Poetry from the Soul

Part of Me
Littered pavements
Things cast aside
Wondering why
So careless
What else is it
We cast away
The asphalt holds silver sparkles
When the sun hits it just right
Newly painted lines as I make my way home
Homeless man standing on the corner
I can feel his story
He's a part of me
Woman walking across the street
Three children in tow
I can feel her story
She's part of me
I watch the sun
Slowly sink behind a freeway overpass
Thousands traveling oblivious
So focused on their destinations
That they miss the present
I feel their stories
Because they are part of me
I see the birds silhouetted against the sun
I feel them flying free
They too are part of me
The breeze blows
Frustrated drivers honk their horns
Caught up in some unthinking road rage drama
I feel their stories too
They're part of me
An open field
Wild flowers in bloom
Like a piece of time frozen
In a concrete jungle
I feel its story
It's a part of me
All of the emptiness
The things cast away
The forgotten things
The hidden things
I feel them all
They are part of me
And I am part of you
© August 2011, Jaie Hart

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


The morning’s rising sun

Paints the trees

In a glorious hue of pale pink
And then orange glow
The moon hangs opposite
In a new blue sky behind a faint mist
Of scattered sea clouds
Off into the world I go
The freeway of my life
Feeling every mile and every soul near
Expansive is just a word
A word that does not adequately define this moment
Cares and worries arise
I watch them float down the river
Of amazing electric energy of life
This dream is magnificently created
Down to every minute detail
How creative we are as we go
And we don’t even know
Breathing in the cool morning air
I awaken a little more
And I catch the scent of the ocean on the breeze
Windows open to feel the temperature fully
Exhilarating it is to feel
Life pulsing not just in my veins
But in every lane and on every path
All the roads lead somewhere
We could all be anywhere
And everywhere
In this moment
This beautiful moment

Photo copyright unknown

  The Flame Within

The sacred flame has burned an eternity
In and out of lives we have grown
Life here, there no matter where
We show up fully and ready to embrace our light
At the appointed hour
In an ordinary life
An extraordinary calling comes
Shhhh, be silent and let the whispers
Sink deeply into your soul
These whispers have echoed throughout all time
Just to find you here now
Are you ready to embrace the whole of your being?
Have you found your path and it’s blessed calling?
As the flame burns, we turn within to greet it
With open heart we know, we know it has always been there waiting
Waiting for us to heed it’s call
To dance in the light and the shadows it casts
We sing the songs that move souls
We carry the love of our time in our hands
And the Love of the Earth and all things blessed in our hearts
Let us come together then
As always we have
In the light, in this life
And So It Is and Shall Always be

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart


Wind chimes tinkling in a cool sea breeze
And my mind is gone in seconds
Out of this world and off to some sacred place beyond it
The further I go, the less I seem to know
But the more I begin to understand and remember
Life is such a beautiful treasure
A gift truly to be savored
The sky slowly turns from blue to pale ethereal pink
And the leaves rustle yet another tune
In harmony with my beating heart
That’s all there is in this moment
This one precious and beautiful moment
Breathing in the twilight
That precious few seconds between day and night
Would that I could stay here, linger perhaps a bit longer
The things I might imagine, the places I might go
But this dream calls to me and I know that I must go
I am not loathe to heed its call for I understand the purpose
It took me long enough and I smile
Considering the blissful silence of my thoughts
Except for these penned and sent out into the Universe
I am so very happy
I am so very grateful
My cup truly runneth over with great love
For All That Is

The clouds move in
Releasing us from the oppressive heat
Darkness of morning
Cool still and damp
For a moment
Just one moment
A precious
And unanticipated opening
And the light spills down from the clouds
Mind stretched open far and wide
Lost in the scenery
I let out a sigh
Such beauty there is in this moment
I realize what I've forgotten and smile
This dream holds so much magic
If only I would remember to stop more and watch
If only I would remember to stop more and feel it
I’d know there are no more answers to seek
Having received now the whispers on the wind
Reveling in the touch of a cool morning breeze
I wander back through the trails of light
Follow them beyond my field of vision
And that’s when I know and that’s when I see
A moment of Source,
The dimension of our origins,
Here, there and everywhere

A thousand times
And days gone by
Whispered words
Carried on wings unseen
Through the barriers
Of time and space
There is no place
We have not been
I wander in my reverie
Here and there
Now and then
Dreams alight
Hope takes flight
And drifts to some place
In between
The sun
The sky
A sea of stars
One moment there

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart

Begin Again:
Morning sunrise
Pale, soft and ethereal skies
How many times will I see them
How many times will I ask myself this
In this moment I am ancient and tired
Ageless and tried
No longer wondering what yet is to come
Letting go of the weight of perception perfection
Dreaming in tune with every breath
A blink here and gone
The sunlight goes on
And I wonder maybe a little yet, why
Memories come of here and Elsewhere
To places in time or outside thereof
It doesn’t matter which
I have this to contend with
And then that and that
And time, in spite
Just marches on
I observe the paths and patterns that exist
I feel the breath and the Earth’s heart beating
Reaching out
Reaching in
Forever I seem to begin again

Photo copyright unknown
Feel It:

There are those moments
Where life's lessons will weigh
Very heavily upon your soul
It's hard to think and breathe
When they descend upon you
Relax and be not afraid
You are so very powerful
Your resources more abundant than you know
You can always respond
With love and hold onto precious light
Tightly within you
Let that gently radiate outwards
And be met by all of the light in the Universe
Illusions abound in your existence...
See through them
Pain happens when you least expect it...
Breathe through it
You are life and love in this world...
Feel it
Photo credit unknown

Gentle Awakening:
The dream long gone
As I gently awaken
Whispering some complex theory
I can't say I really understand
Or a name I don't understand why I'd speak
Not remembering the context
With which I had spoken the words or names
But traces, mere traces
And not but an ounce of memory
Other than a feeling
On with the day
I drive into the sun
Only it isn't there
Blanketed by autumn's cool morning clouds
I wonder about my dreams of late
Not one image do I remember
Only the things I speak in my mind in the darkness
Upon my slowly dawning consciousness from Elsewhere
Would that I could remember the scene
Remember who on Earth I'd been speaking to
Blessed dreaming mystery souls
Whoever or maybe even whatever,
Thanks at least for the meaningful conversation
Perhaps one morning I'll remember yet
Until the next time then...peace

(photo, random internet find)

Stream of Emotion:
Words cannot always be spoken
I can feel them swirling
Within an ethereal vortex of emotion
And yet, there they stay
I cannot move in this moment
I just stand here in the wind
And let its force lift me up and out
Beyond to a world where words are not needed
And to a place where feelings felt
Are the price of admission
And I walk among the dappled shadows
Between great oaks
Where blue birds sing
And I see such beauty not subtly hidden
And the context and meaning somewhat eludes me
I wish I could speak the words within me
For now I’ll have to be satisfied with silence
These words are meant now only for me
These feelings that create them in half tones of light
Must be held and comprehension must dawn
And so I find myself
Caught between the sunlight and cool shadows
I drift in a dizzying stream of emotion
(c) 2012  
Photo credit unknown

Heart and Soul:
With a word born from the heart of your soul
You lift me up and out of my self
And into this dreamy world of emotion I go

With a sentiment so deep I’m almost afraid to define it
As if to speak it out loud may defile it in some way
I remember a moment when our souls connected
You carried me there in the safety of your heart
Never before have I tasted surrender
I was too afraid ever to remotely consider it
But you being you and with all the love within you
Wrapped so gently about me and within me
How could I want anything ever more than you
You touch my heart so much and so deeply
In tears am I with sentiment great
For so long have I waited for you my love
And every breath and step of this journey
Has been more than worth it to stand where I stand now
Facing a true once in a life time, love of a life time with you
All those nights spent alone under the stars
I would whisper words of love and encouragement strong
Praying all the while that life was treating you kindly
And traces of memories to keep the flame of hope there in burning
That it would only be a mere moment that we’d be apart
I watch those same stars now align
The energy between us closing the distance
One more step, just one more breath
To love’s sweetest and most tender embrace
My love, thank you for all you’ve been through
For coming here with me, for finding me
For your precious love that fills me to depths I’ve never known
I love you, heart and soul

Photo credit unknown

Memories and Dreams:
I stand here a mere concept
A thought that was thought with Source impetus and love
I exist and now my own thoughts replicate
As does this love from inside who's origins I cannot quite pinpoint
I cannot explain how I feel
I cannot reconcile these memories
Pieces of a life long left behind me
A wake in time
Ripples and streams of emotion flow
And I cannot help but feel it within me
Even if I stand here in doubt of the premise from which I begin to understand
I could write all of this off as fantasy and let it go if not for one thing
One beautiful, amazing and beyond description thing…You
How can I explain you?
How can I rationalize these irrational and strong feelings I have
That I know were born so long ago and held, and cherished above all else
I am lost for reasons I do not understand
Although every clue comes pouring through the ether still I doubt
It's not concrete and a stretch to connect what I've seen
Is it just my lonely mind reaching?
I don't know about the rest
I fear the knowing doesn't come because it never existed
But the love is the clue, the love that runs so deep
I cannot explain that and the memories of you
I cannot disengage from the truth of this emotion
So I sit here, whisper your name in the dark
And I feel my pulse quicken at the thought
So I close my eyes and pray yet to dream
I love you eternally, always and still 

Photo credit unknown

Beyond Existence:

I wandered among the days and years
So lost to all  the truth that is
But something, no one thing
Always brought me back to safety
Your unending love for me
I used to look out into this world
And see nothing but hollow pain there looming
It was a desolate and heart breaking existence
But that tiny little spark of love
Was always there giving me hope enough and faith enough
To keep going and let my intuition guide my every breath and step
Now I look out into this big, bright and beautiful world
And I see your hands and heart in everything
The joy that comes in holding that thought
Is eternally stronger than any I could ever think on my own
In the stars in the sky, I see you
Your breath, the wind that carries my troubles away
Your light that ignites the sky at sunset
I feel you so close and never far
Blessed creation is this Earth
Blessed creation in every soul
Thank you for all and for everything always
(photo - fortunate internet find)

Photo credit unknown

 Still, Always, Forever:
I look for you among the stars
I find you deep within my heart
The days and nights may go by
But still within me
Is where you are
Every time I feel the breeze
I feel you
Every time I feel the warmth of the sun
I feel you
Every drop of rain that falls
Reminds me of the depths of my love for you
A moment or two or more in time throughout time
Have I seen the light reflecting in your soul
And all the love in your being that is you
The real you
I know and cherish every second of every day
The gifts you brought me
Will always be indelibly etched
Within the center of my soul
Gratitude immeasurable will I always hold
For the simple fact that our paths crossed
And although we walk in different worlds now
My heart will always beat in time with yours
Your every breath and step in this world
Gives me hope, restores my faith and will always be
A beautiful reminder of the truth of this dream
Thank you for you, beautiful dreamer
I have awakened in this dream
Because of your love
I love you still - always - forever
(Photo - random but beautiful internet find)
Photo credit unknown

A Kiss I'll Remember:
I remember that night
Somewhere lost in time
Tendrils of moonlight
Traced the lines of your face
And I watched your lips
As you spoke to me
And I was hungry to taste them
Just once more
This game we've played for an eternity
Hiding in time
In the starlight and shadows
Wondering when we might find
One another again
It makes me smile from deep within
This love that you send me
Wraps around me every moment
And glad am I to know where you are
Safe and sound within the construct of your dream
And me in mine, a fascinating time
But none will compare to that moment
That precious moment we return home again
Into your arms and our love reignites
And lights the skies on fire in earnest
Oh my love, my soul and my heart
I am so very content in this frame
To know what awaits us Elsewhere...
To know the love of eternity
Rests within us, within our hearts
I go back to that night
Standing with you under the stars
And I whispered I loved you more
Than there were stars up in our skies
And sensing my longing and sentiment deep
You inched ever closer
And your love found my soul
In a kiss I'll always remember

(Photo - random, internet find)

Photo credit unknown

Whispered words
Carried on wings unseen
Thoughts and visions scatter
Like morning mist with the rising sun
Dreams and desires
Nebulous and ethereal
Reverberate throughout the soul
The sun's rays - reality
Far reaching
Across time and distance
I just can't help
But wander with my thoughts
Back to the night
Where visions of moonlight
Rippled and danced upon the water
And slowly I'll sink back into a dream
The songs of silence
Sweet music felt rather than heard
Stirring the soul
Carrying me into the night
Back into the formless mist of being

Photo credit:  Jaie Hart

Love-Filled Silence:

The moonlight, so bright tonight
I stand in awe out under the stars
I breathe in deep
The abundant peace
Adrift on a cool sea breeze
The city never sleeps
Constant motion and commotion
People running, going and moving
Not understanding the pure beauty
Of choosing a spot to stand still
Peace is what you create at will
And it matters not if chaos swirls
Standing here in the darkness
Creating my own perfect stillness
I feel the love alive in everything
I feel the hope, the dreams and thoughts
That human souls give birth to
And it is that hope, those dreams and thoughts
That will create for them joy, love and bliss in time
And I too feel the worry and sadness of some
I send them my love, my prayers and healing
So that one day very soon
They might feel this joy
Standing under a pure bright moon
Knowing the peace and joy of stillness
Finding comfort in love-filled silence

(photo, Jaie Hart)

Photo credit unknown


Ethereal realms do call at times
And I am never loathe to answer
Walking through doorways
Portals in time
To a place...Elsewhere alas
Time holds no meaning there
And anything and everything is possible
Where angels and friends converge in a heart beat
Good tidings and blessings
Where lessons commence and coalesce
And I, I'm there always
Heart and soul
In fact, these days
Elsewhere feels more real than Earth's dimension
The love there richer
The bliss more consuming
It's a challenge sometimes
Walking with one foot in two worlds
But walk both I will
For as long as I must
Until I finish what I came to finish
And with joy, gratitude and peace
I shall return home
To love

(photo, random internet find)

Photo credit unknown

We become so lost sometimes
In the things that matter not
Lost in stormy seas of emotion
Intended to create in us deeper understanding
Intended to light the pathways home
And yet we doubt there is true purpose for us
We forget our own thoughtful intent
Reason, or a pronounced lack thereof
Brings us to our knees in pain
The truth behind what we think we see…
The love that lies just underneath
Like light in the deepest darkness they come
Teachers great imparting words imbued with great wisdom
Instructors and guides in every soul we happen upon
And yet we somehow continually miss the message
Time and time sorrowfully again
We come here because of our love of learning
Addicted and obsessed with the mysteries
Of our own lives mercilessly unfolding
Until like glass we thoughtlessly break
And the facade we burden ourselves with shatters
And the Source light refracts like rainbows
In all the shards and pieces fallen to Earth
And then we become
What we always were

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Photo random internet find)

Photo credit unknown

Whatever smallness you find yourselves feeling
Know definitively you can reach far beyond it
You are made of the stuff of the twinkling stars
No less amazing than the universe in all of her glory
Stand in the light of the truest love in existence
The love deep inside the well of your soul
That same love that connects us one to another
And to everything we see, experience and appreciate
You really are more amazing than you know
And your stint here more important than you may have realized
Live your life in gratitude
For the beautiful and precious gift that it is
Relish the rich hues within your field of vision
Enjoy the beautiful breezes that blow
Take in the energy that emanates throughout existence
And know with one breath, you give it all back
You have a purpose here to live in this dream
So live it well and enjoy this beautiful life
With as much love and conviction
As you can find the strength to muster
Always, forever and ever

 (photo, random internet find)

Photo credit unknown


I closed my eyes a moment adrift
And found myself on a distant plane
I watched you working within your world
And my heart leaped with eternal love
I stayed back a bit lest you should feel me
And I felt your soul stir from deep within
I held my breath refusing to move
And you looked up then and right through me
The love in your eyes as you sensed me there
The tears did fall with so much love
I found my courage and motion did follow
My gentle approach and I knelt before you
Oh my love, my precious soul
I tenderly brushed the side of your cheek
and within your eyes I could see my own heart
Tenderly I placed an ethereal kiss on your poetic lips
To remind you I will always be there
Time and duties shall keep us distant
But love never did know any true boundaries
I whispered then, I love you dear
Treasure this life above them all
I'll hold this space of love for you
As always unto eternity
I may depart a moment yet
My heart is yours and will never leave you

(Photo - random internet find)

Photo credit unknown

For All Time: 

The indelible traces
Your love weaves through my soul
Not a moment or day passes ever
My thoughts don't carry you into my presence
And so it will be I suppose
It used to cause me so much pain
Until I realized the reasons you came
You called out and my soul heard you
I created the mechanism assisted
And there you were in just a moment
How long have I yearned to find you
And bitter sweet it was when I did
How could I not want you near me always
How could you not feel the same
I questioned much through the days and years
But never so much as whether we did the right thing
Asking that question is a silly one
We always know the answers before the questions are formed
and so I know, I know, shhhhh don't explain
Leave it to the land of dreams for now
There we shall see and understand even more
But this world, this world is not big enough to hold us
A love so powerful and defies logic and reason
But we, we are more powerful than that
And so we go on
Each on his or her own path
Made wiser for the love
Sweet necessary validation comes
And the energy shall fill the atmosphere
Like two light houses on a stormy shore
Just a little out of reach
And even in that we shine, love we shine
And bring home weary travelers from the sea
Ah my sweet love, my heart and my soul
I never thought I could say good bye
In my heart you know, I'll never be far
I'll love you for all time

(Photo/random internet find)

Photo credit unknown
Beyond Time: 
Having seen the veil from both sides now
There is much I've come to understand
Visions and dreams, lives and themes
Simplicity juxtaposed with complexity
And neither could ever taste more sweet
Than when mixed with comprehension
And a free heart and mind to roam
It was pure love that brought me here
But it took me so long to understand
The "I told you so's" may echo from Elsewhere
And I'm okay with that
I'm really okay with that
Head strong as the day is long
And a strength beyond compare
I've finally come to my senses I think
Years and months of memories in time
Beyond that the reasons and lessons great
The joy and exploration for the sheer beauty of it
And love, oh yes and love
When one touches the stream of a love eternally strong
Nothing can ever be the same again
Breathe deep the coming night
I take solace in the shadows and stars
For soon my mind will be free again to dream
A different dream and reality to keep
My heart content until morning's first light
Whispers on a summer breeze
Will rain down from your sky
and Shower you with my promise
I will love you beyond time

(photo, random internet find)

Photo credit: NASA

One as Two:
How many lifetimes must I wait
To taste the love on your lips my heart
How many stars must shine and burn out
Until the moment I rest again in your arms
Heaven’s grace lies in my memories of you
Precious times of love and light
Wrapped in delicious tender embraces
Passion ignites with just one glance
As I fall even deeper into your soul
This restless yearning consumes me sometimes
Until I stand alone under the stars
And feel your love wrapped tenderly around me
A gentle breeze and I feel your lips
And tears of joy do immediately follow
I can wait a lifetime for you my love
Its not as long as an eternity
Forever one as two it is
I love you, eternally

Star Gazers:
 I stood a lone star gazer
Underneath an indigo summer sky
I was given a glimpse
Of two souls entwined
In some future moment in time
My heart smiled from every aspect
Of this space inside me it holds
And it was then space again
That drew me further outside of time
I sent all of my love
Through the stars just for you
Knowing you are a star gazer too
In that moment I felt you near
And a love so strong it knew no bounds
And our thoughts gathered
And our energy flowed
Look for me in the stars my love
Look to the light
And you'll find me there waiting
(photo - fortunate internet find)

Photo Credit: Jaie Hart
Carry Us Home: 

I step lightly across the stones
In the stream of endless life
With each step I arrive in a memory
Each memory calls to mind a story
And within each story, love
Love across time never diminishes
It is Source given and never depleted
When you give it away it is always replenished
I see all of the places and faces we have danced
We learned and we tested our strengths and weaknesses
We arrive together again and again
For nothing but the sheer comfort and realization
That we truly are one throughout all time
We arrive here asleep and mere babes right on queue
But right on time we always awaken
And we find each other anew yet again
What beautiful gifts to find soul family
Across the miles, the time and distance
Thank Source we have arrived yet again
In this time, within this frame to work once more
To learn and love again in this time and place
There is strength in our numbers
There is unity in our presence
And when one of us inches further towards ascension
We leave a path for the rest of us to follow
So grateful am I to find all of you here
May the light we create here
Carry us gently home

(Photo Jaie Hart)

Transparent Awakening:

Drinking in delicious rays of sunlight
Flowing gently upon a breeze of pure love
Letting go of the shadows in gratitude
Embracing ethereal knowledge bestowed
On a wing and a prayer she flies
Freedom flowing in cerulean skies
Finding beauty in this world of reflections
Wrestling not with the distortions therein
Fully transparent awakening begins
Into the hands of bliss she alights
Treasured gift in wings enfolded
The dream takes on new light and new life

(photo is a random internet find)

Celestial Sea: 

I open my eyes
And I see the stars
I reach out with my consciousness
And the Universe evelops me
I float in a celestial sea
And am comforted by the display of light
In awe of the motion and energy
I feel everything
No longer tethered to the superficial
By unrealistic expectations
I no longer need darkness to obscure my path
The light in the stars...
The light of the love within...
Brighter than even the brightest suns
In the most enormous galaxies
I am that
And my thoughts
Gently fly me Elsewhere

(photo, fortunate internet find)

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