Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soul Tree

I had occasion to speak with my guardian angel not long ago.  Usually, I go visit him Elsewhere but this time, he came to visit me.  That was different.  So, it went something like this:

Me:  Deep in meditation just almost to that point I could escape my body...One more deep breath as I was about to let go and I stopped.  I felt an energy approach and so listened more acutely (eyes still closed).  My guardian angel had appeared accompanied by a few others right there in my bedroom.  I was shocked but smiled as I had not seen him on Earth before (at least not that I am aware of).  When I finally gained my senses, I spoke, "Fancy meeting you here.  Why are you here, I was just coming to see you."

"Well, just as you sometimes appreciate a change in venue, so do I," Aaron said with a smile.

"Of course, how silly of me I," I said with a giggle.  "I'm glad you are here.  I was just thinking about something and I wondered what thoughts you might be able to share with me on a certain topic."

"If I can, you know I will.  If I can't, I will give you some puzzling evasive answer you'll have to discern for yourself,
" He said with a smile.

"Okay, the question is this:  If we are perfect exactly as we are and our souls are all seeing and all knowing, then why on Earth are we here on Earth at all?  If we were truly all knowing, all seeing and there is no time with our souls...if a piece of our souls remains always and ever connected to Source which is the truth, the only truth, why would we ever need to experience life here in a very restrictive and dense body, with dense consciousness bound by gravity so dense we can hardly move?"

"Well, that's quite a question you've got there and one I don't think I'll have to go immediately for the evasive to fend you off and spin you thinking into yourself.  That one I think I can answer for you.  Consider life as a human child for a moment, you fix a scene in your mind, gather your friends to you and you play house, or hospital or school.  You know it isn't really real but you pretend for a while for the fun and experience of it. Children are such naturals at this because they know that life is just pretend.  In terms of the multiple connections and dimensions you referenced in your own way, everything is in different levels - you are not limited to a single incarnation, time or are you limited by linear time sequences.  Past lives only seem like past lives.  Your consciousness moves where ever its focus needs to be and is not limited by time or space.  What you call experiences are actually the fringe elements of your soul...your soul is your higher guide, your essence and the culmination of all of your experiences but your memories lie on the very edges of focus.  You cannot recall them all at once as you actually represent only one branch of a tree, if you will.  All of the branches of a tree are on the tree but each has a different experience.  Some branches are in the shade, some are reaching for the sun, some twist and turn into each other, some bear blossoms and fruit while some bare nothing at all...but all are part of the tree.  The tree's consciousness is aware of what happens at the level of the wholeness of it's being but the branches are the feelers that reach out with purpose and then they do what branches do.  If a branch really put effort into it and became aware of itself, it could aspire to become aware of its beingness in relation to the other branches, it could also become aware of the trunk, the roots, the rings, the air, the ground it is connected to and the environment it is interconnected to and dependent upon.  Does the picture start to become a little more clear," He asked.

"I suppose so and I get what you're saying.  We all stem from the tree - the tree being our soul...the environment is the space we exist within and the root system is the ether through which we tap into the Oneness of Source and the environment that supports us and Source.  But, the framework continues to grow from this very gross oversimplification for my limited understanding, doesn't it," I asked rhetorically.

"You are feeling more of the truth right now than you can find the words to express and this frustrates you.  I can see the colors around you shifting wild now between emerald green and amber from their normal blue and violet.  Am I right," Aaron asked.

"You know you are but I cannot articulate a single word just now.  Did you come just to riddle me into oblivion with metaphors or was their another reason that you came," I asked.

"You were doing something when I arrived that actually called us to you.  You were facing emotions as if you let loose the floodgates of a dammed up overdue body of water ready to flow.  But you were completely peaceful and were just watching the emotions and they all started to surface and yet you never flinched emotionally speaking.  You let them rise to the surface without attachment realizing a part of you understands everything even if the you that was in that moment experiencing could not see the whole.  You became an aware part of the tree, and that is what called us to you...smiling and so very happy for you.  We came to encourage you and to let you know we are here,"
Aaron said.

"Thank you dearest angel and your friends I can see but do not yet know.  I assume at some point they will materialize more clearly so that I can see them better...either that or I shall learn to open my vision to their vibration perhaps," I said feeling so happy.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blissful Soaring

What if the alignment of the stars, the energy, psychology, the weather and other people have nothing to do at all with what you face in your life right now? What would that mean to you if there was no one and nothing to blame for a particular predicament you may find yourself in? What then would you do? What then would you think? How then might you feel? Could you then stretch beyond limits and reason, expand and embrace what is just as it is? Do you know that if you can do this, you free yourselves from so much negativity in life? The objective is to transcend the lack of self-accountability and to take accountability by the heart of its essence, own it with every breath and step and then gracefully slip into a space of true love and freedom. You won’t understand if you never try or even attempt to understand that there is another way to approach life. There are greater things to strive for than blame, shame, guilt, manipulation or making others responsible for your misery. There are greater emotions in life than fear, anger, anxiety and frustration. Do you want to find them? Are you willing to reach for them? Good, then...stand in your own light dearest beautiful souls and set your intent to uncover the truth in your every endeavor. The effort to transcend life’s illusions is never ever a waste of your time. But it does take time and a willingness to see. So, see... believe... stretch... grow... shatter the illusions that only leave you blind, wounded, motionless and grounded. ~Blessings of higher love and greater understanding for blissful soaring.
(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find).