Monday, July 16, 2012

The Veil Thins

The veil that separates us from our ultimate destinies, thins at certain places in time and this directly correlates to the depths of our inner awareness.  As our awareness grows, so too does our openness and ability to connect with others at the same level of awareness.  One can walk the same stretch of beach day in and day out never noticing others or doorways to other worlds of thought until one has achieved a certain level of understanding.  We remain trapped sometimes in these mini vortexes of limited thought until we walk out the other side with greater knowledge and understanding.  Sometimes we need a little help and the veil thins enough to see and hear those who have been where you are and they can reach out or pull you into a whole other level of awareness that promotes even further growth for you along the paths that is your lives.  In a sense and in that regard, we're never left to our own devices for long.  We live, we love, we learn and we grow and the veil thins and new souls enter our realm or we become superimposed upon the view of others.  They may not be able to see us as yet but as their level of awareness grows, so too does their ability to see and hear.

There are times it seems we are left alone, we are stagnant and waiting for something new to arrive.  I'd say that's not really the truth.  The veil can seem quite opaque at times and we don't see those standing there waiting for us to look up and see.  But once we do reach out with our minds, expand our consciousness if even just a little, we find ourselves surrounded with all manner of souls waiting to converse and to share of themselves to help enrich your life and allowing you to enrich theirs.  You can feel the veil thinning at times - that hum that seems to come from nowhere, that tingling feeling you can physically feel with no logical explanation or that sense that your name has been whispered on some far away wind.  Little clues that the time comes close for paying more attention to our surroundings and understanding where the veil thins and we begin again to communicate with those who also have been ready to connect.  It's a beautiful thing to find yourselves in the company of those who share new thought, new ideas and introduce us to new emotions.  Be grateful for every breath and step you have taken on your journey and know that all is truly in divine order.  Relax then and enjoy the forrests and trees, valleys and hills, oceans and deserts you find along the way.  It may seem that you encounter some lonesome stretches that leave you wandering contemplative.  Such times signal when the journey is about to get very interesting.  Pay attention to new thoughts and emotions and trust in your ability to always gain greater awareness and understanding.  Trust that you are guided even when the veil has not thinned enough for you to clearly see.  Your body will hear and your soul will hear the words whispered just for you.

Blessings of love, deeper understanding and higher awareness.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is not mine but a random and beautiful internet find)

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