Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day Spent in Minutes

I woke up before my alarm this morning.  I laid there in the quiet and dark for many long seeming moments.  I listened to the cars speeding down the road and noticed that if I added a little imagination to my senses, the pace and cadence of the cars sounded a bit like ocean waves softly crashing onto my imaginary shoreline.  I didn't want to move in that moment as the fog had not yet quite cleared from an amazing dream.  I was afraid I might lose the memory of it and so, before I moved I recalled every precious scene of it, a face, the sunlight and the Meadow.  Always it seems I dream of the Meadow.  Its a very precious place to me.  It's a place I often go whenever I have a few moments to let my mind and vision wander.  So many amazing experiences have I had in this one very sacred and special place.  The time is ticking away hours in minutes and I know I must move and get my day started.  This wrestling that occurs within my soul just now I find so amusing...fighting to move away from one dream right into another.  Life, itself, is an amazing dream with realism so perfect and messengers great!  I love life and I love love and all the messages that stem there from. Sigh.  I still did not wish to move so I glanced at the clock to see if I had any ability to negotiate a few more minutes.  In all this thinking and feeling a strange reality strikes.  Only one single minute has passed in a hour's worth of thought.  Hmmm, my ability to create is moving quite successfully this morning, I thought to myself.

The entire day seemed to occur at a step out of time and I wondered about that as I moved from scene to scene.  The entire day seemed ethereal, unreal and surreal all at once and I just observed as if I were standing five feet outside of this body that was moving through some routine sequence of motions.  Robotic it seemed or I seemed and I didn't care for it much but stayed just close enough to be connected.  I completed an enormous task at the salt mines today which is some what puzzling since it felt like I was not there at all.  I am barely conscious of how I spent my day today and at times I wondered whether I was losing touch with reality.  Interchangeably, I wondered if the truth was that I was regaining touch with definitive reality.  I smiled leaving my office for a break. The light inside felt so bleak and dampening and walking felt strange and yet in my soul I was elated.  Each step I took along the corridors I could feel in this very disconnected and yet super-connected way that I cannot well articulate. Walking down three flights of stairs, I'd pause at each landing and gaze out of the long thin windows of the stairwell.  Soft rolling green hills gave way to the ocean in the distance.  No, I couldn't see it, I just know where it is.  Finally out the door, I watched a plane leave John Wayne Airport and I wondered where it was headed and I wished more than anything I could sprout wings and fly.  In the span of a heart beat I could see the view from that plane now flying over the ocean, we bank to the left and head back towards the foot hills and there - there is the place where in this moment I stand.  A solitary figure in a sparsely populated parking lot surround by, of all things, seven dragon flies and a humming bird.

I was back in my body the moment I heard the humming bird's wings.  I watched him for hours that transpired in only minutes.  What in the heck is going on with time today anyway, I wondered as I flipped on my phone to check the time.  I noticed the sky, the clouds and the breeze and it carried me comfortably on this unseen cloud I seemed to still be floating on.  I returned to my desk and the day disappeared.  Many things to do and some promises to keep.  I cannot say I remember having many days like today but I realize how interesting it was as I sit here at home now in the dark of my patio staring up at a half moon glistening in an indigo sky.  The air is cool as it was when I began this day minutes ago.  Every day is such a delicious treat, especially when the routine becomes something more transformational.  I look forward to re-exploring that wonderful dream.  As I recall, I had a conversation to finish and one I look forward very much to engaging in with my soul's full attention.  Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers.  Enjoy every scene, every encounter and experience in the dream you have created here that is your lives.  Much love and light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a beautiful random internet find)

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