Friday, July 6, 2012

No Other Way

There are times in life where you may be called to do one of the hardest things in life there is to do.  That one thing is so hard and the thought may seem to tear at your soul but because of love, you will do it.  Sometimes we must let those we love the most walk away from us.  Regardless of their reasoning and no matter how much you wish to hold them right where they are, you must let them go because they wish it and if you truly love them, you will ultimately want their happiness and then so, you take a deep breath, muster all the strength and courage within you and then let go watching them go one step at a time.  Their absence may seem to leave a vacuum inside of your heart where it feels like the light of love will never shine ever again but know this is a very temporary separation of combined energies.  In fact, this loving act of letting go will in time fill you with peace and serenity as the pain of the moment thins and fades and then as the hours that are minutes pick up in speed, a healing light of inner love will wash over you and you will find the light in your own action.  You will understand, if you open to understanding, that love never dies, love never leaves and that love is truly one amazing and indestructible force in this universe.  If you cannot come to this kind of understanding, it was never love that you felt for the other, but something else.  Even this can be a blessing in disguise...a puzzle for you to attempt to put together in order to restore yourself to loving wholeness.  Live and let live.  Love and let go in love if need be.  Life is ever changing - ever unfolding and all things happen for very good and valid reason even when you are unable to see.  Time and self-love can heal all wounds truly.  Love unconditionally - there is no other way. ~Be blessed dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (I do not hold the copyright to this painting and do not know who does but I founding it moving and so very beautiful).

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