Thursday, July 16, 2009

You'll Always Have You

We speak
Because we cannot stand
To face ourselves
The secret self that lives on the inside

We run
Because we cannot hide
From the reality
And totality of who we really are

We search
The world outside ourselves
To find the answers
That only ever lie within

Our search
Brings us home empty
Disheartened, lost
Until we find that spark inside

If we pay attention
It’s that spark
That peels away the layers
Of all that is illusive and unreal in this world

Take the time
To know yourself
To love yourself
And trust yourself

Don’t fear the silence
Don’t ever fear the stillness
No matter what you think you do not have
You’ll always have you

(Inspired by Gibran)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Real Thing That Matters

Hate me if you want to
Wish for my utter failure
Strike me with your torturous words
Hit me with your harsh disdain

You cannot change the heart of me
Nor will your thoughts affect who I am
You might hurt me and the scars
May remain in my heart a while.

I’m not here for your pleasure
I’m not here for your pain
I’m here because I have to be
For reasons I cannot recall, I want to be

I am human and fallible
But I am also soul
And if given a chance
You’d see nothing but love in me

I cannot hate
I will not wish ill
I won’t ever get even
I’ll walk away shaking my head

At the heart of me
I’ll feel the real pain inside you
And despite your words
I’ll still wish I could help

But I’ll step aside
As you throw each blow
That only serves
To expose your true weakness

Save your energy for yourself love
Save your energy for healing
And then you’ll find love
The real thing that matters