Saturday, February 6, 2016


So many people in this world want to save people from themselves.  This is an honorable intention, no doubt.  But what if we realized that suffering was truly optional and that our intention to save people from themselves would actually result in robbing others from an experience they are choosing to experience?  What if instead, we took a look at our own desire to save and understand what is truly at the core of that desire?  What if we truly got very curious and asked ourselves about the belief or judgments we may be unconsciously holding that might cause us to want to play the hero?

Playing any role is fine, so understand that I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble or to come off as lacking compassion.  I’ve just learned lately to see things differently.  So, I’ve written before about Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion.  Of the three, I would always choose compassion.  Compassion allows everyone and everything to be as they are or as it is, without requiring change; without judgment of good or bad.  Compassion just loves and allows, it seeks understanding, it knows with full awareness that there is nothing really wrong with anything.

That might be a huge stretch for many to grasp and that is okay.  I might even take some heat for these thoughts by those who might judge me callous.  I’d say, okay, if that is how you wish to see me through your own psychological filters, fine.  It changes nothing in my world, it does not change my love for humanity or the compassion I hold for all in my soul.  What it would do is help me understand better all the thoughts and feelings of my fellow human beings.  It is okay to feel and to have emotion.  It is all just an experience.  All experience is on the same continuum and only differs by the various degrees with which an experience is perceived by the wonderful individuals who perceive.

You see, part of what makes this world and humanity so amazing is the varied perceptions of the whole.  These perspectives are the mosaic of the projection of life as we know it.  If you pull out pieces of the mosaic indicating that the mosaic is incomplete because this piece or that displeases you or brings you discomfort, you could be missing the point of the entirety of the picture.  It’s okay because even that is perfect no matter how imperfect or perfect it might be perceived by some.  Everything is okay as it is.  Do what you must or what you feel compelled to do but if you want real growth in life, you first must desire to understand your own motivation.  For understanding the self, leads to understanding of the whole of humanity, of existence, of life in its true state of perfect projection.

So, what do you want to do today?  Do it with all of your heart.  Be as authentically you as you can and realize that not everything is precisely as it seems.  This understanding creates great compassion.  The more loving of self and authentic you become in your quest within, the more you realize not one soul is alone here, all suffer to some degree and you may even come to understand and appreciate your own suffering as more than some infinitely uncomfortable experience or bad hand in life.  You may come to understand your own beauty and perfection and then view all of humanity through this new and truly divine filter you have created in your curious investigations.

Just some food for thought.  

© 2016 Jaie Hart (photo/words)