Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love in a Moment

In life, there will always be those precious moments you wish with all your might you could some how freeze in time and hold close to your heart forever.  Sadly, at times, life just isn't like that.  Everything is in constant motion...always everything is changing and growing.  The seasons come and go, the sun seems to rise and eventually set day in and day out.  Its easy to become disheartened sometimes by the seemingly unwelcome changes in life.  We cannot hold onto a moment in time forever but we can collect within us beautiful memories we can always hold in our hearts.  I'm so blessed to say that I have a long string of memories I keep close to my heart like a treasured string of pearls.  Beautiful words have I had the pleasure to exchange in my life with some truly amazing and wonderful souls.  It's always bitter sweet when its time for souls to fly - off into their lives or even into the wild and beautiful cerulean blue.  And we, we sometimes are left behind to wonder about our time together.  Every single moment is treasured bliss with the people we love the most in life.  The drudgery we face can sometimes seem to tarnish that fact but the love inside can always chase that away.  If I could count the times I've had to say goodbye, I'd be lost.  Not even a dollar for each one could make me richer than the deep gratitude and appreciation I hold for the experience of those who have meant so much to me...and those still near, I love them so.  Treasured friends abound in this world and I am so very grateful.  My family is just the best and I realized how truly blessed I have been.

To know that you have held love deeply and that you have shared love with others is by far more important than anything in this world or the next that you could claim as yours.  The intangible things sometimes have greater value than the superficial and material things we come across.  Sparkly things that shine are wonderful but none so wonderful as the shiny and sparkling souls I see, have met and have had the honor and pleasure to have loved and who have loved me.  Thank God, this Universe and all of existence for this one blessed state - emotion -  It is a treasure great and one that can never be replaced.  The beauty of love is that it never ever dies.  If it was love it will live on in your soul forever.  How amazing and beautiful is that?  I've gone and blissed myself to tears for a moment but that's just how grateful I am.  To every soul I have ever met, thank you for allowing our paths to cross - to learn, to share and best of all, to love.  Blessings of sweet gratitude and love to you all.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a very fortunate internet find).

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