Sunday, July 8, 2012


If you treat people in your lives like ghosts, it is entirely likely that they'll disappear like ghosts. Now, what I mean by ghosts in this context is that you do not see people for who they truly are but you see through your interactions with them the themes of pain from the past and you superimpose a past persona over them through which you intend to exercise your pain. In so doing you have cast them in a role (sometimes a psycho-drama) whether or not they applied for the part. Focus on your reactions from painful triggers instead of fighting a ghost from your past with an entirely different soul in your present and allow yourself to heal.  Refrain from projecting and transfering the actions of one onto another. 

Adjust your vision appropriately and then treat each soul based upon their own merits and soon you will come to understand how it is you create ghosts out of the one's that you love. They too, maybe projecting ghosts upon you and you do get to decide if you wish to play that part or if you wish to call upon an understudy to take over!  This is no easy lesson and often times we begin projecting with little to no realization were doing it.  It can be tricky to discern but there are clues.  Are you continually judging and accusing your partner and are they continually expressing they haven't a clue what you are talking about?  Look carefully at the themes and the occurrences that trigger you.  How much of your judgment is based on assumption and resulting emotion versus fact?  In this honest research into your own soul/self, you can learn to uncover the ghosts you create.  The ghosts speaking to you very likely do not even exist in your current reality but only you can truly decide.  If you prefer the company of ghosts - continue status quo.  However, if you do not prefer the company of ghosts you must entertain the concept that healing may relieve you of this kind of malady and you will learn to see who is really standing before you and rest your need to fight with ghosts.  When you can come to this place you can free yourself to hold the love that is right there before you.

Learning this lesson has been hard for me.  I have formed a new mantra for myself - I may be your dream come true but I shall never be your ghost!  Whether you have been cast in the role of the ghost or you are the one carrying the ghosts within you, I pray that you find deeper love and great healing for your journey...both aspects are deserving of great love and compassion.  Know that you can improve your human interactions if you'll only look for the clues within the conflicts you encounter.  From there, anything is possible - healing can be yours freeing you from long-standing unpleasant lessons.  That is what all of this conflict is for - to learn - to grow and transcend our limitations.  Life is amazing like that.  ~Blessings of peace!

(c) Jaie Hart (photo - artist unknown).

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