Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prisons - Illusion of Thoughts

We are trapped by nothing but our own willingness to trade this for that. When we lock ourselves into a certain mindset, there is no way out. Keep an open mind and be willing to open yourselves to doing something, anything differently and the chains that bind you will slowly fall away. We were not meant to live in prisons so don't allow your thoughts to confine you.

Sometimes our beliefs can limit what we think we can do.  We should often take a moment to consider our beliefs.  Are they based on theory or are they based on experience.  For those based only on theory - the ones you suppose to be true because you haven't yet had the experience to validate them - challenge yourself.  Is your belief limiting you in life?  Is your belief true?  Are you crystal clear with 100% certainty that you belief is, in fact, real?  Question yourself.  Question everything.  Take no one's words into your being as truth until you have validated those words as fact.  The same is true with the beliefs and thoughts from within your own head.  Just because they come from you does not make them true.  We assume sometimes on auto-pilot without questioning the validity of our own thoughts. Take an extreme example, "I'm so stupid."  Is that true?  Are you really stupid or did you make a choice that did not bring you a desired outcome.  Did you know any better at the time than to make the choice that you made?  This does not make you stupid.  What this makes you is a beautiful student of the Earth School that tries different things to see if they work.  The things that don't work, you can said aside and make different choices.

Question your thoughts and beliefs that cage you in a limited reality.  Your only limits are your thoughts and your ability to create attainable goals for yourselves in life.  You can do it.  You can break free.   ~Blessings

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find).

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