Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day and Some Thoughts to Share

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there whether you are a biological mother or one who has bravely taken on the roll to mother a child or maybe even the inner child of an adult.  At times motherhood will seem the greatest of thankless tasks.  It certainly has its own rewards but most days you’ll feel anything but rewarded.  Do it any way and give your all to that child in your care for one day that child will become a full-fledged adult and go out into the world and carve a path for him or herself.  Don’t you want that to be an amazing path that inspires others?! 

As a mother of 3 adult children and one running to get there, I have been through moments of great joy, endless nights of worrying whether I did this right or that right and always trying to keep my wits about me even tired, tried and completely spent so that I could create the best opportunities for each of them in my own way.  It wasn’t easy but it is worth it.  My kids may not be the best or the brightest from the perspective of others but they are something by far more important in my eyes.  They are good people and to me, they are absolutely the very best.  They have morals and values, they question the status quo, they stand up for themselves and for others and they follow their hearts as they carve their own paths in this life.  That!  That makes me a very proud mama.

I still work hard to see clearly, the grown persons that they are beyond the little chubby faces and hands wrapped up in a blanket snuggled close as I rocked them to sleep.  Do we ever lose that ability?  To see the tiny precious child we have wrapped in our arms?  You know, every person we meet was a child just like that.  I wonder what it might be like if every person we encountered, we could flash back to that moment they were a tiny, precious, swaddled and loved child?  Would we be able to treat everyone we meet as if they were our own child?  I mean from the perspective of love and respect just for having made it to adulthood here in this frame?  What if we could look at ourselves with that same love and respect each time we looked into the mirror, forgetting completely about the years of tears and environmental psychology?

It takes so very long for a human child to grow into adulthood, self-functioning and reliant.  Some do it so well and some, maybe, not at all but I think they are still deserving of the love and respect from some place within them, from some place within the heart of all of us.  The world is full of children, just at different ages and various stages of progression.  Can we not find a way to love something in them all?  If we take this further and remember the smaller children…they want what they want when they want it and can become very frustrating people to have to deal with!  But, we love them any way, no matter what they do and no matter how crazy they seemingly make us.  What if we could hold that perspective for all of humanity, the good, the bad and the ugly?

All have gifts they bring to this awareness we all share.  I can appreciate that whether or not I agree with someone else’s behavior.  If I can look at every child and even the inner child of the adults I encounter as if he or she were my own, I could honor them at least with unconditional love or respect without sacrificing my own discernment as to whether or not I will participate along with them in anything I feel borders on the unsavory.  It feels to me that this perspective relieves me of my need to be better or best because we are all children dreaming this dream, learning to play nice in the sandbox who will one day grow up and look at the path that we have carved into this world.

I pray every day for my own children and the children of every mother who ever was and ever will be.  That prayer includes that each finds his or her own heart, that each finds a way to conquer the things they maybe should not have had to learn, that they embrace the paths towards awareness, self love, self-care and care for others they encounter on the path.  The ability to love with out fear is a challenge for many but as children, remember that we once loved without fear?  No matter what life has taught us in this regard we can RE-Remember what it was like, find that place again that truly unites us all and we can love the world and her children.  From this place of love, I greet this morning openly, aware, hopeful, filled with faith that the tiny fearless loving heart of every person on this planet will awaken.  Maybe they could find a place of gratitude for the life they were given and realize regardless of biology, they’ve had many mothers in their lifetime who have taught them amazing things that will influence their lives for the better.  There is that one person somewhere and some how who inspired in love and we knew that a part of our hearts remained alive and giving as a result.  I think there is a little mother within us all that guides us every day in our thoughts and good deeds great and small.  Cherish this not so very silent parent, this Source of our truest love.

Happy Mother’s Day.  I am grateful for all of you, for all that you do, for the hardships you master and the love you always find a way to give.

Copyright 2018, Jaie Hart (photo/words)