Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Angel Wing Clouds

Angel wing clouds slowly chase the sun across fading cerulean blue.  White wisps and opalescent light, such an amazing and beautiful view.  Hot humid temperature has faded into coastal breezy cool and I stand here in awe unable to speak.  This mesmerizing quiet moment just before the stars flick on brings me so much peace.  I could stand here an eternity and just breathe content to exist.  Around me people mill about, rushing here and there, dogs bark, children laugh and I somehow seem to disappear.  I love these beautiful quiet moments amidst the chaos of life.  More precious to me are these moments than any others of my lives.  I've collected these as if they were a beautiful strand of pearls and every day they become the smile that rises up as soon as I open my eyes.  Just before morning's light I'll stand in this space, right here in this place again and watch the colors play on as the sun chases the clouds.  I'll breathe in deep just like I am right now and again I'll disappear into the sky, such a beautiful life. Sweet dreams dearest souls.  May you be blessed with an infinite well of peace.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words, mine)

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