Friday, November 30, 2012

Unfolding Moments

With childlike wonder do I greet this day wondering what it is I have created to amuse myself for within it.  Will it be the stress and strain of the corporate world, will it be congenial comradery of those I have incarnated with or will it be deep gratitude and appreciation for a storm that brings us gentle rain to wash away the dust that has collected?  As I sit here now in the warmth of a home I have created, I realize it doesn't much matter what I may have unconsciously created because in this moment I know that what I experience is mine for the choosing.  What I think and what I do is at my design as I move through my day.  I think that I much prefer to string together beautiful, magical and peaceful moments filled with infinite curiosity for all that is rather than all that was or all that may one day be.  I cannot borrow the trouble of worry for tomorrow.  It shall come soon enough or not, who knows.  I cannot regret the days that have gone by because I lived them already and I learned wonderful and amazing life lessons from the scenes I created and the actors I chose.  I am proud of my creations whether good or bad because of the great opportunities for learning they brought me and well, that is the point - to experience, to learn and with great grow and understand more about this great big beautiful world of infinite possibility.

Another sip of warm and deliciously sweet coffee and it is decided.  I shall form no opinion of what the day holds as it will unfold.  Neither shall I form an opinion of the life yet before me.  I'll remain inexplicably close and focused at the moment at hand and expect miracles, expect love and expect great happiness and understanding for it is that which I chose to come here to the Earth school and experience.  Don't get me wrong.  I have plans and goals but let them go once I have created them trusting myself implicitly to carry forth each step that will bring me to that which I chose to set as a goal for myself.  All will occur perfectly, beautifully and lovingly as I ultimately designed it.  I imagine the sun just rising on the horizons behind the mountains hidden at the moment by storm clouds.  It is like life I think.  The beautiful light is often obscured a bit now and then but that does make life more interesting, does it not?  We ultimately know what is there, what is real and what is not.  What makes life unique and intriguing is the things we know are there and yet do not see.  All will always be revealed and perfectly so.  This moment of perfect bliss is a good way to start this day.  I shall endeavor to start all of my days with this hope and wonder, these moments of warm and gentle peace.  After all, for all the work I've done living, I deserve to give myself at least that much of a benefit to begin with...a strong and positive framework and base from which to work from each day I arise on planet Earth.

I wish for you a beautiful day.  I wish for you perfect love.  I wish for you gentle and deep understanding of all that is you and all that is your beautifully and perfectly unfolding life.  You are blessed in more ways than you have the ability to count.  Trust that fact and watch how life manifests a bit differently for you.  Much love and light beautiful dreamers!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but so very beautiful internet find)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pulsing Stars

I don't dream very often but last night I dreamed all night long.  The dreams were one scene after another of friendship, love, congenial interactions, warm atmospheres, new and fun things.  The dreams were so simple and yet so very real.  I enjoyed them all very much.  The night went on and even more dreams played as my body and conscious mind rested.  The fun part about this night of dreaming was that I remembered every single detail as if it occurred in waking consciousness.  I don't remember dreams that often but when I do, I pay attention.  With pleasant dreams floating through my mind, I really just wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and just sleep.  I woke between every single dream but went right back to sleep. 

At some point, early in the morning, my dream scene changed quite notably in comparison to those earlier that night.  I was asleep and yet semi-conscious.  There was pure black in my field of vision but that soon started to change.  A light began to glow from very far away in my mind's eye.  Entering my field of vision came a pulsing radiant bright white light that suddenly gave way to what looked like shooting stars or fireworks on the 4th of July.  I was quite amused at this display and was going to tell my visual mind to go back to sleep but just then the bright white light grew stronger and the pulsing shooting stars grew more rapid until they actually roused my conscious mind completely.  Once conscious, the stars and light dissipated into the pure darkness.  I opened my eyes and looked at the clock.  4:51 a.m. 

Uh oh, I thought.  I forgot to set my alarm.  It normally goes off at 4:30 a.m.  Yes, I know - stupid thirty, right?  Rather than become alarmed that I was running late at starting my morning routine (and wondering how I had shut off my alarm without realizing it last night), I was laughing in the dark because I realized I had another kind of alarm working in my favor.  I hurried about my routine and that moment of bright white light and beautiful pulsing, shooting stars set a mood of amazing wonder and curiosity for my day.  It's a good thing too.  I've got a stressful week to  manage and being late to work just wouldn't have helped me.  But, thanks to my fortunate vision of the stars and the beautiful and gentle awakening that followed, I made it to work right on time and had an amazing day even if an incredibly busy one.

The moral to the story is that if you look for silver linings, you will see them.  If you expect all to go well, it will...and even if it doesn't go just as you had planned, you will be given the grace to manage life in a moment.  If you refuse to look for silver linings, you'll never ever see them and will sadly miss out on an opportunity to giggle in the dark for no reason at all -- Thoughts noted to self for further future reinforcement.  I'm going to have a great rest of my week thanks to a beautiful display my unconscious mind shared with me.  I hope you find the wonder to keep looking for the wonderfully unexpected in your lives.  If you trust it will be there, it will be. ~Blessings.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo was a random but beautiful internet find).

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Soul Groups

You each come here with no less than one thousand souls within your soul group.  No one truly comes alone into incarnation.  Especially not to the Earth school.  You are in need of those members of your soul group who will cross your paths at just the perfect moment as agreed.  To intimate that your soul group is there to assist with your lessons is an understatement of the epic variety.  Your soul group knows what you have come for and at the appointed hour each will come forth to interact as you had planned.  You will know these souls by that sensation of resonating knowing - that look deeply into their eyes that sends forth a deep resonating within your soul.  Think not that all such interactions will seem loving and pleasant in your Earthly reality for in fact some of those interactions will seem quite vexatious to you.  Know, though, that every single interaction with these deeply resonating souls comes from the purest place of love that is.  In a way, you are all extensions of each other and you will come together to support each other, love each other and facilitate those learnings you  most wished to attempt to gain full awareness of in this frame work.  Some will help you remember who you are and their methods may not all be to your liking but indeed they are perfect, perfect for you.

Each of you is an extension of the thought that emanated from Source.  You come with the free will to choose the paths upon your arrival and you will perfectly live out your life of love and learning regardless of what it is that you do.  You wish to perfect aspects of your soul and through the interactions of those of your soul group, your soul will become beautifully etched in the rich knowledge that your soul group brings forth from a pure state of love.  Not all will be conscious of the message that they bring forth and neither will you.  However, something within your own soul will become more and more awakened as you interact with each member of your soul group.  Whether pleasant, loving and supportive or seemingly unpleasant, unloving and destructive, it was your soul's desire to learn, understand and transcend the density of thought and emotion in this place that brought them to you.  It is not a design of reward or punishment as you might think in your foggy state of not quite yet knowing who it is you truly are.  It is a matter of cause and opportunity for effect.  Participate in interactions as you so feel ready and able to participate.  Choose to move on from those whom you have learned all that you can possibly know.  Love and respect all who have come forth as was agreed to long before you came and know that no matter the interaction that takes place, it was divinely orchestrated by you.  Consider each soul you encounter as an emissary of the Source and treat them accordingly.  Be strong where you find you have grown weak.  Shine brighter where you find you have grown strong.  Seek meaning and understanding in all interactions in the absence of egotistical Earthly blindness.  That blindness is only a temporary state or condition until you learn who it is you truly are and then you will begin to see the loving light in all your endeavors of human interaction.

Trust that you have established a good and valid plan for your life experience here.  Trust that you will love, grow and understand those things you most sought to learn for your brief incarnation here.  Believe in your own ability to withstand, understand and reach much farther than the limited set of beliefs you hold in a state of unknowing.  Your soul knows your intent and will bring you the experience you seek to facilitate your own return to your authentic being.  Through it all, you are so guided by love and light.  Even in those times you feel most alone, know how absolutely loved and guided you truly are.  When most you are in need of physical support in the dream realm of Earth, know that when you have completed your solitary times designed for understanding and gentleness, another member of your soul group will soon come along and help you crystalize your understanding.  All is perfect and as it should be.  The only thing not yet perfected is your love, compassion and understanding of this frame work.  It will come in due time, in perfect time beautiful soulss.  Have faith in your own plan and your ability to meet your every milestone and goal.  You are succeeding and will not fail.  In love and light do we send you this message.  You are blessed with the grace, the strength and the means to make your lives meaningful, loving and so perfect. ~  COL ~.

(Note: Channeled as a message for all. There is only love.  Please share as you feel compelled to do so).  The photo included is not mine but a beautiful random internet find.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Change of Scenery

Your life is your opportunity to experience the divine in all of your endeavors.  How you choose to experience divinity in your life is your choice and it is also your choice to turn against the love and light within you embracing only fear.  You were not meant to live in that state, however.  Fear is the furthest reach away from your natural state that you can ever achieve.  When you find yourself in this state, you can choose the path of seeking understanding and then take the steps necessary to return yourself to your natural state.  The path is love, the steps are love, the thoughts necessary include love.  Realize that life contains always a myriad of challenges from which you will strive to learn and grow.  Sometimes those challenges can overwhelm you with emotion, negative emotion and negative self-thoughts.  Pain can seem to anchor you deep within the realms of darkness and distress.  But that is only an illusion.  It is an illusion that will fall away as you begin the work necessary to understand the truth playing like a movie in front of you.  Even the movies seem so real, but they aren't now are they?  Behind every scene in a movie there is orchestration, lines, music set and THE sets called into perfect focus to evoke an emotion.  Life is like that too only you are the script writer, the casting director, the director, the choreographer and the set designer.  It's all about you and your perceptions, the experiences you wished to have and the things you most wished to be presented with to learn from and either accept or transcend in the way you so chose. 

So, if you could but strive to achieve a state of balance and equanimity with your thoughts, hold tight to that center through the ups and downs knowing that nothing you see or experience changes the heart and soul of you, you can change your experience.  What you see and experience may influence your thoughts and shape your perspectives but the heart of you is ever-present and always consistent.  You have the power to create in this world.  If you focus continually on that which evokes in you fear, worry, incredulous feelings or even self-righteous indignation, your experience and your perspective will be always negatively shaped.  If you could raise your gaze and specifically seek to find a silver lining, something beautiful, evidence of the love being played for you right in front of your eyes, you will train your eyes to see the beauty and love in this universe.  You can give yourself the tools you need to change any situation to one that provides you not with never-ending pain and suffering but true love and greater understanding.  You are capable of this and you do have a choice.  There is nothing to loose in seeing love and beauty in this world. In fact, these things inspire your emotions in the infinitely positive and it feels good. So good. There is everything to lose in casting your gaze always downward.  You will miss the light and the love around you.  You can raise yourself up at any time you choose and you will be supported as you endeavor to learn in this world.  It isn't easy always.  Sometimes it is difficult and quite uncomfortable but you wanted this experience or would not have created it.  So, seek the wisdom of the experience as you would a beautiful silver lining in a sky full of dark storm clouds.  You will find your way.  Believe in yourselves and do all that you can to find that which inspires you most.  It matters so much in this place.  You matter so much in this place.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blissful Moment

The sun was well placed above the horizon as I made my way to the coast.  The air was cool but not unpleasantly so.  The parking Gods smiled upon me leaving me the perfect spot.  So, I parked the car and went for a walk.  Such beautiful sunlight casting dancing streams of light onto the surface of the ocean did I visually embrace with everything in me.  I watched the ocean move and sparkle for moments on end, so still, completely silent was I in awe and appreciation.  I closed my eyes and felt the sun's rays, so warm.  I listened for the gentle hiss as the waves lapped the shore line and the gulls cry in search of stray Cheetos.  I love the late fall and winter time walks on the beach. The tourists have all gone and only the locals come out to play on holidays.  I noticed that people seemed happier today than normal.  Having a day off of work will do that to a soul but even more than that, something else seemed to be pushing them along.  Perhaps the challenges of the negative press from an election year coupled with financial crisis after financial crisis, falling statistics where it hurts and rising statistics where it hurts worse forced them into complete mental pause to enjoy the holiday more fully.  I gave up on the news a long time ago but the fear machine pushes negativity into all my secret hiding places.  I don't fight it and I won't dare to put one ounce of energy into resistance.  It's a pointless endeavor of wasting energy.  I'd rather focus in on what really matters, like love available in abundance with every breath and step we take on this beautiful planet Earth that we have both the honor and privilege to walk upon.

Most underestimate the true honor and privilege it is to be here, especially right now at this seemingly precarious time.  This place is not unprotected and there are those here, who hold a perfect space of strength, right frequency, immeasurable love and emanate light as strong as the sun itself.  It makes me smile to know them - the ones that stand back subtly working their magic in this place.  I love them, everyone of them.  Its a difficult time in existence it seems but then again, nothing is ever really quite as it seems and often with good reason and reason is what we should strive to grasp for when the emotions start running high in needless fear for this or that.  There is peace in abundance even amidst the frenetic streaming chaos if one is simply brave enough to take a walk inside the halls of the soul.  We all know the way there but forget instantly upon arrival and spend years mired in materialism chasing sparkly this and shiny that until we realize that happiness born of such things can only ever be fleeting at best.  Aside from that, with maturity and growth we come to realize no thing of this Earth can be brought with us when we leave.  However, there is a treasure greater than all the rest that absolutely goes with us when we depart this  The love we give and allow ourselves to take in stays with us perfectly and beautifully etched within our souls that need no physicality to exist at all.

A few rambunctious puppies chasing a tennis ball into the surf caught my eye and paused my heavily caffeine induced mental meanderings and brought me back to this feeling of the warmth of the sand now covering my toes.  I let all my thoughts go out with the tide and relax in the gentle peacefulness of a blissful moment in the sun.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The trees, like silhouetted sentinels
Stand tall against a fading fiery orange and pink sky
One wide ray of sunlight casts its fading glory
So high across the sky it almost looks unreal
And what is real any way
I'm not sure I know any more as I walk along
Noticing the world spinning on it's axis
People coming and going
Like the tides rolling in and out again
Nothing stays the same
"It's not a curse you know
But a beautiful blessing,"
A voice whispers inside of my mind
I smile as I walk simply understanding
As the sun's rays fade, the sea breeze rushes in
Oh am I so grateful for the ocean's proximity
I love the ocean for it's never ending flowing motion
The sky for it's openness and endless array of formations and colors
And life, well, I love life with everything in me for the love we share within it
I'm waxing contemplative again
Always and ever
Feeling for spaces in between my thoughts
Searching for the space in between the stars
No longer searching for answers or truth
Knowing as I stand in the quickly closing darkness
I am all that I need
I have all that I want
The bliss of peace consumes me now
Like the darkness consuming the sun's last rays
Not to worry though, a new show of light is about to begin
And I'm going to stand here until every star shines in my sight
To send my love and wishes up and out
To all who stand there reaching

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wisdom of Legos

The sands of time begin to tell their tale in the lines about my eyes these days.  Youth left me quite some time ago and although at times I might wince just a little, I do not fear the hands of time.  It is those very lines that are evidence of the things that I have learned and that, primarily, is that life is a precious gift, as is the body, laughter and love.  I walk this path alone most days but on the perimeter always and ever stand those who would guide me from beyond without a moment's hesitation.  I'm grateful for their presence always even when I don't always care for the wisdom they will impart nor the things I know at the level of my soul that I must ponder and act upon.  But I always know what resonates deep within my soul and through daylight I walk this world with wonder and a curiosity that never sleeps and I carry these observations into the land of dreams each night. There I am met by love everlasting, giving, beautiful, breathing light.  Oh to leave the land of dreams sometimes seems like punishment to me.  But I know now what I came here for and it is not duty and drudgery.  I certainly didn't come here to maintain a perfectly clean house!  Were that the case, I would have neither children nor pets that enrich my life in ways I am infinitely in a state of gratitude for.  The parents out there might understand this concept a bit more like this:  The wisdom of Legos dictates that when we walk the halls of our homes in the darkness and happen upon an unseen pile of Legos with our exposed bare feet, it is not that our children have been reared improperly to be so thoughtless--a fact we will deal with in the morning.  It is that we have children we love and care for so much that it matters not that our homes are perfectly spotless but that there is love in the home. (This was a rather painful lesson I was once taught at precisely 2 a.m. while heading for the kitchen for a glass of water).

Life is so funny sometimes when we take the lesson plan or play a bit too seriously.  The obvious lessons are so well hidden in plain sight that it can take us years to see what stands plainly within the field of our vision.  It makes me laugh even more to recall those moments I have been swept away in ranging emotions for trivial things.  The light of love and truth has come so many times and I did not wish to see or maybe I did not have the where-with-all at the time to truly understand.  But having suffered for embracing my own ignorance, I decided to step out from the darkness into the blinding clarifying light of truth - open my eyes and throw my arms open wide to embrace the love that lies deep within everything in existence I can even remotely begin to comprehend.  So, back to the play I suppose it is with me.  I have apparently much more to learn and in a certain area in particular.  How do you search when you have found what you are looking for?  You search no longer but proceed with your life and let what will be - well, be.  Pretty simple huh?  There is no pain in realization really.  You must hold love and forgiveness for self as much as anyone else and in time you relax a little more into your own skin never minding the fact you don't look like Barbie or some famous and beautiful movie star.  There is no soul who comes here without experiencing their own nightmares at least for a time.  We are so much alike even though seemingly and incredibly diverse.  We are one and not.  We are here and elsewhere.  We are shadows seeking dissipation in the light. We are everything and nothing at all.  I'm okay with that.  I'm really okay with that.  Blessings.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a beautiful work of art I found on google images).


If you could find meaning and purpose to your suffering, you may not suffer so much.  However, human emotion does present a particularly difficult challenge to overcome while we are here learning and make no mistake, we are here to learn and perfect ourselves for the greater good of the whole.  From a very simple concept, does the darkness not define the light more acutely?  Test that...go look at the stars tonight and then answer.  Does adversity not help us to lend ourselves greater appreciation for serenity?  I want to share with you some excerpts from The Urantia Book.  However you may judge this work or not judge it, it contains wisdom and understanding.  The excerpt is as follows:

"...1.  Is courage ---strength of character---desirable?  Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.
2.  Is altruism---service of one's fellows---desirable?  Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.
3.  Is hope---the grandeur of trust---desirable?  Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.
4.  Is faith---the supreme assertion of human thought---desirable?  Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.
5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.
6.  Is idealism---the approaching concept of the divine---desirable?  Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.
7.  Is loyalty---devotion to highest duty---desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion.  The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.
8.  Is unselfishness---the spirit of self-forgetfulness---desirable?  Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor.  Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake.  Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.
9.  Is pleasure---the satisfaction of happiness---desirable?  Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.

Throughout the universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the whole. Survival of the part is dependent on co-operation with the plan and purpose of the whole, the wholehearted desire and perfect willingness to do the Father's divine will.  The only evolutionary world without error (the possibility of unwise judgement would be a world without free intelligence...The full appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness is inherent in the perfection of the divine universe..."

So, we are here to learn, to experience and to begin to understand.  We wanted these experiences to help us better grow, reach and become ever more divine and closer to the Source.  We forget that the moment we arrive here and even that is part of the plan and purpose.  When you can view the challenges of your life, not from the personal space of insult and injury nor the perspective of victims and villains, when you can learn to laugh at yourself for the ego's desires and thoughtless seeming actions and you can stand in the face of those mired in illusion and know there is no sin committed because there is only love, you will have found a space of great peace from which your lessons mature from experience into ever greater and greater wisdom.  Then life gets even more interesting.  So, don't get too caught up in your own suffering as some personal cruelty meted out by some unkind and uncaring divine or evil source.  Let go of such thoughts and focus instead on the truth of that which you are truly learning.  If you don't get it the first time, not to worry, you'll get the chance to learn a lesson again and again until you are ready to move on. There is no failure in learning.  There is only failure when you never try and close yourself off.  You are loved in this universe and your every effort matters to the whole. ~Blessings of love and higher understanding beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (other copyrights not held by me are as cited).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Some thoughts to ponder...every single thing in life is a gift.  It may not always seem like a gift but it is, in fact, a gift.  The beautiful part about life is learning that you have a choice as to what you will do with the gifts that are given to you.  Take an ugly Christmas sweater for instance.  It may come to you as a gift from someone you love, someone you tolerate or someone you don't care for at all.  When the gift is presented, you may look at it and determine you do not like it and will never wear it, you may decide that you would like to return it or you may decide you do not wish to accept it at all.  You might even decide you'd like to have hurt feelings that the giver would give you something you think is ugly.  Some of the "gifts" in life we are presented with are like an ugly Christmas sweater, particularly where human relations come in.  You may accept the gifts that you are given and appreciate them, keep them if you desire or you may argue with the giver about their seeming lack of thoughtfulness in presenting you with such an ugly gift.  You  might even decide to give the gift back just like it was given to you or you may decide not to keep some gifts.  No matter what you choose, there are lessons both in the presentation and in what you ultimately decide to do with them.  Regardless, there is learning to be had in the gifts we are given.  Wisdom can be gained if we seek compassion and understanding while at the same time standing in our own light and honoring first and foremost, our authenticity.  You've all, no doubt, received the gift of the ugly Christmas sweater in some way, shape or form.  What did you decide to do with it?  Do you understand why you decided to do with it what you did with it?  Did you understand or seek to, the reason it was given?  Food for thought.  The objective is understanding and not the judgment of self for the disposition nor the giver of the gift.  Seek understanding and you will be given an even greater gift than what is presented to you.  That gift is the wisdom gained from the experience of giving, receiving or returning.  Always there is something to learn, to understand and to strive for.

Me, myself, I don't care for ugly Christmas sweaters and so will thank the giver of such gift (even if only within the privacy of my own mind).  What I decide to do next will depend on the frame that I choose to hold in a particular moment and whether or not I find myself courageous enough to stand in my own light.  Sometimes I might say thank you but no thanks.  You keep this gift but I appreciate your desire to share.

Blessings of higher love and understanding beautiful dreamers.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find - and, to the owner of this sweater, please take no offense as I greatly appreciate the heart of creativity that went into this design - really).

Anxiety's Grip

I stood under a dark sky filled with stars as so often I do.  I watched pale clouds move across the stars seemingly in slow motion.  Despite the beautiful peace that I knew I could feel on the perimeter, it could not reach my core due to anxiety producing thoughts.  There are sometimes frustrating aspects of the journey that we all must face, think through and contend with.  This occurs mostly because we have become engaged in things our hearts just are not in.  Sometimes these things can be helped and sometimes they just can't.  So what then, to do in the interim?  I am not really sure but this is my attempt to figure it out.  I wish to figure it out because this is a state I would call, discomfort.  The reasons why are not important as I've already quite adeptly pinpointed that for myself.  The matter is what to do about it without ascribing rippling effects outward that may, in fact, serve to create even more least temporarily.

Everything in life matters and everything happens for a very good reason.  The one thing I have learned in my nearing fifty years on this planet is that when we are not quite in the right place, be that physically in terms of our home's location, the right job, the right relationship or the most supportive circle of friends and acquaintances, stress will ensue.  When we are engaging in things out of sync with our truest core and desire, discomfort can result.  I find myself in such a state and the answers while seemingly easy, are not easily attained.  As I sort through each nuance, option and potential resulting consequence, I am feeling stunted, a little worried and well, even more discomfort ensues.  Not much can be done about circumstance that I, myself have created and created out of a very good and valid necessity other than sort through those thoughts that are resisting what IS the most.  Pinpointing those thoughts and finding ways to restructure them - not to create a fantasy untruth about what IS to ease my mind but to try first and foremost to understand the heart of this lesson I face.

I'm not sure how to get there.  I know what I'm doing about it but what I do will take time.  A change is in order, of that I am certain and even if uncomfortable, I am one to embrace change because only through it can we bring in more opportunity for love and greater light.  Sometimes it is time to move on from all of the structures one has built and seek to rebuild certain structures with a different design, work from a different premise and then focus more acutely on the desired outcome while preserving aspects of highest import.  It's time for very focused thought and attention and much more in the positive rather than letting my mind run rampant with fearful and anxiety producing thoughts.  I am understanding of what must be on the periphery I think...but I'm not really sure I have not understood my own motivation for staying in a certain situation, right precisely where I am.  It is almost as if this nebulous something calls to me.  But I feel that nebulous something might actually just be boredom, frustration, the wrong kinds of challenge that seem to require effort with little to no real progress nor reward.  But then I wonder why it might be I would put myself in such a situation to begin with.  There must be a very good and valid reason because if I've learned anything in this life, it is that I can implicitly trust me and my soul and my Soul's Source to lead me, to guide me and help me to understand those things I most wish to consciously comprehend.

I can feel the anxiety in my soul and know that somewhere I have crossed a line perhaps that I shouldn't have crossed and not with anyone else but myself.  So, going back again...rethinking the premise, the platform from which I built what I have created.  I have created a wonderful something out of nothing and yet I am dissatisfied with what it now requires or what is seemingly required of me to maintain this structure.  I think that I shall stop attempting to limit my thoughts and instead realize the pleasing parts of what I have built are part and parcel of my own soul and so will be present anywhere I decide to focus and move.  I may just find that if I tear certain structures down and rebuild them, I may find myself in the same stance of a certain dissatisfaction and then, so, why put forth all of the effort at all?  Such thoughts create an immoveable stasis that is quite unproductive and very much anxiety producing.  So, I come back again to my own thoughts realizing the common denominator.  An emerging thought begins to form and take hold deep within the heart of me.  This structure I dreamed of, created a vision for and executed quite adeptly on I am proud of but this structure in this one area of my life is not me.  Without it, I would still be me.  Without it, I would find other things perhaps more in line with the authentic core of me.  That's it...that's the crux of the issue.  I cannot be other than authentically me and those who desire I be anything else, well, they will ultimately be greatly disappointed for no more will I live up to the expectation of others in certain regards.  I am more concerned with the state of my soul and what I offer this world rather than meeting the expectations others place upon me.  Expectation is sometimes a challenging thing.  Sometimes expectation can result in retroactive contracts...even when spoken, we may decide that we thought we wanted to live up to an expectation but we've learned that we simply cannot.  We cannot be deterred in life by learning such truths about ourselves.  Rather than disappointment, perhaps we should relish the splendor of realization of our truth and authenticity.  Discovery of truth is not often bliss inducing.  At least not at first.  Bliss comes when the alignment of love truly enters the whole of our being.  And then, acting in alignment, there comes the joy, the love and the light to embrace.

I look down this path, glad for what I have built but I also embrace this emerging opportunity for changing, for embracing new thoughts and for courageously placing one foot in front of the other even though I cannot clearly see in this moment just exactly where I am going.  I feel deep within the core of my soul it's a good place and so I trust every breath and step.  I am now feeling the release of anxiety's grip on my consciousness and I'm grateful, so grateful.  There is no situation you cannot think and love yourself through.  The way may not always be clear nor easy but trust you and then do whatever it is you must do to find that loving alignment within that brings forth the supportive and authentic thoughts that are your truest gift to this world. ~ In love and in light, I send you clarity of thought and the capacity for and the reality to receive love in the highest.

Loss and the Holidays

I don't know if you know this or not but I'll touch on it again as I do now and then.  Especially going into the holidays when folks tend to miss those who have moved on to the next phase of existence from this plane.  Consciousness does not die.  Everything you that makes you you transcends death and exists whether or not you are incarnate.  This is not a "belief" that I have surmised after careful or even careless consideration.  Belief is something you hold until you have the experience to bear out a hypothesis as fact.  So, the fact is, over thirteen years ago - my  heart stopped beating.  It stopped beating, the code blue, the crash cart and the whole 9 yards was my reality for a brief moment in time in this incarnation.  The moment my heart stopped beating, my physical consciousness disintegrated and was replaced by consciousness elsewhere.  At no time, however, did I ever lose consciousness.  I did not have a body, but I had my soul, my thoughts, the love that I had given and recieved and everything else that made me me.  The only thing I seemed to be missing, aside from my body that remained on Earth, was fear.  I held no fear, I felt no animosity and I felt the connected every-thing-ness of love.  I was given a choice to return to Earth or go home.  Love brought me back here to finish what I had started and I'm grateful.  Now, the difference is, I live without fear of death.  I no longer mourn my loved ones who moved on.  Instead, I speak to them as if they were right here with me always.  I love them still and I tell them so.  They do not want my sadness, brokenhearted moping or inability to function because they are gone.  They want me to do what they did -- live, enjoy life, love every second, minute, hour, day and year.  It is only when we do not understand the framework that we hold fear and mourn...Miss them in the physical sometimes, we will but think of it just as a friend who has moved to a new job out of state.  It is challenging if you struggle to embrace change but you, yourself, have come and gone many times in your past lives.  Your soul knows the score and it's only the fearful ego that tells you you are mere mortal worthless nothing that perpetuates fear and pain.  You are never mere mortal nothing.  You are bright, beautiful, loving and amazing ETERNAL souls.  Your bodies will do what you intended them to do and then one day, you too will return home at the precisely appointed hour - - just like your loved ones before you.

Now, I realize this concept may be a leap for so many.  But consider this, how would you feel if you died and your loved ones where there just despondent, dysfunctional, stunted and so broken by your passing that they could no longer live?  Think about it.  How would that make you feel?  Would it not make you feel bad?  Would you not want them to continue to love you, cherish the brief time incarnate that you had together but continue to live, love and grow?  Think about it.  This concept doesn't become one that immediately sinks in.  It takes time and then resonates more and more over time as you gain the experience to test out what the mind holds only as hypothesis.  In fact, when I first contemplated this concept thirty years ago, I outright rejected it as the crazy making designs of sanity challenged.  I realized that certain things, while seeming completely crazy, really represented a collection of hypotheses I needed time and experience to test out.  I found a way to suspend my judgment and open my mind.  I did test the concept and I have made my own conclusions based on my own first-hand testing.  I do hope that this offers you some food for thought that may ease your pain a little.  (I did forget to mention that I do talk to dead people on occasion so I do have their side of the story too).  Any way, my hope is that these words help you to live with peace from an alternative perspective rather than stunted by fear and judgment or over-identification with loss.  I'll share something a little more.  I went to the other side fearing death but I returned holding nothing but love.  That love expanded further like dominoes from Mount Everest and brought me understanding and I took that understanding and extrapolated it across so many things that were a mystery to me before my heart stopped beating.  Live your lives and feel the love of everyone always whether they are walking physically beside you or ethereally.  You are so loved no matter what you believe. ~Blessings of great love, infinite light and gentle healing dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thoughts and Stars by Morning's Light

These pathways I have traversed in time, ethereal moments intertwined with souls of great love and beautiful light. So much have they taught me and I am often so humbled.  Child-like they so often seem but wisdom defies their appearing stature and not of this world are they who walk so gently outside of space and time.  To them, my depths of gratitude are infinite for they have shown me the pathways home, the voyage to the center of my heart and soul. I never truly understand the path of love nor could I have ever found the pathway home without their help.  These thoughts meander through my conscious vision amidst the concrete jungle that is my world in this moment.  Again both here and gone have encompassed this hour of brief reprieve from the daily work-a-day drudgery.  Oh but my mind does drift like the wind back to the night of peace and this morning's dream.  Greater understanding has the light of day brought me...themes and words, pictures and colors, impressions both physical and not physical at all.  They represent a culmination of long thought out choices and well, those choices are what they are in this part of the journey, in this part of the dream.  I accept the gifts so readily given and return with these gentle words of love and gratitude. 

Thank you I whisper up into the stars and they twinkle as always in their ethereal seeming reply.  I pull up my sweater collar close about my neck to ward of a chill and breathe deep the peace of this night.  I wonder what visions and dreams this night will hold.  I can no longer wager a guess as those days are long gone.  There is no more a need for guessing and precognitive reaching through space and time.  I am satisfied all
at once with my life, my journey, the love that I've found and gladly given away, the gifts I've received and those I chose to refuse to accept.  All have meaning of infinite depths and now I see with a bit more clarity.
But even that is irrelevant and insignificant compared to the clarity and depths of this beautiful star filled sky.  I send my love up and out to those who know just how to reach it.  I love this world and I love this life and I'm grateful for every single soul who's path has crossed mine.  It's true perhaps I appreciate more some than others and so it goes with resonating souls I suppose.  We seek merely understanding from those who will love us despite how much we have yet to learn and who will stand by us always and ever holding that sacred space of love and light.  So many have and a fact to which I am infinitely grateful.  Gratitude is now the gift of my day and higher understanding perhaps will be the gift of tomorrow as my journey continues.  Come what may, there will be love...there will be joy...there will be much laughter.  I was blessed to have been given a gift of a vision of a future time.  Its what I wanted to see but I almost wished I hadn't asked.  Thankfully the
pathway there remains a mystery.  I do love a mystery. Off with me then, into my day with a collection of thoughts to ponder from the last 24 hours.  Make it a beautiful day.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

Remember the Love

I walked alone on a tree lined path.  The air crisp and cool, a fresh pool of recently fallen rain reflected like stars, the tiny strands of white lights spiraled around the tree trunks.  The gentle rain had stopped just in time for me to make my way to my intended destination but I wasn't so concerned about that.  Rather, I was struck with awe by the mood of the other souls wandering too and fro across my path.  I felt them, each one as they came close, sleeping divinity mired in illusive versions of reality.  I felt the love from within me grow and encompass them all and wishing them well.  I cannot be anywhere without wishing the love and light from this universe would palpably be felt by every inhabitant of planet Earth.  It is only our selected perspectives that ever prevent us from seeing the truth.  This simple street in the middle of a concrete jungle was so beautiful to me.  The city lights in contrast to the darkness reminded me of how far we've come.  We're not out walking with lanterns to guide us.  We're not huddled around a campfire waiting for the sun.  We're all out walking this beautiful street on this seemingly and ethereally powerful night lifted by the gentle music playing in the background.  A gigantic Christmas tree newly lit following a ceremony attended by children in awe of what soon will come.  That's when I felt it, a change in the season and it was in the smile of a beautiful girl of about 3.  Shiny black hair and bright black eyes reflecting the colors of the tree lights, smiling, dazzled and so filled with joy.  She was so beautiful I could have cried.  This, I thought, this is our natural state and so why does it seem it takes only one season to bring this forth and only annually?  That same childish wonder that beautiful little soul held could be held by all if we would do but one thing...allow, remember, breathe in the joy and love that surrounds us with every breath and step we take on this path we call life.  The Earth is filled with so much love.  Once you really and truly feel it, there is no turning back for you.  You can never unlearn what you have learned - not really.  Oh, you might temporarily forget and most grown souls do.  Look at the tiniest children so much closer to the veil than we are, they haven't forgotten except to the extent we teach them to.  Remember where you came from - love. Remember why you are here - love.  Remember to allow yourselves to feel that one thing in all of existence that will never ever leave you - love. ~Blessings for a beautiful journey dear sweet dreamers.

(c)  Jaie Heart (photo copyright as noted on photo)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gifts in a Dream

Far beyond my mere mortal understanding, there are things etched within my ethereal vision and I reach through my reality to touch them and understand.  But understanding is a gift that one must often earn and you don't always have to pay with tears and pain.  Sometimes it is the pure joy and bliss we generate that brings us closer to understanding those things our mortal minds just cannot seem to grasp in earnest.  So, I go on most days one foot in this world and one in another.  Walking two worlds simultaneously with each equally compelling to the core of my being.  Every now and then a dream escapes my desire for deep and peaceful slumber.  Dreams so real they shake my sanity for they take on both an ethereal and yet a very physical quality and I awaken half expecting to see what I know will dissipate within my field of vision in the darkness only to leave one single trace, a kiss, the warmth and a gift or two. The significance of which I cannot comprehend and I smile in spite of myself knowing how much it is I enjoy a little mystery.  Oh these dreams they do come unbidden at least a part of my conscious mind would have me think.  I lay there in the darkness questioning, recalling, reaching for this nebulous seeming understanding and I realize my mind is likely very overworked and tired seeking a beautiful, dreamy and sentimental escape.  I'll never know the origin of this dream but I think perhaps I shall relish its splendor just as it is.  Within it were two mysterious gifts I have yet to fully comprehend or appreciate but then again, the dream itself was a gift I won't soon forget...a reminder, a little hope and an ethereal calling from the center of the heart deep within the eternal and yearning soul of me.

I dare not move as I gaze into pure darkness, feeling the peace and this connected feeling to everything under the sun.  A surge of energy begins to move within me and I realize sleep is not to be had any more this day. 4:15 am rolls the clock into my current reality and begrudgingly I decide to move releasing myself from this dreamy awakening.  There are things I must do and promises that I must keep and so I go no longer asleep, but I wish...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There is No Sin But Illusion

I love the cooler temperatures of late.  The much cooler November skies always seem to hold the richest colors in deepest cerulean blue, the brightest golden orange and pink sunsets and the most beautiful clouds I've ever seen.  At night, the coolness creates a depth to my view of the stars and sends me right back to childhood.  I was always a lover of the sky and especially the stars at night.  I'm not sure why other than maybe, perhaps, it is the powerful energies of silence and stillness that always seem to be in abundance this time of year.  With all the worries and cares of this world, there is nothing more beautiful and serene than standing still and just sky gazing.  Life here on Earth can seem frenetic and chaotic with the masses running about working out their life lessons not realizing its all about shaping our psychology away from the ego and back to a place deep within the soul that always remains at peace.  Tapping into that amidst the chaotic swirl of our normal human activity finds you retrieving your own well of love and peace that truly is in a never ending supply.  But, there is a catch or well, rather, a trick to fully comprehending its beautiful existence.  That is, simply, adjusting your thoughts and setting your intent to be open to it.

There are those souls in this world so twisted, torn and damaged from pain and assumptions on the inside that they seem to go on and on for hours and days and years even with no clue that the love they seek and the peace they most desire is right inside of them.  Instead they flock to anything light with the sole intent of possession, obsession which ultimately serves only to destroy - no, not the object of their misguided affection but themselves.  We hold the tools, the keys and the power to heal if only we would understand it is a choice.  In every moment and in every design of human interaction we may choose the darkness or the light.  If you see nothing but victims and villains and a terrifying and terrible world that you are charged or so-punished to live within, it will be hard for you to see but you have chosen fear and darkness.  It is understandable.  It happens to the best of us a time or two or even three.  However, no one can save us but ourselves.  The Source of the Universe is there generating and emanating pure love and light we need only turn our attention to in order to begin to feel, engage the freedom of healing and wielding love instead of hatred or psychological projection and transference.  No matter which side of that line that you stand on, know that you have the power always to choose the darkness or the light.  If you see only darkness and shadows, shift your gaze -  make some positive changes so that the energy that gathers behind your emotion magnetizes more loving light, energy and positivity to you.  For those standing in the light, be not deterred by your brothers and sisters who have either intentionally or unwittingly chosen the darkness and fear.  Instead, understand.

A Course In Miracles describes the evidenced choices of victims and villains and all the subsequent and seemingly hurtful actions of such souls as a cry for help and a cry for love.  Incredulous as this might make you to might be the one called to give assistance to someone who attempts to steal your light through attempting to wage emotional battle with you.  Know that this does not mean that you are called to stand there and subject yourself to emotional and physical punishment from the mortally emotionally wounded.  There is a simple approach that you may take as you then remove yourself to a brighter proximity until the soul can make his or her choice or you can stand strong enough yourself to know the truth therefore being unaffected by the dark choices of others - remind them they have not sinned and any grievance they seemed to engage you with was born only of illusion.  Based on this fact, you can then issue forgiveness knowing the seeming transgression against you and any resulting pain was truly born of only illusion - this seeming war the souls who need help engage in.  You may let them know, in some way - you have not sinned - it was only an illusion and you are forgiven and loved.  Such actions and thoughts will issue forth a reminder that will provide by far more assistance than engaging in battle with them. It may not be physically safe to engage in this discussion face to face and so the same affect can be felt if you set aside quiet time and direct these thoughts instead of angry and hurtful feelings at a wounded soul.  A soul in pain will see threats where none exists and they will act as if the nearest thing or person to them is the cause of their discomfort despite a life time of taking on unhealed pain up to that point their paths crossed yours.  Understand and hold compassion...understand and hold forgiveness and realize yourself the choices you are making and have made.  There is no sin, there is only action and consequence born from an ego either healthy or not healthy within a mind that is either whole or seemingly made through pain to be not whole at all.  Battling the mortally emotionally wounded makes no sense, nor does standing continually in harm's way.  Find the love within to bless and forgive them and go about your business in love and light.  For those making dark choices you have always hope.  There is no sin that you have engaged in that takes you away from the loving light of Source.  It's only your jaded minds that have brought you these thoughts.  Every soul is connected to the One, therefore, every soul is love and light.  The only difference is the choices we make, the thoughts we hold and the perceptions we consider truth based on the experiences we have.  If you think yourself for a moment unworthy, again, you have not sinned.  If you believe yourself unworthy - it is you who will create things and situations to reflect your thoughts and feelings of unworthiness.  You are never unworthy so stop those thoughts at once.  Let go of the past pain that jades you - seek assistance to do this if you must but do not stand in the darkness wishing for the light or attempting to possess it from outside of yourself.  The light is within you the moment you find you are worthy to stand within it and allow healing to come and then shift all of your actions towards loving light.  Know that it is only your thoughts that need adjusting, your hearts and souls need mending and then you too can return to the light of love and seemingly sin no more.

I wish no soul on this planet had ever been harmed by another soul mired in dark choices.  I wish all could immediately return to the light but, you see, that IS the journey - to return to the light and the choices you make will bring you there or block you from it.  You hold the tools and the power.  You really do.  Blessings of great love and light all souls.  May you find the light within, feel the love freely flowing there, find the healing for all of your life's wounds and walk in the light for the rest of your days here.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random and yet so beautiful internet find)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

All the Love in the Universe

I'm standing in emerald green grass
As I raise my gaze up into a sea of cerulean blue
The gentle sea breeze caresses my face
While the warmth of the sun permeates my core
It is not the sun's light that warms me this day
But thoughts of you wandering in your world
Sending out all the love and light of Source as you go
And I feel the joy from the center of my soul
And I call to my mind a picture of you
Very quietly I smile and gather there to me
All the energy of love and of light in existence
I let it there build until it consumes me
And I feel your heart and it's beating like mine
As the curious humming birds watch perched from a birch tree
I send all of the love within me up and out
Carried as if on unseen opalescent wings
Traveling through time and space as if they were nothing
And to the core of your heart and soul do I bring it
Wishing for nothing than to know your heart smiles
And that every dear dream you hold close in your soul
Comes brightly to life on all horizons you hold
I close my eyes with one more wish and then
I'm back here on Earth in my world again
Wishing you love, bliss and pure light
I love you dear Angel
Thank you for entering my life

Our lives are blessed with angels both human and ethereal.  I am grateful for them all!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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We Dream

Ethereal awakenings gently dissolve
The illusions once held as truth
We fly so free whenever we allow it
So long as we are willing to let go
The fact that these illusions are so good
Should serve as a testament to your divinity
Grand creations have you made
And do you daily participate in
That's the way it was designed collectively
Do not fear it or take it apart
It was meant to enjoy
You were created to master this dream
So dream beautiful dreamers
May Source bless your visions
And bring your heart and soul
The truest of understandings
May compassion light your way
And love create sure footing
You are blessed in your dreams dear souls
Treasure them, believe in them
Now live them
Time knows no season
True reason holds no lies
Through the ages we struggle
And try to come to terms
With the same old story
Through every generation
We live and breathe
As if for the first time
With no thought to the collective
Of minds and souls who existed before us
Their wisdom questioned
Their ignorance embraced
As we stay close to the superficial
As if it were the true prize
What they learned thousands of years ago
Is alive breathing and beating within us
The true Source of all of existence
Pulses within us with each step we take
And we take it all right, for granted until
We learn to let go of our precious paradigms of thought
And egotistical machinations that just can't satisfy
Until we are lost and broken
And the only way clear is within
Even then we hesitate
Not sure if we can find our way in the darkness
We created within our own minds and souls
But if we can be courageous
Seek the light that resides at the heart of us
We can unlock the mysteries of the all of everything
If only because we are that and more
And so we go
Hearts beating
Time fleeting
We dream

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a very fortunate, beautiful random internet find)

Friday, November 9, 2012

See Through and Love Anyway

Three Libras, this song has so much meaning.  It really sets the mood for my thoughts today.  As always, I am a watcher and observer of things great and small and nothing makes me more curious than human nature.  Why you might ask?  Well, I too can be a peculiar creature sometimes and there are these themes that I have observed weaving through every single human interaction on the planet creating much discord and discontent.   How to put this so I won't get any hate mail (and those who know me would never automatically think the worst of me because what I do, I do out of a sincere love for all), but here goes...and I will try to be gentle.  So, one of the lines of the song I've included above says, "Here I go expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded and I see, see through it all see through, I see you."  I paused such a long time after typing those words not sure how I wanted to finish this thought.  However, it's a good thought - at least I think so and so I shall finish it this way:  We go through life expecting everyone to think as we do because well, we think the way we do and so, why shouldn't everyone else?  Nothing will cause you more frustration than this line of thinking in the application of understanding of others.  You see, not one soul on the face of this planet is truly like you.  No one has walked the miles in your shoes that you have, they have not suffered as you have, they have not loved as you have and they have not learned their life lessons the way that you have.  So, and I ask this gently, how on Earth can you possibly expect someone to do as you do or think as you do in any given situation?  If you want to stay sane and free from dire frustration all of the time you will ditch that concept inside of your head that says, "common courtesy dictates...blah, blah, blah."  It just doesn't work that way beautiful souls.

As you can well surmise, some folks haven't learned what you have learned and there are also those who know by far more than you know.  When you expect someone to know what you know and you become angry with them because they don't act, do or say something the way you were raised to or learned to or what have you, you are trapping yourself in a very nasty prison that will only lead you to much anxiety and disappointment in your human interactions.  So, think...the lyrics again, "Here I go expecting just a little too much from the wounded and I see, see through it all, see through, I see you."  I understand how you think and I understand your frustration.  I understand the wounds so many have suffered and how that suffering creates all these mini walls around who we really are, how that pain causes us to act, react, refuse to act, ignore, deny, transfer and project everything else but the truth on to every one and everything.

The reality is, you cannot expect a wounded soul to act as if they are perfect, whole and healed and not in some way be met with dire disappointment.  You also cannot rescue them and make them what they are not.  "So, then, what in the world can I do dear Ms. Jaie? I have to get along some how in this world, right?!!!!"  Yes, yes you do.  There is an answer to that question.  I will warn you, however, that the answer is both incredibly simple and yet may make you absolutely incredulous at the same time.  Do you want to know the answer?  Are you ready for that answer?  Are you willing to give up the frustration of trying to make everyone in the world like you? (It might make for peaceful interactions but how fun would the world really be if we shared every thought exactly the same way?)...Okay, enough with my rambling...on to the answer...Love people exactly the way they are.  If you are unable to do it up close, then do it from afar.

So many times in my own interactions I've expected very wounded souls who have a very strong penchant towards verbal abuse and other things many might judge quite harshly...and I was always disappointed and frustrated because I expected better of them.  I walked away missing an opportunity to love them just as they were and missed the opportunity also to love myself enough not to engage in their pain by owning psychological transference and projection that had nothing to do with me.  Should you decide to stand and come to terms with accepting others just as they are and learning to love yourself and them, I have a little story a friend shared on facebook, recently.  It has always been a favorite but I lacked sufficient knowledge when first I heard it to engage in any reasonable or practical application of the true meaning of it.

It's not a new story and I will sum it up this way, a man heard about the Buddha and sought him out to test him.  When the man eventually found the Buddha, he began insulting the Buddha.  After a time the Buddha asked the man, "If a gift is given but not received, who then owns the gift?"  The man responded, "The giver."  The Buddha said, "That is correct."  That ended the interaction.  Along with the earlier described concept - think - how many times do you accept such gifts?  How many times do you expect the gift giver to stop giving you what they want and instead give you what you want?  Did you know that you have the right not to accept gifts that you do not want?  Did you know you do not have to take the pain that the wounded give you?  Did you know that instead of becoming mired in the negativity and dire gravity of the whole - two wrongs don't make a right thing - you could decide not to participate.  It requires not one ounce of anger or animosity.  It requires no engagement in the drama.  It requires neither enabling nor accepting of what another is doing or saying.  It merely requires that you see in this world everything as a series of gifts.  Some of these gifts you will want and accept for the purposes of your own learning.  Others, you will not.  Rather than expecting things, people or situations to be other than what they are - try dealing with things the way they are, loving people and seeing opportunities for wisdom in surprising places.

Every single soul on this planet matters...the healthy, the whole, the wounded, the tragic...all of them matter. The rich diversity we all bring to the table in this amazing world is incredible beyond words.   If you need people around you that are more like you, then by all means - go find them.  If you need or expect people to change to be or think or do things more like you - YOU are choosing the gift of frustration and a series of tough lessons from the school of hard knocks...first row seat.  But even if you do choose that - it's okay if you don't mind it.  Continue business as usual if it doesn't bother you.  But, if it does, consider your choices, consider your expectations and then decide what you will or will not accept.  This is your life, live it, learn to find all of the love within it.  Realize that you have a choice.  All of the love in this entire, amazing and wonderful universe is yours to have and to hold.  So, have it - hold it.  What are you waiting for? :) ~Blessings of higher love dear souls!

(c) Jaie Hart (Above link and music belong to its creators - bless them for good tunes)