Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Will, Integrity and Love

Oh my the things the last few days have revealed to me.  The amazing clouds of late disappeared yesterday into a clear sea of cerulean blue and the sun was so amazing in the sky.  I can't remember a time it has seemed so bright.  I can't help but wonder if our vision changes when the fog of misunderstanding is lifted from our souls.  Life is a great mystery slowly revealed over time to those who observe, listen and open up to love and learning.  I have been ignorant of many things for far too long.  I have to catch myself with such thoughts because the truth is, no time spent here incarnate is ever truly wasted.  When we learn, we free ourselves to live life differently.  The whole of my life has existed on one misguided premise, one that lurked below the surface of my normal consciousness but guided my every thought and action.  I felt it beneath the surface pulling at me in every single interaction I've ever had and I wondered about it often.  I pulled it out into the light of day and I began to understand just exactly what it was, why it was born and why it compelled me often into action.

All of my life I have existed in some way or another to remove pain from my existence and the existence of those around me.  I came here thinking there had to be a better way to shape a soul than pain.  While that is true, there is a better way to learn, a soul sometimes creates pain for its own purposes.  To take that away from someone robs them of a very valuable experience.  Every emotion is worthy of the time spent with it.  The lesson is to understand it, why it was created and how it can be placed in proper perspective for highest learning and growth.  Some feel absolutely compelled to rescue other souls and they do so without thinking of the consequences of their actions and how it interfere's with free will.  Rescue seems noble and I suppose in some cases it is but when you begin to understand the construct and framework of this place, you start to realize that rescue is not always needed.  Some like the experience of selfless service to others and that's a beautiful thing.  But, if a soul never learns to rescue him or herself, he or she will always be searching for another's light to guide them when their own light is what will bring them the most benefit.

I was told before I came here I was free to explore and learn and do what seemed to call from me deep within my soul but I was given three rules...honor free will, embody integrity in all interactions and look for the love in every situation and encounters to find greater understanding.  At times I did not understand free will and the concept of allowing the choices of others to be as they are even when they create so much pain.  In time I learned that the greatest love you can show another is to let them make their own choices without any interference at all.  To honor these choices exhibits the highest integrity and when you look deeply, you can find the love through understanding the 'rules' so-to-speak.  Upon my realization I was rewarded with a freedom never before known.  Life is beautiful and amazing and wonderful.  It's so good to be here and every single soul in existence is so very beautiful.  We cannot always see that but it's only because we are not privy to each soul's development plan.  So, we judge and manipulate to try to get out of human interactions those things we think are right.  But, we're often wrong, so very wrong.  It's okay and perfect to be wrong.  But learning from our errors, nothing can feel more right!

So, my journey takes a twist and a turn and it is understanding that shines like the light of the sun and the beauty of it like the sea of cerulean blue as it swims through each day.  I pray you have a beautiful day where your free will is honored, your associates impress you with great integrity and that you see and feel the love around you to the point that it brings you the peace of true understanding.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (words/photo)

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