Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Familiar and Peace

Off in the distance I can hear the drone of the cars moving speedily down the freeway.  I think when it is cold out, like it is this morning, the sounds are more crisp and clear.  I’m sipping warm coffee and contemplating the week I had.  After dinner and some Christmas shopping last night, we listened to Christmas music.  My memory was flooded not with pictures and words but a myriad of feelings so intense.  It was truly beautiful.

As I sit here quietly tapping away on my keyboard, I can hear the buzz of cell phones in the house, social media and push notifications starting early.  Isn’t it simply amazing how physically we are connected now?  Within minutes, we know just exactly what is happening in some other part of the world so very far from where we are.

My little kitten yawns and stretches as my newly become adult child, who forgot to go to sleep in her own room last night, snoozes away so peacefully.  I relish the quiet time of the morning before my family starts moving.  It is peaceful and I can reach with my mind and being out into the world as if to send it the very best thoughts I can muster.  I’m grateful in this moment to be sitting in my home, that I have a home and with sleeping family, that I am also so very grateful to have.

Such a busy day we have today but I don’t have to think about that now.  I can continue to listen to the comforting sounds coming from the free way off in the near distance.  So many people coming and going, moving and thinking.  This place is incredibly wonderful with all of the science and gadgets we have at our finger tips.  To be honest, I take some things for granted.

I remember growing up, also not far from a very busy freeway.  In the wee hours of the morning, I would listen to the cars while the sun came up.  There were no social media push notifications on cell phones buzzing about the house then.  The mourning doves would sing the sun up and there wasn’t coffee for me then.  Just wonder about the day would hold.  I didn’t think as much then but I felt and what I felt was a strange peace and powerful energy that permeated everything.  I’d usually get up early, dress quickly and head outside to climb the tall pine tree in the front yard.  I always tried to see the freeway but I couldn’t quite get high enough.  In the branches of that tree I felt not only peace but a great comfort.  To be cradled by a tree is magical.

My thoughts meander now to all the trees and homes lost in the fires still burning in California.  It’s strange to me that we have a Fire Season.  We’ve always had it and so many days, even as I child, do I recall walking to school to see ashes floating through the air like it was a normal and ordinary occurrence at this time of year. 

Times have changed in so many ways.  The Earth grows hotter in my little corner of the world.  It is December and we’re to see 85 degrees today.  Not very Christmas-y.  I suppose we’ll have to just hold the spirit of it in our hearts and pray that all those of our neighbors affected by this year’s fire season are ultimately safe.  I ask for blessings now from the 4 directions and I send them out across the globe.  May the peace and reverence surround all, may the love and wonder of the world bring endless curiosity and gratitude for all of the wisdom of each of our respective experiences in life.  I wish you joy this day and great blessings for all of the rest of your days.

Copyright 2017, Jaie Hart photo/words