Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forgiveness is NOT Equal to Reconciliation

Forgiveness is not equivalent to reconciliation. A soul can ask for forgiveness and it is wise from a soul perspective to always give it but the forgiven soul should not expect that forgiveness equals reconciliation. If a soul really wants reconciliation, they might consider asking for it and then be prepared to respectfully accept "NO" in terms of reconciliation.  I look at it this way. If I stick my hand in the fire and get burned, I can forgive the flame for doing what it does and for being what it is -- too hot to leave my skin in tact and I can even appreciate and respect the flame for it's purpose here on Earth wishing it everlasting light and life with no ill intent.  

I can forgive myself for sticking my hand in the flame if I want but if I don't like my skin burned, I am under no obligation with my forgiveness to decide to keep my hand in the flame and suffer burning skin forever more or demanding the flame to change in a way that it won't burn my skin.  The latter would simply be a fruitless endeavor.  After all, a flame is a flame and will burn as it burns. That is what it does even as it gives off light.  In the flame example, it is also important to note that if I cannot reconcile my goal of sticking my hand in the fire and not getting burned, I need to remember that fire burns so I don't do it again.

Consider always forgiving to ease your soul and another's but do use discernment on what is safe for you in terms of reconciliation. If you do not wish to reconcile and someone calls you unforgiving, hand them a dictionary and have them look up the two separate  and very different definitions!  Also realize reconciliation is a choice that is yours to accept or not to accept as you desire.
Here are those definitions in case you wondered:
v. for·gave, for·giv·en , for·giv·ing, for·gives
1. To excuse for a fault or an offense; pardon.
2. To renounce anger or resentment against.
3. To absolve from payment of (a debt, for example).

v. rec·on·ciled, rec·on·cil·ing, rec·on·ciles
1. To reestablish a close relationship between.
2. To settle or resolve.
3. To bring (oneself) to accept: He finally reconciled himself to the change in management.
4. To make compatible or consistent: reconcile my way of thinking with yours. See Synonyms at adapt.

See?  Not the same.

Some truly well-intentioned souls might say that you haven't truly forgiven unless you have also forgotten and then reconciled.  Those who would say such a thing either do not understand the difference or may have an entirely different agenda where your desires and feelings are entirely inconsequential to them.   However, using the above example, forgiveness is easy but forgetting and reconciling anything other than fire is hot and I don't care for burns would simply be entirely unacceptable for my well being.  There is no judgment of bad or good involved.  There is discernment and then action consistent concerning desired outcomes.  Put another way, do most definitely forgive and forgive with all of your heart so that you no longer carry the burden of toxic anger and pain of lacking forgiveness.  Remember that to forget may be unwise less the same perceived transgression be repeated.  If that transgression involves physical, emotional, financial or other harm to your person or belongings; to forget may be wholly unwise.  To reconcile is a matter entirely up to you if you deem it wise, safe and appropriate.  The only person likely to judge you and judge you harshly for forgiving and choosing not to reconcile will likely only be the transgressor and anyone else the individual can convince of a one-sided story.  So in the end, why would you even care?  Cut your losses.  Forgive and remember all that you have learned, reserve judgment, use discernment and if necessary set boundaries and hold to them.  Just food for thought.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Light Moments of Bliss

I watched a satelite crawl across the sky tonight and I let my consciousness go with it. I drifted on a sea of stars amazed at the view below. So many hurrying about with something important to do or some place to go. Not me, I've got no place to go and that thought thrills me to no end in this moment, this rare precious moment of pure light, peace and bliss. The journey of life can be a challenge and one that takes all of your mental faculties and energy to manage. Some days we do well and some days we don't. In the end, however, it truly is the thought that counts and what, in fact, you've done with those thoughts.

Restless to soar, I let those thoughts go. I'm off to traverse the milkyway and watch the starlight from the myriad of galaxies I have to choose from. Or, maybe I'll chose not to expand but rather go within for a time. I have many things to ponder just now about life and love and everything in between. My head tingles at the thought of processing life lessons. There is beauty and magic to be had in experience here in the Earth school. Its not so serious although it can seem infinitely so at times. I laugh as I think about it. It's my dream any way so I think I'm going to rearrange a few things. I'll not share it as the warrior of light must keep a piece of his dreams to himself as the energy is most appropriately needed to manifest said dream. (Thanks Mr. Coelho for that juicy bit of wisdom). I like it so shall make it my own.

Oh if I could tell you the joy of this moment. You'd not believe how I got here. It wasn't easy. In fact, it was damn hard. But, worth was...every breath, every step, every dream, every memory from every life until this very moment. As I think back I see the glow of love and how it permeates everything in existence. You may think I've snapped a bit and perhaps I have but it makes no difference to me. I'm free. My thouhts are free. My love flows free. My light is free. I'm grateful to me and to the dear sweet treasures of light beings who were some how able to make me see. Thank you for that dear ones...from the center of my soul, I love you so.

Don't worry so much about the drama that plays for you in this dream of life.  Yes, there are wicked and evil things and seemingly, people to contend with in this world and at some point in your lives you will have to face it or them. But, you have everything you need and the grace from Source directly to help you make your help you make sense of it all one day. All you have to do is show up fully present and wholly accountable in your own life to get there.  Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers and much love and light.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You'll Always Have You

We speak too much
Because we cannot stand
To face ourselves
The secret self that lives on the inside

We run
But we cannot really hide
From the reality
And totality of who we really are

We search
The world outside ourselves
To find the answers
That only ever lie within

Our search
Brings us home empty
Disheartened, lost
Until we find that spark inside

If we pay attention
It’s that spark
That peels away the layers
Of all that is illusive and unreal in this world

Take the time
To know yourself
To love yourself
And trust yourself

Don’t fear the silence
Don’t ever fear the stillness
No matter what you think you do not have
You’ll always have you

(Photo/words - copyright Jaie Hart, 2009)

Creating False Idols

What is it that you crave to the point you make yourself crazy?  Are you obsessed with a person, places or things?  Do you feel you would only be okay if you had these things?  Do you wish to destroy or harm those you think keep you from it?  Did you know these are mere symptoms of creating false idols and your sheer dependence on the outside world to save you?  Did you know that nothing in the outside world can ever save you from such designs and having them merely commands your spirit into a very negative and dire state of pain and suffering?  Do you like living in this state?

If the answer is no, you will need to learn to free yourself and you can do so with real thought and real love that comes from nowhere but deep within the heart of you.  To find this space and this peace within, you must learn and know truly that you possess all you ever need to be happy and feel loved.  You must know that you are good enough and deserving to give that to yourself without interfering with another soul in existence.  Creating false idols and your obsession with them will only ever bring you pain, deep heart-wrenching, soul twisting pain.  No one and no thing in this world is accountable for your happiness and your love but you.  If you are miserable, you are chosing this state.  Rather than blame, get to the heart of the real reason why.  What within you feels you deserve to suffer, you deserve pain and misery?  Why would you not put your faith and trust in yourself to rescue you rather than discount yourself by thinking it is the responsibility of another, a situation or a thing to save you?  Even should you gain that one thing, that one person or that one situation, did you know it would never bring you happiness?  In fact, when you obtain the object of your ill-affection you would ultimately seek to destroy it due to the fact that it did not live up to your fantasy of rescue.  So then, the creation of idols is the source of your downfall and the one thing in this world that will ensure your misery.  You can choose otherwise.  You can choose other thoughts.  You can choose to stop the obsession along with the victim-blame mentality for your own inability to save yourself.

It's not easy to get there and it requires your willingness to put down your own ego and let long-standing wounds heal, forever.  It requires that you dive into the heart of the painful thoughts only you have the power to create and reinforce.  It requires that you see, truly see your own hand in your undoing time and time again in your life.  It requires that you step back from your hatred with everyone and everything that has ever harmed you and learn to forgive yourself for allowing it to happen and then finding, eventually, forgiveness of others for doing the only things they knew how to do.

It's a worthy endeavor to travel inward with courage and love and know that you are the master of your destiny and you need bend no one's will to save you or to make you whole.  Your miserable state of existence is caused, in fact, by your own decisions and thoughts...that is what you take accountability for -- your own thoughts...not the behavior of others.  People will do hurtful things but if we hold them in contempt forever, we continue hurting ourselves with their words and their actions the rest of our lives.  It is necessary to understand this if you wish to grow beyond a life of misery and emotional pain.  You can reach beyond such a state and many before you have as they become ever more aware of the true human condition.

Do not blame yourself or anyone for the state you currently find yourself in.  Accept that it is the culmination of your efforts and your thoughts and know that you have the power to change cannot change another.  You can bully and manipulate people to do what you want them to do but such behavior just exhibits for the world the sick state of your mind.  You can heal it if you allow it to be so.  It is your choice to think and feel as you do in your miserable state.  However, you can stand up and leave that behind any time you choose by finding your self-love and relinquishing pain's urges to create false idols to save you.  May you find infinite love and light on your journey.  May you find compassion and love for yourself and others.  May you find the beautiful ability to remove the blinds of sadness, not good-enough and pain from your own vision.  Create love within you instead of false idols and you will be free.  Blessings dear souls.

(photo is a random internet find I do not hold the copyright to)

Food for Thought: What Are We Creating?

 Whatever it is that we hate or disparage with so much negative energy, we become.  How is that an answer?  If we hate oppression, the goal should not be retaliation with the same behavior.  When someone hurts us, our focus should not be to hurt them.  When someone takes something from us, our focus should not be to take something from "them."  In such actions and with such thoughts we become the object of our dis-affection.  What we really need is to disinfect our minds from thoughts of less-than, greater-than and lack.  There is so much in this world that exists and beautifully so. But if you only ever focus on those causing harm, what does it get you?  If you want to make a difference, focus on lifting people up,  focus on eradicating hunger or abuse and focus on connection with your inner love inside and shining the beautiful and positive energy of that out into this world.  We can make a difference all right but I cannot help but wonder if we're seeing the truth.  Our own hatred obscures the real reality because we need to believe in common villains.  But here's the thing, we created this...all of this.  If we engage with our own creations with hatred and violence, are we not really telling ourselves how much we hold ourselves in disrespect and condemnation?  There is by far too much negative judgement in this world and not enough positive discernment in what we allow ourselves to think and subsequently, feel.   What we focus on, we create.  The emotions we feel deepest within the heart of us is what we manifest.  Can we move away from the state of victims and villains, blame and retaliation?  Please?  Did you know the quality of your life depends on finding your way to love and expressing that in this world?  Food for thought dear souls.  Much love and infinite light for you all this day and every day!  Higher love is coming now!

(Photo is a random internet find I do not own the copyright to)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mirrors and Shadows

Mirrors and shadows abound
What do your reflections hold for you?
Do shadowy images make you fearful?
Does embracing your light make your more so?
Have you ever stopped to consider why?
Some fearful lesson has constricted your breathing
And so there you hold yourself for eternity
It is unreal, you know
An illusion created with your own mind
Whatever is happening may in fact be happening
But the source is illusion
You called it to you
Because you wanted to understand you
When shadows fall be courageous
You always have a light inside
And if you allow it
It will clear your path of illusion
Illuminate your unknowing mind
And rest you peacefully in this world
More self-assured of your path and your destiny
Remember that mirrors do refelct
But they also distort
Do not use them to confirm nor dispell anything
Observe and only hold awareness of the reflections
You are greater than you realize
Step back and let it be so

(c) October 2011, Jaie Hart (photo random internet find)


Changing of the Guard

Life isn't always blue skies and sunshine.  Sometimes no matter what you do, things outside of your control will seem to go horribly wrong or people you thought you could count on will separate from you.  Do not be disheartened and never believe you are being punished.  We are constantly learning in this life and when you begin to understand your lessons a little better, a shift occurs within you and in order to keep the right kind of lessons coming, there may be a "changing of the guard" concerning situations and people around you.  Don't become fearful because that only prologns the agony.  Don't become angry and change resistant because that too will only prolong your discomfort.  The easiest way to approach change of this nature is through peaceful acceptance and understanding.  Your lessons don't come from the outside world as you think they do.  They are coming from inside of you so to become angry and resistant is like becoming angry with and resistant to yourself.  The emotion will seem so very real as the scenes and actors do their parts. But take heart knowing it's all your creation.  All things have polar opposites so also stay centered and grounded when the amazingly good things happen in your life as well.  They too are your creations; your reflections.  Stand still, observe and breathe your way through change from a passive and peaceful perspective.  In this way, the changes will come in and go out more cleanly leaving you less emotional and more ready to face the things that you must.  Remember always your inner light...that light of love always shines within you.  If you must grab hold of anything to get you through, grab hold of that and just breathe. Giving more credence to anything in the outside world over what is within you will never make you whole.  Only you have the power to do that from within you.  Be brave, be courageous and be love!  Blessings dear souls!

(photo is a random internet find. I do not own the copyright)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Victims and Villains

In this world, no one is more justified in bad behavior than the victims and villains. The villains having suffered tragedy, trauma and deep, dark unhealed pain are justified in their acts of anger and agression on the unsuspecting. The victims, also having suffered tragedy, trauma and deep, dark pain are justified in their acts of vile vengeance. And, so it goes...each trapped in this horrible prison of no love and no light and they willingly go through the actions again and again looking for that moment of sucess that makes them feel good. It is a tragic act to witness. What's even more tragic is that the only seeming way out, forgiveness, seems like at fate much worse than death. They can hear the words but cannot let go of their justification for pain and creating more of the same. It is a vicious cycle and circle that will repeat until one or the other can find the courage to step outside the lines drawn, seek to understand the pain both felt and inflicted and learn to see their own hands in their own undoing. Forgiving a villain is a heinous unacceptable thought to a victim and I understand this so would never suggest someone start there. To make the shift one must learn to find a way to accept accountability for choosing reactions, emotions and embracing pain. It's hard to believe that is a choice, but the aware know this is true. The only way back into the light is to seemingly give up the ego's fight to be right and maintain its justification and plunge headlong into the abyss of darkness...letting go. Within the darkness there is peace, no motion, space to feel and breathe, cry and grieve. It is like the caterpillar who weaves a cocoon around himself to prepare for a new body and flight.

The steps are not easy to take but diving into the emotion, that is the key to freedom...diving in and yet taking no action other than to "see the truth" or understand what is really happening. When one can see the wars for energy at any cost, one one can see that the saving of face dispells any form of grace that may be held to pull you through...that's when progress can begin. So, looking back - how did this happen to me from the perspective of self-action only...forgetting about what the villain did and intenly searching for choices made that lead to a state of victimization is what we need. Once we can isolate our own actions that lead to a fall or a state of becomming a victim, we can see the errors of our ways and know definitively that errors are okay. They don't take away from you. In fact, the act of seeing your own errors brings growth and you're still a beautiful and amazing soul if you've made mistakes. When the realization dawns that you are not bad, unlucky or singled out to become a victim in anyone's mind but your own, you can see that you are no victim at all and you can begin to forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know and be glad that know you do know.

Moving a few steps further ahead, you might wonder about the villain. Did you know that a villain is only a victim too? This does not excuse bad behavior and bad behavior should be stopped for many reasons. Not because it hurts and creates more victims but each act carried out by a villain further reinforces his or her own victimhood. Every attack we engage in pushes us further and further from the light of our own self-love. We victimize ourselves in this regard without ever even considering we hold that much power. But, we do. We just need to be willing to step out of the shadows of the roles we created to learn long enough to fully comprehend the verses and lines well rehearsed to lock us into our own prisons.

To see the truth, one must find their center, their courage, strength and love. This is not easy for those living a life where they have become victimized. But, it is not impossible and I tell you from first hand experience. When in a victimized state of thinking there is never any shortage of events or people to continue the abuse. And we join in that with our own unloving thoughts. But, when you can understand the villain is a victim and you know they are already in a very dark and unholy place with their thoughts, adding to that with further action that will only provide you with fleeting feelings of victory replaced continually by more emptiness, you learn to step back and just understand. You learn to side step the attacks of the victim because you see the core of their actions and you learn how easy it is to side step the blows and move to a state of understanding and compassion while holding enough self-love to protect yourself...not defend and continue to engage but rather a letting go with thoughts.

There is a lot to consider in these words and no one knows more than I how repulsive they might be taken by a victim with fresh wounds. I too had to hear these words once. For whatever reason, I took them to heart and I found forgiveness for myself and all the villains in the world. I now know they are victims too. I know that when I step outside of that prison, I can help free myself and them to move on to greater learning (and pray that it comes along with love and forgiveness). It is a matter of choice between living in twisted anxious conflict and living in peace, light and love. We have the power to make such choices. Love yourselves first and foremost and learn that for every problem, there is a positive solution...for every puzzle that life leaves on your path, there are ways to solve them. Those ways are not in the outside world. The answers are within us all. We need only learn to try on some new and different thinking and find a way to feel and love ourselves through it. It can be done, I pray it is done quickly for all trapped in this very dramatic and painful part of the dream.  Just remember that villains create victims and victims become villains.  Disengage.  Love yourself.  It's possible to heal and become whole again.  Blessings dear souls.