Friday, July 20, 2012


What an amazing view this morning!  The skies were clear cerulean blue at 7:30 am when I dropped my youngest off at summer camp.  We both noticed how beautiful the sun looked making it's way ever higher into a beautiful morning summer sky.  The humidity was already beginning to climb and it was very warm.  I signed her in, gave her a hug and a kiss and headed out the door.  My clear blue sky had, in a matter of a few minutes, become streaked and dotted with clouds again.  The clouds appeared as a bright opalescent white painted images against the contrasting depths of pure blue.  It was just more than beautiful.

Not quite ready to return home, I headed for Starbuck's.  I'm guilty of the need to satisfy a mocha craving now and then and today was just such a day.  The line of cars at the drive-thru was wrapped around the building so, I parked and walked inside. To my pleasant surprise and fully realizing I had good coffee karma, only a small handful of souls were inside waiting.  I had my mocha in hand and was headed out the door in a matter of minutes.  I'm moving in slow motion today for the sheer joy of appreciating every single moment, every single view, experience and even emotion.  Not ready to return home, I decided to head towards the beautiful Pacific coast.  I'm blessed in that I live only a few short miles from the beach and most days off, I'm usually headed to the ocean for a drive or a walk.  There is something about the ocean that reminds me of elsewhere...a place somewhere in time and so I go and love precious moments spent communing with the tides and feeling the raw energy and power of the sea.  Did you know if you sit there long enough, opening up all of your senses, you can hear the ocean speaking to you?  You have to spend some time learning it's language but it speaks in loving and soothing tones.  It's definitely a wise source of amazing power and it is all too willing to fill up all of your empty parts if you ask nicely and wait patiently.  I decided to park and take a closer look this morning and it was just incredibly beautiful.  I was filled with so much gratitude for the simple things in my life like a mocha, a paid day off to roam the south land and explore and maybe come home and finish up some writing projects.  Having emptied my soul of heavy thoughts for days on end, this little trip to the shore was like a much needed mini vacation.

As I sat on the shore I was transported to another stretch of ocean in another place more precious to me than there are words to convey.  I somehow seemed to be in both places at once and was struggling with my vision of blue skies and pink skies, two suns and one and just relaxed into an ethereal and physical ocean breeze.  I glanced to my right and I could see a silhouette elsewhere... a presence known and loved by me for all of eternity.  We did not speak but words were never needed between us. I thanked this amazing soul for his presence.  I'm grateful for it immeasurably.  I glanced to my left to see the sun rising higher in a blue sky.  I turned back to look again and elsewhere had dissipated into the mists that suddenly struck here in my world.  I smiled from so deep inside of me for a beautiful view both here, there and everywhere.  I'm reminded at once how precious life is in all of its dimensions, at all of it's levels.  There are so many miracles right before our eyes but we cannot see them until we wish to see them and then when we do we must know that we do see them and embrace the reality of a truth we're not taught here.  There is truth a soul my find and embrace completely unassisted in the physical.  However, we are never alone and ethereal assistance remains steadfast whether or not we can see.

I begin to feel my many unfinished projects calling to me and so, I stand up and dust off the sand from my person.  Mocha in hand I toast the beauty and glory of the sea, my well of inspiration, representative of the depths of my love for this life.  I sigh a little not wanting to leave.  Would that I could I'd sneak back through the veil to my favorite shoreline elsewhere.  But, I'll save that for later - a tasty desert after finishing another beautiful day in paradise.

Sometimes in life there are things we do not see because we will not allow our minds the freedom to roam.  While there are rules and limits to what we can do with our physical bodies, there is an aspect to our personages that is completely unlimited by the same confines.  Let your spirits roam where ever it is they will and experience life from both sides of the veil from time to time.  Its only as difficult as you believe it to be.  ~May you be blessed with unlimited vision today and the freedom to feel all of the things and beings speaking to you.  Much love!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a random and fortunate internet find)

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