Saturday, July 14, 2012

Exercising Fears

There are times in our lives where certain situations repeat.  Maybe the faces and places have changed but there is a theme that seems to recur.  Some of those situations and themes can evoke fears from deep within us.  When this occurs, it is all too easy to cut and run from whatever it is that you face.  But, what if we suspended judgment for a moment and contemplated what has come before us?  What if we decided to seek to understand what the fear really stems from?  The very same thing that happened before in our lives could come to pass yet again reinforcing the fear or something different could occur.  I don’t know about you but this has occurred for me a time or two and all too often I have flat out cut and run as fast away and as far away as I could go and in so doing, I missed a valuable opportunity to take a look at my own core and understand where the original wound that created my fear lies hidden.

We judge things so easily based on our own fears and it colors our experience in ways that may not really be the most helpful to us.  Now, I’m not saying that if in the past you have turned the fire on the stove and stuck your hand in it and were horribly burned that the next time you turn the fire on you should stick your hand in and suffer burns again.  Only you can decide if the situation you face is truly that or something else.  What I’m suggesting is that you seek to understand IF it is really that or IF it is something else.  Things are so often not what we think they are.

Getting to the core of our wounds is not an easy thing by any stretch of one’s imagination.  But if we don’t find a way to get to the core of all of our wounds, we will carry the additional weight and burden of fears that will hold us back from truly enjoying our time here in some way.  This just doesn’t sound acceptable to me at all.  I do not wish to live a life full of fears, worries and the weight of wounds that makes it too hard to walk the path in my life.  Something from deep within me compels me to leave nothing unexamined in my life.  I refuse to continue to live this dream so deep asleep that I misunderstand the symbolism, themes and theories of my own existence that I created in response to this world.  I leave nothing unturned any longer.  My time here is limited and while I am here, I will understand the reasons I came, the fears I came to exercise and release within me finally and ultimately the pain of the wounds that I carry.  To not set this intent and strive to live it every day would be like taking away the very air I breathe.

Healing is one of the things I came here to do and I thank Source every day for every wound that has been inflicted, for every theme I have encountered that forces me to look courageously within to find the core of the fears created and for every single soul who has crossed my path to bring me messages like maps to lead me to buried treasure within me.  I cannot say that I am fearless but I will be courageous and unrelenting in terms of looking within for the answers I seek.  I may not want to see all of the things that I find but I will see the truth, I will find the fears and the wounds and I will heal them so I can move away from the heavier states of existence I have experienced during my time here.  I cannot stomach a single thought of remaining mired in my own illusions that will only ever lead me to face the same lessons again and again.  Without growth, time here is wasted time the way I think of it.  I will waste no more time…not a moment…not a day. 

I have found some things on my journey in this life that I might not have ever known had I not faced me and everything within me.  I have found a well of love so deep and so vast that I know it will carry me though.  I have also found strength and courage to face even the darkest parts of my own soul and still have the ability to own them, be responsible for the actions that resulted and embrace them.  I have also found deep faith and trust in the perfection of this Earth’s greater purpose.  Everything in life and in my life has been absolutely perfect in every possible way.  I am deeply grateful for the state of my existence and the ability to be willing to look in even the most painful places within and let the light of love shine.  It isn’t easy to do but it is worth it to relinquish one’s illusions and delusions and seek instead to understand we are nothing and lose nothing but embracing this beautiful fact.  No illusion can make you greater nor lesser than you already are.  Letting the illusions fall away with grace is an unbelievably freeing and healing experience.  Once you find one, walk through the pain of it and feel the power of letting go, you realize that there is no other way to live.  You begin to lose your need to judge and blame others because you understand  and for every single soul who has crossed your path to bring you messages like maps to lead you to buried treasure within you, you might actually learn to become grateful.
Examine your fears with courage and love, release all judgment of self, others and this world and seek to understand the true meaning of your life.  Every effort expended in these endeavors is worth more than anything else in your life you could possibly attain.  Healing is divine.  Find it.  Read about it.  Seek out teachers and guide and learn how to see the ones that are standing right there in the middle of your lives.  They are beautiful, your life can be beautiful.  You just need to be willing to expand and then change your perspective.  I wish you much strength, courage, love and light on your journey’s dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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