Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Pain Needs

Pain does not need a villain.  Although, those in pain readily seek one and there truly is no shortage of options in choosing one.  But, in that choice we have unwittingly relegated ourselves, with permission, to the land of the victims.  The most tragic thing about this is we mire ourselves in the lower vibrations and if we resonate there and take it in a little too much, we trap ourselves in a very dark prison that is hard to break free from.  Others come along when they find people in such prisons and they throw the door open wide with love and light and the victim thinking he is still trapped within will claw and grab at those bending light in their direction and pull them into the mix and then the light bringer becomes a villain too.  Often times a heartless unfeeling villain in the eyes of the victim who just wants sympathy without realizing that such conditioning the exhibition of love in such a way serves only to generate and energy that can only reinforce their weakened state.  Its a very thick and tangled web that can strangulate and cut off all feeds of love.  That is where choices come in and I highly recommend that the light bringers and light benders of this world become acutely aware of their roles...stand always in the light of love...understand and see definitive truth before you.

A soul must choose darkness or light even in the face of very real and damaging seeming villains.  The villains can usurp free will in a heart beat but what happens next can give them even more power.  If we succumb to a victim mentality, we continue to feed the villains.  Realize at some point the villains have themselves become victims and unwittingly changed their behavior in defense, often.  When we cut ourselves off from love, we can more easily succumb to the darker sides of human nature but this is not necessary and this is what the internal battle over dark and light each soul must face is really about.  When our emotions lead us down dark roads and alleyways it is so difficult to find our way out.  It requires time, space and finding some way to reconnect to a positive and uplifting feed - nature, friends, family, etc. - until we can begin to feed ourselves once again. When we can find opportunity in even the challenging things in life, we grow.  When we let life knock us down and keep us down and add further insult to injury by cutting ourselves down with our own victimizing thoughts, we feed the darkness within us and we suffer greatly for it.  We can just as easily feed the light within us by seeking the truth of each situation, striving to understand the lesson and realizing pain does not need a villain...pain does not need someone to blame...pain does not need sympathy or rescue...Pain needs one and lots of it.

Just some food for thought for those who wish to entertain this concept.  I pray you find the light of love...if you have any trouble, just let me know - I've got an abundance and will send it your way at any time.  Much love, light and understanding on your journey dear ones.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a random but beautiful internet find)

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