Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peace and Simple Breathing

It is my favorite part of the day as I sit here typing.  The sun has now dropped low on the horizon and the sky takes on ethereal colors in pinks and faded blue.  The energy rises from deep within to the point I can hear it.  I drink it in and am carried away.  My mind drifting from the work of the day to unusual things for me...string theory, dimensions and M-theory.  Perhaps I do a little bit too much Discovery Science watching but its fascinating to me all of the things that lay right out in the open before our eyes.  We look daily throughout our lives and we do not see the things not pointed out to us specifically.  However, once someone has pointed something new and fascinating out to us, we look out and up and around us and we see it everywhere.  It makes me smile from somewhere so deep inside that I can hardly contain the bliss of it.

This dreamy energy carries me away so much to the point its all I can do to sit here typing.  My soul wishes to soar so very far away from here, this place, this frame, this time and yes, even this dimension.  So many dimensions we don't even comprehend and yet they exist right here within our reach.  We need only disconnect from what we think we know and let the mind and heart travel far and wide until the soul takes over and carries us the rest of the way to where ever it is the light inside us most wishes to carry us.  Oh this dream of life is so rich and beautiful.  We have so many things here to experience from the mundane and simple to the magnificent, miraculous and mystical.  It can drive a soul mad to attempt to contemplate all the myriad nuances all at once.  So, then, not wishing to flirt with mental disaster I breathe in deep as the light fades deeper into the coming darkness.  Soon the light of the stars will shine and my soul will rejoice in freedom from this plane into the land of dreams.  It's not much different to dream at night than the dreaming we unconsciously do consciously during the day light...day after day after day.

There are so many little things that captivate us at our core until we understand what is being presented to us to solve, to enjoy and simply just to love.  When you find this precious space of love inside it lights all of the dark places of your mind, your body and your soul.  This faint humming energy in the background is by far more than a sound now.  I can feel it pulsing and moving in this ethereal matter we can't see but with our senses we can most definitely touch.  These might be considered crazy thoughts to most I know and surely I understand the sentiment deeply.  But, once you've touched a love so strong in existence it just filters your vision, increases your knowledge, enhances your memories in ways that just cannot be defined or replicated fully by any drug of choice.  It's life at the heart of it, light at the center of it and love at the soul of it to say the least.

I'm watching this play of light as if it's the first time I've ever seen something this beautiful.  The more it moves and vibrates into everything the happier it seems to make me.  This child-like excitement ignites from somewhere I never even knew existed within me.  When you get that tiny taste of who you are and why you are here, nothing can prepare you for the resulting feelings that ripple reality in the most amazing ways. There are no words to define it, you won't understand it unless you've felt it.  It's bliss pure and simple for no reason other than to be alive experiencing another sunset on planet Earth.  Today is the best day of all of my lives.  Let your mind and hearts soar where ever they wish to. There is so much here for you all to discover as soon as you set your intent and realize the importance of the dream of life that you dream right now.  It will come in time.  It will.  Until then, blessings of higher love and infinite light.  I'm off to watch the last light of the sun fade into a blanket of stars...and then...peace and simple breathing.

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