Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ego is the Veil

What if the “veil” isn’t out there somewhere but rather inside of us right here in the form of our ego?  I wonder.  We talk of many things as if they are “out there” outside of ourselves and as we learn and live this life, understanding begins to dawn and we come to realize that as above, so below…as within, so without.  During times of meditation or selfless service, the veil seems to thin for us and we feel bliss or true love.  When we thin the veil of the ego, we begin to feel the truth from the core of our being without the ego arguing for pole position in this situation or that situation.

I think the veil; the thing that separates us all is the ego.   The ego and/or veil, has a perfectly good purpose.  I don’t think either was supposed to be destroyed or in anyway eradicated.   Instead, the ego and the veil it seemingly creates should be understood.  We can thin the veil thereby minimizing our egos by setting our intent, turning our ego-self over to the greater Soul-Self thereby piercing the veil and all sorts of amazing things are then possible.  Things we could never have imagined from within a thick veil of the ego can then be created positively.  Consider, if we over-identify too much with the ego in an unhealthy way, (and oh goodness are there oh so many unhealthy ways), the veil is thick around us and we are cut off from not only Source but each other as well.  The conclusion I come to is that the thicker the ego or veil, the greater the disconnection from Source and others.  This can unwittingly occur due to unnatural beliefs or other unhealthy means and can be a very challenging way to learn in this life. 

So, I come to understand that all is truly perfect as it is whether or not I judge it thickly veiled with my own ego or not.  Even the ego and the veil are perfect.  They are perfect for each soul’s journey regardless of the dimension of the ego or veil.  All things in good time come through the thinning of the veil or ego, like love, compassion and understanding.  I wish to explore this “thinning veil” concept a bit more.  I didn’t come up with this idea entirely on my own.  It was a little nugget of a puzzle I was left with as I some how managed to thin my own veil and a trusted guide from somewhere seemingly not here and yet right here left me to ponder…and ponder I will.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life - The Journey Continues Series

I've completed my latest series of books.  These represent a collection of my favorite articles from this blog and other articles I have written.  This series represents my thoughts on various topics we deal with in life and the ways in which we might look at them in a way to reinforce the benefit of seeking silver linings, searching for understanding and grasping the meaning of life and it's many lessons.  If you're interested in any of these works, please visit my website at

Blessings of infinite love and light!