Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words + Emotion = Energy So be Careful in What you Create! :)

There's a distinct chill in the air preceding the coming storm out west and my thoughts seem to be carried up and out on a cool breeze.  I see the city far below me and a thought crosses my mind.  From up here, I can feel the dark and light energy in rather interesting pockets.  If I focus in on anyone area, I can see what generates the darkness and what generates the light...when I zoom in closer, I can feel words and the power behind them generated by souls both aware and very unaware.  I realize in that moment that we just don't know the depths of energy we unconsciously create and put out into this world and that is tragic to me.

We have experiences here in this plane (and also many others).  However, when we hone in on an aspect of our experience and convey it to others with any emotion tinged with hatred, venom, toxic and poisonous anger, hurt, sorrow, etc. we end up tainting with our words and all who come into contact with the negative energy of what we negatively convey.  Conversely, when we hone in on an aspect of our experience and convey it to others with an emotion tinged with love, curiosity, assuming positive intent, happiness, wonder and joy, we end up positively influencing everyone we come into contact with--with our positive energy.

Words have power.  Thoughts have power.  These two in combination create a certain kind of energy.  When we push that out with good intent and with a positive message, we are filled with light as are those who come into contact with us.  However, when we push that out with bad intent and with a negative message, we collapse our light in on us and pull the light out of others creating voids of darkness all around.

We must be ever so cautious in how we use our words and our emotions to create energy.  We should consider consciously creating.  Describing a bad experience is not in and of itself bad.  However, when we engage in blame, hate, vengeance and anger surrounding our story, we really just create negativity for ourselves.  We always end up choking on our own toxic poison when we engage in blame and seeking to hurt others with our words.  So, to remedy, we should consider the collective of our experiences and even if we experience something bad if we take a more curious stance, assume positive intent, seek truth over assumption and seek true understanding or the silver linings of our experience without conveying insult or injury to others, we can actually increase our own light.  I've written much lately about always being on the receiving end of your own insults, attacks and hurtful lies about others.  If you don't believe me, do a little test.  The next time you speak ill of others with vengeance and pure vitriol, notice how you feel.  Notice the sinking feeling in your heart or stomach centers (chakras) as these two in particular are very sensitive.  Now, the next time you refrain from speaking ill of others and instead take a more curious and accountable stance as you speak or maybe you hold forgiveness and love above all and let that guide your words - notice how your stomach and chakra centers feel.   Likewise, again, when others are speaking with vitriol and hate versus love and forgiveness, notice how your energy centers feel.  They vibrate differently based on whether you convey or are the subject of a positive or negative story.

Assume nothing, don't exaggerate or rewrite history in the negative and don't engage in gossip or insult.  These things hurt YOU the most and not the object of your feelings of negativity.  Likewise, when you lift others up with love, forgiveness and light-filled words, you also uplift YOU in your energy. 

Every single word you say, everything you do and everything you think and attach emotion to matters.  So, be authentic and deal with negative emotions but take personal ownership rather than blame and you will not be adversely effected by your own words. Focus on the positive.  One of the aspects of truly successful and happy people in life is their ability to seek silver linings, higher meaning and true understanding beyond the superficial. They will be authentically honest but will develop the ability to do so without being hateful or insulting.

Some food for thought thanks to a dear soul's post tonight.  Thanks Sharon! :)

Blessings dear souls!

(c) 2011 words/photo Jaie Hart

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breathe and be Peaceful

Heaven help us, this life can be hard! With all of these ego's smashing into each other repeatedly, blaming, attacking, short-changing, taking advantage of, disregarding, hurting on purpose, hurting on accident, slights and perceptions...UUUUGGGHHH! It doesn't have to ruin your day but sometimes it does. When it seems like the world is trying to stir you up and is seemingly succeeding, there isn't much you can do from the outside-in but there is a lot you can do from the inside-out.

I believe we have an infinite supply of love and energy from our Source, Creator if you will. Love is an amazing energy source. It's hard to feel it when we turn our back on it by getting our egos engaged in a war of "better than" or "tit for tat." But, if you disengage, even when you don't want to, you might start to just feel pain and that's okay, let it hit. It won't last forever and then you can forget about the outside world, sit with your thoughts and just tap into the Source instead. It's not hard all the time, just when the ego is not preoccupied with scheming to make you seem separate and different from anyone and everyone else. Take up meditation, yoga, exercise, walking or anything else that gets you outside. It's a great diversion until the ego can disengage and you can start remembering your strength, your own self-love (despite your seeming mistakes, foibles or what have you).

While the world can be an incredibly scary and hurtful place sometimes, you are always surrounded and protected. There is a beautiful source of love inside of you that you can tap into whenever you want, whenever you're ready. If you're having a hard time, forget about yourself for a minute and go help a perfect stranger, grab a can off the top shelf for someone who can't reach at the store, compliment someone's hair or shoes, smile at a stranger and wish them love and peace without saying a word. You'll then start the love flowing again and it will fill you up, energize you and prepare you to wake up and take another step in this crazy mixed up world.

Breathe and be peaceful.


(c) words-2008/photo 2011 Jaie Hart

Set Your Love Free

Never for one moment believe that you are not good enough to be great, to feel loved and to be beautiful.  Reach deep into your core, beyond the hurtful words others may have given you and love yourself with all of your heart.  In so doing, your love will set you free from the chains that pain has bound your heart with.  Then, your own love will have you soaring to heights unbelievable.  Believe in you heart and soul and never waiver in your dedication to your love and light. Know that you are the master of your perceptions of Earthly experience.  Seek the silver linings and blessings of every frame of the scenes that are your life.  Reach out for the best that life has to offer and trust it will always be within your grasp.  Blessings dearest souls.  Higher love is here for you now.

(c) 2011 (picture copyright unknown)  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

True Expanse

Watching the illusions unfold
Can sometimes bring displeasure
And even great pain
It's hard to let go of the illusion
We have known it our whole lives
To set it down and let it go
Seems sometimes more terrifying
Than embracing the love
Of the seemingly unknown
Exit the fearful places within you
Know that your demons and adversaries
Are all part of the dream
See them for what they are...Actors...smokey spectres
Playing a role, trying to learn
And find a way to become free again
The pain of the illusions
And machinations of the ego are strong
But you, you are divine and so much stronger
You can step out of the sludge and grime
You've allowed yourselves to become mired in
There is a better way
Embrace the love and light within you
And there you will find freedom
The true great expanse of existence

(c) Jaie Hart, September 13, 2011 (photo copyright unknown)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Small Thing

You can master the most difficult tasks if you can do but one small thing...believe in yourself. You know that you can trust you. You know that you have faith in you. You know your strengths and dedication better than anyone else! Let no one challenge your beliefs about you not ever! Love only beginning with you and let that love always be your guide and filter for how you see the whole of the entire world and all of its inhabitants!  Life is beautiful.  You can do this! :)
(c) 2011 (photo copyright unknown)

Honor to Be Here

We are naive to think that adversity and negativity won't find their way to cross our paths no matter how spiritual we  are. You are not failing when these two teachers find you. You fail only when you react to them negatively with vengeance or other dark emotion instead of responding from a place of honor, honesty and integrity. Bless the messengers, bless the situation and thank Source for the opportunity to live, breathe and learn. It is an honor to be here on Earth at this time. Let us never forget that honor and find ourselves ungrateful for the abundance that we do so often receive. Blessings of infinite love and light dear souls!
(c) 2011 (photo copyright unknown)

Understanding Emotional Abuse - Stop it!!!!! You can. You have the Power!

Feelings, Facts and Finding the Love Within

Compliments and people who feed your ego do not make you any greater than you are.  Conversely, insults and people who make every attempt to destroy your ego do not take anything away from you.  People may hurt your feelings but feelings are not facts.  Feelings are typically born of assumption and assumption is also not a fact.  Know who you are and love who you are.  Surround yourself with people who wish to create light with you rather than focusing on those who wish to steal your light away.  It's funny, there is enough love and light to go around and those who wish to steal it away just haven't figured out yet that they truly are worthy of their own love and light.  If they new this one fact about themselves, they would not be so eager to hurt others who they think may have taken their love away.  It is a twisted assumption.  Let assumptions go.  Work in the now and only on facts.  Know the truth about yourself to protect you from those who would hurt you and to increase your ability to surround yourself with people also filled with love and light.  Simple things but they can get complicated really fast if we don't keep our wits about us.  Make sure your actions match your words and reflect true love and light for yourself and others.  You can't fake it, everyone can see so why not be honest and get to the bottom of your fears, find the true love within so you can heal and be happy in this incarnation.  It is a choice, make it count--find the love within and embrace it like pure golden sunlight.  You can do it!

(c) 2011 words (photo, copyright unknown)

Provisional Truth

 It is so sad to me how many lost people misunderstand the meaning of this simple term and how they become so mired in psychological transference and projection they cause great harm to their own souls while attempting to harm others.  One thing the wicked story-tellers of this world forget is that they are ALWAYS on the receiving end of every foul word they give birth to in this life.  It makes me sad for those who engage in illusory attack because with every vile word they prolifically spew forth, they bind their own souls ever closer to the darkness.  I realize now how allowing any words such folks say to come even remotely close to strumming a heart string within you in anger, sorrow, shock or disbelief begins to bind your own soul to the darkness and that just cannot and must not be.  I've danced with the heart of darkness many times in the last couple of years and every time I've understood the darkness more...the dark ones lack the ability to use the true most powerful tool in this universe - and that is love.  They can scream it from the mountain tops emulating those who know what love is, they can talk about it and pretend to know what it means but the truth is they cannot wield it to save themselves and they end up relegated only to gaining their perception of glory through attempting to steal the light of those around them through intimidation, insults, manipulation for sympathy and even fear.  Its a wasted effort that never works in the end and for their efforts they only end up torturing themselves because their souls know the truth even if their minds seek to hide from it.

I can no longer stomach the proximity of such misguided souls who will not seek the assistance of healing and light.  I know the darkness and what I have that it does not and in that knowing do I find strength.  All of the traumatic things we go through in this incarnation are designed by us to test our own trust and faith in our own Source given light and if we let it--it shall prevail because it is all that we can truly hold and is all that we ever really need to hold.  If you do not know Source given love, there is no way to know truth...truth will be obscured by darkness and love will always be but a fictional fantasy.  To not seek the truth, love and light from Source is a conscious decision to remain wounded and alone in perpetual darkness.  Sad truth, but truth none-the-less.

"In the beginning was the word."  I know what that word is and thank Source I heard it and I feel it.  That word is the key, the only key that matters. It unlocks every door but only if you step out of the ego and its fears long enough to see and feel it.  I pray that every soul out there spewing forth vile hatred and pure toxic venom collapses their twisted and wounded egos straight into the heart of Source, true love and light.  Only then will they learn the truth about themselves (and its really not the toxic hatred they spew forth - they really are better than that and just don't know it), existence and everything else.  Maybe then their provisional truths will be replaced by love and light and they will learn to speak with true love, honor, honesty and the highest integrity towards mankind. 

The truth is, we are all one and as ACIM says, the need for hatred and attack is an illusion - a gross misunderstanding due to the lies we allow ourselves to believe about ourselves.  If we can find a way to eliminate this through true Source love and light, we can heal, grow and be embraced by love in everyone and everything.  Those who miss this message are choosing to be lost, choosing to remain mired in darkness and choosing to torture their own souls.  They do not need vengeance.  They need space and a safe distance from you until they can come to their misguided senses.  Prayers can help so give them helps tremendously but you may have to love from afar to keep yourself safe from these emotionally dangerous and wounded souls. 

Blessings of love, light, healing and the understanding of truth to all.

Re-Post: Story-Telling What it Gets You...Nothing But Misery!

We’ve all done it…had something really horrible happen to us, it caused us great pain and we unwittingly sought validation from friends or loved ones because of the horrors or frustrations we’ve just been through.  We not only sought validation but we also sought sympathy.  Energetically speaking, someone took our energy away and we sought to fill that back up by gaining energy from someone else.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing as we do it quite innocently—we don’t know any better.  What we also don’t know and understand is that there are unintended consequences of these actions.  When we take on any kind of victim stance in life, we send out a vibration.  The more we tell our tales of woe, the more we unconsciously ask the Universe to reinforce that vibration and then the Universe in it’s infinite wisdom responds with more of the same. 

If you don’t like how that feels, realize your story is a past life lesson that you learned from—forgive, forget and let it go.  Think healing thoughts of your energy being restored naturally by being kind to yourself, realizing people can only take from us the energy we permit them to and that you are not any form of the representation of your painful stories.  Truly, you are not.  You are a bright, shining and sparkling soul.  You are in command of who you give energy too.  The things that you resist will persist in this area…so if you resist your hand in any part of your tale of woe (and we always have a part, big or small) the negative energy or tale will persist within you maintaining that vibration.  The way out is forgiveness…forgive yourself, forgive the person that may have hurt you and choose to let it go.  It’s only through these actions that you can change your vibration in a healthy way.  Think of surrounding yourself with kind and loving people or companions who will support your position in life and not attempt to take you down and you will change your vibration and attract those kinds of people to you.

If you want to think about it another way, we all have emotional baggage—the pain that we have suffered or delivered for one reason or another.  The more we own and identify with that baggage and carry it with us, the more our vibration and energy attracts more of the same level of negativity.  If you have noticed certain negative patterns and themes in your life (and they are there if you’ll be brave and courageous enough to look for them), chances are you are carrying emotional baggage.  The simple answer is as I stated above—forgive the other side/forgive yourself, forget what they did/you did and let it go. 

If you are asked questions about your past and you are sharing, restate the lessons learned in the positive.  Don’t tell the tale of woe but explain it as the life lesson it was, what you learned from the situation in the positive and try, if you can, to see the positive outcome of whatever it was that happened.  When you tell your tale in a positive light, you do not bring back the negative vibration of the time.  You keep yourself, your thoughts and your story “positive.”  When you can tell a positive story, you keep a higher vibration about you.  When you can tell your story with compassion for yourself as a loving soul, and the other parties involved in your story with compassion as loving souls, you maintain a higher vibration.

I’ve had some not very nice things happen in my life.  In fact, some would call them core-level emotionally disrupting things.  I would have agreed a year or two ago, but today I see my hand in my own undoing, my involvement, where I unwittingly gave my power away but more than all of that, I see the experiential value and life lesson learned.  I take that as an extreme positive and I hold compassion and forgiveness for myself and all parties involved in my various stories.  Because I allowed myself to forgive myself and forgive the other parties, I’ve allowed myself to forget the pain, the self-righteous indignation and betrayal feelings and I’ve let go of the experience in the same way I finished the 10th grade in high school, I’m now healed and whole.  My vibration won’t draw those kinds of lessons to me again.

Remember, you are not your story.  Your story is a limited perspective—yours, consider other possibilities, consider your actions, consider the fear, the worry and pain of other parties who may have hurt you.  People do only what they know how to do in any given moment and beautifully enough, we learn and grow and hopefully do things differently.  So, I challenge you today to think about the stories you not only tell others but the ones you tell yourself.  Are they positive?  If not, rewrite them in the positive!  You’ll change your vibration and really learn to live.  Life is a lot more joyful without carrying emotional baggage.
I hope you have a beautiful day.
(c) 2011 photo/words

Friday, November 25, 2011

Truth and Love

Sadly, sometimes a soul seems to only find it's true value and self-worth when it is reflected as only the soul thinks it should be in another's specifically expressed love for them. To me, this is like walking a gossamer tight rope without any form of net below.  This desire calls forth to the universe for more of the illusion and not the truth. For within each and every soul in existence is Source love and we exist beautifully and perfectly even without the illusion of the only love we will accept for us reflected in another's actions. Calling forth to the universe for such conditional love from without is a trap and an emotionally deadly one.  Unconditional love allows those we come into contact with to love us in their way without accusing them of diminishing us in some way by not loving us the way we think we should be loved.  We can never be diminished once we discover the heart and soul of who we are, find the lies of illusion we tell ourselves and begin to understand and explore the true infinite power of Source love.  Even if you can't feel it in this moment, trust that it is there, know that you will find it and embrace wholeheartedly your willingness to change your perspectives and perceptions and find the real truth.  ~Blessings

More on Perpetual Victims and the Dangers they Present

Oh goodness could I write a book on this topic!  (I've already started one).  People will tell you exactly who they are within minutes, hours or days of meeting and what they will end up doing to you should you refuse to be to them exactly what they want you to be.  They will do this through manipulating you for sympathy and will be exacting in their blame about how all of the troubles and woes of their tragic life are due to the person that they love and adore. Such people truly have no honor nor accountability.  Be not fooled by them for a moment.  Those who proclaim so loudly to have been damaged and harmed by another insidious soul are actually telling you that they are a damaging, harmful and an insidious soul.  What to do then when you find you are in the midst of such a soul?  Distance, disconnect and strengthen your own self-love, separate from them whether they are family, friend or lover.  Set a hard boundary and see it through and listen to not one word they say.  Love them from afar as you would any soul in Source’s Creation but know definitively that not one single word a wounded soul screams at you or others about how horrible you are or someone else is-- is truth.  You know the truth about you so discount the emotional and verbal attacks of those who proclaim to love you but then attack you as a person to your core.  No soul has to stand there and take that.  It is the most unloving thing a soul can do to itself.  When crazy knocks at your door, simply refuse to open it.  It is your right and it would be unloving of you to subject yourself to such torment.  Walk away and hold your head high and know that not one word of vengeance or retaliation are necessary.  State your truth with love and walk away...never look back.  Hurt people hurt people and that, my friends is a definitive truth.  You need not take that on nor own it.  Pull away, love from afar and love yourself more than anything on this Earth.  YOU ARE WORTH IT! <3

Be aware that there are souls in this world so wounded and damaged that they cannot take personal ownership for the woes in their world.  They are damaged forever because of some evil woman or man and so their life lies in ruin at their feet.  The reality is, the soul may be unable to help being wounded or victimized at some point in their lives but they absolutely can take accountability for what they will do about it in a healthy way.  They can stop, at any time, from telling their dishonorable lies, tragic twisted partial truths and choking on their own poisonous toxic anger at any time they choose.  Sometimes they won't though.  Sometimes it is by far easier to blame and hate everyone than to face their own demons.  Tragic but truthful.  Know that with such souls, giving them sympathy reinforces their weakness.  If you really want to help them, use empathy instead and give advice only when asked and if you give advice, refrain from any form of rescue. Reflect honorably what you hear them say and challenge them as to how they can change in an accountable fashion.  If you are even slightly sensitive in nature, I don't recommend even engaging them.  The thing is, because of their wounded state, at some point you will become their target.  They'll use splitting techniques at some point announcing that people are either all good or all bad.  They cannot comprehend reality and truth through their own pain so they'll make it up.  Don't fall for it and see through the vicious words of anyone publicly claiming horrible truths to get even with someone.  When you see anyone publicly claiming hateful words about another, realize that one day the person they hate will be you.  People who possess so much hate are unable to refrain from making you their target at some point without psychological help.

Know the nature of the tragically wounded soul...see through the pain and understand where it comes from.  Not one word they say is about anyone but themselves and they will tell the world exactly who they are by blaming someone for all of their wrongs and misery.  Hidden in their proclamations about how horrible this person or that person was or is, they are telling you who they really are.  The truth in what they say is not about the person they are claiming is all bad or all wrong...those truths are about them...about what burns within them from the inside of their wounded core.  It's important to be able to recognize the Perpetual Victim because they can cause you great emotional harm but only when you do not see them (they hide very well).  The "Misery Loves Company" axiom is more than truth with such individuals.  Distance yourselves from the psycho dramas as is your right and your choice and be prepared to protect yourselves from the world-war-III approach they will take when you set a hard boundary.  Be strong and loving with you.  Get help if you must but tolerate bad behavior in another not for a single moment of your life.  It is not gallant or honorable to sacrifice yourself for another soul's wounds.  Especially when they have owned those wounds as part of their very existence.  Telling them who you think they are is seen only as negative judgment and persecution so don't bother.  Focus on what you will and won't tolerate and do not budge!

My sincere and honest wish is that all of the Perpetual Victims would find the strength to turn their focus inward on their own healing and forgiveness.  For all the vitriol they put forth into this world, that energy is precious and could be used for their own healing if they would but seek it.  Pray for them if you want to be helpful but do not stand in their presence a moment if it hurts you.  You are under no obligation to take abuse, either emotional of physical from anyone ever.  Every single one of us has choices to make and free will dictates our ability to play that out.  Be loving and gentle with yourselves and know that not everyone is capable of healthy emotion.  Understand this and move in tune with your own internal love and voice.  You deserve to be surrounded by loving individuals who are truly kind and supportive of you.  You deserve to disconnect from those who are jealous of you and must tear you apart in order to feel okay.  Be watchful for those souls that proclaim so loudly they feel they must save the world from the bad souls in this world as these seemingly honorably stated desires come from their own doubt about the goodness in their souls.  If they call everyone fakes, phonies and liars and persecute others for these things, it is because in truth, they know they embody these things and persecute themselves internally.  Their actions are at the core, a very strong cry for help.  Know these people when you see them.  Do not wish them harm ever for in so doing, you bring only your own pain.  Focus on love, light and loving actions for you and you can free yourself from the Perpetual Victims who live only to victimize until they learn the lesson is about healing themselves.  Blessings of infinite love and light dear souls.  May you all find healing and Source love within and without.

(c) 2011 (photo copyright is not mine)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Day

Drifting gently from dream time
Into the chill of a starry morning
Last night’s visions slipping into the black
The feelings linger filling me with light
Reaching always deeper
Finding purchase in beautiful comprehension
No resistance, just moving with the tides of morning
Into the beauty of the coming sun
I relish the thought of golden light
Like music to my soul and dancing on a breeze
I let go of the night and treasure the morning’s gentle foot steps
Bathing me in the warmth of a brand new day

(c) 2011 words/photo

Friday, November 18, 2011

Believe in YOU!

Fear not.  Let not anger and hatred dim the light within your soul.  Embrace the true beauty of your very own soul.  Forget the harsh things that unawake parents and guardians unwittingly taught you, hold not a single vengeful thought within your soul and unleash no harmful words out into this world.  You are always on the receiving end of what you put out into this world.  Prevent your mind from miring your spirit in dark and harsh thoughts.  Embrace your love and light, your internal flame and know without a doubt, that flame can never be taken from you by any soul.  Your love for yourself is your strength.  Be strong dear only right thought, right action and healing of all wounds that make this difficult for you.  Issue forth no blame but rather assume responsibility and accountability for you and the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain. You can do it.  I believe in you and now I hope, wish and pray that you will believe in you too.  It matters, so much!  Blessings of love and infinite light dearest souls.

(c) words/photo, Jaie Hart

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beautiful Bliss

Have you ever held a moment in time

So soft and so elegant
Quiet like the first few moments
After the rain stops falling
The silence and stillness so present
You could hear a butterfly flapping it’s glorious wings
If you haven’t yet
I pray that you do
For in such a precious moment
Will you not only feel all the love in this magical Universe
But you’ll be surrounded by it’s light
Entranced in pure being
Yes, that’s it
This moment here, now
…Beautiful bliss

(c) 2011 (photo, copyright unknown)

Step Away from the Ego - and No One Gets Hurt

The observer within is a place we all may retreat to in order to rise above any egotistical pain that seeks to encrouch upon our consciousness. If you can spend enough time there, you will begin to see that what the ego takes offense to has nothing to do with you at all. The ego is so very fearful that it will be exposed while the soul stands tall, confident and ever-present...we have so many facets...retreat to the observer position and let the egotistically created emotions wash over you like beautiful ocean waves crashing onto the shore and then gently retreating out to sea, attaching no further emotion or fear to what you witness...then, just breathe! Life is beautiful. :)

If you understand the ego's design, it is not surprising how two individuals can hear or see the same thing and one will walk away upset and disturbed while another will be curious and open.  It is the ego that thinks it sees a threat.  It is the ego that hears only negativity.  It is a very wounded ego that sees and takes insult to everything under the sun.  Luckilly, we are not all ego.  From the soul we can see the ego's machinations, understand them to pick apart the true life lessons there and then from there, transcend all the pain and twisted torment the ego tries to bring.  Stop the negative and painful thoughts with these words, "I Believe In Me."  Repeat these words whenever negative or fearful thoughts arise and think nothing more about the negative thoughts.  Say nothing more.  Do not judge, do not become fearful.  Just observe how over time the fearful egotistical thoughts will fade into the black the stronger you nestle in to the truth about you.  The real truth, which of course is love. ;)

Blessings of infinite love and light dear souls.

(c) 2011 (photo copyright is unknown)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check Yourself - :)

Check yourself whenever you are about to unleash an unkind word. It’s likely that you are actually in need of love instead of shredding someone up one side and down the other. Love and kindness will do so much more for you than engaging in a war of words or spewing forth unkindness in some twisted effort to make yourself feel okay. You can never be made okay at the expense of another soul. Cruel is as cruel does and cruelty will get you nothing but self-loathing in the end. Why chance it? It just isn’t worth it. Dig deep within your own soul and find your own self-love inside. Raise that flame as bright as the sun. Fill your heart with compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. When angry thoughts arise, get silent and understand what the messenger and emotion are trying to tell you. Stop shooting and gaining revenge against all the messengers, it’ll only make you feel worse about you.

Kindness is as kindness does. Actions congruent with positive words are evidence of true authenticity. You can do more than merely aspire to be that. You already are that, you just need to believe. Happiness will come to you the more you can incorporate these truths into your existence and experience. Tough times will come and you’ll face the bullies and the liars sometimes. But, the reality is, the more you choose to feel the love within than to attempt to seek it from the outside world, the less impact the bullies and liars will have on you.

Trust in you and know that every single day you start anew. Every single day you learn more of the truth about you and not through anyone’s eyes but your own. Flattery and sympathy cannot add to who you are. Insults and bullying cannot detract from who you are. Only you can truly size up your worth in the eyes of Source. When you stand in your integrity and authenticity, there is no fear and you have nothing within you to give this world other than kindness and love. When you are standing in dishonor and fear, you have nothing to give this world other than angry and vindictive hurtful words that leave lasting scars-- Tragic truths but truths none-the-less.

Think before you speak. No, wait…think about you before you speak and act. If you were on the receiving end of what you are planning to do or say, how would you feel? In a way, although you may not be able to easily connect it, you are always on the receiving end of your own actions and words. So, do yourself a huge favor – act with kindness and love, be authentic and exit your fears…find love and beauty in everything and let that emotion be your guide. Blessings dearest souls!

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Truth, Love and Light

·        We are neither made greater nor lesser by the words and beliefs of man-kind. We are soul, love and light and need know nothing more. Trust only the truth that lives and breathes deep inside of you in that precious place where you are one with the Source. Be love and light, see only love and light and the let the shadows fall where they may.  Stand tall and hold your head comforted in knowing that your free will allows you to demonstrate love by your loving actions. The words and  actions you choose to employ, show the whole wide world the truth about who and what you really are. Worry not about gossip and slander, they mean nothing. Do not engage in propagating gossip and slander to keep your soul from being mired in darkness forever. Focus on the love, focus on the light and feel every beautiful breath of existence no matter what. ~Blessings dear souls!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live and love, no matter what.

Crazy, jealous and hateful people do exist in this world. However, their path does not have to interfere with yours. Their craziness, jealousy or hate has nothing to do with you. Remain ever present in the moment, breathe in the peace and love within you and just continue your journey with design, focus and clear intent. You will rise above the seeming insanity of certain situations and people. Reach beyond the superficial, dive into the love and light with abandon...embrace true love and light in your life. Do it now! ~Blessings.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Find a peaceful moment or create one, breathe in deep and imagine the sunlight filling every cell in your body...feel how good it feels to be bathed in sunlight...feel the warmth radiating through, imagine that warmth is pure love....hold that thought and enjoy it for as long as you can. Repeat again and again and again just because! :)  There are no finer moments than those you are fully present and focused on bliss. ~Brightest blessings!

Healing Love

Are only Beginnings
Even when you can’t see it

Is only strengthening your soul
Even when you don’t want it

Are harsh and sad
Even when you only want the best

Hold on
To the goodness inside you
Even when you can’t feel it

The goodness in others
Even when you don’t believe it exists

Will come to you
Even when you think it never will

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The Passive Aggressor

The one who cries loudest of injustice
The one who strikes out in offense
Is always the one who rightly should be suspect
And that fact will be proven again and again

The betrayal that perpetuates their anger
Is self-betrayal from wounds unhealed
And forever will they blame and transfer
And punish themselves through you

But, there is an answer to this seeming quandary
This struggle of defense and attack
See the illusion for what it is
And don’t waste another minute of your time

Others who claim to love you
And then use every shred of energy in your destruction
Really can’t hurt you at all
It is they that hurt from festering wounds

In time they will realize it is their own soul they detest
In time it is their own heart they will blame
In time with repeating the painful lessons
They will learn how they went wrong

This is not justice for them
It is painful and hurtful
But, when they stop the blame
And see the pain is caused by no one other than themselves

Finally they may seek to heal
Finally they may seek the light within
Finally they may focus on healing themselves
Finally they may accept and love themselves

I wrote the above piece in 2008.   This topic comes up quite a bit so I thought I'd repost.  Learning lessons can be tiring but you never have to subject yourself to someone's pain when they refuse to heal it and try with all of their might to take you down with them spewing forth vitriol and twisted untruths. Bless them and turn the situation over to your Maker. Then will the situation truly be healed. The passive-aggressive approach truly only hurts the perpetrators and it can't hurt you when you see their delusions and complete lack of truth for what it is. So, bless them, forgive them and stop interfering with their lessons!  Stand back, let them find their way to the real truth and keep yourself out of harm's reach.  Be grateful, on one hand they are teaching you to stand ever closer to the light. (Oh and ladies, if you are or think you are dating someone who may be passive-aggressive, do yourselves an enlightening favor.  Pay for a criminal background check.  You'd be amazed at the things some folks will lie to you about and you'll learn that every penny spent is worth it if it saves you from getting involved with someone who is a convicted criminal or having to go through the motions of filing a restraining order - trust me, I know of that which I speak).  Blessings of love and light.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


A good friend reminded me of a helpful concept I put out once and I thought I’d touch on it again (Thanks Scott). We all seem to be struggling with adversity, lower-level atmospheric disturbances and people acting in ways we wish they wouldn’t and it affects us until we can learn to detach. Well, before you can get to a place of complete detachment, there is a step. Well, at least I think so. That step is surrendering to the tidal waves of emotion and just letting them hit without taking any action. It really is that simple. We cannot control the actions of others and its just not right to bully, belittle or attack people into doing what we think they want. So, the only thing left to do if we want to grab hold of harmony instead of choking on our own poison of anger and venomous words coming out of our own mouths is to just go silent and let the waves of emotion crash down on you like the waves of the ocean crash down on the shore.

We don’t have to stop the tides and in fact, the more we resist and fight against them, the more discomfort we will feel deep within us. So, we acknowledge the emotions that come. Maybe its sadness, frustration, grieving loss, anger or sorrow that you’re feeling. It doesn’t really matter which one it is that hits you, just notice it and realize you don’t have to do anything about it. In fact, that little urge within that prompts you falsely to do something is really just you resisting pain. The truth is, the sooner we stop resisting and just learn to go with the flow, the sooner we’ll realize that the emotion will wash over us and then recede much quicker. The best advice I can give a soul is to take no action until heavy emotion subsides. Consult with a friend, a counselor or minister about how you are feeling but disengage from resisting the emotion or fighting against it. We cannot change the actions of others who either inadvertently or specifically intend to create harm in our lives but what we can do is learn to detach from it little by little until you get to the point that you realize, you don’t have to chose pain and you don’t have to choose the negative emotions at all. Like my favorite Zen story, “Is that so?” you just see what’s coming and just stop resisting it.

It’s hard to just “go with the flow” when you’re angry or upset. However, you can rid yourself of feelings of helplessness or being a victim by taking control of what you chose to do in response to whatever emotion or situation it is you face. Another important point, I have to say, is that the more you tell your story with vitriol and hate, the more you just add to your own pain. Stop talking and turn your focus inward where true healing can begin. The waves will crest and fall and if you are an adult, you’ve likely learned self-control by now, so employ these tactics to master self and respond to what you face by removing the power from it. You remove the power over what you face by standing on top of your emotions, knowing they are there and choosing healthy outlets. Maybe you focus on something else for a while…clean house, clean your car, clean your room, mop a floor, do dishes…do a lot of dishes (I love this one…I use it as a meditation)…just empower yourself by refusing to react. When you react and strike out, you give away your power. When you stand up and respond responsibly with your emotions, you stand in your power.

We have free will and we can choose to use it however we want but if we want freedom from emotional torment, we have to cut off the sources of that torment and know this, the primary source of torment is you and your reactive thoughts. Stay with me just a minute because I want you to understand this sentiment is not intended to blame the victim because no one has my empathy more than victims but, victims can take back their power through self-accountability, self-reflection, deep and honest intro-spection and lots of self-kindness and self-love. People do sometimes become victimized but our thoughts following and reactive emotions can tend to do us the rest of the way in. We can’t always help what happens to us but we can help what happens next with our thoughts and our responses. We can choose love, light and positive thinking to stand in our power or we can chose hate, darkness and negative thinking and give away all of our power. My vote is with the positive as I do not wish to lend further effect to external causes. I know that at least that part is within my control. When you can get some practice under your belt, you’ll find your automatic thinking begins to change and over time you learn to more easily get to the next step which is detachment. It takes effort, I will be very honesty but hey, you’re worth it and so is your sanity. So, what do you say? Can you let the waves just come and go and learn to not attach heavier emotions to them? You can do it if you make up your mind and employ the right tools to keep yourself empowered. I hope you’ll consider. I wish you much love, light and positive energy on your journey dear souls!

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