Friday, October 31, 2014

Sunlight Drive


Electric blue and neon pink paints the sky as I go
Rushing in and out the cars before me on the drive
Cool is the air coming in through the window
Beethoven lilting haunting melody inside
Happy day, I think to myself
While moving clearly in chaos with one look at my surrounds
The sky is on fire with unbelievable light
The blue turning pale and brighter
As the neon pink fades to fiery orange and then gold
The dark mountain in the distance etched black
Against the rising sun and I wonder about the day
I wonder about this life
Such beauty life can hold
Such tragedy can it too
The dichotomy poignant
But so often unnoticed
How much else is there unnoticed
As we walk our days asleep
It doesn’t matter, I think to myself
Look at this sky, this magic awe inspiring sky
How could anything so beautiful exist here?
Here of all places?
And there it is again
Ugly gray free way
Dirty cars, seemingly rude and frantic drivers
Rushing to become enslaved for yet another day in paradise
All the while the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen unfolds
I feel like a child on Christmas eve just watching the display
And I look at my fellow members of humanity on the road
I wish them well, safety and love
And I pull into my destination

© 2014 J.L. Harter (photo/words)

I love it when something as mundane as a drive to work turns into a creative work.  I wish I could have taken a picture of that sky.  Never before have I seen anything so beautiful.  I think the point is that we must always look towards that which uplifts us.  There is plenty here to be bothered about but if that is all you focus on, your experience will lack in amazing flavors.  There is such an amazing connection to feelings within and what materializes without.  We are all full of dichotomy as is this world.  If we spent more time reflecting on the purpose of it and what we truly gain immeasurably from it, I think there'd be less harm in this world pulling the pendulum ever-wider.  But I am a hopeless dreamer.  Blessings for a beautiful day!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Creating Within Consciousness

Something you may not realize is that your soul puts out an energy vibration. The emotions within you put out a very specific energy vibration. When you put out a very specific energy vibration, you are putting a call out to other souls in the world who wish to create a similar experience to whatever it is you may be vibrating. I’ve talked a lot throughout this book about healing wounds so you can learn and grow. When you hold on to pain in your life, your vibration puts out a call to individuals who will appear in your life to help you release that pain or otherwise come to terms with it. If you don’t like that idea, there is a solution. Try understanding the pain that you carry and make every effort to heal it, forgive yourself, forgive others involved and then let it go. 

If you are working towards healing and your vibration is cleaning up, you put out a different kind of call in the world. A healthier vibration will call out to you healthier individuals. You’ve heard the term, “Like attracts like” right? If you have your act cleaned up you will end up attracting to you other souls who also have their act cleaned up and maybe even those that are far beyond where you are, spiritually speaking. No matter where we are, we can always run across souls that share a vibration that we have known in the past (this life or others) or a current vibration. When people come into our lives, they answer our call and we mutually answer theirs. In this life, we create the situations we face but through illusion and delusion, we do not do this consciously. We unconsciously create. So, if you understand a little bit more about your vibration and the energy you emanate, you can start to become aware of the way you are unconsciously creating. When you can cross that threshold of understanding you can go on to the next step and that is consciously creating. 

Honestly, it all starts within us and how we feel, along with what we believe about this world and ourselves. If we are optimistic, open to abundance, have high integrity and morals, are compassionate and loving with others and ourselves, chances are we will be consciously creating in the positive. It is possible to put the call out to the universe for new cars, better jobs, bigger bank accounts, etc. but those are only material things and to create them, there is a cost. Whenever you are engaging in spiritual practice from an ego-centric view point, your creations may at first tend to be fleeting and shallow. Not that we are not entitled to nice cars, sufficient means and nice houses, its your motivation that drives your results. What do you want it for? Be very clear in your meaning when you put the call out to the universe to bring you something. If your focus is off-based in any way or overly ego-focused, you will never be satisfied with what you create or manifest in your life. If, however, your motivation is pure and you remain in alignment with your own honor, honesty and integrity, the things you create are likely to be more substantial and meaningful. 

There are so many commercialized spiritual messages out there that encourage the uninitiated to just manifest at will without giving a true and thorough thought to the state of your spirit and healing first. Without these very important and firm bases for your creations, you can run into some unanticipated trouble. To avoid this, be conscious of the state of your spirit and align your thoughts in the positive, see your creations truly through the eyes of love and feel the beauty of abundance coming to you. 

I mentioned a bit about when you are healed you begin to call to you people that also vibrate at a higher vibration. This does not mean that entities not as evolved as you are on the journey won’t come into your lives and begin to cause trouble or interesting lessons for you. However, with a higher vibration and greater internal healing and confidence, you will deal with these situations in a more loving and compassionate manner with less long-lasting harm for you. Your focus is so important. Don’t skip a step just because it is painful. Those on a quest for understanding life, themselves and their place in this world should be willing to do the work necessary to get there. If you’re not willing to do the work you might as well go back to sleep and continue dreaming as you have been. I do not mean to seem unkind and please forgive me if this message is harsh but we have to really want something to get it. We demonstrate what we want by working towards it in appropriate and healthy ways to get there. Making sure we are not creating at the expense of others is so important. We are so powerful and we truly can create enough for all. But then, there is free will and the varying vibrations, lessons and journeys of others differ and they can choose as they wish to or, well, not. 

It’s important that we focus on what we are calling out to the universe to bring us both consciously and unconsciously. It really matters more than I can convey. Give it some thought, careful thought and then put your call out there for what you truly want in this world. You already know how to create it but are learning to remember how good it feels to create consciously. Just enjoy life and love as you do it and you will have greater opportunity to be satisfied in the end.  (89)

Hart, Jaie.  Expanding Horizons, Growth and Beyond, 2013.  The Ministry of Connected Consciousness.  California.  Print

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beyond the Sun's Light

Funny thoughts of late have I held for reasons I don’t know if I care to explore.  There are so many thoughts converging and feelings surfacing in this moment that I’m not sure where to begin.  I wanted awareness and I wanted understanding and I find it near comical the effect it has had on my vision.  I see things now so differently.  At first the sights in my new found vision hurt me to my core.  It hurt my heart to see what humanity does to itself, all of the pain and all of the striving to be better than even in the negative.  Oh it sent my mind spinning and my world swirling right straight back into the heart of me.  And there I sat so very quietly.  Long years spent thinking and searching for meaning and understanding only to find pain?  I knew that could not be the reason and something within me drove me further within.

I see so much now in this world.  I see sociopathic behaviors in companies, narcissistic behaviors in humans, antagonistic behaviors in those harmed by their own psychology and the wake of additional collateral damage left to flounder in a sea of not knowing, seemingly lost.  Was I better off before?  I questioned that.  I really did.  For what did understanding bring me now but to see how much humanity suffers with intent.  Yes, I said Intent with a capital “I.”  It took many years for the horizons to broaden ever wider and to contend with the emotions and feelings my new vision brought me. 

Reconciliation could not be had while working from within a framework I was given and unconsciously held on to.  I was working from the premise of malware so deeply installed within my own human operating system that I made myself such a victim of this world.  I couldn’t admit it but I felt it.  It crushed me and I unconsciously sought out lesson after life lesson to reinforce what I was learning.  But I wasn't getting the lesson so I fought back harder and longer and walked off eventually in dire frustration creating silence and distance while thinking I was stepping off the battlefield.  I was not.  The battle had only begun and I waged it well.  Unfortunately, no wait...fortunately, I waged that battle against myself.  The battle was an illusion born of delusion and mistaken belief held for so long it seemed real.  It wasn't real.  It was never real.  Breathe.

Perhaps it was actually growth that brought me to that point.  When I reached that point and the pain grew deep enough I had to stop all thought, all feeling and then begin to reach within for the truth.  Brilliant teachers from all parts of humanity helped me to understand that belief can be a deadly thing to our emotional states, our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with others, our relationship with this world and reality as well as our relationship to the Cosmic One in which we are all an intrinsic part.  I did not understand that it was belief alone that created the opacity of the filters through which I once viewed this world and life here within it.  From ground zero, you cannot see the Whole.  From 10 feet up, you cannot see the Whole and from 1,000 and 100,000 feet you cannot see the Whole.  You have to get yourself entirely outside of the framework you think you know in order to see the Truth.  And even when you see it at first you will not want it.  You won’t at first understand it.  Our consciousness is beyond our description and is more than the limited striations of psychology or any other “ology” that exists to define it.  We must learn to find our own resonance and the Source of that resonance and feel our way through the muck and mire of an unaware and zombie-like state of a life lived asleep.  We must awaken gently with a blessed curiosity that does not prejudge an outcome of our exploration other than knowing we are capable of not only seeing and feeling the Truth but being It.

In a naturally and intentionally altered state of consciousness, I saw the world at last and I felt humanity in its entirety and with everything in me to the level of the tiniest cell within I knew the precious nature of existence.  I was shocked and astounded at my own capacity then for not only understanding but love…a love so profound and purely endless these words are really useless in conveying the depths.  We are here in this world of dichotomy for learning.  When we awaken to the Truth, the definitive Truth that can only be intuitively felt, we relax a little and the former pain of our first awakening visions begin to subside, we come to find peace and resonance with life as it is.  We find no need to change or control what is and therein lies our freedom should we wish to take it.  We can take it.  We just have to want it.

So, the point again, where was it? Yes, there it is…feel it…close your eyes for a moment and breathe in the first fiery rays of morning sometime or the last scarlet golden rays of the day as night brings a blanket of stars into view.  Know that this understanding of the Whole of our Consciousness is not unlike the sky.  Every single day we look up and we see gray or blue and white but we don’t see what is really there when the sun is up do we?  The stars are there day and night; different positions maybe as we move on our little planet in our beautiful Milky way Galaxy.  The stars are always there behind the blue, behind the clouds, behind the blinding rays of the sun.  The truth, the Truth is like that too.  It’s always there…like the heart beat of eternity…when you hear it and your own heartbeat resonates in tune with the cadence of the heartbeat of the Source of all Consciousness, then you know you have found what you were looking for.  You know you never lost anything and you know some part of you was always Home even if you forgot and even if you still struggle to remember consistently.

I wish for you a blessed journey precious ones.  Enjoy your lives; the good times and bad times equally and with a grand and yet relentless curiosity.  Seek to understand what it is you are learning and you will begin to understand the amazing wonder that you are as a glorious part of this beautiful and powerful Sentient Conscious Whole.  In love and light, may the peace and stillness carry you and comfort you always and in all ways.  And So, It Is.

--> © J.L. Harter (photo and words)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Protect the Flame

We live in a world where we must teach our children not to talk to strangers.  We live in a world where women are in fear walking down the street when a stranger innocently says hello or pays them a genuine complement.  We live in a world where people are forced to hide their true natures in fear of social ridicule.  We live in a world where corporate profits are put ahead of people.  We live in a world where the poor are penalized more due to psychological practices intended to make the forgetful remember.  We have people living on streets who have jobs.  We have people who want to work and can find none.  At the same time, we still have builders building near million dollar suburban homes in areas where no one can afford to buy.  We live in a world where people think only in fear, think only of getting theirs first, of ignoring the victims because they must be at fault.  We consider that because people choose differently than we do, they must be wrong, inconsiderate or ignorant.  We fear other cultures, different skin colors and religions.  We fear oppression while we do just that, oppress.  It’s a death spiral of a great civilization.

I’m considered to have come from privilege just because of the color of my skin but I tell you I have not.  My parents couldn’t hold jobs in the 1970’s and 80’s.  For various reasons only some of which were within their power to control.  Were it not for my Grandmothers, we would have starved on more than one occasion.  We grew up rarely going to doctors and I can’t remember ever receiving but 1 or maybe 2 immunizations as a child.  They weren’t necessary because I had already gotten some of the diseases they would normally protect against…chicken pox, mumps.  My parents couldn’t afford doctor’s bills.  They could afford cigarettes and alcohol though, the only things that seemed to bring them comfort.  We ate Wonder Bread and Ketchup or Miracle Whip sandwiches sometimes because that is all that was left after the food from the food stamps ran out and were glad to have them.   I understand so much, you have no idea how much I understand and can see.  The malware running rampant in the psyches of the world’s inhabitants goes undetected by the thousands and thousands of hosts who perpetuate the ignorance installed in the human operating systems.  They can’t help it until they learn that it's there to begin with and then strive to understand that something may be amiss because of it.  They have to move through the layers of obscurity that hides the truth deep within them.

This is by no means a perfect world but we keep traveling down the same old highways, the well-worn and beaten paths and wondering why things never seem to change.  If we continue to focus as victims, we cannot break free of the frame.  Until we can learn the truth of ourselves, we cannot break this cycle of fear and pain.  It’s a game where many of us are set up to lose and lose because we do not understand the rules of engagement.  To top it off is the reality that so many do not wish to learn.  We have wealth in this world, unimaginable wealth and yet, we have people dying of starvation.  We have people running around this world unaware that a virus has entered their minds thinking in frameworks that will only lead to decay, apathy and death.  We’re so much better than this but we must realize the way.  The way can never be found by extinguishing one single light of another.  One flame can ignite thousands provided you don’t let someone steal that flame or blow it out.  Just one flame is all it takes.  You all have that flame burning right inside of the core of your beautiful hearts.  Maybe you can’t see it but I do.  I see it and I pray with everything in me that your flames are protected and that when you go out into the world with your daily activities that your flame ignites another and that one ignites yet others.  We can shift the tides through understanding, compassion and accountability…add to that integrity for just the right seasoning to create an even greater flavor or taste of life…dress it up with honor and honesty too while you’re at it.  Clean up your own messes or learn to see that you are creating them.  Seek help.  Be vigilant.  Be blessed.

Let us consider whether we can adjust our approach to life with a new vision, a new plan that does not base its bias on victimhood or that does not seek vengeance for a past that cannot be undone.  Let us open our hearts to understanding and compassion and paint a new vision of our world, hand in hand, brother to brother, sister to sister in gratitude and appreciation for our differences rather than forcing our ways on another out of nothing but fear and fabrication.  We can do this if only there is a will to do so.  Once there is a will to do so, humanity will find a way and in that way, there will still be challenges great and small but in the spirit of love, cooperation and collaboration, we can transform our fears, channel our anger and hurt into great beauty.  If only we could find the will to want.  So, please want.  Humanity needs you.

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Certainty in Uncertainty

It was 3:58 am when I opened my eyes.  I laid there in the dark for a few minutes as the dream scape slowly faded from my consciousness.  Feeling the expanse from the far edges of the universe still embedded in the edges of my existence, I didn’t want to move really but I could no longer lie still.  The hours of early morning’s soft darkness often calls to me.  It was no different this morning.  The stillness of last hours before dawn bring me such peace.  Quiet time alone in this little corner of my home filled with those I love makes me smile.  I’m awake and there is coffee in this realm of consciousness.  I must go and do and see and then taste the delicious comfort of my favorite morning ritual.  It is that, a ritual of sorts.

“What will I channel this morning,” I think to myself.  My thoughts open up but they don’t reach out like usual.  Instead I am here, silently tapping listening to the first bird begin to sing in the darkness.  The sun is nowhere in sight but I did catch the tiniest glimpse of the moon racing the sun for the sky.  Through the open window, I can feel the coolness of morning and it seems, in a way, to be a balm to my soul.  It’s been a long week with much to do and the entire time it seemed my consciousness was split.  It was split between doing and thinking and observing what I was doing and thinking, observing what others were doing and certainly must be thinking. At the same time I tried as much as I could to stay in touch with an emerging feeling. Sometimes I wonder at the capacity for activity from one single human being.  My last meeting of the day yesterday left me with such fuel for thought.  Surely there must be a better way to accomplish goals than piling humans with more work they haven’t got time for if they are to do a good job at anything at all.  I realized the challenge of it and then got very quiet and felt an opportunity.  I let those thoughts go in peace this morning.

The backdrop of my morning is punctuated in the haunting hum and drone of the freeway not far from my home.  For some reason I seem to have lived in earshot of it since I returned to California back in 1997.  I think I rather like the busyness of the city.  It’s easy to get lost, to become invisible in plain sight in the middle of a concrete jungle.  The greatest challenge in the world is learning to find peace in this environment and I smile realizing what an accomplishment that is in and of itself for me.  I don’t count my accomplishments much.  In fact, my partner suggested I should do just that having suffered a strange bit of melancholy of late.  “It’s nothing,” I say having no explanation.  I’m clear on where my contentment lies, where my challenges lie but my accomplishments, not so much…my opportunities – those I love to explore.  Even in our darkest moments we have an amazing opportunity to step outside of ourselves and notice even one single moment of our awareness.  We don’t often consider the infinite ways our consciousness is just incredible beyond words.  So me, I don’t worry too much about feeling a little, well, there isn’t really a name for it.  It may seem like melancholy or even appear that way.  For me such “feelings” have always been a precursor to some new type of creativity possibly as yet unknown to me.

So, the coffee is wonderful this morning I notice.  It tastes like the best cup of coffee I’ve had in long time.  And, this dark cool morning?  Well, it too seems like the best one I’ve enjoyed in such a very long time.  To be up, conscious, sensing, hearing and feeling just feels like the absolute best ever.  Every day is a blessing in some small way and there are just those times when the thinking must stop and the feeling leads the way.  Ultimately I know and have infinite faith in where I’m taking myself on this journey of experiencing life on Earth…much like the moon’s certainty the sun will follow, at least this day.   I like to live a life of peace but I feel the dichotomy of chaos within sometimes as I observe what is without.  I can’t tell the difference in origins sometimes…what is the origin of the chaos? What is the origin of the peace?  I think it is just me and how I choose to perceive a world of polarity for this world is most certainly that.  I can choose to become sidelined by it or choose to see where the opportunities do most certainly dwell.

Off to it then, I suppose.  Maybe I’ll work on another project.  I’ve put out 7 books this year so maybe a break from big story writing.  But then again, this feeling that’s been emerging within me, and the memory clearly of the edges of the universe in my visions and dreams can mean only one thing.  There is yet another project or concept brewing just like this morning’s coffee.  Oh, I’ve no idea what the project will be yet.  Surprisingly in this moment, I am content with the realization that I don’t have to figure it out.  I simply just don’t have to know at this moment in time.  I’m just excited to be here, alive, open and breathing.  That is purely and simply enough…show up…be here fully now…that’s it.  It’s as simple as that.  Blessings for a wonderful day beautiful dreamers.

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Survey from The Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness

Energy Signatures – The Perception of Vibrational Consciousness

The Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness (JMCC) is engaging in a survey study of the perception of vibrational consciousness.  The survey will seek to explore the perception of vibrational tones or frequencies experienced by individuals in order to understand better whether these tones are perceived to have a spiritual, physical or biological origin.  The JMCC invites you to take part in this survey in order to help create the data from which our study will be undertaken.  Through a series of basic questions, we will solicit your responses to our survey, analyze the results and publish the findings in the journal.  Your information will be maintained confidentially and individual participant results will not be shared without de-identification of personal information.  This survey has been undertaken by the JMCC for academic purposes only.  It does not purport to provide medical, psychological or other diagnoses for anyone with particular conditions to which appropriately licensed care should be sought.

The survey will be held open until 12/31/2014.  The survey contains only 10 questions and takes just a few minutes.  Please share this link with others you believe may be interested in participating.

Thank you for your support!

Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD


Friday, October 10, 2014

Solace of Nature's Graces

 The waning moon hung larger than life in a pale blue Western morning sky.  Near directly across in the East came the sun with her fiery white golden orange rays streaking the clouds in watercolor delight.  “Such amazing beauty,” I thought to myself as I gazed East into the sunrise.  Staying present in the moment was not so difficult with such beauty to behold.  The miracle of the Earth turning with her moon traversing its daily orbital trajectory did not pass through my mind unnoticed.  With so much beauty and amazing aspects of existence to contend with, I wondered about all the things in my life I did repeatedly that seemed to kill my spirit little by little, day after day, month after month, year after many a year.  “Why would you do a thing you did not want to do at all,” one might ask.  There are reasons, endless ones.  Sacrifices made in a way; blessings garnered in so many others.

This is a strange and wondrous world we live in and this time or rather this age in which we have all chosen to become physical is no accident.  I’ve never given credence to the random creation theories whether or not aspects can be proven.  I don’t buy the biblical depictions either because they are too shortsighted and proven unreliable.  You might think me an atheist with such thoughts.  But honestly, I don’t think I am.  I just have my own hypotheses to contend with such as my Creator’s Creators Creators…and beyond that, the Source.  I don’t understand much of this world but I do understand humanity.  I can see the pain and the love interchangeably.  I can see the dichotomy in a single thought and action…I can feel the degrees of potentialities beyond that which is simply manifested.  But what do I do with such thoughts on such a glorious occasion as a beloved morning off with no place to go?  With a head full of understanding and a heavy heart for having to contend with what I contend with settles in for a moment.  I think I see it is I who is in need of a vast adjustment in the realm of some deep seated expectation that life should be filled with much less conflict than it is.  My intellect and experience even proves to me the benefit of daily conflict -- the growth that comes from it…the understanding that is ever expanding along with compassion.

I’m tired I think.  I’m tired of moving.  I’m tired of standing still.  I could lie down and close my eyes for another hundred years and awaken to find the environment changed but humanity is still the same.  There will always be those that grow ever more aware in their Consciousness and for that fact, I’m infinitely grateful.  But still a part of me considers a long and dreamless sleep much like the trees that shed their leaves, grow still as summer breezes fall and branches laid bare only to weather the storms of Wintertime.  But even in their slumber, the time of rebirth is always at hand in the few weeks that stretch into months until Spring.  In every second is a moment of rebirth…and yet in this one it seems frozen…extended…but the feeling is unimaginably beautiful…resolute peace despite seeming chaos.  I wonder what tomorrow might bring and remember instead the chores of the day waiting… waiting to be completed.  Is that what we are or why we are here?  Waiting to become completed in some way we don’t yet understand?  I have no answers for you.  Just my musings and ramblings from a mind tired from too much multi-tasking.  

 I watched the sunrise this morning from a park in the middle of a little neighborhood housing tract.  The low-lying mist swirled on the ground as I made my way through the grass for the perfect spot to take just one shot.  Instead, I took two, one of the moon and another of the sun and then a few more.  Such beauty there was in the space between each shot.  It reminded me of so many things that my mind could not take in a single additional thought.  So, instead I opened my heart and took in volumes in the weight of their feelings.  I stood there alone in the cool misty morning, sky turning orange, moon setting slowly.  I smiled as a single ray of orange light crossed the expanse of sky and touched the ground before me.  Beautiful journey...tiring journey...blessed journey, I thought as I gazed once more at the sky.  I think I need a little more sky time so I’m off to another treasured spot for some solace of nature’s grace.  I wish you great blessings of faith beautiful dreamers.  Consider something I learned so very long ago. The keys to the ultimate healing of your hearts can be more easily found in striving to see the beauty of this world and in humanity than in the weakness or indignity of blame and the embracing of any moment of disdain.

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photos and words)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

No Problem

Why does it seem that we have so many problems in our lives to deal with? It sometimes seems we have way more to contend with than we can possibly handle and this can result in anxiety, stress, insomnia and even depression.

Giving considerable thought to these symptoms and their multiple and varied origins and knowing how within our Consciousness we create, I wonder if it is just something as simple as “we’ve got it all wrong.” We watch how our lives are supposed to be from television, books, movies and even what those around us represent to us as the best case scenario for living and finding happiness. But what if we realized the truth that these things are only idealized potentials and that if we strive for someone else’s ideal of the perfect life or happiness, we may actually find ourselves quite disheartened? That isn’t what we’re here for.

 We haven’t come all this way in our evolution and development to settle for someone else’s perfect version of what our reality should be, I think. Look around you and see what this approach is getting us. Every day we’re becoming more aware of the growing symptoms of personality disorders. Even the DSM V sites more psychological disorders today than ever before. The DSM is, “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) … widely known as the bible of psychiatry and psychology,” (n.p. Tartakovsky,

Now, having cited this I realize that perhaps this knowledge is simply a part of the deepening of our understanding due to the increasing availability of information more quickly. However, certain disorders or behaviors still seem to be on the rise such as those in the anti-social or sociopathic category. But what if we’ve still not even scratched the surface of the true problems that ail humanity? Consider this if you will, I have posited before that the Ego is the Veil. Meaning that I lean towards the theory that our egos are that part of our consciousness that meets physical reality. If there is a bigger part of our Consciousness that remains not in physically manifested three-dimensional reality, then maybe behavioral issues stemming from the ego are an unintended (or unconsciously intended) consequence of our being here, generally speaking. 

 So, if we begin from this premise that the ego is the reason we are in the physical, and when in the physical, we don’t understand the whole of our true Conscious capabilities, I could understand how some could wax either more sensitive with the realization of the possibility or its opposite, not sensitive at all in the absence of the realization of the possibility. I see all of these things as coping mechanisms related not just to life and our experiences from childhood but that sometimes the level of discontent and ill-behavior grows simply from our lack of understanding of what it is that we are.

So, we have an ego that projects our focus here where we are physical, experience the physical, encounter egoic emotion and if we remain aware, we can still experience the ethereal. Now, those of us still engrossed in entertaining that the physical is the ONLY reality may never awaken to the ethereal components of our larger Consciousness and they may begin to label, make-fun of or find other ways to hide out in pure science or psychological bad behavior alone to prove their own ego’s version of reality and all that will seem to do is perpetuate this ill behavior we so often see demonstrated within humanity. I’m a compassionate soul and have to believe there is a reason for this behavior, for this seemingly limited thinking and why some of those in the know may find our make-up and lack of awareness quite convenient. 

 I’m not going to dive into conspiracy theories here. I dare not put any good energy towards that. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of those with supreme knowledge and those who are lost to that knowledge (at least temporarily). What I do know is that there is a collective of memories, thoughts and knowledge available to humanity. At any time one can merely observe their own thoughts to realize we are not so simply defined. We cannot even completely define consciousness itself unless we begin to break it down into very small, agreeably identifiable component parts (we can’t do that yet, at least not entirely). Even if were able to identify all of the component parts, due to the process of individuation of focus (materialization of our consciousness in the third-dimensional world), the challenges of living we’ve all been through in our own unique ways would have us view the findings only through the perspective of our own life experience. The way we are generally made up would have us believe our own perceptions as truth whether or not that truth was provisional.  

I have learned in life that we can experience so many problems, challenges and pain as we try to make it through the day living up to ideals presented for us to hold and believe in. But what if the things in our lives are not problems to solve at all? What if that concept or framework of operation is the problem and prevents us from truly knowing ourselves and the beauty that life has to offer? What if we fearlessly engaged in serious inquiry of the origins of our own beliefs, understood them and then realized there is no need to fight for someone else’s version of reality or even defend our own? What if you discovered that the way things are here as we see and experience them right now is just exactly the way they are supposed to be? What if you knew you had a choice in terms of labeling, judging, hating, dividing, conquering or accepting, holding compassion, understanding, allowing and appreciating the diversity of life here and the full scope of potential experiences you have in order to better understand your life lessons? What would that do to your problems? Would that put them in a different category that might cause you to react differently towards?

Would you begin to see the behavior in others that drives you mad is not the impetus for you to engage in a campaign to change others but to seek greater understanding and wisdom within yourselves? The irritating factors that occur to us from others does not exist so that we can allow the frustration to take up residence within our heads to our detriment. On the contrary. They are messages only to remind us that we have a choice in how we view things, even if we have to struggle a few days to gain a more positive perspectives.

So much is possible in this world. If we could shift our perspectives we could endeavor to engage in more richly rewarding discourses and interaction with all of life here on planet Earth…here in the Earth School. We could see the world with new eyes, hear the music of life with new ears and feel the truth of everything with a sensory perception unaided by limited psychological labels for experiences. We could transform misery into beauty in the span of a heart-beat if we but took the time to learn how to stand in the center of the light of our own beautiful Consciousness and realize that we are one in so many ways. Or, we could just continue with the drudgery, the pain, the bleak and stark expanses of some of the roadways of life. The choice of perspective belongs to each of us alone. 

That’s the beauty of life I suppose. There isn’t really a wrong way or a right way. I think being here at all has the consequence of symptomatic expression of “malware” we’ve had unconsciously installed in our minds from very early on. I’m referring to the beliefs that were created about ourselves and the world that came from outside in and remained resident in our psyches without our understanding it was that very same "malware" that we have always operated from. That "malware" skews our vision and makes the truth awfully difficult to perceive definitively. I guess maybe that part of the fun is learning to spot our false premises and then striving to transcend them. It is in the journey that we find our greatest rewards and not necessarily in the attaining of a destination, thing or whatever it is you can think of.

In a way, we are already very Consciously Aware and Awake, we just have chosen not to acknowledge that yet or maybe we haven't yet learned how to remember that fact. Each in his or her own time, I continually remind myself and remind myself with much gratitude. I love life and humanity. The beauty and diversity of existence here is just beyond words. It’s miraculous, amazing, inspiring… even on those dark nights or during dark seeming times. Things change, we always grow and everything is forever in motion. It's not a problem. It's just life.

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