Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time Warps

Summer skies fade from cerulean to indigo and then slowly to black. I'm sitting in the quiet and dark again, recounting my thoughts of the day again.  I'm tired tonight after an outing with the kids and a walk to a local establishment for dinner.  Nothing but smiles and laughter all night.  It has been a very simple and yet incredibly pleasant day.  A chill sets in for reasons unknown.  It is not a warning but something altogether different.  I welcome "different" in my life about now.  So much has seemingly become rote.  I'm told this is a time I should relax, rest and breathe in the peace of this moment as things are surely about to change major.  Again, I welcome the change but at the same time, I am grateful for this peace and quiet that has made it's way into my life.  In years past, I might be bored out of my skull.  Thoughts aren't so easy to weave together just now and a poem, well, the emotion has left me and I have nothing but this pure pristine peace and solitude to contend with.  I love this life so much and the gratitude that washes over me for this moment in time to take notice of what is before me, look at it more deeply and then truly begin to see what is unfolding is beyond measure and beyond my ability to fully articulate.

There are moments in time like this where time itself becomes an interesting and intriguing stranger.  A day or night will go by in a minute and then the next one will take years, it seems.  Its funny why I should observe this at all but I think my senses to most everything have suddenly grown so very acute.  On one hand I'd like to think I didn't understand what is happening but on the other hand, I know better and I do understand.  When we learn fully what it means to create, there is a shift in our perceptions and the very things we counted on, or - well, took for granted seem to change.  Change feels very strange but when you realize the change you may be experiencing is the result of the very specific road you chose to walk down and that these are the things you have worked so hard to learn, you can relax a little bit and just enjoy the show.  I'm refining my thoughts more and more as the minutes tic into hours and the hours into days and days into years.  It feels like I've been on this Earth forever and yet, at the same time it feels I've only just arrived.  Life for me will be all that I intend it to be...but only because I've finally figured out that I truly do create it and I provide the impetus for motion, messages and all sorts of wonderful learning.  I smile as I lean my head back in my chair and gaze up at a beautiful sea of stars.  I feel them as if they are a part of me as I have every single night that I have done the very same thing.  I sent my wishes up and out and pray they reach their intended destinations.  I relax a little more into my own skin letting my soul stretch out far and wide.  It has been a beautiful day and a beautiful life.  I am among those truly blessed to find the things that I have found, to live the life that I get to live and to know how to find love in everything.  Thank You I whisper still gazing upwards into the heavens. 

The peace has settled in overmuch now and I relish the thought of retiring to a very comfortable space to dream.  I'll make a tiny stop first for some treasured meditation time, flip on Discovery Science on the TV (because I am that much of a nerd) and I shall drift peacefully and pleasantly, elsewhere...

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (words and photo)

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