Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Soul's Intent

Intent is our conscious readiness to pursue a specific outcome as we engage in our actions and interactions with others.  We set our intent to have a good day and we work on thinking positive thoughts to get there.  We may set our intent to get a job and so we create a resume, review the want adds and then we apply.  We set our intent to find good friends or partners and then we take steps towards those goals.  These are all examples of conscious intent.  We can all resonate with this right?  Well, what happens when we set our intent, we take all of the steps needed to get there and the end result never materializes?  As frustrating as it might seem, I think that sometimes we can't manifest our conscious intent because our soul's intent is in conflict. 

The soul has intent too that you may not be consciously aware of at all.  The soul's intent can be baffling, frustrating and down-right tiring to discern.  When our conscious intent is contrary to our soul's intent, we never seem to reach our conscious goals or they just don't seem to fully manifest.  When this occurs, its likely that our conscious intent is at odds with our soul's intent.  So, how do we know when the soul's intent is at odds with our conscious intent?  I think that we can find the answer in the things that we've done that seem to align with our conscious intent but we do something unconsciously that brings us a different result than that which we were consciously striving for.  I believe that the soul has a full grasp of what it intended to create in this world for you to learn from.  You may look back at certain decisions and wonder, what in the heck ever possessed me to make THAT decision?  It's so clearly out of sync with what I was truly striving for.  As puzzling as it might be, I think it is during these times that the soul's intent for a certain experience simply overruled the conscious mind.  It happens and usually for our ultimate good even if at first that does not seem so.

So, if you want to better understand what your soul's intent for learning is, take a look at your seemingly unconscious decisions and pay very close attention to the experiences that manifested for you.  It's entirely likely that you learned something valuable that you didn't really realize you were striving for.  Each individual must truly begin to learn to discern their own true path.  You do this by paying very close attention to not only those things that you want but those things that you end up with.  Absolutely everything in your lives matters - the seemingly good decisions and the bad ones.  Try not to beat yourself up too hard when things don't turn out exactly as you intended.  Instead, take heart and realize the soul of you may have had a much bigger goal or lesson in mind for you.  That's not to say you should give up on your goals but maybe, perhaps, you may want to rethink or go about them differently.

Just some food for thought beautiful dreamers.  This life is intended to enrich you, bring you various experiences you are creating whether you realize it or not and to give you greater understanding about you and this dream we call life.  Happy dreaming dear ones!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Twisted Conformance

Imagine for a moment that there is someone in your life that you love, look up to or need something from whether that be physical, emotional or financial support.  You need them in some way and they have either consciously or unwittingly agreed, or so it seems.  But, in order to receive what you want from them, there is an implied and sometimes a verbalized or otherwise expressed expectation that you must be a certain way or do things other than within the realm of your very natural tendencies to please or appease this person. In a word, you must pay to play in a way that is wholly unhealthy and unnatural for you.  You need this person, or so you think, so you engage in all sorts of twisting and contorting of yourself, your thoughts and your behaviors in order to confirm to this individual's desire.  Imagine this can take so many forms...The man or woman who tells their spouse or significant other they must drop 50 lbs, surgically alter themselves, take medication, dress differently, speak differently or behave differently.  Because you love them or need something from them, you forget about you as a beautiful, loving and wonderful person just as you are and in fear you attempt to comply.  You can do it for a time but eventually your natural propensities and proclivities are going to resurface and there will be conflict that is going to make you feel bad.  Whether you know it or not, the fact that you must contort or twist yourself into something you are not is already hurting you very deeply so when you still don't measure up after trying, imagine how devastating the conflict will be to you.  It is a tough human drama that plays out in so many relationships its really kind of sad.

If you have negative behavior patterns and a loved one is trying to improve those patterns out of love, that's one thing.  But often times I see the behaviors requiring improvement are not based on that at all.  People in various types of human relationships will have this idea of what they expect those around them to be and they will give with strings that somehow become very strong and heavy cables wrapped around your neck and heart and if you want or need anything from them, you have to be incredibly mindful of the cables and strings or its conflict time.  We walk into these situations unwittingly.  Sometimes there is enough good coming out of the interaction that a little modification for someone else is really not a huge deal.  Take someone who liberally sprinkles the F-bomb into every conversation regardless of who they speak to.  Curbing that personal habit or preference in certain company to be polite is not a big deal if it is okay to the f-bomb dropper.  But, if it isn't, the f-bomb dropper may have to find different company to hang out with.  The f-bomb is just a word and the offense people take in it has nothing to do with the person who uses this very creative word to express themselves really.

Take another example. Someone naturally has a tendency to question everything around them, including why everybody around them walks their path the way they do, likes to point out every error in judgment and misstep and takes a bit of pleasure in the finding of issues.  Such a person may be faced at some point with a request to behave differently around those who have no appreciation for such behavior.

Another example, take a partnership where one partner feels his or her status and self-worth is derived from how their partner speaks or behaves and so requires that partner to dress in a way or speak in a way that gives them a comfortable level of ego boost in order to show love to that partner.

These situations all have a common theme and that is that one party has decided that the other must behave differently in order to be around them.  It's a tough thing on both parties on the surface until you get very brave and dig down deeply.  Every person has the right to be who and what they are without judgment, without forced change thrust upon their behavior to get love and without being belittled for not being other than who they are.  Likewise, people have the right to be surrounded by those that make them comfortable, support and  uplift them.  We have to take a cold hard look at who we have in our lives and why.  What do we gain from the presence of others and what do we have to learn from others?  If we find f-bombs vulgar, we can choose to be around only those individuals that don't use those words.  If we require others to modify their behavior around us, we start getting into sticky territory.  I think of my own situation with a family member.  This family member gives love with heavy duty cables and steel strings.  Likewise, this family member will acknowledge love only if given in very specific ways.  Never mind how you express love naturally, it will not be accepted as good enough if not provided very specifically on their outlined, heavily written about and often proclaimed loudly - terms. 

We all have choices to make.  Rather than expecting people to twist and contort themselves to be in our presences or dealing with those who demand or expect you to twist and contort yourself into something you are not - it is decision time.  The answer is simple - Either walk away and find those you do not have to twist and contort or those who do not demand you twist and contort or decide where you will stand up for yourself and draw boundaries or where you think its not unreasonable to compromise.  It's not rocket science but I'll tell you the ego dives into these situations and creates all manner of mischief.  Sometimes I think that the ego is the source of our own built-in darkness and ignorance.  We must battle that evil in all kinds of ways in order to come to peace, see and understand things with a little more light.  No situation has the absolute correct answer as human needs differ but if you do not find a way to become wholly knowing, accepting and loving with yourself, there is no way for you to know what compromise you can make without causing harm to yourself or where you are causing harm to others with your requests.

So, I'm not here to judge any parties as you may have surmised right now.  I'm here to point out there is a space of common conflict that different people will bring about for various reasons.  We all have to decide what is right for us and what isn't.  What I never, ever recommend though, is that you hang out with people who will not accept you as you are.  I also don't recommend that you hang out with people you cannot accept exactly the way they are.  Just like you should not have to change who you are to be loved, respected and appreciated, you should never require that others change who they are to win your love, respect and appreciation.  If you can't find that space with others, move on to those you can find that space with IF your goal is to come to peace and understanding.  As I said, this one isn't easy but if you honor some rules, you can get through them without experiencing or causing as much pain.  Free will - your free will ends at your person.  The free will of another ends at their person.  When two come together and their free will is at odds, someone must compromise for the interaction to continue or decide the conflict is not worth the effort and depart.  If the ego did not get involved needing to be right at the expense of others, this concept would be so simple to embrace.  But the ego does exist and what a fine teacher it can be in these situations.

So, enough of my thoughts on this topic for now.  I did my best not to lean a certain direction on purpose and I hope that has come through.  I have, as we all have, been the person required to twist and contort and also the one who expected others to twist and contort.  Neither feels good at the end of the day for me and so I do not engage in them.  I will not twist and contort and if others violate my ethics and integrity with their being, I choose to respect them and not hang out with them.  Having said that, I know others who do a fantastic job at negotiating these situations rationally.  There is no right or wrong here.  There is just an action and a consequence each must decide whether it works or doesn't for them.  The secondary message I always like to convey is to be who you are and to love yourself regardless of what anyone expects of you.  If people want something from you that you cannot live up to, say so and let go of the matter.  Just move on.  There will be no shortage in your life for situations to crop up with others you can learn from that are maybe a little more similar to you and perhaps more tolerant or understanding.  Do be wary of love given with strings though.  These have the potential to create much pain for all involved. 

So, that's it...I'm done with my morning thoughts on twisting and contorting or requesting same.  Life is all about actions and corresponding consequences for learning.  Be aware and more importantly, be very self aware.  You can find the light in any darkness you find yourself in.  Just trust in that belief until you have experience enough under your belts to know this as truth.  Blessings of love and light beautiful dreamers!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dating - Be Wary of the Ego Feed

The title says it all and I'm not sure if I could really add more to it but I can't be satisfied with that so will dig in a little more.  This article is focused on those entering the dating market or already in it seeking a relationship of some sort.  This topic will be a little challenging as I truly wish to steer clear of some very negative things but I will try, as is my way, to focus on the positive side.  This article, though, is most definitely a warning.  So take it as such or leave it completely.  There is no consequence for not taking my advice.  You have your own experiences to get to right?  (smiles)

When we are entering the dating realm, unless you know someone very well already, you need to get yourself focused on what you want, what you hope to achieve and get out there and meet lots of women and/or men as is your choice.  There is no greater feeling than meeting someone you connect with and sharing many thoughts and ideas with them and then before too long, entering those initial stages of infatuation. Infatuation is the first stage and can be generated by physical, mental or emotional attraction but know this, it is not and cannot be love.  There is no greater time than during this time to keep your feet firmly planted on Terra Firma, become acutely aware of those things that are not part of your dating goals and then, proceed with caution to explore someone to see if they fit the bill of those things that matter most to you.  Dating and finding the right person for you takes time and effort and please, as tempting as it may be, don't rush into anything before you are certain that you are seeing clearly.  Making any long-term decisions during the infatuation stage when you may not be seeing clearly is a recipe for potential disaster.

There are those out there who, for many reasons, are quite adept at establishing a sense of intimacy with you way too soon.  Those who establish that in the first one or two dates should throw up a red flag for you.  They establish that false sense of intimacy through getting to your ego.  They will flatter, flatter and flatter and if you aren't careful, you will respond, respond, respond to a fantasy being weaved like some sci-fi mind trick before your very eyes.  Realize something as you go in, the one's who establish a little too quickly that you are the most amazing person they've ever met, they can already feel like they are falling for you by date 3 (and they never let any one in this quickly) and know already that you will be married or living together and sharing a life together forever because no one has made them feel like you do - while terribly flattering - is actually a huge warning.  This is an epic fantasy being weaved to "hook" you if you are not grounded and very aware.  The reality is that it takes time and a true courtship for feelings of love to truly flourish and grow.  And someone you've been dating only a few months who starts to intimate marriage and those things that only close, time-tested couples consider after time spent together should be immediately suspect.  They are preying on your emotions, dreams and desires. Don't fall victim to the weavers of a fantasy.

When we meet someone new, there is a chemical reaction of physical attraction and then - the words spoken can generate additional chemical reaction if you take them as truth immediately without testing them out over time.  Before long, you might actually begin to think this is one of those very rare love at first sight things, long-lost past-life love things or true twin flame or soul mate things and you're so lucky.  While it is possible to find this out of the gate (it really does happen), know that it is extremely rare.  Realize that if it is truly love, it will bear out over time as you take your time and really get to know the person, not by their words but by watching them in action.  If you do happen to move too fast without the time put in to test someone to see if they truly are for real, be on the look out for what will come potentially within just a few short months. I don't mean to scare you but some of the personality disordered folks out there do tend to work very fast to hook you and your energy but they can hold up the perfect persona for only a few short months.  The fantasy starts to fall apart as their need for psychological transference and projection kicks in and you unwittingly become the ghost of all of their past pain.  I've written a little bit about this before out of experience...tested experience.

So, have fun when you are out there dating but realize that if someone is diving into engagement too quickly, co-habitation way too fast before you even know each other, suddenly needing you to loan them money, rescue them or otherwise extend yourself in a painful way before that true bond of a relationship has had time to form or promises you the moon but cannot seem to materialize even a grain of sand for you, you may be falling for a fantasy.  Just relax and test people and do so in a positive  way with integrity, by keeping your wits about you and knowing the process of the real love you likely seek doesn't happen after a few dates.  It just doesn't.  Forget about what you've seen in the movies or read in books...a real life partnership takes time and effort to see who you are really dealing with.  You can feel emotional manipulation in the pit of your stomach when those first few dates the false intimacy was established too soon to be followed by guilt and shame provoking requests, moving too fast and even resorting to insult or other manipulation when you do not follow along.  Be wary, be cautious, be smart and choose your steps, your words and your dating experiences carefully.  Your experience is what you make it but don't be fooled by those with a well hidden agenda and know that if you run across one with a hidden agenda - time will reveal them and if you don't take enough time to observe someone's actions as opposed to just words and the other things done just to distract you enough while you're hooked, you could end up in a very messy and even potentially dangerous situation.  It's not necessary so just be aware of how the process really works.

In summary - Attraction mentally, physically or emotionally sets off infatuation very quickly.  Realize that infatuation is created in your own mind by your own desires as much as someone who is trying to get you to fall.  In time and with physical interaction, you can test whether the faery tale woven is reality.  Stay grounded and observe and enjoy the process but don't fall for a fantasy.  You want something real don't you?  Love takes time to grow and a courtship - a physical courtship must be engaged in first (for you long-distance internet romancers - you cannot by pass this and truly expect a fully positive outcome - you need in person interaction for real love to grow - usually).  Don't get ahead of yourselves and don't let others lead and manipulate you down the garden path.  See what is real and know how things work.  Challenge the flatterers over time. They could be hiding something or they could be truly gracious.  You won't know until you take enough time to experience them.  Don't be distrustful but don't be gullible either.  Guilt and shame should never be part of a truly rewarding, loving and mature romance.  If you are experiencing that and don't want too, disconnect and try again with someone else.  Life is too short to engage in mere fantasy.  Take your time and find what is real for you.  Don't compromise on your boundaries because you truly deserve the best experience you can find.  Don't shop while you are hungry - don't engage in dating while you are hurting or otherwise overly vulnerable in any form of grief.  If there is any time to have clear thought, it is while dating someone new..

~Blessings of clarity, patience and clear seeing beautiful dreamers.  Life is what you make of it.  So, get out there and make it good!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart - Photo is a random but beautiful internet find. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So It's Over, Now What?

In this ode, to the broken hearted, I send you love, light, healing and hope that your broken heart will soon mend.  I was talking with a friend this week on the topic of break ups, that terrible and sometimes terrifying feeling of heart break and what to do or what to expect in the days and weeks and months that follow.  There are so many things we don't understand about human relations and the energetic aspects that are woven like invisible chains through the heart of us.  When we separate from some, whether romantic, friendship or family, sometimes, the pain of those invisible chains can become more than palpable.  They seem to stop us in our tracks for moments on end.  It is my hope with this article to help you understand how to navigate and work through these moments.  Keep in mind this article is high-level, the book is in process and has been for a little while.  It's a tough subject to talk about but it's helpful to know what to expect and how to get through it in a way that won't create lingering feelings of anguish and pain.

So, in the first few moments know - these moments are the worst of it.  Those first moments of separation where you feel the energy that you've come to rely on in another pulling away either slowly or abruptly, it leaves a chasm or void within us temporarily.  Notice that I said temporarily.  In the first moments, the pain is the most intense and for at least the first 3 days following it may really be a chore to exist.  Some advice...take not one single action in vengeance, utter not one vindictive hurtful word because to do so will extend this period of pain greatly as you add to it insult to the already very apparent injury.  It's harder than heck because you may want to strike out and force someone to stop whatever it is that is hurting you.  With your emotions in control, you cannot see the truth, the lessons or rational reality at all.  For your own sake, withdraw for a few days and seek solace in supportive friends.  Talk with a trusted friend about your feelings of anger, vengeful thoughts or what-have-you but do not utter them to the object of your seeming anguish.  The reason is not to let them off the hook for hurting you but to give you space to regain some composure so that you can think rationally before you speak.  Refuse to heed this and you extend your own pain but that choice is ultimately yours.  If you want to heal, relax and work through the pain.

The first week, you may feel depressed, heavy, anxious and aching.  This is normal and part of regenerating your own energy to the point you are refilled from the energetic void left in the absence or disconnection from the one you love.  Know that this period feels like it will last forever, but it doesn't.  It will change in a way that you can deal with the pain and keep on going with your life.  Be gentle with yourself and immediately cut off any thoughts of loathing for you and the other party.  Yes, acknowledge your anger and pain but know if you dwell in those emotions, you will lengthen your recovery period.  Put your focus where it is most needed - on yourself so that you may heal.  Again, stay close to friends to help hold you up during this time. That is what friends are for.

The second week, you may not feel as bad or as low as the first week.  Some of your own energy has had time to regenerate if and only if you have not engaged in vengeful thoughts and trying to pull the other person back into your space negatively.  You begin to ease the depths and levels of pain if you've kept your focus and thoughts on you and healing you without having to engage in thoughts to tear the other person apart just to make your ego feel better.  The ego gets bruised and battered in a break up or cutting ties situation so try not to make it worse by engaging in negative thoughts.  It is work, hard work but manage your thoughts and manage your recovery.

The third week, you will need to realize that it takes human beings 21 to 28 days to break a habit.  This includes the habit of interacting with other people.  You will need to keep yourself busy in order to avoid dredging up the thoughts of loss and woe and to fend off the urge to pull the other person back into your life.  Your life has beautiful purpose and meaning regardless of who is in it.  Realize that not one person on this Earth can make you greater or lesser than who you are.  You can survive without having the other person to fill up your time.  You need to focus on learning to do things on your own again and this is work!  But your recovery is worth it.  By this time, you should have moved away from the intensity of the moment of separation and you will miss this person and that "missing" feeling may drive you from time to time to irrational emotions and thoughts.  Take no action in those moments to engage the other person.  Keep your focus on you.  In some situations, you may need to take steps to keep the other person from contacting you.  Do what you have to do to promote your healing in as positive a light as possible.  Change phone numbers if you have to - in extreme situations, you may need to get the law involved but do whatever you have to do to protect yourself and allow yourself the time to heal.

The months that follow can be filled with beautiful things as you try to heal.  Fill your life with as many positive experiences and memories as you can to outweigh the tough, heavy and negative emotions of pain from a break or disconnection.  Realize you are accountable for your emotions and what you will allow yourself to engage in.  Live and let live and protect your own right to free will knowing that your free will ends at your person and vice versa.  Stick close to friends, stick close to hobbies and things that you enjoy, take up new ones if you have to or read, write and take refuge in other positive activities.  Sometimes the pain will linger and it can be hard to heal.  You'll be doing fine and suddenly a wave of pain comes back to you, just ride it out - feel it - work through it and then refocus on positive action.

The only way to heal pain is to work and grow through it.  You cannot escape it, numb it or run from it.  You'll only prolong your own agony.  Your ability to heal from a break or a separation is up to you.  There are infinitely positive things that will support your healing and there are also infinitely negative things that will destroy you emotionally if you choose them.  Drugs and alcohol do nothing to heal heart break.  In fact, they can make it feel worse due to the chemical reactions in your body.  Engaging in stalking, unwanted contact, threatening or other intimidating behavior of the other person just creates a mess for you to deal with not to mention there are laws that protect people.  Don't engage in the negative if you want to heal.  And, on that note, if the pain remains so severe that you just can't seem to move on, please get some counseling to help you manage the process professionally.  Your goal is to support yourself and heal.  You will never do that by lashing out at the other person.  On the positive side, friends are a beautiful thing...finding ways to help others going through a tough time can be very healing, refocusing your efforts and thoughts and engaging in things that uplift you can go a long way in helping you heal.  Know that what you put into your recovery, you will get out of it.

When it's over, it's hard but realize in time that you will come to understand the lessons you intended to learn from the interaction.  The life lessons take time to become conscious of so don't beat yourself up, don't let others beat up on you and don't you beat up on others.  Every person we meet and interact with has something to teach us and something to learn from us.  Consider what the lesson might have been.  What did you do in the interaction that felt good?  What did you do in the interaction that felt bad?  What might you do the next time certain situations crop up (lessons do repeat, my friends)?  Give yourself room to breathe, room to heal and room to grow.  Broken hearts can mend if we but give ourselves permission to let them heal.  There are some aspects of pain that may never seem to heal.  Know that this IS okay to and trust that in time, despite the pain, it's focus will grow less and less in your conscious mind while you decide to move forward with your life and create joy in other ways.

I wish you much love, light and healing dearest dreamers!  I pray your healing journey brings you much understanding.

Note:  For some assistance with grief, a very helpful article that I've found.  Click here

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find - link, belongs to noted author on that page).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Judgement Unaware

Judgement is such a funny thing.  We dispense it with each other all of the time creating prejudice and division, entertaining the good or the bad and labeling others as such.  However, are we truly capable of judging another or their path really?  I question our ability to judge because I know human beings.  We are each like a circle and depending on our interaction with other aspects of other circles, we can only know one or two degrees of each other at any one time.  We cannot judge someone as wholly bad or wrong because of one degree of their persona that we have come to know and yet we do it without much understanding.  We cannot really escape judgement, I think, here in this frame because we have attached to each of us an ego that by its very nature compares, contrasts, tries, judges and condemns others on auto pilot.  While I am aware of this fact, I am also aware of the fact that I may judge a person's behavior that I experience as bad or wrong but I also know that I cannot see the whole of another person, nor can I see his path.  If I were to wholly condemn someone because of our interactions, I'm really creating negative energy for myself.

Having said that, are their certain people I refuse to hand out with?  Oh yes, absolutely the truth because something in me ignites certain behavior within them that when combined, creates a wholly draining energetic experience and vice versa.  But, I have learned that it is not my place to judge them as a good person or a bad person.  There are just those that we run across that we negatively react to and those we run across that we wholly resonate with.  I think that those we react the strongest too actually give us a unique opportunity to figure out where our buttons are hidden.  If we can find what really pushes our own buttons, we can seek to understand why those buttons exist and if they exist due to assumption and unhealed pain, we can dig a little deeper, seek to understand and perhaps, heal the pain, removing the button.  Then, if we should run into the person who once got under our skin or others like them, we don't have to create the same negative energy reaction.  We can learn to live and let live.

In my view, I know there is much I do not know.  But, I know that Source sees all, understands all and loves all of creation.  Who am I to judge another of Source's creations?  Going back to my original thought, I am incapable of judging another as a good person or bad person.  I am, however, very capable of discerning which interactions I prefer and don't and will behave accordingly.  I have a very busy life with lots of responsibility.  I will not tolerate emotional manipulators or energy vampires.  I try not to judge people and this is a fact, however, if people manipulate me for energy, I am quickly done.  Many of these folks are quite fine individuals who have made choices I would not make and they are at various levels of awareness in this world.  But, I will exert my right to choose who I will participate with and who I won't.  I don't care for negative energy, drama for drama's sake and people who attempt to steal from me what I would willingly give if they would just learn some more amenable behaviors or honesty and direct communication perhaps.  I also will not tolerate those who lay unspoken and not-agreed to be me, expectations upon me.  While it's true that I hold those in my inner circle to higher standards, I do my best to live up to my own standards.  I love and hold compassion for all souls at a basic level because I truly believe that we are one.  But I am not above anger, frustration and wanting to steer clear of certain people and that is my right.  Likewise, I can totally respect and appreciate those who might wish to steer clear of me.

I have a rather unusual effect on people.  Unwittingly, I intend to expose the wounds and weaknesses of others rather quickly.  These wounds and weaknesses are escalated rather quickly when I refuse to engage in the typical unaware control dramas (read James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy).  I do attempt always to deal with everyone with love and respect but when you expose people's wounds and weaknesses, they tend to react rather poorly.  Vengeance is often a first tool to fight.  I do not intend to cause harm.  In fact, I'm here for the opposite reason.  I mend souls through shining light in the dark places they may not be aware that exist within them.  Some folks cry out for love and help.  Sometimes acknowledging them is enough, forgiving them is enough and walking away while holding nothing but compassion is the best and kindest thing that you can do.  Hurting a wounded soul by putting them in their place is not helpful.  Not really.  No one benefits.  Not you, not them period.  I think that is why understanding that we all have wounds and weaknesses is key.  Knowing we all have egos more prone to react from triggers is important.  Understanding even better how to assess and respond to a situation with others is absolutely priceless.  Realize we do not know everything about everyone.  We barely know ourselves until we put forth a concerted effort to learn and we cannot learn by accepting how the outside world defines us.

The point of this article is to create understanding, to make you aware that judgment is inevitable but you can achieve greater understanding circumventing inappropriate or uncalled for reactions and that you have the right to participate in what you choose to and to disengage from what you do not wish to participate in.  See people for who they are and don't expect an angry and wounded soul to act like they are perfect and wonderful.  Let them be who they are and you can make choices accordingly.  We cannot change each other.  Judgement will never get you there.  However, understanding the framework within which you move and interact will bring you greater understanding and much more peace as you move through your life.  ~Blessings of great love, higher wisdom and much light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Angels in Our Lives....

Dissipating Gravity

Prolific purple flowers fill my field of vision and I, I find a small space in my little garden to sit so happy after a long Summer season.  "It's done," I think quietly to myself amazed at the journey that's brought me to this point.  You don't necessarily understand the depth and breadth of lessons as you are making your way through them.  But later, when you've gained a fair amount of distance between you and significant moments in your life, many things can appear suddenly that you just weren't aware of.  I look back at this year, in particular, and I see humongous life lessons that I faced and managed...maybe not so well, but I managed them.  The effects are still felt so deeply within my soul that I cannot even begin to articulate them.  Certain lessons seem to have their own gravity and the memories of the heart orbits for a while until it can gently release into pure pristine freedom and it comes.  It just takes some time and patience but it comes, freedom comes.

I learned in this year so far, where nearly every one of my weak spots existed and although I'm grateful, I'm tired.  I plan to use the energy of this beautiful Fall season to let the rest of the gravity responding elements fall so I can breathe freely again.  Heart break is not so terrible to recover from when you can bravely search out the assumptions you have made, have courage to dig deeply into the true core and then understand yourself...understand others and love all, including self, enough to let go in pure love and light.  Forgiveness comes where forgiveness is needed and in time the echoes of pain and the tracks of all those tears are washed away to be replaced by gratitude for beautiful lessons learned.

I say it all the time and I always will, life is amazing.  Every connection made has purpose and everything we go through is not wasted time ever because every single thing in life matters and matters much.  Hearts mend, dreams can be recreated and lives lived with fresh eyes and child-like wonder if we just commit to making it so.  And, so, I do.  I commit to clearing my vision, clearing my heart of all traces of regret and pain, clearing my mind of memories, clearing my energy of unnecessary traces of gravity that held me to a path that was no longer helpful for me and.  Tough things happen in life but we are not victims.  We create our lessons perfectly so that we may learn and grow.  Growing pains - yeah, they can be tough but worth it in the end.  Whatever it is you are learning just now, the pain can actually be your guide. Give yourselves space to breathe and think.  Certain situations can create unnecessary gravity with which you may actually be torturing yourself.  Find your own light and stand firmly within it knowing full well that you'll get the lesson and move past the tough stuff into a time of greater understanding.  Believe it until you make it so and then believe no more as you reap the beauty of wisdom from your experience.  ~Blessings of comfort, love and light beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer's End

I stand here alone at the edge of a change in seasons.  Hot pink angel wing clouds sail silently across the deepening blue sky.  The sun has set and a cool wind blows.  I'm not sorry to see this season end.  This year and I have seen lessons great, love unimaginable and and new thoughts to contemplate.  I look back and see how far I've come from a place I never thought I could move away from.  Some of the things that I've learned so far are that sometimes love is born so deep inside of you it has no end and there are connections with certain souls that just seem to begin in that very same place.  It's beautiful and unimaginably complicated in terms of human standards.  But, no matter.  The learning is etched so deeply within my soul that it has become a part of me now.  I've come to a place where I'm ready to let things drop away and I'll welcome the seeming emptiness for a time because I know that only when the soul is fully empty and willing to remain open can that soul be truly filled.

I've walked a long stretch of lonesome lately and just when I thought I'd never get it, that I'd never understand the lessons sent to me, the universe saw fit to send me soul friends and it is they who inspired me to reach deeper for understanding.  So blessed am I to walk this world among these treasured souls.  I've been on a roller coaster of sorts for quite a while seeking the wisdom through the tears and shadows of pain, finding the love even when I couldn't see and knowing no matter where I went, that love was always right there inside of me waiting to be called forth.  It takes so much silence and stillness to truly understand why we do what we do and why others come forth and yet others let go.  We're so funny in that we want so very much to keep all things good just exactly as the way we think they are.  But then, then the truth dawns and well, you have to let go of the fantasies and embrace a reality that is truly more beautiful than ever you could have realized.

I don't mean to sound as though I'm talking in circles but it is cycles and circles that have perplexed me much in the days, weeks and months that unfolded so far in this year two thousand and twelve.  Every day and with every heart beat, life is so worth living and experiencing.  Life in this dimension is awe-inspiring, challenging, mind-bending and even crazy making sometimes.  But you see, that IS the beauty of it.  No matter where we are or what we do, life goes on and moves, changes and evolves and when we're willing...we evolve too.  We become greater or lesser than we could be by choice.  We align with either the light or the darkness whether we are conscious of those choices or not.  One of the beautiful things is that in every single moment, we can be reborn in our thoughts and emotions if only we would allow it.  So, off I go into my most favorite season of them all.  ~sigh~  I so love the Fall.  I hope for all of you that this change of season finds you hopeful, tested and standing with courage in your own light.  There is no better place for you to be.  Much love and light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Thoughts on Soul Mates

So, how many of you get this dreamy-eyed look and recall the epic movies of the perfect romance and love when you hear the term "Soul Mates?"  Probably quite a few of you.  I do not mean to burst your bubble but the reality is a far cry from the fantasies portrayed in the movies and on television.  If you better understood what soul mates were, you might have different expectations and could, quite possibly, enjoy a relationship more for what it is rather than what it isn't.  I know it may be disappointing to hear this but take heart, it is not a death sentence to that perfect romance that you crave and picture inside your mind and heart day in and day out.  When you understand the mechanics of soul growth a little better, you will realize that you are always surrounded by soul family, soul friends and even soul mates.

So, consider the basics at this 50,000 foot level I'm going to give you (because if I don't do it at 50,000 feet, you'd be reading this in a book - a long one).  Our souls come here unaffected by this life but with the unresolved karma we carried with us from other lives.  I'm not going to dig deep into karma yet, that will come in another post.  So, stay tuned okay?  Environmental psychology shapes us for the most part and as we learn about and endure the pain we encounter in life, we all develop these walls and barriers around us from assumptions and the provisional truths that we have formed.  When two people come together with similar barriers as well as similar openings in those barriers, a connection is made and what do you have?  Yes, soul mate connection!  Okay, that was a very simplistic approach.  Now let's dig into why we have soul mates.

We all come here with experiences that we want to learn from and so we will attract those that can get through our openings.  Those openings we attract from can be pain as well as places where you are whole and healed.  We are here to learn and so, the way the framework is established at this point in time is that the emotion we carry within us from all of our environmental psychology, assumptions, wounds and weaknesses will draw to us (like a moth to a flame), those who can best help us understand and ultimately, transcend our weaknesses and wounds.  Soul mates are absolutely wonderful at that.  They can push every single button we have because they have them too.  They know themselves and were also attracted to you because of the things you could teach them.

A soul mate will seem to attract you at the level of the soul.  There maybe this unexplainable reason you feel completely drawn to someone.  In fact, there may be this ethereally registered acknowledgement when you meet and you might mistake it for perfect love but what you may experience is your worst night mare, emotionally speaking.  Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing but that really depends on your expectations.  Soul mates come to us to help us exercise our demons, look at more deeply our life lessons and dig deep into the wounds that cause us to react so deeply to the things that they do.  They can make us angry, make us cry, make us want to run away and hide forever but if you get past the superficial pain aspect of running into a soul mate, you might just figure out why you met.  There are those cases where you do perfectly match for a romance and you each are so secure in yourselves that you do not react negatively to the soul baring presence of a soul mate.  You actually can relax and try to begin to understand each other's presence in your lives and you can decide to learn.  There are many happily ever afters between soul mates and there are also sad tales concerning soul mates.

The cool part about soul mates is that there is no shortage of soul mates.  Did you know that a soul mate doesn't automatically refer to a romantic interest?  It doesn't.  You can have a parent, child, teacher, friend, co-worker, stranger or neighbor that is really a soul mate for you.  You just connect to them at a deeper level because your souls require either similar growth or opposing lessons.  Its actually a beautiful design.  I've met many soul mates in my life time.  Some were dreamy wonderful and some were down right heart breaking.  But, the lessons they all brought and continue to bring (for the ones still with me) are absolutely priceless.

So, realize that when you meet a soul mate that drives you absolutely insane, consider that you have an opportunity with this person to better understand what about them makes you crazy and what about you reacts to this and why?  When you can figure that out - demon exercised - done, next life lesson please?  It doesn't have to be traumatic and you didn't fail when it didn't work out and you had to part ways.  Realize that every person you meet has something to learn from you and something to teach to you.  A soul mate will end up doing this in a very personal way that hopefully you will one day fully understand.  A soul mate will seem to have a knack for testing you to your core.  Although uncomfortable, this really can be a beautiful thing.  You just have to understand the frame work and purpose for meeting...the growth and potential for transcending things that no longer serve you can be gained much quicker with a soul mate.  Its never simple and easy but its worth every breath and every step.

Think back to those who connected to you very deeply or that you connected to very deeply.  I am willing to bet that if you gave it some focused thought, you could come up with a list of very valuable things you learned and another list of very interesting or troubling things you just don't understand.  Don't worry about the latter - another soul mate will be along shortly to help you with that.  :)  You don't have to believe my words.  Look back in your own history and test them.  Who were those you learned most from in the positive and the negative?  I'm willing to bet they are a soul mate and at some point, when you fully understand all lessons, you will be grateful for the experience of meeting them even if it takes a while.

I hope I've given you some food for thought.  Blessings for your journeys beautiful souls.  May you find the light and the love in every interaction with every soul always.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate google images find)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fallish Contemplations

The Fall equinox approaches finally.  Just a day and about a half and it will be here.  The Fall does to me what the Spring does to most everyone else.  I love those precious moments of watching the leaves change color and fall from the trees.  It always reminds me of the fact that we are all in a continual state of changing, letting go of what was and embracing the season and easing into those cool and then chilly winter months.  I love, love, love this time of year.  Out here in California we don't get all of that cold weather but I'll tell you, that first night I catch the scent of wood smoke, I will be in pure bliss! 

I love the change in seasons and have been looking forward to this Fall actually since the last day of Winter.  I'm not really sure why.  It just is what it is so I intend to fully enjoy yet another Fall.  Forty-six of them now under my belt and each one the same thing - pure joy of existence, rich colors, anticipation of good tidings the seasons will bring as we slowly approach another year come to a close on planet Earth.  I don't know about you, but I look forward to New Years and don't buy into the whole "The end is Near" stuff that has been cramming in the internet forever.  I'll be grateful when 12/21 passes and we can all get back to business without the incessant chatter of the doomsdayers.  Having said that, I do want to acknowledge and appreciate that they are doing what they believe in their hearts to be good and right and well, I can respect that.  I just don't buy it.  Life is tenuous enough here on Earth without worrying about the end of the world, again for the how-many-eth time? 

Life is just beautiful and I've been so glad to have had the life I have had.  If it ended tomorrow, I'd be truly happy because I lived, I loved and I found so much beauty in existence.  So, in that regard, I live every day like tomorrow may never come.  I deeply appreciate every soul I run across, every lesson learned - even those that broke my heart.  They are all perfect...every day is as perfect as it can possibly be.

Blessings for your journey dearest souls.  Sending positive thoughts that this Fall you might take a moment to let drop away from you those things that no longer serve you, those things that no longer bring you joy and all of those things that inhibit your growth here in this frame.  Change is good - embrace the beauty of it.  If you can't see it now, don't worry, you soon will.  :)

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ghosts (Repost)

I find myself caught in an interesting place with my thoughts. I’d normally just dismiss these kinds of thoughts but things never happen without a reason and in every moment there is an opportunity for growth. It’s up to us to choose what that growth will be and sometimes that requires a little contemplation. I’ve been around the block a time or two and as much as I strive to keep my focus in the present, periodically ghosts from the past do cross my path in interesting ways. My first thought about that is that things that are dead should be left alone. The ghosts sometimes need momentary acknowledgment, validation and then considering your own emotions, you may need to send them away with love.

The ghosts I speak of can be thoughts, memories or actual people. When these ghosts present themselves it’s important to consider your feelings the moment these apparitions arrive at your door. Your feelings are the most insightful things even if feelings are no more of a reality than the ghosts appearing before you. But, looking at the feelings will help reinforce the lesson the ghost was intended to teach. My ghost, at this point, is quite perplexing but I think I’m beginning to understand it’s appearance on my path. I’m at a cross-roads, so to speak, in a couple of different areas of my life. When you find yourself in such a place, it’s wise to momentarily consider where you’ve been before you can decide where it is you truly want to go. Then, of course, you must tune in very acutely to what is within you. Are your present choices and thoughts motivated by love or by fear? Search out the heart of your thoughts and feelings in such a moment and be very clear on your love or fear position. Where you are moving from a base of fear, it’s time to stop and love yourself some more or you are hard-life-lesson bound again and will choose the road to take you back where you’ve already been…again and again until you get it right. If you release the fearful things and instead choose a path of love, including making decisions that truly represent the highest form of self-love, you’ll find yourself moving in tune with the dictates of your soul, your heart and your dreams. Such paths will be even more rewarding for you.

But what about these thoughts again? Hmmm, I think I understand my ghost and the words and feelings it is trying to impart. I take away from this a haunting feeling of destiny, karma and contracts being fulfilled. Confirmation for decisions past as difficult as they were and although a little touched by this ghost's presence in the moment, I’m certain of my choice. It was a hard choice to make and I did it for me and regardless of the outcome, I’m in a good place with that thought. So, my ghost, I see you, I see the heart of you, I understand you more than you understand your presence and now I send you back to where you really belong with love and well wishes for eventual happiness for now and all time.

Empty Moments

I have some solar orbs in my garden.  They are beautiful to look at in the daylight - crushed colored glass in dark blue, light blue, green and orange. They charge up all day in the glorious sunlight and at night they glow and slowly change into deep and rich rainbow colors.  Last night I sat outside  near my garden and I just watched the colors of the orbs change in the darkness and I listened to the sound of the crickets over a backdrop of city hum.  It was quite peaceful and beautiful sitting out there quietly contemplating existence and occurrences of late.  It's a favorite past-time, sitting quietly under an indigo sky filled with and infinite volume of twinkling stars and nothing but the sea breeze and crickets to keep me company.  It was a beautiful moment that might seem mundane, empty and boring to others but I assure you, it was anything but that.

Life fills our minds with so much chatter.  The little voice must label everything it takes in, judge and properly store things somewhere in the archives of the mind.  To sit in a state of complete emptiness, not making a sound, finding a way to just be without the labeling, well, its so peaceful that I often crave it.  Again this morning I stepped out under a black sky filled with a sea of stars and was amazed that I saw not one but 3 shooting stars.  Of course I made some wishes as I sat there and just drank in the sheer bliss of the quiet and cool of very early morning.  Would that I had the time, a walk on the beach might have been even more perfect but I can always go there in my mind.  My memories of the ocean, her sounds, her power and energy are so very abundant in my memories. So, I closed my eyes right then and there and pulled out a memory of my last visit adding even more depth and beauty to a single and simple moment in time.  The bliss that ensued nearly brought me to tears.

We need quiet moments sometimes to still the mind, the wishing and dreaming and just exist with nothing but a gorgeous sky, nothing but a temperate breeze and nothing but the love and pure gratitude of existence inside.  It restores a soul in ways I can't really define in this medium.  It's just something one has to experience.  In those moments when we pull everything away, you are left with nothing but you and the Source of your being.  There truly are no finer moments and I treasure them immensely.  So, I've promises to keep and responsibilities to fulfill today and I'm about to be off to them.  I'll take these precious quiet moments with me into my day today and pull them out as necessary when the day gets too hectic.  We are amazing creatures in that we have this ability to pull moments from the recesses of our minds and relive them.  It's a beautiful and amazing thing.  One more thing before I go, an expression of sincere gratitude, once again, to ESP who in a moment facilitated an answering of a prayer.  Thank you dear soul for being there, for everything you are and all that you do. I appreciate your friendship immensely.  Namaste!  ~Blessings of love and light dear souls.  May you journey peacefully this day and with great purpose. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mastering Unexpected Stillness

Sometimes at various points in our lives, our sources of divine inspiration can seem to be cut off, antagonists appear to challenge your existence and every thing you think or feel seems out of place.  These are very normal parts of existence and the truth is, we create these breaks as a means to pause and consider the lessons learned.  The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will clear your path in unexpected and sometimes ungentle ways in order to give you what it is you really need and that may be a time of complete silence and stillness.  It is during such moments that the myriad thoughts, emotions and lessons coalesce into concrete concepts from which you may gain a measure of wisdom. 

Now, during such times you can decide to throw pitiful thought barriers onto your own path, you can allow yourself to feel like a victim, like "I'm all alone in the world" or wonder what is wrong with you but such thoughts are never the path to the truth.  Always are you surrounded, guided and assisted but sometimes that may be ethereally only and until you learn how to see, hear and understand with your otherworldly senses (which is part of the seeming desolation), it can feel quite uncomfortable.  Don't give in to feelings of despair as that only prolongs the agony and gives you so much more to work on.  Although it may be difficult, don't give into any feelings of desperation or depression either as these are choices we can sometimes feel inclined to make in the quiet times when the mind is processing all it has come to know.

Healing comes in the quiet stillness when nothing seems to be in motion and no words are seemingly spoken.  In such moments we are free to create from the wisdom we are, in fact, attaining.  It just takes a little patience, lots of calm confidence and assurance of your own ability to walk though periods of silence and know you will reach the other side of the seeming chasm of shadow.  Shadows don't always hold smoky specters and apparitions.  They also hold the stuff of our dreams as the truth is, it matters not where we are but what we think, believe and put emotion and energy into.  If you stand in a stark time and your dark thoughts arise and you embrace them as truth, you may encounter a very long and lonely walk for a time.  However, if you stand tall knowing your own light will serve to guide you through those seeming times of shadow, you'll realize this is just a time created by you to take a break from all of those things that came before.  We create what we most need in any particular moment in time.  I look back now at some of my own, very beautiful creations.  I have found everything I have ever searched for.  Thankfully, I held love enough deep inside of me to hold that which required holding and to gently let go of that which must always be free to fly. ~sigh~

Okay, enough of my morning rambling.  Time to gear up and get this day started with hope, faith and pure knowledge of love, light and my ability to master it - you hold these things too - go within and find them.  ~Blessings of love and light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Illusion of Fear (Repost)

In your creation of walls around your heart, you have already succumbed to fear.  In such a state, you are cut off from true love and can only identify with egotistical love.  You can exist there as long as you want.  You can also free yourself.  Love is the way there.  At times it becomes so easy for us to engage in battle and become warriors for what we think is right, but in so doing we can become so mired in a war we’ve lost before it even begins.  When you can stand back and truly see every soul for who they really are, understand and come to a place of compassion rather than resentment, frustration or hatred, you will free yourself to love not only you but everything in every kingdom – human, plant, animal, celestial and ethereal.
Egotistical love is not real.  It is an illusion.  It is created by the ego to allow only a privileged few to rise to a state where you will love them.  That love is conditional.  I hear so many say that unconditional love is not possible in this frame.  That too is an illusion.  Unconditional is not only possible but is the only truth we have to work with.  We just fail to see it until we learn to understand the language.  Everything we see, hear, feel and come to know has an associated language.  Look at your home – everything there can be translated to a language spelled out with geometry…look at the interactions little planet Earth has with time and all of the celestial bodies-everything there can be translated with the language of mathematics…look at your interactions with all of the kingdoms…human, plant, animal and more…there you come to learn other languages and get your first taste of the language of love…that is, if you are looking and are not overly caught up with the ego and the illusions we must contend with in this world.  These languages have always been there but we just do not notice them and so they do not register or resonate in our consciousness.

When we learn to hear and feel the languages and like radio receivers begin to pick up the signals, the illusions that surround us start to shake us up  a bit and the more we tune in, the more everything begins to fall away.  You begin to discern what matters and what doesn’t and your choices not only begin to alter your own life but the lives of everyone on the planet.  When you fall onto the wrong side of pain and embrace the victor/victim play, you will be trapped and the scenario will repeat as your focus on your victim state calls out to the universe with that vibration and you will find you actually call that to you more.  When you can find some way to step out of that play and see instead actions/consequences, the illusion starts to come apart.  When you find a way to take that a step closer and begin to see the world and all of its inhabitants in a new light, and begin to understand the language of love, your mind will simply be blown with all that has been right there in front of you the whole time.  Love masters the all of everything.  Fear takes it all away.  We have free will and can exercise it.  There really is no wrong or right in this method of learning…there is just the experiences in this life for you to uniquely have and learn to interpret.

There is so much to digest in letting your mind escape far beyond the limits and confines that is all you know and were taught growing up in this world.  We are not as limited as we think and to truly understand what that means, you must find the beautiful light and love filled stream that flows freely within you.  When you touch it, it is light, sweet and so powerful that it can not only change you but send beautiful ripples out into the world that touch others and create conditions for them to be more open to going in and finding it.  Love is the question and the answer.  We are Love = Love is One = We are One!
(c) February 21, 2011 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Found My Way Home

I cannot help but wonder a bit about the space I've found myself in recently.  I write and put it out there publicly in the hopes that something I write about my experiences might help others but what I've encountered is something entirely different than what I had anticipated.  When you step outside of yourself in any means publicly, others tend to develop certain expectations about who you are and what it is that they want or need you to be in order for them to feel okay.  Sometimes that expectation is too much of a burden to carry.  I've written about this before but the lesson lingers on and so, there must be something more to it than I had originally considered.  My ego reacts terribly to people who try to tell me what to do, how to think or who to be.  My ego reacts this way because it is a direct, even if unintended insult, right straight through the the heart and soul of who I really am.  Please consider this the next time you lay your expectations on someone else.  Is it really about them or is it really about you and the healing and accepting you need to do on your own.

I am a student of life, an observer with natural keen analytical ability.  I take things in, learn the frame work and then dissect it completely for one purpose and one purpose understand it.  I write about my observational experiments because as I write, it helps me to understand what I think I am perceiving more clearly.  I am a human being just like everyone else on the planet.  I get out of bed every day, shower and make myself presentable to a world that doesn't really care who I really am - they care how I show up.  Sometimes the world seems to expect me not to be who I am but what it needs me to be.  I look at this one thing and see it as the very nature of much discontent and conflict in all human interaction.  I've bumped up against this one several times in the last few weeks and have suddenly come to realize how much this has materialized on my path in life and I look back nervously now as I see how many times I twisted, bent and contorted myself to be what others expected, demanded or even nicely asked that I be for them.  Its an unreasonable and untenable request - an unfair request - and ultimately, one I can no longer grant to any soul on the face of this Earth.

I can only ever truly find happiness if I show up and present with my heart wide open, my mind wide open and curious but I have to do that my way and I cannot cave under the duress of threat that someone won't like me or they will take their love and respect away from me if I don't behave the way they want me or need me to.  Not one single soul on this planet is above making mistakes or being human so let him who has never made a mistake be the only soul with a right to throw a stone at me.  I'm laughing as I type this and want you to know that I say these things truly with a light heart and to be a bit "cheeky" as my friend Annie would say.  In my 46 years of learning I have come to know the greatest life lesson there is:  To thine own self be true and for no other reason than to uphold your own sense of honor, honesty and integrity because at the end of the day or the end of your life which one day will come at the end of the pavement that is the road of your life...the character you build in matters of the heart and soul are all you take with you.  Being the best at acting to meet other's needs and please those around you in exchange for superficial "love" (that isn't love at all) will win you nothing but a trip to the void where you'll have to figure this out pretty quickly in order to move beyond and into the afterlife.  If you don't figure out who you are now and find a way to love yourselves for the beautiful divine representation of love that you are, you'll be beset one day, much like now, with the monsters and villains of your own creation.  It's not a good path if you ultimately wish to find love and happiness.

I have learned that in life, I tire of fighting the expectations that others have placed upon me and I will never succumb to those expectations again.  Rather, I shall move away, far away from those who think so little of themselves that they can influence others and manipulate them into being something they want and need for instant gratification.  Oh, it is never done with malicious intent I do believe, but rather a great heaping pile of misguided misunderstanding.  If you want to look up to someone and raise them above you - you have immediately cut yourself down.  Stop that right this instant as you do not deserve that.  Do not idolize anyone or anything ever because to do so minimizes you and you are no less than a child of light...a beautiful child of this amazing universe.  Take your rightful place in this world by finding and seeing the love within.  Quit seeking flattery and adoration and instead rebuild the structure of your thinking.  You are so beautiful just as you are and if another cannot accept you, then walk away.  I have walked away all of my life from those who laid the burden of their expectation on me about who I should be to them or for them.  I hope above hope and I pray that one day, one bright and beautiful day will come those who have fully embraced the hearts of who they are and who, like me, have decided to lay down the world's expectations and be the loving, joyful and wonderful souls that they truly are for the pure joy of it...rather than fake something or act just so others might adore them find me and together we will merely enjoy a moment in the sun.  I am not on this Earth to be adored and I am not on this Earth to cut myself down by placing others above me in my own mind.  We are one.  We are equal at many levels.  Our understanding, perceptions and assumptions are the only things that separate us.

Be courageous enough to accept you for who you are.  Be curious enough to discover the things you do not know about you.  Be compassionate enough with yourself and others to see your kindred equality and then you might see what the true light of heaven really looks like.  Heaven never was a place, dearest souls.  Heaven is a state of being...a state of knowing...a state of grace...a state of love...and a state of mind.  Thank Source I finally found my way home.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Motion and Growth

I could probably say this a thousand times and every time the sentiment would still run as deep.  This world is such an amazing place.  Life can seem so very difficult at times, I know.  But consider something you may not have considered before, the things occurring in your lives are ultimately for your greater good in some way.  It may not seem so at times when you are trying to see with the tears of pain, frustration and anguish in your eyes but know that when the emotion fades and the heart has had a little time to heal, you will see the truth if you but open to it.  In life there are often phases of "clearing away."  These phases serve a great purpose.  Sometimes people and situations you have grown fond of and quite comfortable with must be cleared away to free up your energy and focus to bring in new energy and situations that are for your ultimate higher good. 

When you find yourselves is such a place of clearing, find the courage within to let go with love, let go with curiosity and let go knowing that you are able to stand and accept with grace those things that are coming to you.  Realize that although at times you may find yourselves lonely and feeling the effects of loss and change, you have a divine ability to create in your world and sometimes your creations must be set free to fly, to move and grow and when you let go, you may face a time of sadness and a seeming stasis sense of life around you.  Know that everything is always in motion, even you.  You're standing on a hunk of rock that spins on its axis at approximately just over 1,000 miles per hour (if you are on or near the equator) and while it spins, it is orbiting the sun at over 33,000 miles per hour (realizing many adjustments for elliptical versus circular orbit and many other variables and modifications).  Everything is moving, changing, growing, shedding, and regenerating.  Nothing ever stays the same.  This is not necessarily a bad thing although it can, at times, be quite painful.

Use moments of beauty and inspiration to soothe your soul until those things intended to manifest within your sphere of existence, manifest.  Find uplifting things to do, study, create and do things that feel good until the moments of emotional difficulty pass.  Embrace the change that comes because new things, people and situations can bring you the stuff of your deepest and most beautiful dreams.  Stand tall, curious and courageous beautiful dreamers and know that Source always provides an abundance of grace from which you can accept your fate and pursue your truest dreams.  Life is ultimately good even with all of its changing and shifting with people coming and going and the emotions swirling and turning within. ~Blessings of love, peace and higher wisdom dearest souls.

(c) 9/12 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dream

The clouds float across the dark sky
Like strange creatures swimming
Through an ethereal sea
Twinkling lights from far away suns
Soothe my soul in ways I can't define
The descending darkness has lifted
The soul wrenching ache has gone
Its amazing how understanding something more fully
Can chase all of the pain away
The silence and stillness
Great friends of mine
They stood by every step of this journey
Calling me back from the brink every time
Making sure I explored every nuance in thought
Every ripple of emotion
Until that moment everything disappeared
And I found myself standing on the shores of Elsewhere
I prayed the Sea of Memories
Would take all mine away
It wouldn't and I couldn't
There are some things that shall remain with me always
My memories and the love woven through them so beautifully
Life can surely seem a challenge at times
But I've learned its worth every step
Every seeming heart break is a gift
It helps you understand much better
Your chosen place within this world
Our creations so good, so real seeming in existence
Require our focus in order to exist
But when you let them drop away in love
Set them free on invisible wings
The breeze left in their wake
Is actually refreshing
So it is, alone I stand
Under this dark sea of stars this morning
A brand new day dawns as the planets precede the sun
The heat will dissipate all of the cold places
And my heart will continue its beating
And I've finally caught my breath again
I shall carry within me now a new vision
Of life, and of love, and maybe some day
The dream

(c) August 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)

Moments Strung Together

The last couple days have been so incredibly busy that I've hardly had time to think, let alone be inspired to write.  Two days in a row, I drove home late into the setting sun.  There are interesting moments at those times when the sky takes on that silvery pale orange color and even the streets seem to glitter with the color of the sun's fading rays.  I notice the people rushing around always focused on a destination rarely ever giving much thought to the journey.  Our time here is so limited and so to me, to waste any moment not focused on the present is a loss.  There are all those moments in between, all of those spaces in between we think are filled with nothing and then one day you may realize all of those spaces in between starting a journey and arriving at your intended destination held by far more than you realized.  Well, and hopefully you do realize those precious moments before the end of your days come and you think about how many moments you've squandered focused on getting somewhere.  What if there is no "there" to get to?  What if the journey is all that there is and the destination remains illusive?  What then would you do?  Would scream and throw a temper tantrum at the universe or those who must have hidden it from you or would you relax, take a deep breath and realize all moments come together for a reason?

Sometimes I feel like I've squandered precious moments I can never get back but then I realize there was nothing to save those moments up for.  I don't mean for that to sound negative because that isn't my intent, nor is it what I'm feeling.  I think I've finally come to realize the precious sense of everything in everything.  All of my moments strung together lead me to now in this warm comfort within my own skin.  It's early evening after a long seeming day that seemed to follow a week that took an eternity.  Time has momentarily slowed and I find that interesting because the moments since 1/1/11 have spun by me so quickly I don't really even recall all that much time to catch my breath.  I exaggerate, certainly, but you get the feeling maybe.  I wonder about all of those things I held as important on that very day.  Such wonder had I concerning infinite possibilities and so many unknowns.  I held different plans and dreams than I hold today.  I've destroyed them, set fire to them, ignored them, hid them, walked away from them only to start over again and again and again like some strange sort of ground-hog day.  The monotony of routine seems to set my being on edge sometimes but at the same time, I could not be more grateful for dull, boring and unexciting, non-adrenaline producing existence.  I'm actually quite amazed at the abundance of adrenaline I have produced in my life time.  I think I have finally effectively kicked that habit among many others that no longer suit and support me.  Do I have more to go?  Oh, sure I do and I look forward to thinking and feeling my way through each one in order to let go of all that troubles me and embrace more completely what it is I have come to know really matters.

We're not alone here, not even in our own minds it sometimes seems.  We're surrounded always physically as well as ethereally.  A single thought from miles away can come crashing through an ordinary moment and leave you with a feeling you didn't have only moments before.  We think our paths are set in stone but that's only because we can see only just to the point of our horizon.  After that, we can't yet see but we can feel when we want to.  I like to sit back, relax and see what comes next.  Oh, I wonder about it often just like everyone else does but I don't tend to put too much energy into fruitless endeavors these days.  I need my senses, my energy and my being in full capacity of all of my faculties.  I don't know why just yet but imagine this feeling will bear out in some new interesting journey of love, lessons and greater understanding of this life and my place in it.  It's Friday night and I'm sitting in my living room, with the fan on to cool off this sweltering heat and I'm watching the sun set in a summer sky.  A glass of red in hand, music in the background and words in front of me.  Hmmm, never thought this would be the highlight of my week...but it is and I'm so grateful, you have no idea how grateful.  So, well, enough rambling then and I shall be off to finding some sustenance.  This morning's oatmeal lost its ability to sustain me hours ago and I think the stress of the day has finally settled enough to allow me to eat with peace in my being (so much more important than you may realize).  Simple pleasures are often the most amazing sometimes.  Especially, if you take a moment fully present and thoroughly enjoy every precious second.  ~Blessings of peace, love and light dear souls.

(c) Jaie Hart (words/photo)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Energy Observation

(Photo, random internet find)
The sun rises behind a rather thick bank of coastal clouds today and although I miss the pink and orange fiery rays of the rising sun, I find that I am grateful for the cooler temperatures the morning clouds bring forth.  I find lately that there is an abundance of stillness, silence and peace around me in contrast to an emerging swirl of new ideas and concepts.  There is still, deep within me, this sense of "something brewing" or "some form of change is on the wind for me" and there is an anxiety at the core.  I never cared for such feelings because they were the precursor to a time requiring an inordinate expense of energy.  I do not know from which direction or topic this new - whatever-it-is - will emerge or materialize and I attempt in this moment to steer my focus very far away from that. I often seem to shut down my ability to see the future because I don't find it helpful at all.  Some might think "but to see, you can prepare and make yourself ready."  But to me, I'd rather not know.  I do my best thinking in the heat of a moment when I'm challenged to quickly leaf through the files and filters of experience within my own mind and soul and intuitively choose a path at random out of the chaotic swirl of happenings within this dream.  Sometimes, those files and filters do nothing at all anyway but bring to light anxiety and fear and neither are a good place to work from anyway.  At least not when you seek a more fortunate outcome.

I decide in this moment to chalk it up to work stress and let it go with a breath under dark and cloudy skies.  I have much to contend with and nothing will get done properly from a state of anxiety and adrenaline producing thoughts.  I would much rather take a breath and let nebulous feelings go and escape into the ether with child-like wonder and meander through the stuff my dreams are made of.  It is a much more serene existence when you allow the mind it's freedom to roam where ever it is it might choose.  I shall engage in a bit more experimentation tonight.  Another visit back into the mystery of my own time line and see what revisiting might reveal to me in terms of questions I have and true answers I seek.  I do not know the outcome and I think that I'm really grateful.  The effort to experiment and explore in this life are often rewarded in ways we can't fully comprehend until some time later on.

Perhaps I shall write more of the experiment later.  That is, if I return with any results for my efforts. It's funny in a way, this feeling.  I stand here peacefully breathing and I feel this powerful energy swirling about me.  It's nearly palpable physically and yet I am untouched by it but am observing it.  I do not know what it portends and am still unsure that I wish to know at all.  I recall a near similar feeling from early yesterday morning while sitting in my supervisor's office.  I was trying to speak when an overwhelming presence struck me that I felt to the core of my being.  I was immersed completely within this energy almost as if it had wrapped itself around me and then all at once, I heard it...a single deep, rich and beautiful tone.  While I somehow maintained my ability for dual focus on the within and without, I queried it's source as it lifted me up to the beginning stages of bliss.  I relaxed and breathed it in and reasserted my query of origins and it intensified mere moments as if to say, "I am here, be not afraid and I am always with you."  I sensed then a tinge of sadness in this presence and sent loving thoughts to it and with that sentiment it left me as quickly as it came.  You'd be shocked if I told you how often this occurs and how I can tell the tones belong to different souls both incarnate and not.  To be aware of your energy sensitivity and know that at that moment a soul that knows you is reaching out with thoughts of love or just thinking about you is quite a beautiful and yet also a puzzling experience.  I have verified the essence of these energy visitations more times than I can count and so have come to trust them as validated.  This presence was one that I was familiar with but the tone had deepened since last I felt it.  I do not know what this means but I pray that whoever it is that they know that I noticed and acknowledged them fully.

When you can find and breathe in the quiet and still moments of life, you'd be amazed at what the inner world can bring you.  Surrounded both physically and not with beautiful loving souls, I find that mostly I am gratefully at peace and shall pray that I will remain so this day.  ~Blessings for your journey of discovery in the lives that are you this time around dear souls.  Enjoy every step as you traverse this Earth.  May good tidings bring you happily home to the core of the loving you!