Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stay Centered

Sunny day, warm desert breeze and here I am walking barefoot in the clover.  It’s a beautiful day today…much like every day.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is, it doesn’t matter the things you seem to struggle with, every day alive is a beautiful day.  We get so caught up sometimes in the silly things that don’t really matter all that much.  When we grow weary and tired, we allow ourselves to get caught up in trivial things that don’t really bring your life much purpose.  I’m talking mostly of those times when the ego gets you pulled into unworthy battles.
We’re all guilty of it at different points in our lives and for different reasons but I think the challenge is and always will be returning to soul consciousness and seeing every situation through the eyes of love.  Only then can we find a true solution and resolve conflicting emotions.  There is so much going on in our lives all the time and in order to make sure we can stay in touch with our souls, there is one thing we really must learn to do…return to nature in some way.  For those in the city, take a walk in the park or cultivate house plants and potted flowers.  For those in suburban areas, go find a place to walk and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings…even neighborhood streets and trees can bring you comfort and those in rural areas…step outside and take a deep breath!  No matter where you are you can connect with nature in some way.
It’s important to stay grounded in life with so many crazy things we have to contend with but its so important to slow down, choose to stop the chaotic thoughts and just breathe.  If you’re having a stressful day and go for a quick walk and focus on nothing but breathing in and breathing out, you’d be surprised at how much you can calm and center yourself.  Staying centered is key to remaining in a healthy psychological position…strong enough to deal with what life presents you with.  In happy times—stay centered.  In sad times—stay centered.  Don’t float away and yet, don’t level yourself too much.  Balance, calm, peace—being in the present without regret for the past or worry of the future can help bring you there.
I hope you have a great day…breathe, look up at the sky and smile just because you can.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Peaceful Journey

Sitting in the grass, eyes closed in the morning sunlight. I feel the warmth sinking in and hear the wind chimes again, haunting and beautiful melody in a cool sea breeze. My mind drifts away across the land to another place. A place I’d like to see and one day will. Then it floats gently back to days and words of recent past and I smile from somewhere so deep inside that it feels like magic. There are just moments like these when everything in life seems like a gift.

I spent the early morning hours at the coast…in my favorite spot…coffee in one hand; camera in the other. The swells were larger than life and I felt them inside, emotions so deep and peaceful and then the waves crested and crashed onto the shore so powerfully. I watched in awe as Mother Nature entertained me but she wasn’t done yet. A fleeting glance across the teal horizon brought me an amazing gift. ..a school of dolphins far out at sea. I watched them swim straight to the shore where I was quietly contemplating life. I was completely captivated by their graceful movement in the water and watched with happy tears as they played gently in the waves of the Pacific. They almost came all the way up to the break waters in front of me and there was one that leaped out of the water with a breaking wave. Good morning I thought! What a beautiful, magical and peaceful sight!

If you don’t take time out of your life for simple pleasures, life will pass you by and that’s not a good thing. There is so much beauty in this world to see if you’d only stop and look, wait, listen and enjoy. I’m grateful today for my little time out from the world. I’ve so much on my mind, burdens and worries, laughter and sweet emotion. It’s really a good place to be all in all but I needed this time out to collect my thoughts, become grounded again in nature and sit silently while she spoke to me in colors, in the breeze and wonderful sunlight.

I hope you have a peaceful day, weekend and life. Do something wonderful for you just because you can. I hope you reap the joy of a random act of kindness given or received today. Be well and happy on your journey!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Faith, Trust and Fear

Standing in the dark…watching pale blue turn indigo and all at once, the stars seem to flick on.  It’s a perfectly cool evening in my little corner of the world and I have many things on my mind.  I like to sit outside with my lap top sometimes because its so peaceful.  My wind chimes, again…that beautiful haunting tune, people in cars rushing to some unknown destination, dogs barking and a few birds taking one last flight before the light is complete consumed by the dark.
I’m contemplative tonight.  I’m thinking about the world and people near and far.  I’m thinking about old friends and new friends.  I’m thinking about words we toss around so much like faith, love and trust.  This world presents us with a limitless volume of opportunities to learn something really good but how often are we just not paying attention?  I look back sometimes just to see if I’ve come as far as I set out to right before I begin any new journey.  I always seem so surprised looking back and seeing the things I missed and then in that instant, reality dawns on a somewhat sleeping mind…I got it!  I just got that lesson!  I love when that happens. 
I won’t dive into love tonight.  I’ll save that one for another time but I will say I’m learning the true meaning of that word every corner I turn and every step that I take on my journey.  That is a very good feeling.  Tonight I wanted to focus on faith and trust and maybe, just maybe touch upon fear a little bit.  Whenever we start something new, we start to think of those words…faith, trust and fear.  How much faith do we really have in us…how much trust do we really have in the plan that is our life and how much will we really let fear hold us back?  The answers are different for each of us but we should think about these things.  They really are important in ways you might not in this moment understand.  But I’ll leave you with some of my thoughts on these as they apply specifically to me right now.
1.        Trust until you can trust no more – I have plenty of reasons not to trust anyone or anything and if I hold onto that sentiment, all around me will seem untrustworthy.  I can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I trust.  That’s that!
2.       Always have faith in yourself—I have plenty of reasons to doubt my faith in my own abilities and if I hold onto that sentiment, all around me will leave me with nothing but doubt.  I can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I have faith in me and faith in the plan that is my life.
3.       Fear is just another opportunity to show courage—I have every reason to be fearful right now and if I hold onto myself, no telling what kind of nightmares might show up on my path to prove my fear right.  But, I just can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I am unafraid to be on the path I am on…I’m at the crossroads of a beautiful new journey and I take each step without fear just because I can.
So, all of these things are so relevant in my life just now but I am not afraid, I do trust and I’ve not only got faith in myself and my Maker, I’ve got faith in love…from both within and without.  That’s enough for now.  I hope you’re having a peaceful rest from your journey this evening.  Be peaceful.  Sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Through the Eyes of Love

There are just some things in life that are indescribable, that don’t make sense and no matter how hard you try, you cannot analyze, synthesize or articulate a feeling. I’ve run across such a strong series of emotional energies for the last month. I have no doubt there are intense planetary influences ongoing but this is above and beyond the norm. What to make of it? I don’t know and I cannot get into specifics. But that’s why I write just now. Sometimes we are not supposed to understand and we have to take a lot on faith that the things that occur around us are ultimately intended for our higher good no matter how much we cannot see even an inkling of that.

The only thing I know right now is that I am surrounded by beautiful souls that I love so very much and that feeling is almost beyond words and to try to commit the words to black and white might take something away from the sentiment. Its strange but for all the work I’ve done, for all the hard won lessons and pain, I have been greatly rewarded. At times that has been so very hard to see but I see it now and it means the world to me. So, tonight I write of simple gratitude for every living thing there is right now at this time. In this moment, for the first time in a very long time I see only love. In this moment, I feel only love. When I awaken in the morning I pray this feeling does not leave me. At some level I think this is how life and the world was meant to be viewed.

I feel like I have wandered lost for so long. Making progress, taking strides, always and ever trying to hold to higher ground no matter how slippery the slope seemed….it means something. Not as a sense of accomplishment but more like being in the zone, the only real zone there is…that space where everything flows, energy is fresh, the air is electric and the skies amazing. This feeling is apparently not so indescribable even if the words don’t give it justice.

The Earth is a tough playground at times folks. That much I do know. But if you can change your frame of reference, look at the beautiful vistas of your life from a new vantage point the discoveries can be overwhelming. Something simple as self-creation, thoughts becoming reality…it’s beyond amazing. This world does not have to be an angry and ugly world. It’s all a matter of what you choose to focus on. Shift your view, blur your former vision and seek to see in a new light, through the eyes of love with everyone and everything and you will know for the first times in your lives what peace is supposed to feel like…what joy is supposed to feel like and what happiness is supposed to feel like. I want that for all of you, truly I do but it’s a journey you each must take in your own way. Don’t worry…there are many guides standing at the ready to help lead you where you most need to go as you make your way through life.

Forgive me my rant this evening. My cup runneth over I guess you could say and I wanted to share some thoughts and perspectives with you. I pray this night finds you well, rested and at peace. Even more so, I hope your tomorrow is filled with light and love.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dichotomy, Conflict and Healing

It’s interesting to me to think about the conflict that exists in the world, between nations, between families and even that conflict inherent within us all.  As I sit outside and watch the sunrise yet again, feeling both peace and turmoil, I can’t but wonder about it’s purpose.  To me, it seems, that we were born torn and conflicted.  We have an ego that strives only to be heard—me, me, me and then we have soul consciousness that is all about relating, love and true inner peace.  We have both inside of us and externally.  But, what to do about it?

I’m not sure I have any answers.  The deeper I dig into this topic, it seems the more questions I come up with.  A lot of meditative practice seeks to disconnect the mind or the ego, if you will, in order to bring about a great sense of peace and well being.  We must disconnect the mind in order to reconnect with the soul.  I do not like to see one as better than the other.  I think our Maker gave us both to contend with for a good reason.  If we’re always seeking to better ourselves some good can come of that…well, unless too much environmental psychology has stepped in and warped any chance at a healthy perspective.  But, our perspectives can be changed I have found.  It takes only a willingness to consider something different.

So, while I don’t have any definitive answers, I know what works for me.  When my mind seems in dire conflict with my soul, I know my ego is wrong.  I know my ego has become fearful and wounded and I must decide to let go of whatever pain it holds and in such moments I need to connect more with my soul.  It’s not all that easy on some days but I find ways that bring me there very quickly.  When I am out in nature and my experience is on growth, the cycles of birth and death in plant life and I’m witness to the sounds of nature, the deep hum of life that sings in beautiful tones, I find I am free.  When I see beauty in a flower, I can feel my soul and my ego has no need to debate what I see.  When I see the beauty in a child, I can feel my own inner child and amazingly my ego has no need to debate what I see.  When I look up at a cerulean sky with huge white cotton ball clouds, I feel a peace take over my soul and my ego has no need to debate what I see.  My most favorite, the night time sky—filled with twinkling stars—in such moments I feel very small and insignificant and my ego has no need to argue or debate, it is in harmony with my soul.

It is only when it comes to human relations that my ego is set off.  When I see the ugliness that comes from some souls, it is very difficult to see the behavior as pain and fear that should be understood and not battled with that I become very conflicted.  My own development creates a reaction first that if I am not careful to consider my own thoughts, I might make decisions that contribute to the pain of others and when I engage in such behavior, I know I only contribute to my own pain.  So, I try hard to circumvent the natural reactions of the ego and instead make a choice of non-reaction but that doesn’t mean I don’t still hurt when someone tries to hurt me.  It’s that deep seated fear that maybe someone else is right.  It’s pain that somewhere I overlooked that causes me to react at all.  In such moments, I realize I need to let go of the interaction, separate from it and create a space of love that will allow people to be who they are, accept myself for who I am—pains and all and decide to choose a different response, one of love and understanding while I work through my own pain.  The last thing in this world I would wish to do is bring more pain into it. I would rather focus inside, sit deep within the seat of my own soul and strive to let go of my own pain, fear and doubt so that I can heal.  If I can heal my own pain and choose not to bring any more into this world, would I not create some sort of healing in the realm of my own existence?  I’m not sure but the alternatives are just not something I can bear.  I do not want to be part of a world where revenge and inflicting pain reigns supreme. 

I slept uncomfortably with such thoughts as I drifted off to dream last night.  The universe seemingly sending me back to review the past again and again.  As if I’ve not looked already so much that I can remember even those things I should have forgotten and yet still the reminders come…the only thing I can think of is there are places within where I have not shown myself forgiveness for not seeing things coming, for choosing a low road when I had the chance to take a higher one and for being too trusting and gullible and helpless when I could have chosen otherwise.  But I forgive those things right here and right now because I do not want to bring this world any more pain than it already carries.  I don’t know how this all works but I know these truths:  As above so below, as within so without…fear and love cannot co-exist and healing is a choice we make.

Whatever pain you carry in your hearts and minds, I wish you this:  As you read these words, I pray that you choose healing, I pray that you choose love and I pray that you’ll walk in the light of the sunshine forever.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep Walking

The morning air carries a bit of a chill. It seems out of sync with all of the birds sweetly singing the sun awake. The sky holds pale inspiration in blues and pinks as the sun makes her silent ascent. The bare naked trees are already beginning to bring forth new life as we near the brink of Spring time. This Winter was a long and cold one but it brought much learning and awareness. The world can seem a sinister place sometimes but in such moments, I call to mind the beauty of the morning and welcome the thoughts of a brand new day.

Negative things do happen in life. Things that seem to squeeze you so hard it feels like your breath is being taken away. But during such times, your strength is merely being tested. You’re being coaxed actually not to surrender, give in or give up but to stand taller, square your shoulders and meet whatever adversity finds it way to you with positive thoughts and intentions to overcome. There are some in the world that may seek to deter you from your path. When you find yourself at that part of the journey, it’s time to consider carefully whether you are truly on the right path and if you are, keep going even if the winds speed intensely at you, if a deluge seems to surround you and just keep taking step after step knowing with all of your heart and your soul that the storm will pass and again you will walk in the sunlight.

Drink in as much beauty as you can where ever you can. It’s that beauty and that immense feeling of pleasure that will carry you when dark seeming times bring storm clouds covering your every move. Be strong and courageous and never give up your dreams. Always and ever strive to see them through in a positive light…even it if seems you are making no headway. Set your intent and do not be deterred…just make sure your steps follow the right path, a healthy path, a good path and all will be well.

For those who would see you deterred out of fear, do not hold them in harsh judgment or angry thoughts. It is those same souls that spawn creativity within you provided you do not sink to their level of inflicting pain. Others may attempt to derail you and drive doubt deep into your heart for their own pleasure at your pain. Think nothing of them. Acknowledge the truth of where their misguided efforts come from and trust your God, Goddess, Maker or Creator to remove them from your path gently so you can proceed as you were meant to.

Each soul has a journey to make here incarnate. They can choose to remain in the dream or to awaken. It’s not your job to become their guru. Acknowledge them and just keep walking. There are times you must leave others to decide for themselves whether they will do the right thing or whether they will remain mired in deep and dark illusion. So, I say, go on and keep walking and know your journey will be fruitful. Follow the path of light and love and the Universe will bring you much success. Many blessings to you all. The Journey is the Destination!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I watched the sun set tonight.  The sky was pale peach, pink and blue.  The breeze was blowing through the palm trees.  When I closed my eyes it sounded just like a waterfall.  It sounded so beautiful and it felt so soothing.  The weight of this world can seem sometimes like such a burden to carry and while I do not mean to wax religious on you (as I am never that) you can turn your worries over to the Big Guy upstairs (or insert your choice of divine entity here).  Whether you believe or you don’t, the concept is simple:  What does worry ever accomplish?  You guessed it, nothing but adding to ulcers, sleepless nights, over-eating, over-indulging and many other unhealthy activities and states of mind.  So, the trick is to get yourself out into nature if only for just a few moments.  Sit quietly, close your eyes and drink in the delicious sounds.  Who cares if you are in the city, close your eyes and pretend you’re in a lush green canopied forest, imagine the breeze blowing through the palms or the leaves on trees is trickling water, a meandering stream with a beautiful waterfall, imagine voices as birds singing in the sky and the hum could be the breathing of the Earth.

We cannot sustain multi-tasking for long.  We are not machines.  It is so important that you always nourish your soul.  Believe it or not, we were never meant to spend so much time away from nature, away from our roots and away from this land that we connect with.  Sometimes technology is such a gift (one I appreciate as I sit here quietly on my patio typing on a lap top computer) but it can lead us to do too much and sacrifice ourselves in the process.  It’s not bad to dive into technology.  What’s bad is forgetting that you are connected to the Earth and to each other as you take each step on the path that is your life.

I breathe in deep always at the last glimpses of fading sunlight light.  It’s like my soul is thirsty for something delicious and in such moments I find my thirst sated.  It doesn’t take much to find the beautiful gentleness to fill your soul but it is made all the sweeter if you treat it as a special gift you give to yourself and a gift you give with all the love in the world!

I hope you have a beautiful night.  Sleep well, breathe deep, sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

I stepped outside tonight and looked up at the stars. They are the same stars that have been there forever and ever. Life changes here day in and day out, people come and people go and still the sky remains unchanged for the most part. It’s cold out tonight and I can still see the remnants of tonight’s sunset as the few clouds in the sky are etched in fiery light. I’m reminded of so much tonight—hopes, dreams and even loss and disappointment. No matter where we go or where we are, the days go by, the sky grows dark, the stars come out. We go to sleep and dream new dreams, wake up to the sun and do it all over again.

Tonight I’m feeling a little empty. Like a little sadness from another time or another life has risen to the surface for some reason. I’ll acknowledge it here just for a moment and then release it and all associated with it and tonight I’ll say good night to the stars and I’ll go to sleep and dream new dreams and when tomorrow comes, I’ll wake up and find the sun. I’ll smile at leaving empty thoughts and dreams behind and begin a new adventure as I do every day. I’ve got my thoughts to own and create in the positive for the many things I wish drawn to me.

But before then I wish to send up some prayer smoke…into the night for those tired and weary souls who have become so lost on this journey that they feed off of the innocent, they lie and hurt people like it means nothing. It brings me great pain to know how much of that exists in the world. People who hurt --hurt so revenge just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I guess that’s why tonight my prayers go up for the misguided souls that walk this earth wounded, they walk this earth ruthless and even subtly creating a heavy wake of pain and they think nothing of themselves so cannot hold others in any level of normal regard. That, my friends, is the real tragedy. My prayers go up and out for healing for the perpetrators, healing for those that the wounded have wounded and my prayers go up and out further that the light workers that now walk the earth will increase in number so a greater difference can be made now.

In my prayers also are all of you who find your way to this article. As you read the words know that somewhere someone loves you, wishes they could see you, be there for you, heal you and see your dreams come true. Those thoughts just for you, blended with your own to see your dreams come true really can bring you happiness. Believe. Never give up hope. Always look for the sun.
I wish you many blessings and that all love possible manifests in your reality now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life is Amazing

Life is an incredible journey -- no matter what happens and believe me, stuff happens.  Sometimes the things that happen seem really good and sometimes they can seem really bad.  Sometimes the things that happen are informative in that you learn something you didn’t know and sometimes the things that happen just plain hurt.  But, regardless, life is always and ever amazing.  Life goes on.  It’s best not to get too hung up on the seeming bad things that happen.  You never know what could be an amazing blessing in disguise.
I think the one thing that keeps me from going insane is the fact that no matter how many times you fall, you can decide to stay down OR you can pick yourself right back up, dust yourself off and keep on going.  I’ve dealt with a really incredible situation recently.   At first I was pained by the happenings of it.  I mean, I really could have chosen a very angry and hateful attitude.  I would have been justified.   But, for some reason I just couldn’t get angry, I couldn’t be mad and I guess, I just didn’t want to give the situation any more energy that might make it go on.   Sometimes things can disappoint you as can people but the thing is, your choices always remain your choices.  You always have your own power to call to you at any time you choose.  You do not have to give it away and you do not have to be fearful and angry.  You can just decide to let it go no matter how painful.
If you’re really positive and have faith in yourself, you’ll find yourself surrounded by loving people who will support you no matter what.  You just might need to speak up sometimes and say, “Hey, if you’ve got some time, I could really use your help.”  Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.  I’m very blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of beautiful sparkling light workers and life-long friends.  Because of these beautiful souls in my soul family, I’ve got a trusted network to rely upon if I should happen to do something stupid or run into something that seems challenging--like today.  If you don’t have this, I suggest you get busy building.  It is not hard.  Just love and allow yourself to be loved and the rest will come.
So, I’ve had a really rough day.  It was one of the hardest days that I have had in a very long time.  But I had decisions to make, realizations to come to and acceptance of decisions, thoughts and feelings that I held and obviously created.  Not any easy thing but sometimes when you’re walking down the street and you trip in a hole you weren’t watching for, it’s really easier to get up and say “my bad” and keep going instead of cursing at the hole or trying to get even with it.  The hole is what it is.  You, however, have awareness and can tap into it to keep yourself from falling where you shouldn’t.  Just don't get overly emotional about it...because you've already made a tough choice by then.
I hope you’re having a beautiful evening.