Saturday, July 21, 2012


I woke up with the sun this morning.  I was lost in meditation last night for 30 minutes and the peaceful calm that came was still with me when I opened my eyes.  I laid there for a few moments just listening to my surroundings...sparrows and crows, cars humming along the busy street and an occasional dog barking.  There are those who detest city life.  It's chaotic and there is a continual hum often perceived as just too much for the truly peace-loving.  I suppose city life isn't for the fainthearted.  I, however, find great comfort in my surroundings.  Surrounded by people one hardly has a chance to feel lonely and isolated.  You do have to look a little harder to find nature's beauty but it is still there in smaller patches of perfectly trimmed green grass and meticulously manicured trees and flowers but it's there.  There are a bunch of purple flowers right outside my front door.  The humming birds love them.  As I sit in my living room typing away, I can hear their wings and it reminds me of tiny little heart beats.  I get so excited when I hear them and I usually am very quick to set down my computer just to go and catch a glimpse of them.  They are a favorite along with the little blue birds and blue jays.  Their color so striking in a place where they are so very rare.  I can hear a little humming bird clicking and chirping just now.  There is a cadence to their chirping that one can count.  It's consistent and each one chirps to a different count.  1-2-3-4 pause 1-2-3 pause 1-2-3-4-5-6.  It's amazing.  I wonder what it is the collection of their tiny little chirps mean.

But there is language in sound and the trick first is to pick it out among the other sounds.  Then as you listen you learn to feel the difference in cadence or projection.  There are otherworldly communications out there too along the lines of the angelic.  It's hard to understand the language at first but once you pick up on the cadence that is almost always connected to a physical representation of some sort and then emotional sensation, you realize you are hearing a distinct language.  Over time you begin to understand what the words and sentiments mean.  It takes time and practice but its a rewarding experience to expend the time and effort to become aware when it strikes.  Trees can speak to you as well along with the ocean, flowers and plants.  Call me crazy if you'd like but these experiences are so peaceful, loving and beautiful. If I must be crazy to be able to understand and feel the beautiful feelings these communications bring then label me nutzo and be done with it.  I will not change because communicating with nature and all things in existence is simply amazing.  In fact, lately I find that communicating with nature is much easier than with people.  I love all things but the most painful communications I've ever had is with people.  But even the painful exchanges can be so very beautiful.  If you can step back from the emotion of it and seek to understand where another soul is coming from, there is almost always a beautiful lesson in store for you.  When we counter a painful exchange with our best listening skills followed by an earnest effort to understand, you may soon see the seemingly painful exchange is in actuality a beautiful lesson of life and love in progress.

It's funny how we go through life not understanding so much that is really happening all around us.  The colors, the vibrations, the physical sensations and energetic exchanges - all intangible seeming but so very meaningful to the acutely aware.  While we live our lives in a dream of all of those things we are taught here on Earth, we forget the truth, we forget how open we truly are to seeking love, light and deep meaning in everything.  Idle chit chat is fine upon first meeting and greeting but if you can't dive into the deep end of the pool from time to time, how on Earth are you ever going to be able to truly live your life with your full faculties of present focus, present awareness and see the beauty of it all?  You can miss so much unwittingly if you are not looking.  What motivates you?  There is even a message of deep understanding in that for you whatever it is.  If we could exit our fear of judgment and stop our own judging of self and others, we immediately throw open wide the doors of the foggy mists of misunderstanding and learn so much about our existence.  Superficial is for neophytes!  Neophytes have an important role to play but they are learning in baby steps.  Take huge leaps of awareness by opening up to life and love and you will be rewarded by so much.  Or, keep yourself closed off like a flower not permitted to bloom...the choice is yours...but have you ever tried to stop a flower from blooming?  Can you imagine how it might whither on it's strong and beautiful stem?  It would be like trying to hold back nature herself.  Much more difficult than just allowing nature to run it's course.  Bloom beautiful dreamers!  Open up your hearts and souls and learn to see, feel, hear and experience life from new perspectives.  Allow the growth your own soul dictates and you will know bliss and you will understand true joy. ~Simply put, have a beautiful day etched finely in great love and light!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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