Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Soul's Development - Judgment Not Needed

Watching the skies pulls me out of the depths of my own thoughts and resulting emotions and brings me such a great sense of peace.  I think it is because the sky is so vast and our limited view from where we stand is a doorway to the whole universe that we can't necessarily see completely nor comprehend fully.  As I stretch my consciousness out far and wide, beyond what I can see, greater understanding attaches to my thoughts and I begin to see things a little differently.  We enjoyed a break in the gentle rains of the past day right at the most opportune time in order to catch a glimpse of wonder great in a grand display of storm clouds, cerulean blue and the beautiful colors of a setting sun.  The fiery colors were beyond description as where the soft pinks that appeared to be hand painted by God Himself on the tips of white puffy storm clouds.  I watched motionless for thirty minutes at least and felt the swirling and chaotic thoughts within my own soul dissipate in to an all encompassing awe and deep appreciation just to be alive and witness this simple event. 

A concept I had observed a lifetime frequently materialized in my field of vision this week and it bothered me only because I know the pain behind these events of human behavior displays.  I can feel the core of the cause, the point of origin and the root of the thought and activity that caused what I saw.  Although I can see it and believe me I feel it, it's hard to witness and not be able to do anything to change it.  Knowing that I am truly forced in this world to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference, I must seek deeper understanding and come to truly appreciate the diversity of souls learning here in the Earth school right now. There is no right or wrong to this series of events I have witnessed and I am ill equipped to judge but after considerable thought I wanted to share my realizations.  It may be a stretch in terms of what is true for everyone else but my mind seeks understanding first and foremost.  The essence of the challenge is the lack of patience, tolerance and understanding humans show to one another.  Breaking this concept down into bits and pieces to further tear it apart for greater understanding, a picture emerges that seems so simple.  Human souls are all beautiful and bright shinning emanations of love, I think.  But, human souls are also at very different levels of understanding and development in the schema of life as we know it.  When humans expect souls to be at their level of understanding and exhibit corresponding behavior, the humans with the expectation forget that not every soul is capable of the same level of understanding.

Consider, if you read it, my last article in which the child feels unloved at having his toys taken away.  He's angry, frustrated, feeling dejected and rejected because he cannot have what he wants.  Before he succumbs to mother and father's insistence that toys be put away to ready himself for bed, he may rail against the directives intended for his own good.  He does so only due to a lack of understanding.  Consider this very same small child for a moment.  Say another soul must deal with this child soul for some reason.  The more mature soul understands the laws of cause and effect and physics.  The child does not yet have this understanding.  If the more mature soul ridicules the child, berates his behavior and being for his lack of understanding and resulting behaviors, both souls end up with toxic energy.  A child cannot understand the laws of physics or even the simple seeming laws of cause and effect until the child has had sufficient life experience to grasp such concepts.  A soul at this level of development can only do and understand what their level allows.  They should not be judged for what they are as yet incapable of learning and the soul doing the judging is also demonstrating their true lack of maturity for berating the child.

Take another level...souls at the teenage level of development.  I've witnessed how a teenage child who is just beginning to grasp life and the ego's grip on their reality ridicules, berates and even verbally attacks a child much their junior for the smaller child's inability to perform long-division - "How stupid you are - you can't even do this." (Can you tell I have kids?  Giggles).  I cringe when I witness this.  Teenage level souls exist out there.  They think they know everything and gain a measure of assurance in life or a mini ego boost buzz by making others feel small.  They are not to blame either because they do not have sufficient time and development to truly grasp the error of their ways.  Through time they will learn and the ego's out of balance approach to life will typically be tempered over time as they begin to learn the ways of the world.

And yet another level..the young adults.  The judgement of their teenage level is, for the most part, left behind them - typically.  They begin to understand there is something greater than themselves and they experiment more.  They gravitate towards truths that seem right but still they must gravitate towards universal truths - those truths held in common opinion by others but not really representative of definitive truth.  They can slip easily back into the teenage level or they can learn to grow and progress.  Some souls at this level cannot progress.  Their life path is to remain at this level of development.

Another level...the mature adults.  These souls have gained a great measure of self-awareness and how the world works.  If aspects of their development have not been stunted at the prior levels through unhealed trauma and pain, they begin to become teachers as they learn.  They may still slip into uneducated judgement but they can begin to transcend this level and learn to focus away from the victim-like thinking of the earlier stages and start to better grasp self-reliance, accountability and responsibility for self, thought and actions. So far, none of these levels is truly capable of judgement until they have transcended their level but they employ it seeking the ego boost buzz not knowing how short-lived, fleeting and detrimental it truly is.  For one level to compare themselves to a lower level is to compare apples to oranges - a waste of time.  But, they will learn this in time or not and the "not" will become the essence of learning for those at higher levels of development who not only learn from direct experience but the experiences of others.

I'm over simplifying because you can stratify these levels far beyond what I have here...I'm trying to paint a picture that my leave one with food for thought in terms of understanding human behavior and true limits.  Just because one soul learned to transcend inappropriate and unrewarding behavior has no bearing on another soul's ability.  The final level in my simplified story are the sages.  Those who have transcended all the other levels and who have come to deeper understanding of love, experience and gratitude.  They no longer feel the need to judge to feel okay nor so they seek the fleeting ego boost buzz as they've learned its true detrimental effects and they have learned a measure of giving love to all equally and refrain from interference by exposing their own judgment.  Oh, they have judgments and they know it but they will take that judgment and learn from it rather than verbalize to make another feel bad.  They have learned from their experience and they have learned the higher filling of the soul with joy and love by appreciating themselves on their own merits rather than through judgment.

Age and time incarnate in this life has no bearing on the level of a soul's development.  You can have 70 year old infant souls.  You can have 10 year old sages.  It is the soul's development and not time incarnate that dictates a level of development.  Let me put it a very simple way...if you knew a soul had a mental diagnosis that caused undesirable behavior - would you judge, make fun of or berate that individual because they are not behaving normally or like you?  If you didn't like how that soul behaved, you could in some way begin to understand that soul is limited or maybe step away from interaction with that soul wouldn't you?  There are souls at every level who are fully capable of learning and growing to the next level but they can't until they are taught and they practice and engage in life differently.  Just like a small child who does not understand the concept of cause and effect, many of us have not yet learned how that particular concept deepens and morphs over time.  Some of us will learn to grasp that lesson and extrapolate it across all areas of our lives.  Some of will learn to grasp that lesson and apply it in a compartmental way in our lives.  Some will not grasp it at all and continue to do what they've always done. 

As I finish up my thoughts, the sky begins to mist tiny drops of water on the Earth again.  I sigh realizing the thing that I sought to understand in more depth has made me realize that in general the construct I witness cannot change.  It cannot change for those unwilling or incapable.  I cannot judge them.  I must hold compassion and understanding and disengage from the areas that cause me pain until I learn my own lessons more fully and no longer feel the pain but a deep love for all as I witness all of the souls at play around me. ~sigh~  Whatever road it is that you are on and whatever level of development you are at - appreciate yourselves and I thank you for your courage in coming to the Earth school to teach and to learn.  I'm grateful for what I have witnessed and am grateful for what I am learning.  The thoughts no longer swirl as I let them now go like those clouds dissipating into the sun's rays.  Blessings of wisdom, greater understanding, love and infinite light to you all.

(Note:  Written stream of consciousness - editing to come later - please forgive typos if you read before I have time to edit.)

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (words/photo)

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