Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 1, Flow

Like many thousands across the globe, I woke up to a whole new year.  I wonder what it will bring but I won’t wonder too much.  I stopped making resolutions a long time ago.  Instead, I set goals and take steps to achieve them.  I don’t spend much time in review any more, I find living through some things once is more than enough.  I don’t take much time to sit in regret because I now trust myself more than any one and know that at any given moment in time, I did the absolute best that I could and things turned out exactly the way they were supposed to.

It has been so very quiet inside of my head for so long now.  It feels as if I were a ship with seas so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  No wind for my sails for a prolonged period gave me much time to just feel and be, rather than do and go.  I’ve not created much in a while, hardly a posting.  It troubled me briefly until I began to truly understand that it was not a lack in connection I suffered but a time of being fully connected to experiencing everything from an ever-expanding perspective and on each experiences’ own terms.

I won’t waste time in sorrow over anything in the last year that has come and gone.  All came perfectly; all went perfectly.  I do appreciate discovering lessons and I learned once again, my strength flourished in abundance in many appreciated and unexpected ways.  So, thank you Universe, Mother-Father God Goddess for the opportunity to be and breathe and exist here in this frame.

Life is fairly simple when we are not over-complicating it with expectation.  I spent the year living in a state of non-expectation.  I have to say, my last year went better than most I can remember.  I kept my consciousness close to the moment, mastered some fears and realized I had more I would contend with in time.  I discovered I had great love for many a thing and patience as vast as the Universe. 

I was tired at year’s end so took some time off for rest.  That was a very good decision, I think.  This next year will be very busy at work and I have new goals to work on for no other reason than to improve upon my surrounds and greater appreciation for being.  I’ll let go some more of the past that I’ve carried and embrace the empty spaces left behind with much love, wonder and excitement for life. 

So, another year on planet Earth is complete.  I hope to take the magic and wishes of the holidays with me through each day of this next year.  I’ve never really tried that before but it seems like this next year will need a little more magic than most and perhaps it’ll show us a bit of its own.  I smile at the thought and let it go with a warm and delicious sip of coffee on this cool, dark and quiet January 1.

I hope that you have a heart full of dreams, a mind filled with wonder and a sense of great peace about you every day of this next year.  Make it amazing with your ab-soul-ute best effort in every moment.  When this time next year comes around, you’ll be glad that you did for no other reason than a string of truly treasured experiences.

Wishing you great flows of beautiful energy, Blessings and much love.


(copyright 2018, Jaie Hart-photo and words)