Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ancient Wisdom...Seeking the Truth

Challenging are the things we think we know but do not understand.  Creation myths abound with all manner of information requiring we become adept at reading between the lines or even understanding that we are reading anything at all.  There is much wisdom here in this place as has almost always been the case but each little bit of truth has been hidden in its meaning for so very long.  Times will come where our beliefs will be challenged and we may be left wondering what in the heck just happened.  There will be shattered perceptions and assumptions once long held as truth slipping away every so slowly.  Much of the non-truths of our living experience will erode over time with some impetus for core motion digging away at the layers of illusion and trading those illusions for truth.  We’ll gaze at the truth right before us and decide we know not what to do with it and so, we go back, merrily on our way to the same traps and perils that have repeatedly befallen us.  Why?  Why does it have to be this way and why is illusion vastly more attractive to us than the truth?

Uncovering the truth about yourselves and your existence here in this frame and this point in space-time is no easy thing and definitely not for the weak of heart.  Certainly there must be something for us to gain in seeking illusion over truth or we wouldn’t bother.  I think we seek immediate gratification in the illusions we chase with such fervor but although we should know better by now, gratifying such egotistical and unaware urges is only ever fleeting at best leaving us always on a continual quest outside of ourselves for people, things and situations that can never ever satisfy us.  So, what then do we do?  How then do we take it all apart and begin to understand what is real and lasting?  If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing out this blog post.  But I want the answer and the fact that I want it at all tells me the truth is, in fact, already mine.  There is something more to our existence than marriage, jobs and houses.  There is something so dramatically missing from stopping at just those endeavors or worse, always trying to better them…richer spouse, more beautiful house and ever increasing prestigious careers and for what?  Nothing we develop here has any lasting significance.  It is this fact the ancient texts and tales tried to teach us.

As we read about fall after fall of prior significant civilizations, we realize what we do today is not all that different from what has been time-tested and proven wrong over and over again since the populace of this planet called itself, “civilized.”  Needing to turn my focus away from that thought quickly lest this blog should become a book of an entirely different topic, back to the illusions that played a rampart part in the destruction of everything ever destructed.  This world was not created to be a utopia.  But the heart of our souls that reside always and ever elsewhere, know bliss…it just somehow didn’t come through this dimension quite clearly enough for us to fully understand without seeking the truth.  We care more about lifted and wrinkle free body parts than we do the states of our spirit, preserving knowledge and sacred places from times long past and striving to better each other through love, compassion and acceptance.  Why is that?  We can take not one thing with us that is created tangibly in this world but everything intangible we participate in and create does come with us….it’s the only thing that comes with us.  

When the last essence of life force runs clear of your body and you find yourself no longer part of this world, moving through the astral or causal or worse, lower vibrational dimensions…it is the love you bring with you that ultimately sets you free.  Our ancient elders held so much wisdom and so much power to see the truth.  The illusions of life were nothing more than tools for them because they understood that which truly mattered.  The work they have done is not lost today.  There are those of us who remember the ancient wise ones and who revere their existence for the knowledge and love they not only imparted down on through the ages but the energy traces still permeating this Earth and space with so much love.  We can choose a shallow and hurtful existence for ourselves and others as is our choice and our life plan.  Such actions will not put you in better stead once you are beyond the confines of this reality, however.  Your actions would teach those aware enough to see the truth and work to transcend illusions into the only powerful space we, as human beings hold.  That space is love.  It’s not some silly emotion that waxes over star crossed lovers.  It is a state of mind, a state of being and the true nature of our souls.  It’s time we remember why we came here and make an effort to loosen our own grip on illusion.  Not one of us gets out of here alive as I have said many times.  Live your lives so you indelibly etch love deeper into your souls.  That’s the only way to get free of the illusions here.  Transcending fear and those who so willingly perpetuate it is the key.  Enough of my rambling on this topic.  These thoughts came over me and wanted to be set free, so, I let them.  ~Blessings of higher love and definitive truth beautiful dreamers.  You may not have any idea but you are so much more loved than you could possibly imagine.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Falling Away from Illusion

To expect a rose to be without thorns just because you wish to pluck it for your own personal pleasure is not a reasonable expectation.  All things have their opposite inherent within.  For every day, there is night.  For darkness, there is light.  Expectation in the absence of full understanding can set one up for huge disappointment in life.  Polarity exists in everything from gender to  behavior and beyond.  The way towards experiencing a life free of disappointment is to understand life to a much greater degree.

 Disappointment means we have misunderstood the true nature of a thing or a person and even a situation.  Seek understanding first rather than to expect an outcome out of sync with a thing or a person’s true purpose not fully comprehended by you.  Consider seeking full understanding of a thing or a person before you design an expectation to begin with.  Then you will learn to deal with reality rather than illusion.  We create many illusions in this world and it only brings our own suffering.  We can be free of that suffering through patience, diligence, love and great understanding.  The choice is ultimately ours to make and no one has the power to bring our suffering more than our own choices through expectation alone.  

Let me give you an example:  If you expect another soul to carry you financially or emotionally in this life but have not taken the time to learn the soul you intend to depend upon is neither capable of positive emotion nor adequate income, you will be greatly disappointed and it is not the other soul’s fault, it is yours for having a misplaced expectation.  If you expect the day to last forever because you are having a great time in the sun, you will be disappointed when the Earth turns away from the sun creating the night.  If you expect in life to never face hardships, tough times or sorrow as the only measure of your own personal success, you will be misleading yourself down a path filled with illusion that will almost always seem to catch you by surprise at the worst seeming moments.

So, consider, roses have thorns and do take care should you go to pluck one.  People and things must be and behave as they are and not as you require them to be, understand.  Day follows night and night follows day.  The pendulum swings and this world is always in motion.  If you are to set an expectation, ensure that capabilities are in existence to meet your expectations.  If you are wrong, you could be disappointed.  Seek understanding, self-actualization, self-accountability and the illusions will begin to fall away.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (Photo, random internet find)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


There are those souls who exist in this world who are wholly incapable of love.  There are as many reasons for this as there are stars in a vast night sky.  As if that were not a fact tragic enough in and of itself, those same souls can create so much pain and so many scars in others.  Some souls can come thought this life and transform the negativity of interactions or influence of unloving souls into greater understanding of life's illusions and the nature of  human suffering.  There are also some who instead of healing hold that pain inside and perpetuate it setting off endless chains of negativity throughout time.

I'm one of the lucky ones.  In all honesty, I truly believe it is by the sheer grace of my Creator alone that I have been given the ability to transform.  I could tell tales of tragedy here sufficiently to support my claim but to do so I would have to suffer again the details in the retelling of my tales of woe.  And, so, I leave my past behind me and although I carry still the scars, some of which will always be tender, I heal myself greatly in the knowing that those at whose hands I most definitely did suffer, were lost souls so cut off from their own love that they could do nothing else but teach me through pain that I am not their reflection of me.  The outside world does not define my love, hold my power or dictate the truth of any aspect of my being.  No matter what dark passageways I have painfully traversed, I am as I was created to be...Hopeful, loving, compassionate and also very understanding.

My heart is filled with the love I learned to see and feel on my own and through blessed and loving souls strategically placed upon my path.  They pointed the way to the light for me and even when I could not see, a shred of courage from deep within kept me walking until I could find it.  As much of a stretch as it may seem, so too, can you.  Find the heart of your own soul and give it all the love you most wanted and needed in your life.  If you don't know how, ask for directions and you'll find the signs that lead you home.  When you stand upon the threshold you will begin to see that there was nothing ever wrong with you that you should suffer at the hands of love or lack thereof.  You may learn that what you have experienced had nothing to do with you at all.  You may have suffered at the hands of lost souls but this suffering does not have to define you.  Instead try a shift in thinking that the pain you suffered really showed you who you are not.  You are not pain, even if you feel it.  You are not harsh words, even if you have heard them.  You are not neglect, darkness and a victim, even if you have suffered at the hands of those who would make you unwittingly that.

Realize that you are a bright and beautiful soul.  Through seeing your own light, stopping the illusions the loveless hold and tried to leave you with and knowing that deep within your core - the heart of your soul is a beautiful light that burns so brightly, you can transform your knowing and expand your experiences in ways that will heal and support you.  It is a long journey sometimes, a painful journey sometimes but when you find the pain and refuse to hold it, it cannot hurt you any more.

With every breath and step I take, I wish you love, I wish you joy and I wish you great healing always.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Believing in You

I was thinking today while walking outside in delicious and warm sunlight how amazing this world is.  It can seem a dark, treturous and dangerous place at times - turn the page - it can seem a bright, inspiring and beautiful place at times.  What changes our perception from dark to light or good and bad?  Is it really the actors in the outside world that hold so much power over us or is it merely our perception of whatever it is we may be experiencing?  How little do we understand the choices we make in this regard.  Always we lean towards our own thoughts as truth when we've not yet learned the art of separating assumptions not yet tested and perceptions in the absence of full valid knowing as truth. Without a moment's hesitation we attach our fears from all of our prior experiences assuming a thing is just so and rightly judged and yet, in truth, such an act at times may be so very far from truth.

Maybe it matters not so much what we choose but the effects of our choices.  There is no good or bad in this regard really but there are effects pleasant and some not so much.  What if we knew the key to the creation of these scenes and plays lay deep within the heart of our own thoughts?  How empowered might we then be to ascend the illusions that prevent our human progress in this space-time?  I guess we all must come to a place where the status quo within our own worldly experience becomes too painful to bear another day.  Then, we look up and out of the fog we have created in our thoughts and see others stepping away into the sunlight.  Maybe then we may want to go too once we transcend our first thoughts of envy disempowering us further.  Once we take accountability for the states of our minds, hearts and spirits, we then can fly.  It's not so mysterious a thing and yet the rewards of it always seem to be just out of reach for those lacking faith, trust and love in themselves.  The good news is that these things can be beautifully remedied by those souls who gain ground in treading the waters of courage and determination.  There is no thing you can not aspire to be in this world if you but choose your direction and go to it doing what you must to achieve success in your desired area of focus.

Limit your thoughts of self-doubt and lacking self-love.  Love you as if you were the most amazing, benevolent and masterful creature on the planet and then give that love away knowing it will be replaced through infinite universal supply.  Take the steps, take a deep breath and know your life can always be more than it is by carefully constructed use of tools you already have in your possession.  Thoughts and emotion, these things only you can ever truly control are the things that can always transform your life if you would but believe.  You can believe and you will achieve to the extent you put forth your effort in earnest to do so.  This world and your life is amazing.  You are amazing.  Now, go do amazing things believing in you.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random and beautiful internet find)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Choices in Human Interactions

Our emotional focus dictates the whole of our experience.  It would not be fake or falsely authentic to choose not to entertain in focus the denser emotions we experience in life and instead choose to seek understanding and meaning in those things that we face.  Sometimes our thoughts about certain interactions fly lightning speed through our consciousness and out of pure habit we attach emotions that result in our feeling out of sorts, sad, angry or disappointed.  If we focus on the true origin of those thoughts without blame or finding others to hold accountable for how we feel, we can begin to dispel the illusions we hold as truth.  It’s an impossible leap in consciousness to do this for so many, but only seemingly.  We struggle at times with behavior that conflicts with our own and we naturally judge those around us by what we would or would not do but the ego forgets that it’s version of reality isn’t necessarily common understanding. Every life is shaped by the path a soul has taken and no two paths are exactly the same and so the assumption of common understanding may not always bear out as you think it should.  In truth, you can come to common understanding only if or when you endeavor to validate another’s understanding first hand by direct communication.  In the absence of that, we may be foolishly and pointlessly driving ourselves mad with frustration, sadness and a whole host of other feelings we do not find pleasurable.

Sometimes we take inadvertent things as premeditated insult or other emotional injury.  We may be lying to ourselves about the truth and the bigger question is why.  Why would we do this?  Most simply put, it’s easier and we know no other way.  Once we learn another way we may be able to understand the wisdom but something in us wants to see only the insult and injury and fight to have someone else recognize our station or place as important or to be respected with care.  But I wonder, if we already knew that we were in good stead in our own minds, we understood our significance on Earth and we respected ourselves, would we even care so much if no one acknowledged us?  Do we really understand the potential emotional danger of placing the power for creating our own happiness so easily in someone else’s hands?  If we only ever depend on others to create feeling in us, not only do we give our power away entirely but we continually set ourselves up for disappointment not to mention the heavy burden we unwittingly place on others to carry emotion for us.  We don’t do it intentionally I think but just out of habit again, because it is easier and we don’t know any better.

What would happen if we became accountable citizens of planet Earth charged with loving and forgiving or appreciating ourselves and feeling good about that without acknowledgement?  What if from that frame of reference we sought to understand first if someone intended insult or emotional injury to us before we reacted?  If we understood why something occurred in the complete absence of assumption and confirmed the truth, how differently might we be able to act in a situation as opposed to reacting?  Again, I know this is a huge leap for most to make but I think if you asked yourselves whether or not you were happy with continual conflict born of assumption related to human interactions with others, you may at some point desire to find a different way to interact... A way that doesn’t let people exhibiting bad behavior off the hook but instead teaches you how to discern the truth before you choose to engage your emotions definitively in line with an insult or injury taken.  Often times, insults and injuries are inadvertent and most reasonable citizens of planet Earth would apologize for a slight if it was brought to their attention.  In the act of communication we free ourselves from illusion whether positive or negative and learn how to deal with facts and respond to them consciously as opposed to reacting to them negatively.  Some conversations are difficult to have and may cause a fair amount of anxiety in advance.  However, the same anxiety and even worse may come from not communicating, making assumptions and lining up emotions with what you perceive which may not be the truth in any way, shape or form.  Until you become very aware of your body and energy systems, you cannot begin to know the truth of a thing by feeling alone.  You must learn how and it takes time…sometimes, lifetimes.  So, I suggest always that you don’t give away your power by making others responsible for how you feel and that you refrain from automatically engaging in negative thoughts born of assumption or perception alone if you do not prefer those aftereffects.  It takes time to break habits and natural tendencies but they can be broken and you can begin to watch your own mind for the assumptions that you make about everything.  As Byron Katie suggests in her book, “I Need Your Love.  Is That True?” begin to question your own thoughts if you don’t like the continual conflict ridden outcomes of your human relations.

I’ve written about this topic so many times because I have watched helplessly as so many suffer needlessly from this pain.  But even that is a judgment in my own mind.  Perhaps some souls need to hit rock bottom and become so frustrated with this repeating theme in their lives that they seek a way out and try to learn different ways for relating to resolve conflict at its source rather than relying only on assumption or perception.  When we can remove illusions from our field of vision or experience, we can begin working with the truth and learn how to find and then stand within our own light.  When we can do this, our existence is improved, our human interactions are improved and the rippling waves of energy from this is ultimately positive for you, those around you and even the rest of the world, believe it or not.  This is just some food for thought tonight.  I pray that your human relations are filled with truthful communication, heartfelt and honest exchanges in order that they uplift you, bring you joy and help you heal always.  So much is truly up to you and you truly are infinitely empowered to seek understanding, peace and positive interactions.  When we take accountability for understanding our interactions with others through our own motivations, it is quite an enlightening experience.  Blessings of love and light dearest souls.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo from google images, source:

Saturday, April 6, 2013


After a peak experience a few weeks back, life somehow feels quite different to me.  I wish I could put my finger on exactly what has changed or how but it’s too nebulous and wonderful for that. My thoughts this morning turn to one simple word that is not so simple at all, integration.  This dream we are living is more amazing than we realize.  My faithful readers won’t be shocked to hear me say “Life is amazing.”  I say it in just about every post and yes, it is a message I do try to impart through all my human interactions.  Peak experiences can be positive or negative depending on the emotions you choose to attach to them.  I’m certain you’ll never guess which view I hold between positive and negative.  I view all experiences as positive even when going through an experience might be particularly challenging for me in some way or in every way.  I guess I’ve realized along the path that has been my life that even though some parts of the road may seem stark, dark or painful and frightening, our experience is ever enriched by every single thing we go through.  Or thoughts about what we experience further shapes the sum total of the experience for us.

Through integration of an experience, we take in what is most meaningful to us and leave behind that which we have already learned or, well, have no further interest in learning.  I find myself in a time of integration.  The past several years of my life have been nearly indescribable in some ways.  If I wrote it all out right here and right now, I’m sure the things I’ve seen and experienced might seem quite outlandish at times, strange or even make me seem a bit, um, touched, I’ll say.  Touched is actually a very good word with many and varied implications.  Again, I’ll lean towards the positive realizing I have been deeply touched by people, visions, inspirations, nature and most important of all, love.  Maybe love is not so much categorized here in the typical sense or understanding of it.  It’s broader than that, much broader.  I could also add, all encompassing, weaving its way through every thought and vision as I went about some quite ordinary  and quite out of the ordinary seeming interactions within existence.

I have been on a very long pause, while trying to integrate all of the inputs and downloads that made their way into my psyche, my consciousness and my being.  Life is but a dream, the old childhood song goes and this is true.  But, this dream is very real based on my specific space-time orientation and I truly intend to make the absolute best of it.  I realized in my travels that I came to this place to learn and to better improve my own understanding of love in its myriad facets.  I can honestly say that I have learned so much and that I am so very grateful for this opportunity at this point in space-time to exist in the physical.  I look out into this world and I realize, just like the stars seem to shine individually with no seeming connection between them...the empty space in between is not so empty at all...just like the space between us here on Earth or elsewhere in the cosmos.  That empty space between us is not so empty and it is that thing or stuff that we cannot perceive that is the glue that connects us all.  It has nothing to do with our humanity or spirituality, it just is what it is – there...pulsing...moving...supporting and strengthening without being seen.   We just have no words or framework with which to define it.  Science begins to and Metaphysics does too.

With all these coffee-induced mental meanderings this morning and thoughts firing lightning speed in volumes and to spaces that are beyond my ability to follow each nuance an end...I am content just to be.  I’ve never before felt so ethereally and physically alive and comfortable within the confines of my own skin.  I take that as the gift of understanding that it is for me.  It’s been a long time coming.  There are many experiences you must integrate into your understanding to achieve the goals with which you set your own life plans.  Your experiences will repeat until the understanding dawns and your true understanding expands and the process just continues.  Rather than waiting for an event to feel the sentiment of achievement or satisfaction, do it now for the pure and beautiful act of living and appreciating this now.  There is no destination you suddenly get to and say, “See, there, I did it.”  None of us gets out of here alive.  At least not in the physical.  So, enjoy every breath and step on your journey and realize the gift that your life here in the physical is.  If you feel you lack love in your experience, know that you have the power to create it...the seeds have always been within you.  That spark of divinity with which you were so beautifully created gives you amazing power to enrich your own experience from inside of you and with trust and faith it will manifest without if and when you choose to make it so.

I wish you more than love and light as you journey through your lives, I wish you patience, openness of heart and mind for greater understanding too.  Know you are a beautiful miracle just as you sit there breathing and reading this little blog post of mine.  Peace be with you always and ever.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo is a fortunate random internet find - thanks google images!)