Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stop Participating in What Does Not Serve You

If ever there should come a time in your life where it does not feel good to be in your own skin, stop for a moment and consider what it is you are participating in.  You are most likely and simply conducting yourself in a manner inconsistent with your authentic nature.  Stop all action and find the place within you that made the decision to act out of alignment with your true nature.  Don't judge your behavior but understand where it stepped out of line with who you truly are.  The body and our emotions speak in subtle tones at times and in ways we are not routinely taught to understand.  But, you will feel it in depression, anxiety, fear or pain.  Your thoughts floating through your mind may not be yours at all but may have their origins in opinions that others have laid upon you that in a moment of fear you unwittingly believed.  You can stop the resulting madness by realizing just because a thought runs through your mind, it doesn't make that thought the truth.

We are complex creatures with varying levels of consciousness complicated further by existence in multiple dimensions.  We are not taught to understand how the mechanics of us works.  We are not taught to look for and identify our vulnerabilities and then to protect ourselves from those things in the outside world that can slip into our minds deranging it from its true source of love.  The antidote, the remedy and the cure is to stop participating in those things that bring you pain.  You have the right to exercise your free will and disengage from those who hurt you or prevent your growth.  Don't stand in the arms reach of those who flail and seek to land a punch on the mark - to hurt others to cure their own pain.  Step back and disengage, protect yourself in a loving way by simply refusing to participate in those things that do not truly serve your soul.  Never mind the ego and it's little I, Me and Mine focus.  That is unreal and will never bring you anything satisfactory.  Release the I, Me and Mine and step back into your soul and feel the love there burning.  Listen to the still, small and subtle voice of the soul and let it lead you back to actions, thoughts and words of love, peace, compassion and understanding.  Be gentle with yourselves and let no one treat you unkindly and un-gently.  Step back from participation, disengage from the ego and it's superficial defenses - just stop the madness by refusing to engage.

Not one of us what put here to needlessly suffer.  We choose our suffering by unwitting participation in things that are not in alignment with our goals in life.  Find the truth of who and what you really are by growing still and silent from time to time to listen to the true voice of love deep within your core.  Ignoring thoughts that did not originate with the authentic you and refocusing instead on the loving and gentle thoughts to hold for yourself.  Cleanse yourselves of judgement from others and the lingering self-judgment the mind grabs hold of following judgment from the outside world.  Stop participating and the things and people who try to pull you down out of their own misery and pain will tire and then soon, dissipate into another dream.  Trust in the beauty and the love of you.  Shine your light and there will be no more darkness.  Free the love inside of you to roam life unhindered by the outside world. Move in tune with the dictates of your own souls and seek the deeper meanings in your lives.  There is nothing superficial in your existence so dig deeper than the surface to understand the truth.  Allow yourselves to live and love.  ~Blessings

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