Saturday, March 26, 2011

World of Dreams

The world can sometimes be this amazing and indescribable place.  Just when you think you are off about your business feeling completely alone, the Universe in its infinite wisdom sees fit to bring you messengers to impart to you great lessons, help you recall the very real essence of your dreams and even help you remember who you really are.  I could write here of some amazingly unbelievable tales and stunned you would be but things of late still have me reeling to the point I just couldn’t articulate beyond the very general and high-level concepts of what I’m sharing now.

This world is not the only world or frame of existence.  There are so many others you can access at any time you wish to give yourself permission to dream, imagine or visualize.  Just when you think that what you’ve imagined serves as concrete evidence of your apparently seeming insanity, someone comes along and shares with you the same dreams from the same world.  When this happens, somewhere in your soul is the very real vibration of confirmation and you know for a fact that you have separately walked within the same imaginary worlds.  Sure, it would be simple and cool to dismiss this concept claiming the collective consciousness imbues many minds with the same concepts.  However, that argument bears out as further proof that two can enter the same dream from afar by their own desire to recall places they have, in fact, been.

Still sounding crazy?  Meh, who cares.  Really!  At the end of the day or at the end of your life here, and it will/must end at some point, you take nothing with you but your experiences.  The experiences collect whether they occur in what we think is physical reality or whether they occur in your head.  The themes and concepts resonate the same from the presence of your memories.  Memories can be incredibly interesting things if you learn to truly understand what you are seeing.  For example, through your own memories you experience the past in the present and through your own visions you experience the future and possibilities also in the present.  At that wavelength, the past, present and future all occur at once and the only thing that decides if these concepts live or die is your observation and perception.  What you perceive to be real is in fact real for you.  If you don’t believe me, consider the last assumption you made about one of your human interactions.  When you made the assumption, did your emotions not line up with what you assumed to be the truth?  This speaks volumes for exercising great care and caution as to what you place your gaze and undivided attention upon.

There are things in this world we are not easily taught…concepts that most of us do not wish to even entertain while we live mired in our creation of a superficial world.  But there is another world.  I see it living and breathing every day through the awakening of souls across the planet, the gathering of soul families who inexplicably know each other  despite having never met in this physical world. So what if you think its all a figment of my or their imagination…it’s my head and I can certainly entertain what I wish and your judgment has no impact upon my reality. *smiles*  I might be crazy or maybe its you who is insane so married to your limits, overly grounded in a material world that you can’t take with you.  Please understand it is with light heart I write these words and certainly mean no offense.  I wish merely to point out that amazing things can happen to you, for you, the moment you unchain your reality and create on purpose what you wish most to experience in this lifetime.

Our language is so limited that it is hard for me to fully articulate the concepts I’m truly endeavoring to impart.  There is a way you might begin to understand but you must first allow yourself to dream.  A simple way to get started is through meditation.  Meditation is the complete surrender of form and thoughts into the black seeming nothing void of no thought and no mind.  From that space that contains both light and dark, you are not limited.  Once you push back the black veil barrier there is a whole world to experience you may never have even dreamed of.  If you stick with it, you begin to loosen the grip of all the lies you were taught about who you really are and what this world is really about.  I challenge you to hold back your snorts of disbelief and judgment and instead attempt to prove me wrong by embarking upon a new journey that will only cost you an open mind.  Engage in one of the best journey’s we have the right and privilege to engage in here in The Earth School…the journey of self-discovery, self-mastery and self-love.  All things are possible if you allow your perspectives to shift and grow trading outmoded and worn provisional truths for the newness of the real truth.  Each man or woman finds this on his or her own but sometimes the messengers do come and so lovingly advise if we would only take a moment to pay attention.

I wish you all a great awakening to embracing your dreams fully.  Never forget them because they live and breathe the moment you think them into existence.  Whether or not you continue to hold them, they are out there waiting to come to life.  Find your dreams and hold them with love. ~Blessings!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pushing Through

Wow, 3:33 am awakening again.  I smiled as I looked at the clock.  Over the last year, I cannot count how many times those numbers called me away from dream land.  I was having an interesting dream too.  I was in a field, the sun was shining and around me was a group of young students all in their 20’s.  I was explaining to them the importance of meditation and that even if they’ve had a long day, taking just 10 minutes before bed to get still and quiet was so important.  As I stared at the clock until 3:34 am, I was deciding whether or not I should roll over and go back to sleep but this giddy child-like energy swept through me and I thought, “I’m up, I’m up, let’s get moving…coffee, coffee!”  Ugh!  So, I hopped in the shower and noticed it was just dreamy wonderful. After that, I made a pot of coffee…again noticing the aroma just seemed dreamy wonderful and then that first sip, “I’m up, I’m up and it’s Friday and I don’t have to work today.”  Okay, so I opened the door seeing bright moonlight shadows and one breath, it smelled like spring to me…the birds already singing and I was just really so glad to be awake…maybe like I had slept too long.

The past week has been an interesting one energetically speaking.  When you decide to throw off the limits of negative thoughts and purposefully choose to connect only with the love inside, it casts everything in this beautiful ethereal glow in terms of feeling.  It’s nearly indescribable but it is excitement in the knowing that every single thing is alive, Mother Earth is alive, the sky is alive and all of the Earth’s inhabitants are alive and awakening.  It’s amazing.  Some are unwilling to make the shift and I wonder about that.  They stand out in such stark contrast to everything else I see.  They’re obvious in their death grip on the poor me and negativity and are all too happy to dash your hopes and dreams masked in caring words stated as “looking out for you.”  Gosh, don’t believe it for a second.  Hold on to your hopes and dreams, just stay a bit grounded and you won’t be lead astray and as for the negative Nellies in the world, don’t resent them, send them love, compassion and understanding as they truly need it.  They remain wholly disconnected from the love inside and that is just not a pleasant way to live.  This I know as I’ve spent the last 10 years caught somewhere in between feeling victimized by the world and events or people and being fully empowered by it.  I didn’t see things as they really were but chose to believe in this illusion of negativity while I fought hard to wake the hell up from that illusion.

It wasn’t easy and on some days I had the very same view as an ant looking closely at my landscape from that view!  It’s so very hard to get up when you’ve been leveled to the ground by sorrow, disappointment and pain.  But you can get up…like an actor or actress you must simply search out your motivation.  You can remain mired in pain and retain a poor-me attitude but you have to spill your power out in every direction and that just leaves you so weak and powerless.  It’s so hard to get up when life knocks you down.  There is a reason life knocks you down.  Life can be an incredibly sage messenger…sending you just the perfect souls to impart to you the perfect messages at the perfect time to get you riled up in some ways.  Without some conflict and strife, it’s all to easy to become complacent and apathetic.  You merely drift along in the sea of life finding currents to struggle against, fighting only for what seems important while missing the true gifts in life.  There came a moment for me once where life was just too tough and I just wanted to leave it.  I couldn’t take another ounce of pain and so life sent me a mountain of it to climb.  Tiring, YES!  Daunting, YES!  But, somewhere inside the flame of love flickered and sparked back to life.  When there wasn’t much left in the outside world for me to focus on so intently, I went within and searched out my soul for answers.  It took a long time (in some things I’m such a slow learner…LOL) but then I came to realize my struggles were illusions.  The shift came when I had a choice to be completely devastated by a couple of souls who held sacred positions in my life.  I could have easily given up and remained leveled (flat on my face on the ground) or, I could push past that negative and strive to see the bigger picture…I had to zoom out to a different perspective and when I did, I began to understand the messages they brought me respectively.  I didn’t understand the language at first because it was too new to me.  But once I grasped the concept, the flame of love inside truly sparked to life and by that light, I began to understand and I pulled myself up and out of that illusion I held of villains and victims.  They are illusions.  There are actions and consequences, messages and things that make you struggle to find understanding sometimes.  Life isn’t meant to tear you apart but sometimes when the pieces crumble and there is nothing left to distract us, we begin to look in the right places for answers and we begin to understand.

People are not here to frustrate and disappoint us.  They are but the messengers.  Don’t shoot the messengers!  Understand the role they play by seeing through the words and actions to the themes (often repeating in your life) at play and you’ll begin to see a different picture.  What shadow have you been casting in this world?  What wake have you left behind you?  Is it misery and pain?  Is it never giving up hope?  Is it striving for deeper meaning and understanding?  Is it fighting the system?  Is it fighting illusion?  Is it creating monsters under the bed?  You get to choose what you will learn.  You get to decide how you learn although the timing of the messengers may not be understood or appreciated.  My best advice to you is that you keep your mind, heart and eyes wide open not for those who may undermine and hurt you but for your own judgments, perceptions and perspectives.  Question yourself as to why you hold those perspectives you do.  Don’t stop questioning until you get answers and should you get to a place you feel stuck, stagnant and lethargic…push through the empty dark space…there is wisdom in the pushing through it if you’ll just hold hope that on the other side of that seeming dark veil, there is great wisdom, knowledge and true understanding about you and your purpose here.  You have free will to pursue understanding or remain mired in thick heavy darkness.  Exercise your choices in ways that bring you positive interactions, validation in the positive and sparks of creativity and love.  If you’re just not connecting with that, go back to basics again and try to understand.  The answers are there.  You just have to be willing to see them.  Take your time.  It’s your life.  You are worth the effort.  Love and Blessings!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cry For Love

We cry for a love that doesn’t exist, we give up pieces of our sanity to find it, we pay exorbitant amounts in time and of ourselves for what amounts to snake oil because we cannot see what we already have.  Our beautiful precious light, so buried under years of dead bushels.

We hear the words that would be our salvation, precious gold we give to any willing alchemist for nothing but lead.  Then, we’re angry at the alchemist and the lead we knowingly purchased and we become insane with pain and project it forcefully outward because we cannot bear the pain of knowing we had a choice to do better but we just didn’t take it. 

The allure of the shimmering fantasy, blinding us from the truth… but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Alas, unfortunately, some of us must first and finally become spiritually, emotionally and morally bankrupt, seemingly bereft of all love and light until we crash into ourselves.  Then, the shell of the small mind breaks wide apart and falls away until we lie broken on the floor bleeding our precious energy desperately out around us in every direction; seeking rescue and refuge from the storm of guilt, shame, self-betrayal, self-loathing to weak too fight with the ego any longer.

It is then that the eyes of our hearts may yet force their way open; seeing the truth that our quest was for nothing…for something we had all along; a tiny spark of light our inner divinity firmly routed in our Source, our Maker, the extension from which our shinning love filled souls emerged.

Laugh, we do to learn that all it takes is a tiny shift in consciousness and a huge leap of faith to clear the amnesia like the breeze clears the fog from a stormy sea shore.  It is a paradox of simplicity juxtaposed with incomprehensible complications of energy thought paths firing for once in the correct sequence.

We then can know with clear, unadulterated certainty that we have within us the very thing we tirelessly and unsuccessfully searched the world for without.

To awaken from both dream and nightmare holds a serious impression of transcendent bliss that can only ever disappear from our consciousness when we become mired in the mundane trappings of the ego, thus turning our backs not only on love but God and ourselves.

Be aware, very aware then of your thoughts to keep the endless channel ever open.  Blessings and love to all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Light Within - Let the Flame Grow

Morning light diffused through low clouds, reminds me of how much our light is often muted.  There are a million reasons why this is so and it is ultimately up to each to discover what inhibits his or her own light in this world.  Most often its unhealed pain from dreams and desires not manifested, shattered or altogether lost.  We are not our dreams or our desires.  We are not the labels that society places so carelessly and myopically upon us.  We are not machines intent on routine day in and day out until all of the lights somehow magically turn green as we journey through life.  We are not lost in a sea of hopeless emotion.  These things are all mere illusions that give us the impetus to fight to find our way and refuse to settle for mediocrity in our lives…in our important existence.

I suppose if we remain so distracted with fighting just to stay alive, it is entirely understandable that our light becomes dim.  When we fear for our ability to garner the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and safety for ourselves and our families, it is hard not to be dragged down into the heavier energies of existence here on Earth.  However difficult, some of the brightest lights I have seen have been shining from the eyes of those termed the unfortunate…homeless, hungry and down-trodden.  The trick is they don’t stay there.  They put their fate in a higher authority than life on Earth.  They put their energy into acceptance and seeking to understand the lessons presented on their daunting paths and they never give up in the search for truth and the means and a way to succeed in something.  Even if that something is merely learning to get up and stand after being knocked down for the hundredth time.

What is it that drives one man to the brink of utter self-destruction while the same events leave another man standing dusting himself off and considering where to place his next step?  Is it pure luck to have a good attitude?  Is it faith in the Creator?  Is it trust in a master plan?  Personally, I don’t think it’s luck.  I really think that some are able to quickly come to grips with what is happening without becoming trapped in the villain and victim mentality.  When you are trapped in a poor-me box, it is virtually impossible to get out.  Everywhere you look with those shades on, all you will find is pain, adversity, pointless action that leads one to give up and stop trying –why bother if it’ll just be ripped away again.  However, when you never give up on yourself and the power in your creativity, resourcefulness and self-love, you find the will to survive, to persevere, to maintain a tenacious focus at rebounding and rebuilding.  I think this is a difference and its not hard to surmise that psychology can make or break you there.  However, having been one of those who has had everything torn apart, blown up and shattered time and time again, I guess I refuse to be grounded and laid out or rendered a helpless soul.

For whatever reason, that tiny spark of a flame of love inside of you can always be stoked to an epic inferno in no time if you never lose touch with the fact that THAT flame exists for a reason.  Never extinguish your own light.  It may dim at times as fear and suffering sets in due to life’s many and difficult lessons but if you never let that flame die out, you stand a great chance of pulling yourself to your feet, assessing accurately your new topography, terrain, energetic surroundings and choosing carefully which direction you will purposefully place your first step as you embark upon yet another journey.  Those who never give up or even only temporarily give in will be given the love and light to help pull them through and if you’ve ever noticed, its those very individuals who always seem to seek to reignite the light in their fallen brothers and sisters.  They know how important it is not just to save themselves but to create a space where others can heal, grow and follow until they can walk on their own in love and light and in so doing, their light shines the brightest.  Never give up on you.  Believe in you!  I do! ~Blessings

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Really Important

It was just the most absolutely beautiful day out today.  As soon as I stepped outside, the rising sun etched everything in golden light, the birds so sweetly singing and vast, breath-taking cerulean blue as far as my eyes could see.  I felt it then, in a quiet moment, the Earth pulsing and radiating its own light and energy.  When you can quiet your mind and exit the harsh seeming realities of your work-a-day existence, you would be so surprised at what you could see, feel and hear.  There is so much more to life than what meets the eye.

I used to feel bad thinking all I ever wanted was a simple existence, a house with a two car garage, good job, marriage, happy kids, pets and plants to take care of in the backyard.  I had that and I couldn’t hold it.  I beat myself up for years and years over it but with time, distance and much introspection, I began to learn that sometimes life just isn’t about what I want but it can very much be about what it is I specifically need.  It’s hard sometimes to feel like your dreams have been dashed and every structure you’ve built has been carelessly smashed or crushed into the ground.  It takes some time to recover from your own dreams and expectations in life sometimes but to attempt it is one of the most worthy endeavors there is.
I’ve learned that striving to stay on the right side of pain is key to your sanity.  If you spend too much time worrying about what you want and don’t have, you send out this vibration that calls more strife to your door.  So, how in the world do you pick yourself up when you feel battered and bruised by your very own life?  It isn’t easy but you simply make up your mind and start taking one step at a time.  Sometimes life brings us pain.  It is what it is.  We just can’t all have the story book romance or TV glamorous lives.  Not all of us were meant for that kind of existence.  Some of us were given the privilege of coming here to learn some really hard life lessons.  Some might think it’s just fate and others might come to realize that it is by design.   If you’re going to focus on something, focus on building up strength and love from the inside of you.

I’m going to be very real here for a moment.  Please consider my words carefully.  Not one of us gets out of here alive.  When it’s all said and done, those who had the most possessions, the most expensive cars and the most perfect plastic surgery aren’t really going to have much to thank themselves for when they leave here.  When it’s your time to go, you can’t take the cars, the house, the expensive jewelry and furniture with you.  All you get to take with you is what you have firmly built on the inside.  I’ve seen the other side…I’ve been there and I’m telling you the truth.  None of the material possessions you have here mean a thing.  The most meaningful thing in this whole world, in all of our existence from birth until we leave is love.  Sounds simple huh?  It really is in some regards but you have to learn a lot about acceptance, you have to get creative and resourceful, you have to find your integrity and your honor, you have to find your center and your strength and surround yourself with people who foster and facilitate that in you.  Stop wasting your time on dwelling on pain, misery and toxic situations and people. There is always a way out when you find your own personal accountability, stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide you’re going to do something worthwhile for yourself or somebody else.

Times are changing and changing fast.  We must change too to keep pace with the world and all the things spinning with it.  Consider what you buy carefully, consider what you spend your time on carefully, think about who you spend your time with carefully and give a lot of time for considering all of those things in life that truly matter that you really are grateful for.  Do you ever wonder why some people are truly successful?  It’s not because of the people they stepped on carelessly as they scrambled to claw and climb their way to the top.  Those who do it using the low road of hurting and harming themselves and everyone else in the process will never have true happiness.  They may have really cool stuff and wonderful vacations and stories galore but if they haven’t taken the time to enrich their spirit, it won’t mean anything.  We’re here a moment and gone.  Strive for the deeper meaning in all that you encounter, in all that you do and in all that you experience.  Strive to take the high road whenever possible.  Acknowledge how you feel when emotion strikes, just don’t stay there.  Life is too important to waste.  Again, truly, we are here but a moment and gone.  Build your world in love and light and leave that in your wake behind you where ever you go and even when the hard times come, you won’t be as derailed…you’ll be able to contend with whatever comes and one day you’ll look back on this experience proud of what you’ve left behind you.

It matters to me when people suffer and when they do so needlessly.  There are tools and words and ways to get out of your own way in life.  Never give up looking for them, don’t ever stop trying to get there and don’t ever forget that all the love you ever need in this life is right there inside of you.  You won the privilege to be here…go out there and make it mean something really important and share what you’ve learned along the way.  So many others can learn from you as you take each step on your own journey and so many others are willing to help you get where you are going.  You just have to be willing and open to learning, trying new things and seeing things through new eyes…the eyes of love.  The journey truly is the destination while here on Earth.  Remember that.   I wish you many blessings on your journey and thank you ever so kindly for reading through today’s rant.  Much love to all!