrating. This state is a beautiful state to achieve and from this state much more comes from our intent. I've spent much time in meditation this week and so have been a little quiet. I've had much to contemplate, contend with and consider. I have concluded nothing for that is not my path to conclude but rather to experience in the fullness of my being with pure gratitude to the All of Everything for this opportunity to exist here in this frame. Intuition firing, positive intention carrying and my will to succeed in that which I most desire. I fear no failure. In fact, I do not believe in it. There are actions and consequences and much relearning to do beside and I cherish every second of every opportunity to learn in this frame. This, to me Is the beauty of life....presence...Essence...I AM. And, So, It Is. (photo:  A beautiful painting by the blessed Susan Sedon Boulet)

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


You can have an outward focus on all that is wrong with everyone and everything in this world. You can even proclaim the wrongs of it all from the highest mountain tops to all who will hear you but you'd only ever be half right even if you were to perceive accurately. What you may unfortunately be forgetting is that with your focus so externalized and trained only on "wrongs," you may be neglecting the very thing within you, needing your attention, that calls all this negativity into your focus for learning, understanding and maybe even transcendence. Just some food for thought this morning. Blessings for an insightful day!

We sometimes feel the only way to be right is to make another wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can respect the diverse perspectives and experience of others, engage in discourse rather than argument or you can choose to disengage. This is your life, your experience and you get to choose from whom you will learn and who you feel called to teach. Consider compassion in every breath and you’ll not be misguided. 

Judging yourself a success or failure based on the merits or status of another is a waste of your amazingly precious energy and a discounting of your precious gifts. We are all so beautifully unique. Fire the judge in your head concerning such things as comparing for the purpose of judgment in a way that just makes you feel bad about you. Consider that all of humanity has its gifts as well as its shortcomings. We all do some things wonderfully and some things miserably. It’s all perfect (life) even in its seeming imperfection. Give yourself a break and find something to feel good about…admire, aspire or inspire. If you can’t do that in a moment, pause, reflect and just breathe. Jaie Hart

If you can, allow yourself to open your being to what is in your life. You can always decide what you will give more energy to later but if you are fully present, attentive and focused on the heart rather than trepidation or fear, you'll find a greater sense of peace, well-being and harmony with All That Is within every experience you encounter.

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart

Life can be hard sometimes. Rather than railing against the difficult or unpleasant feelings of the struggle, step back and get really simple in your thoughts and actions. Stop everything and start focusing on what fills you, what supports you and what gives you more of what you truly need that is in your reach. Strive to stop all negative thought and find instead the beauty within you. Take small steps, one step at a time. Take one breath, a really big, deep and long one. Let it out slowly. Feel inside of your body for the warmth you generate by your existence here. Know you do not struggle without purpose and you will find the faith in yourself to make it. Your struggle is worth it. You are worth it.

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


This is a world of dichotomy and polarity and is so for a reason, a good one. We are one at the highest levels of Spirit but at the the level of third-dimensional reality, we are dual. It's not a bad thing. We are One experiencing from our unique perspectives. It is not something to fix but something to understand. When you understand, unconditional love becomes the only way that you can love, compassion is the only thing you hold and will do so above empathy and sympathy. As you learn and you grow, you will learn to live and let live and shine the light by first finding your own. It is an amazing world we live in here in our little Milky Way Galaxy...we are home where ever we are whether in a state of pure transparent consciousness or physically connected to this reality with all of our focus. There is no right or wrong but cause and effect. There is helpful and supportive and there is destructive and demeaning...a choice we must make depending on our own life goals which no other soul can truly understand but, understand...if you don't understand, seek that, learn that and love you and the love and light you bring to this world for us all. Bless.

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


Love…We desire to possess it but it is not to be possessed. You cannot hold it or keep love in the form of another to you. Love must always be free. Love must always be permitted to flow. To possess love is not love but rather its opposite fear. The desire for possession of another is not a loving act but an act of desperation. Seek you not to possess love in the form of another. To enjoy the pure unadulterated beauty of love you must find what prevents you from seeing and feeling the beautiful loving light within you. If you cannot find it, seek gratitude for something; anything. Start there. Start small and know you will find within that which you most seek in love without. Then you will know you can be free and then when you join with another in love, you will both be free to love and not bound by psychology. Transcend the old paradigms by transforming hidden beliefs, finding forgiveness and the beautiful truth of you.

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


The redeeming of the self.  The post-New Age movement has already begun. It began with the realization that we are all perfect in our imperfection and we would be wise, so very wise to keep our minds, eyes and hearts open. There are those in every faction...New Age, Religious and more that would sell you what may only amount to snake oil for a buck with no thought other than justifying what they know deep down inside is not truly helpful to anyone but themselves. But there are those too who with all the love and sincerity in their hearts that are truly on a mission to do some good in this world and not on the backs of others. This seems an imperfect world if viewed from only one perspective but when you stand back and view the dichotomy presented here on Earth with every plot twist and conscious discovery, you catch a glimpse of a much bigger and brighter plan. Help the hungry, look after your brothers and sisters to the best extent you can, do no harm and embrace the golden rule. Those with integrity and accountability need no specific dogma to exist in Consciousness.  Blessings

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


When the silence seems too still and the reaching thoughts too abundant, there is always a light that burns, the desire-less desire for presence and then an unexpected knowing that the Presence is ever present...a sigh and a glance as the world spins...silence is like a blanket sometimes and stillness, like security if even tenuously spent in minutes and days. Smile with the wind, laugh with the trees, catch a ray of sunlight and let it dance upon your fingers. Where there is life there is light, faith and love. ~Blessings of great joy, health and abundance my friends. Much love too!

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If you want to be free, stop taking pleasure in the pain of others, stop lowering yourself to the perpetual victim in thought or action, stand tall in your own light knowing it's yours without having to extract even one particle from another. Know your success depends only upon you and that your failures are only opportunities in disguise. You can be amazing without the need to tear others down, without taking away what someone else has in in envy or jealousy. You can free yourself through forgiving the world for all you perceive is wrong with it and in that forgiving you also bring it into the fullness and entirety of you. As you uplift and support others, so too do you uplift and support yourself in true love and light. Embrace not the illusion of perception for that is not truth. You are truth, you are love. Blessings.


Your words and thoughts carry a vibration. When you tell your tales of woe, you reinforce their negative vibration particularly if within you are aligned with a victim mind-set. What you send out energetically comes back to you manifest in the physical in kind eventually. Did you know? Consider your thoughts and words well as you go about your day. ~Blessings of love and infinitely positive light beautiful souls.

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To do for others what they are capable of doing themselves can create resentment as well as unhealthy dependence in some cases. While you stride in on your white horse and shining armor thinking you're saving the day, what you may not realize is that you are really reinforcing the weakness of another quite unintentionally. What is your intent in rescue? Are you in it from the dictates of your heart or are you in it for the gratification of your ego? When it comes to rescue, our intent is most likely to simply help another. Consider this, however, be of help in the right manner as a situation truly dictates from the highest place of integrity and compassion. That may not mean stepping in to rescue a soul you deem in need of rescue (unless they are or are like a child in a burning building). Sometimes the best way to truly help someone without reinforcing their weakness is to stand by while they work through what they face, talk it through with them in the fullness of love and compassion - ask if they would like suggestions rather than usurping their ability to learn a life lesson and suggest away if need be. Don't require their heeding of your suggestions. Give unconditionally, let go and just be there. Be loving and supportive always but question your own motives on rescue. Carefully consider whether your rescuing actions may do more harm than true good.  (photo, random internet find).

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Assumption, perception, reaction repeat...Tears sometimes wasted and energy spent...spooling and angry and then defense, more pretense or worse yet, toxic vengeful thoughts ensue. Closer to the truth we come the moment we relinquish the illusory control of others, mistrust of self and embrace the truth in the love of the soul. The liberation that comes when you learn the choices that only you truly have the power to make while standing in your own bright and beautiful light. ~ Sigh ~ Your time will come dear beautiful souls and you'll learn to just be and just love. ~Blessings of truth, compassion and light.

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


We like to look outside ourselves for the strange seeming feelings and happenings that seem to be swirling around us and within us. Little do we realize that it is we who create the swirl. Take a deep breath knowing that you'll not create for yourselves more than you can truly handle and you do create hand in hand with Source. You are here for a love of experience so shift your focus towards curiosity of the experiences you encounter but maintain a measure of accountability for your creations while seeking to truly understand why you have created them. Consider that sometimes you create merely by choosing what you will perceive and then decide to participate in.


If you wish to search for something truly meaningful with great and lasting impact, search for understanding and compassion within self and extend that to others. As you do this, seek also gratitude for all that is, just as it is and through this you will begin to touch one of the most important things this life has to offer, love. Touch that true light of love within even if only to arrive at the very edges of it and you will not be able to help but see it in everyone and everything. Then, then you will have found something truly meaningful and everlasting and your experience of this life will expand in ways unimaginable. 


Real men do not seek to control women, they do not depend on them for money, for service or for a loathsome vessel to hold or vent all of their frustrations for the pain they've suffered in the past. Real men seek to reach into the heart, body, mind and soul of a woman and realize fully the treasured place they have reached for in so doing they awaken the goddess-like nature inherent in every woman and from that place, a real woman will give to him everything. Likewise, a real woman does not seek to control men, they do not depend on them for money, for service or for a loathsome vessel to hold or vent all of their frustrations for the pain they've suffered in the past. Real women seek to reach into the heart, body, mind and soul of a man and realize fully the treasured place they have reached for in so doing they awaken the sacred loving male inherent in every man and from that place, a real man will give to her everything. When we seek to love ourselves and let go of all of the pain we have suffered and inflicted in our pasts, love replaces all of our wounds with gratitude for living and raises us up to a place where we find our true selves...our true beings and when we find ourselves, only then can we find that true partner who we will traverse this Earth in true love and light; in true partnership. ~Blessings of love, the light of truth and much healing.

Sometimes your thoughts can move faster than lightning, attaching themselves to emotion and swirl just below your consciousness attracting Lord knows what! It is for this reason that it is vitally important to slow down, slow your breathing purposefully, joyfully and comfortably...listen to the sounds rising within your own souls and hear the true inner voice beyond thoughts judging perceptions traveling at lightning speed. Feel for the truth beyond your perception and you will know what peace means.


The egotistical ploy for best and special will only steer one deeper into the heart of illusion and mire you further in the muck of untruths leading to a perpetual unconscious pursuit of some mystical dragon that doesn't exist. Your origins from Source are purely divine. If you strive for anything in this world, strive for greater cognizance of this definitive truth. Your soul knows and takes great comfort in what your mind cannot grasp in this regard. Relax into the peace of your inner knowing and let go of the ego's need for right, better, best and special. It can never achieve that which YOU already ARE.


When you can feel the flow of positivity surrounding you, you have crossed into the territory of love. When you feel the flow of negativity surrounding you, you have crossed into the territory of fear. Only you can make your way to or through whichever territory you find yourself in. You can shift your thoughts and your emotions at any moment you should choose to. The flow of love expands you. The flow of fear diminishes you. Know that you are empowered to make your choices and align your thoughts and actions with those choices accordingly. And, no matter what you choose, you are still loved and supported and the light will still shine for you the moment you choose to see it. Really. ~ Blessings of infinite light! :)


When we release the need to posses and control knowing that no matter what, we will ultimately be okay, the world changes.  When like water, we can release our resistance to what is and learn to just flow and be, we can release ourselves from endless moments of suffering.  It is not such a difficult thing to practice.  One need only begin to ask one’s self a series of questions and be willing to allow the soul to honestly answer them.  Becoming still and quiet when the ego seems to initiate its urges and driving impetus to seek outcomes that will preserve its standing in this world can be a challenging but very worthy endeavor.  Relax when you are in the grips of that feeling that you must defend, relax when you feel you are being challenged and you may learn to open your heart to understanding.  Ask yourselves always, “What assumptions am I making about this person, this thing or this situation?”  “What verified facts do I hold in this moment?”  “Are my facts sufficiently validated to hold as truth in line with the action I’m feeling the need to take in my unconscious state of this or that emotion?”  Simple questions and much food for thought.  ~Live like you mean it but do so in full awareness of the truth, disregarding perceptions and perspectives that have not yet verified as the truth and you will know will  gain understanding.  You will know love.


Assumption in communication can be an emotionally dangerous thing to engage in. We make assumptions about why people do or don't do things or why people say or don't say things and we do it in the positive and negative at the peril of our ultimate serenity. This is the core of one of life's biggest illusions. Please understand. Please validate thoughts before aligning emotions if, and only if, you wish to engage in rewarding discussions with those you interact with. If you choose assumption, you are choosing to believe in the ego's lies. The ego does lie to protect itself. Just understand it and then seek to validate assumptions as truth before you engage your emotional centers. Then, you may free yourselves from much unnecessary adversity if peace and joy are goals in your life. If they are not, carry on. ~Blessings of love, peace, serenity and understanding.


Time, its such an interesting concept.  One of the most interesting of the many concepts that we experience as reality.  The time ticks off in perfect cadence and sequence and yet ask lovers that must soon part company if the clock moves too fast or slow.  Ask a soul who just lost a loved one if the clock moves too fast or too slow.  Time is a perception and yet it can seemingly also be controlled through your perception.  Interestingly, when you fully embrace every aspect of present moment awareness, time does not seem to exist at all and if you should even see a clock on the wall, what importance does it have other than what you agree to give it?  Is time really real then?  Time is neither friend nor foe.  What about your other perceptions then or concepts even?  Are they friend or foe?  Does it truly matter in the scheme of things?  

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Those who never stop to ponder the Source of all existence will miss a beautiful opportunity to know pure love and bliss.  Our Divine Maker has no egotistical tendencies in which to cause Him to take an adversarial stance against those who do not seek Him.  He is beyond ego and so will not engage in punishing, ignoring or persecuting His creations.  The real punishment that occurs is self-inflicted in that those who do not seek the Divine Mother, Father or Source of Creation may never know a fathomless love, peace, serenity, joy or bliss in their existence.  I would never claim to be a God fearing woman for that I am certainly not. If I fear, I cannot love and love is what is desired and not fear. What I am is a Source-Loving woman who deeply appreciates the Spark of God’s divinity in every living thing, animate or inanimate on this planet.  When you open all of your eyes and determinedly become aware, there is no way that you cannot see and no way you would not understand and appreciate the living breathing never-ending connection.  Life in all of it’s intricacies, designs and even mysteries are truly perfect whether or not your perception has grown enough to see and appreciate it.  At your core is a beautiful brilliant flame regardless of your understanding.  Ignite it even more so with love, with understanding, with compassion and with gratitude.  The moment you see that flame burning brilliantly within you and understand it's beautiful and infinite, omnipresent and omnipotent Source, you will be forever changed, forever reminded of your true Source, your definitive nature.  Be blessed, you are blessed and you are so loved always no matter what you do, no matter what you do or do not acknowledge.  If there is any sin in reality, it is cutting yourself off from your own self love and living in fear, ignorance or darkness. (To Sin means miss the mark and not be tagged for hellish punishment from some outside source).
To me, there is one race – the Human race. We all may come from varied, rich and wonderful cultures or traditions but we are all flesh, bone, thoughts and souls. When one of us suffers, in a sense, we all suffer. If nothing else, finding the common threads is always a worthy endeavor. Disparate thoughts, beliefs and ideas are not bad but make this world a diverse and wonderful place to exist in. If we could but do one thing, respect the free will each was given, we could change this world right here and right now. ~Blessings of great understanding, love and compassion for all humans on the planet and even further, all life too.


When encountering a relational conflict with another human, rather than expecting them to behave properly like you do, push your ego aside for just one moment and try to consider what it is you may be doing to promote the conflict between you. Put yourself in the other person's shoes for the sake of understanding. When you step away from blame and enter the realm of accountability, you are truly empowered to understand and transcend the lesson of the conflict. You may also find a greater ability to resolve not only the conflict at hand but any lingering conflict within you that you do not wish to carry. This does not mean self-sacrifice inauthentically to prevent the conflict but rather to go deeper to truly understand its value and true purpose. Just some food for thought. ~Stay blessed my friends. :)

The beautiful part about life is that we, every one of us, add to this experience that we are all having right now. Everyone is good at something, everyone excels in something and no soul is better or lesser because they are unlike you or someone else. Compassion greets the day with understanding and no need for wasting energy in useless competition for better than. Respect for all and gratitude for existence will gain you more in your life's experience than pointing out all the things that others lack. ~Breathe in and let go when the ego has you in it's competitive grip. It will pass like any other urge to do something wholly unhealthy. :) ~Blessings of great love, compassion, understanding and illumination.

Forgiveness isn't necessarily what common understanding would have it mean. To forgive someone doesn't mean to just forget and pretend something never happened. To really forgive one must understand the ego's assumptions about a seeming transgression, seek to understand the truth of a matter and then let go of a grudge born of assumption and seek compassion instead and refuse to embrace the negative energy of continued anger, vengeance or worse. When we forgive by understanding, we sometimes learn there was no transgression but what we perceive and perception is not always reality as has been proven by greater minds than mine. To forgive does not mean we compromise ourselves and put up with bad behavior or actions in others. It means we understand the truth of that bad behavior, we understand the truth about ourselves, that we understand the truth beyond the common illusions and chose love over hate, compassion over envy and understanding over being right in the limited ego's perception of what that should be. When we understand forgiveness is more than just letting go and forgetting, it is letting go but remembering that there is more to each interaction than what merely meets the eye.


Love does not reside within the heart of expectation, nor does it exist anywhere even remotely close to the edges of manipulation or control. Love lives in the heart of acceptance, in kindness and compassion. Love lives in the light of truth no matter what it is that may temporarily cover it. Love holds no design except to love and live freely without possession or control. Love cannot live with heavy strings attached like anchors that keep it from flight. Love is free unencumbered by fear, worry or insecurity. It exists despite those things for those with open hearts and minds to see and feel as well as believe. Relearn what you have come to know of love and you will find the divine truth therein lies. It's beautiful to behold and even more amazing to give it away. There is never a shortage of love to give. The more you give, the more it comes back to you.



I cannot help but wonder if the true disharmony we experience in life does not stem from anything but our very own thoughts. We make assumptions and consider them truth and then we make the assumptions much worse for ourselves by lining up disharmony in our emotions but in reality, assumptions can never be an accurate depiction of the truth and then, so, aligning emotions with assumptions seems to me a choice to make ourselves miserable. But why? We must ask ourselves this if we wish to truly understand and remove the disharmony and discomfort from our lives. A very wise and wonderful soul I know has said to me many times, "Truth is true." If you do not know what truth is, do away with the assumptions and perceptions and uncover it. It's there just beneath the surface of the ego's desire for disharmony and comparison. ~Blessings for these first amazing days of 2013. May you engage the beginning of this year with a desire to find and know definitively peace, truth and harmony and then follow through with this concept all the days of this year.
When we judge simple things or experiences within our lives as good or bad, including our normal human interactions within our sphere, we are losing an opportunity for greater understanding. Sometimes the limited mind set might seem moral, standard and right but still that judgment takes you away from the truth. I propose that you allow the mind to stay open and observe rather than to judge. Seek the truth of understanding that is sometimes very far below or above the surface or deeper within the object of your judgment. We humans have an ego and the ego will judge but you, the heart and soul of you need not act in accord with judgment nor attach emotion-energy inline with judgment. Observe only instead of attaching emotion and watch for the greater understanding that will eventually emerge and support you in the absence of thought-energy-anxiety that comes with judgement. When you seek understanding-energy-love, you actually feel the difference deep within your being and are free to stand more readily in your own light. Just a thought. ~Blessings beautiful dreamers.
 If it is really love, there will never ever be any need to attempt to trap, possess nor control another soul least of all by manipulating their emotions to get them to stay when in their heart of hearts they know they must go. If it is really love, understanding and compassion sets in and a true desire for the happiness of the object of our seeming affection whether with us or away from us takes hold. Love is not selfish nor unkind. If you wish to selfishly possess, trap and control another - it is not love but an addiction on your part to use another to ward off your own loneliness. You have become hopelessly dependent and addicted to another. It's a hard, hard message to take in but love, true love, is only ever freely given with no strings and unconditionally. No other love is real. Embrace the truth of real love and you will set yourself free from a very fearful and manipulating ego. Allow the true love and light of this universe to heal you and bring you peace. Set your intent and it will be so. ~Blessings of true love to all.


Don't just carelessly walk the Earth this day.  Rather, let your feet gently grace the Earth as you go.  It is with that same gentle grace one should hold one's self along with great gratitude for all that is and will be.  Your lives, at times, may not seem to be all they could be but know that because you live them the way that you do, they are perfect in every regard.  You, brave and courageous dreamers, are here for a valid and beautiful purpose so live that purpose in love and in light always, dream your dreams and let no unworthy thoughts limit your progression as you make your way through the ultimate dream.  Give love, be love.  Give gratitude and hold forgiveness close.  You are amazing children of the stars, made up of all that is beautiful in this universe.  Be that and so much more.  You are more than capable.  You live and breathe the perfection of all that is regardless of limited vantage points.  ~Blessings for an amazing day beautiful dreamers.  I wish you every happiness always.


“Who are you,” he asked, knowing the answer but waiting for me to say it. 

I was quiet a moment and looked away to gather my thoughts.  I felt my consciousness stretch to the farthest reaches of the Universe and then contract. The breeze kicked up as if blowing the answers deep into my soul.  When I felt I had a sense of the words, only then could I speak them.  “I bear the burden of the many labels that society has placed upon me but I am none of those things.  I feel the emotions swirling inside of me but I am none of those things.  I am always in motion taking action for one reason or another and yet I am not what I do.  I see beauty and tragedy in this world but I am not those things either.  If you try to label me, you lose me in a sea of provisional truths shaped only by your own perception.  I can tell you who I have been but I am not those things here in this life.  I can tell you who I strive to become but I am not those things either.  I am consciousness focused in a specific density in this dimension and others for a time.  My consciousness creates this dream of me and this world that I live in and I experience everything as you do as if it occurs outside of myself knowing that THAT IS an illusion.  I am the wind, the sky, the stars and sun.  I am you and the grass and the trees.  I am the impetus behind light and darkness that coalesces in this density I have created in this frame.  I am nothing but love…but love to me is everything and then, so, I must say that I am everything.”

He looked at me in such a way I could feel our souls speaking without a single world...and then I understood and I knew then he did too.  After a long intense and serious moment, he let me off the hook with a smile.  "Walk with me," he said.  We have much to discuss, you and I."


You are the stars that shine, the golden sun that glows, the beautiful fragrance emanating from spring flowers and the colors of every rainbow that ever existed. You bring such beautiful and amazing light into all of your creations. Give birth to them joyfully and attach nothing to them but the love you will willingly give away - and give away peacefully knowing that what you give in love will always and ever return to you. Allow. Embrace. Love. I am.

When someone decries your every fault from the mountain tops for all to hear, take heart. The reality that most mentally healthy people hold these days out of true educational knowledge is that those who cry the loudest in judgment of others really only do so from a place of self-loathing, judgment and persecution. Sadly, this is what these folks have suffered for most of their lives and they really know no better way to behave. So, realize that it is an illusion these souls work from and choose neither to participate nor take personally any insults they claim belong to you. The reality is, they tell you only the very little they truly think of themselves. In their current state of illusion, they lack the ability to take any accountability for the emotions they choose to engage in due to their own great suffering. Now, knowing this, does vengeance, anger or fighting back to put them in their place make any real sense to you? Does it seem like a truly worthy expense of your precious energy?
If you saw an insane person shouting insults at you from the window of an insane asylum, would you give those words any credence? Give emotion to only that which deserves your emotion. Give compassion to that which is obviously in need of compassion. Know who you really are and you'll no longer be threatened by illusory attack of the mortally emotionally wounded. If you like this concept and wish to understand more, do check out A Course in Miracles. This great work can really help you come to terms with and understand one of the biggest of life's illusions and help you to pull yourselves from the mire of egotistical illusion. ~Blessings of love, compassion and greater understanding beautiful dreamers.


Sometimes I think that sin is not in the actions we too simply ascribe to the things that people do. Sometimes I think the real sin is in our missing the mark by holding so tightly to an illusion we are seemingly compelled into an unhealthy release or negative action and then punishing ourselves as intended with the consequential outcome. To alleviate Sin, we must strive to understand and then endeavor wholeheartedly to eradicate the rampant illusions of this world.

This, to me, is why judgement of people in the negative is a worthless waste of energy. You do not know the illusions they may unwittingly feel compelled to work from and to judge in the absence of understanding then, by my own thought, would also be a sin...taking action while embracing illusion. The answer - love. The answer - seek understanding. The answer - help. The answer - be. The answer - compassionate wisdom through seeking always the truth. Some food for thought at least. ~Much love and light.

Love can sometimes seem as fragile as a butterfly's wings but I assure you, love is not so fragile. Love is the greatest and most powerfully effective tool in all of the universe. Use it liberally! Use it daily! Feel it always and give it without a second's hesitation. YOU are loved! There is nothing but strength in that! :)


Let the beauty, love and light from the depths of your soul rise to greet the day. Send it out in beautiful radiant waves to touch the hearts and souls of the populace of the planet. So many are in need of love and light...abundance and hope. Those of you with much love and energy to spare, send it out, enfold the planet in your loving light, let it heal those in need and lets hope that all of those in need of love, in need of hope and in need of healing find it right now in this moment. So be it! Blessings of infinite love and light beautiful dreamers. You ARE truly amazing!


Leave the smallness you see in the world and in others behind you. Embrace instead the greatness of the truth, the love within the soul of you. Smile from the heart of you. Love from the soul of you. See your world with new eyes, the eyes of love and with the infinite well of hope deep within the core of you. You are truly beautiful. ~Blessings of love and light beautiful dreamers.

I know sometimes that life can seem so very hard dearest souls. In those very difficult times when it seems like you're all alone, please know that you are loved. In those tough and challenging times, there are people who love you, who are pulling for you and are praying for you to make it through whatever it is you might face. Not one of us is ever truly alone. Take yourself outside sometime under a clear night sky and look up for just a moment. Realize all the thousands of souls who have looked up at the same stars that you look upon. Reach out with your mind and your heart and feel them. People may come and go in your life, lessons will too and you, you will prevail if you hold tight to the love and light within you. Your journey through this life is blessed in ways you may not always understand in a moment of challenge but if you need something to believe in, believe in that - that you are blessed and you will find the grace to face your life. ~Blessings of great courage, strength and love for your journey beautiful dreamers.


Love speaks in smiles and whispers joy throughout your being. Fear sends ragged chills and uncomfortable sharp peaks and valleys throughout your energy. The more you embrace the love that is you, the more you personally give yourself permission to remove the fear and step away from it. It is a matter of perspective and focus that is so subtle sometimes we miss it. Go back and refocus on love...go back and find forgiveness and gratitude and you will embody the love that you are leaving no room for fear and it's consequences to take hold within your being. ~Blessings of courage, strength and love.


Sometimes in life there is that strange moment when your broken heart stops aching and the last tear falls there in the darkness. The stars they twinkle in a new light suddenly and you realize you no longer wish to mourn what you lost because you'd rather look back in gratitude for the beautiful love you once had. It's a long haul to get to that point but sometimes when you love, you have to let go. Circumstance often speaks loudly and love cannot be built upon mere circumstance. So, you let the pain over take you for a time and you commit yourself to searching blindly for as long as it takes you to find the light once again. But you will find it and that day will come when there are no more tears and then smiles return for the beautiful love you shared, the lessons you learned and the blessings you received. Yes, there are often tears when you say good bye but sometimes it is the greatest of your life's blessings in disguise. Be hopeful heavy hearts. In time your hearts will mend. You may find yourself mid-tear like I did and decide to smile instead having found the gift of healing at the hands of time. ~Blessings of love and healing for your journey.


Amazing things happen in your life the moment you stop trying to orchestrate and control and instead learn to accept, live and let others live. People and situations will be as they may and it is your perception that will deem these things either good or bad. Choose a positive view and accept the resulting positive feelings. You will always find silver linings if you do one thing...Look for them. :) ~Blessings of higher love beautiful dreamers.

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  1. Hey Beautiful Soul ... I decided to take a little journey to your Web site and float around a little. So many beautiful things here, Jaie. Your words flow with such heart and strength. There is such purity and goodness in your whole being. I am very proud to know you, truly. And I am going to continue to call you Jaie because in the multidimensional place from which you and I come, that is how I know you. Sending you wondrous energies and appreciation that you exist so beautifully in 3-D, Jason Taylor Morgan

    1. Awh, I am honored that you would visit me here my friend. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm misty-eyed at the moment and can't see to type. Thank you from my soul for being here now. Much love and light always dearest Jason. Namaste! :)