Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stand Up, Step Out

It is by far too easy to complain about your every experience. In so doing, you relegate yourself to a vast land of victims and villains. It's a scary and dark place dear ones and the more you look out from your beautiful eyes and see this and only this, you close yourself off from love. You are not trapped in this vast land by anything other than the prison of your own thoughts and the emotions you choose to attach to your thoughts. You can stand up at any moment, reach for the love inside, take accountability and responsibility for your life and it's experiences and watch hell disappear before your very eyes. You can then step out and make your way, step by step to the heaven of an existence where you reinforce your experience with belief in you, love for you and a better life for you. It takes time to understand this construct in this frame but if you are willing, there will be a way for you to get step and one loving breath at a time. You will always be guided and loved and you are never alone. ~Blessings of love and infinite light!

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