Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dream Within A Dream

How little we understand the concept of dreams.  I don't know that I can elucidate for you the full meaning, but I have things for you to ponder.  ACIM (A Course In Miracles) teaches that we are, as we live and breathe in this dimension, dreaming the dreams we choose.  This is the assumption I am working under with this article so bare with me.  My premise is not proven and I don't know that any science exists that could bare this out as a definitive truth over a provisional one.  I'm going to deviate from my premise for a moment.  I'm going to go to the topic of dreams as they are commonly known.  Have you ever dreamed at night and suddenly realized within the dream that you were dreaming?  I know sometimes at that point you might just wake up.  But, if you have ever experimented with lucid dreaming then you know that at the point you are dreaming and become aware that you are dreaming, you have just been handed immense power to create within the dream.  The monster coming at you to shred you to bits can be reduced to the size of a stuffed animal or pet you sit down and converse with or you can fly and explore the entire world, this Universe, our Galaxy and beyond.  This part I know is true because I have experimented myself with lucid dreaming.

Now, lets go back to the premise or assumption that I'm leaning towards as a result of my work with ACIM.  Within our lives here in this dimension we commonly know as life on Earth, we are dreaming.  We are collectively dreaming here because we commonly agreed to create this realm in this dimension of existence.  Just like the dream within a dream, when we become fully aware here in this frame that we are dreaming, we realize our infinite power to create.  We begin to stop moving with fearful thoughts that create monsters for us to battle unconsciously and we begin to understand their presence in our lives.  After all, we know we are creating.  When we put focused attention in this dream on creating scenes or people, what happens?  They arrive.  I have seen this and maybe it is a matter of perspective or provisional truth for you but it is a definitive truth for me.  I am suddenly and acutely aware that in this life, in this dimension, and with this frame of reference, I am dreaming and I am infinitely powerful to create whatever I so choose.  With that choice comes a huge responsibility and I cannot force my free will on another without consequences to my soul or spirit so I put out a certain vibration that calls to others and they make their way to me because they have similar focus and intent and then they enter my conscious sphere of existence and dream with me.

When we are dreaming within the dream, when something terrible happens or too strong of an emotion over-takes us, we wake up.  It is the same in this dream.  When "death" occurs in this dream, we wake up to the place we are dreaming from.  The interesting part is that I do not know how far the dreams go.  We wake up from a dream in this life and discover we are safe in our beds dreaming.  So, when we wake up from this dream of life, we will wake up safe somewhere else.  And then what?  I don't know.  I have only bits and pieces and traces of memory to go on which will be confirmed later because I wish to create that.  For a few moments, these thoughts dissolved my concepts of reality.  But I looked around instead and thought, "WOW, what an amazing job of co-creation I see."

I cannot explain the reason for my thoughts and questioning and if I could, I'm not sure that I would entirely because it might take away the fun of individuals expressing here in this life.  It makes sense that we come here not knowing that we are dreaming.  If we were awake in every dream, what would be the point of dreaming?  How could you truly enjoy, with absolute freedom, whatever it is the mind wishes to enjoy?  This doesn't get to the meaning of life but rather understanding the framework within which we live.  My purpose in writing this at all is that intense emotion, particularly pain, interferes with our ability to create in this dream.  When that pain interferes with our dreaming, we become sidetracked and lose our ability to consciously create and enjoy our creations.  Finding ways to create healing is not only possible but required for the completion of our ultimate goal of dreaming in the first place.   Our minds are infinitely powerful and need continual expression and exploration.  Pain stops that from happening.  Love keeps it going and helps you achieve higher and higher learning.  So, when the dream becomes painful, understand that you are the one dreaming and you can bless this dream (your life) with your love and positive intent to continue your growth or you can stop yourself cold by holding on to pain.  We are infinitely powerful creators and the sooner we learn this and truly allow it to resonate within our thoughts, we'll be creating nothing but battles and monsters for ourselves and the collective to contend with. 

The masters knew these things and more and so they ascended in complete confidence and full consciousness...they awakened from THIS dream.  Ascending masters create an amazing wave of positive energy for us to use here for our own awakening and the more we become lucid and aware, the more we raise our own vibration and create the space optimal for others to begin to awaken within this dream.

So, dear souls, pay attention to the dreams you dream within the big dream.  It matters what you do, how you think and that you hold love above all other emotion as the most powerful tool in the universe.  Your awakening matters not just to you but to the collective of co-creators here with you who came to learn and explore.  Time for more coffee!  ~Blessings, love and light dear souls!

This post dedicated to James S (Zenbear) and James R.(soul family).  Thank you for your patience while I begin to awaken.  I love you!

(photo/random internet find)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emotion and Creation

We live our lives day to day not giving much thought to the undercurrent of emotion that pulses within us.  If the emotion is light, happy and satisfied, life is good and we create, even unconsciously, nothing but good things.  However, if the emotion is dark, heavy and sad because of unhealed trauma and pain from any point of our current existence, life doesn't feel good at all and we unconsciously create nothing but more pain and negativity in our lives.  Most often, in this particular state, we manifest people - actors in our play - that will come along and help us expose the core of that painful emotion.  We're so amazing in our design that we don't even know that we do this, but we assured.  Those people that enter the scenes of our lives that seem to know where every single goat is tied up or where every hidden button resides are not there simply to drive you mad.  I know at times it seems like they are just vexatious spirits hell bent on your destruction.  But, the reality is, they are beautiful message bearers.  If you quickly pick up on this fact, you'll stop flailing at them outside of yourselves and dive deep within where the core matter lies.  You'll take a look not at what horrible thing you must have done to be punished so by trying souls but you'll begin to look for the things within you that sent up the beacon of light that called them to you for a dance at certain times in your life.  Maybe the tune of the beat unconsciously is off key and out of time, but dance you will...over and over again until you truly begin to understand the reason and purpose that some souls have in exercising your inner demons.

It all boils down to healing and this simple fact:  "What you focus on, you create."  This is a little known fact of life that we'd all do better to try to understand.  If our focus is negative, distrusting and angry over events that happened in our lives that create pain, guess who you are going to call to you...yes, someone to help you expose and uncover those hidden wounds.  Those hidden wounds can be brought to light not to make you feel bad but to understand why they exist at all and give you an opportunity to both understand and then begin to transcend the pain.  Healing then can enter your soul and restore a more centered and balanced disposition.  If you're still unconsciously creating then, at least you won't be creating terrible and frightening situations. If you take it one step further and realize that you do have the power to consciously create and manifest abundance and love in your lives, you can begin to practice that and over time you'll notice the mirrors in souls who enter the scene in a positive light.

The reality is that it is all positive when you can step away from emotion.  It's all a matter of perspective and perception.  We choose how we will see the world and it's inhabitants that we choose to interact with. We set the stage, direct, cast and act in our own plays every day.  So, why not put some time and attention into striving to feel good or at least balanced and then consciously create?  It's not that hard.  Think back, for a moment, to your days of youth...remember your imagination...that is the space you want to start in...visualize what you want to draw to you and let yourself feel the emotion of receiving what you visualize.  Do this as often as you can and feel really good about what you see.  You are so divinely powerful but you just don't realize that.  This is something we are not taught.  In fact, we are taught the opposite.  So, if you don't like what you have created in this life and you are stuck in a place where you spill your power out in every direction through blame and dishonesty with self, it is going to be very hard for you to attract positive and loving things in your life.  However, if you take back your power through accountability and positive and loving thoughts, you will soon be amazed by what you can create.

This is your life and like a good friend of mine has often said, "You are the captain of your ship and the master of your own destiny."  So, get out there and create in the positive, love yourselves, open your minds and hearts to new thought and start heading in a more positive direction with your emotions.  Small changes can have big impact for you.  Much love and light, dear souls.  Remember, the journey is the destination.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Light Chasing Darkness

Cool of the morning
I breathe it in slowly
Relish the vision
Of the sun's rays climbing
Ever higher into the sky
Darkness chased by the light
Seems an interesting metaphor for life

If we can fearlessly allow
The light to shine within us
To show us all of our dark places
See what's been lurking there honestly
And allow the light
To chase the darkness away for good
We could finally connect to the love within

But when mired in our darkness
We fight the light of day
The saving grace that would heal us
And make us whole
I find it almost humorous
The night sky cannot ever escape
The coming of the day

I will remember this moment
And realize by the heart of me
The light will always chase away the darkness
We need not fight nor fear it ever
We can remain unafraid to see our darkest places
We can embrace the light fully
And let the darkness fade

(c) Jaie Hart, September 6, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Expanding excerpt

“…We have the crosses of our time’s evolution to bear…the gifts and curses, the hopes and dreams, the desires and conflicts and what for?  Why does any of it ever even matter anyway?  It matters much.  Just not for the reasons you might think.  The whole goal of life is to come to a place where you move beyond the superficial and material, to grow beyond a microscopic focus on your own tiny orbiting physical human universe and stretch beyond the stars in your own realm.  Only when the mind, heart, spirit and soul align in truth and in love do you begin to even scratch the surface of the importance of life and yet, at the same time, fully realize the insignificance of all those things we only think are so important.  We sacrifice so much to save face and do little to save this planet for our children or our children’s children.  We pay for our selfishness with experiences of tyranny and tragedy, theories and machinations that only represent proof positive that all we see is a mere illusion of progress…an illusion of a created existence that is here only because we wish it to be…”

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beyond the Beginning

Beyond the Beginning is an excerpt from my work in progress, Expanding Horizons.  I hope you enjoy.  It's coming along...a few more chapters to write and then the editing begins.  Now, on with that excerpt:

So, the last chapter is where my journey began and now I will move forward quickly twenty years later and tell you what I’ve seen.  In all that I’ve seen and experienced, I’ve come to many realizations but one in particular stands out the most.  Just the other day, I went out for a walk in the middle of the day.  It was unbearably hot and the skies were blue in beautiful California.  I noticed the trees, the clouds in the sky, the birds sweetly singing and I thought, “Every single era, at every time in the world a soul of some sort has walked and begun to realize that we all live, breathe but a moment and die.”  Not to sound bleak or disheartened because from the heart of my travels, I am far from that, but in every time in existences, some spiritual traveler has realized that many souls have walked this Earth before him or her and many souls will walk this Earth after.  We are not special or different than they were in the beginning.  We have the crosses of our time’s evolution to bear…the gifts and curses, the hopes and dreams, the desires and conflicts and what for?  Why does any of it ever even matter anyway?  It matters much.  Just not for the reasons you think. 

The whole goal of life is to come to a place where you move beyond the superficial and material, to grow beyond a micro focus on your own tiny orbiting physical human universe and stretch beyond the stars in your own realm.  Only when the mind, heart, spirit and soul align in truth and in love do you begin to even scratch the surface of the importance of life and yet, at the same time, the insignificance of all those things we think are so important.  We sacrifice so much to save face and do little to save this planet for our children or our children’s children.  We pay for our selfishness with experiences of tyranny and tragedy, theories and machinations that only represent proof positive that all we see is a mere illusion of progress…and illusion of a created existence that is here only because we wish it to be.  Nothing more.  That’s all there is folks.  It sounds so melodramatic and even a bit sad but if you look well below the surface of those thoughts, therein lies an amazing beauty…If life is an illusion, who controls the scenes and the actors or props?  Who sets this stage of life?  Who writes the scripts and gives out the parts?  Who decides who auditions?  Who decides to sell tickets?  Who decides just to observe and be entertained?  Who, I ask you?  Do you know?  Would you really want to know the truth?  Would you even believe it if I told you?  Probably not so I’ll just say it…It’s you.  It’s your design.  You do it so beautifully too.

Every word, every scene and every act perfect and the points and morals or realizations, well, now therein lies the magic and then again, more questions maybe?  How?  How do we create this illusion?  I can offer you seekers no compelling evidence or story to tell to soak up and own there as truth.  Each seeker must find his or her own way.  Each actor must learn his or her role in the play and realize the play and its meaning and then you begin to understand why you created it and how.  The illusion, that very word, doesn’t in function like you’ve been taught.  The illusion is something more…it’s love at the core, it’s love that drives you to live and learn and the whole time.  For most of your lives you deny yourself the one thing that created you and that you created your role and your play for…love.  To learn about it’s magic, power and all of its facets you create the drama, the scenes and then enters the freewill of other actors writing their own plays learning about love in their own way and your scenes end up juxtaposed and either elation of frustration ensues.   

When I look back now at what I have created, I laugh.  I laugh because I took it all so very seriously.  I was a mere actress in a soap opera that I wrote, directed and acted in without consciously realizing that the scenes were mine, the emotions they elicited from all of the other actors were an attempt to teach myself to remember who and what I really was and hopefully in the process, teach others to remember who and what they really were and none of us necessarily became the wiser for our efforts because we were so mired in our own egos…the play went on with a thick red curtain of very strong ego blocking the full extent of this magical play called life.

The realization sent me back into the land of nowhere, seeking resonance with all that was…trees, plants, flowers, the skies, the mountains, the meadows, oh yes, the meadows…the oceans and more.  Then, I went back through all of my human to human experiences and can now suddenly recall the scenes as I called them to me to play.  Now I’m really laughing but with a distinct difference.  I now have an idea of what and who I shall call to my play next and what it will be about.  I shall leave the old ideas and concepts of basic life lessons and seek to grow beyond my wildest imagination for no other reason than the simple enjoyment of this play we call life.  I will exist in all realms now no longer limited by time in my own mind because I have realized what illusions and limits mean.  I would love to tell you about it in detail but rather I’ll finish with the concepts in this book.  I have met souls that told me the truth outright and I stood there with glazed eyes not understanding a word of the gibberish those amazing souls were speaking straight to my heart.  I am learning now and as such, I cannot give away the secret but I can turn the light on in dark corners for you to find your own way in whatever way calls to you and I hope that you enjoy the process.  Every soul comes to find his or her place in this life and you will find yours.  Just do this one thing…keep an open heart and keep the ego from making your mind a steel trap afraid to take in new and ridiculous ideas about life in the cosmos, on Earth and even within the sphere of your tiny universe of life in your own world.  You’ll have a much easier time than I did if you can keep this in mind.  So, back to the dark hall ways and looking for lights to turn on for you.  I leave you with simple concepts but the light is on for you to find…you will find it.  Blessings!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Most Powerful Tools in the Universe

There are things in this universe more powerful than any device, machine or manufactured energetic reaction. There are certain tools that are so simply at our disposal that actually are the most powerful tools in this universe. Do you want to know what the most powerful tools in the universe are? They won't cost you a single dime, in fact, they aren't for sale.  You won't have to study under some institution or guide for months and years to get them.  You won't have to search with maps for this treasure because they don't exist any where you might physically look for them.  Although you could try with all of your might to imagine them to manifest them in great abundance, you'll never touch them using any old laws or secrets.  Language sometimes misconstrues or obscures the truth and understanding is often twisted on purpose and sometimes this can greatly limit understanding but the truth is, the real truth is that you already own these tools within you and you cannot wield them improperly if you truly understand them. Are you ready? Okay, here they are:

1. Love
2. Honor
3. Honesty
4. Authenticity
5. Truth
6. Respect
7. Integrity

In all of your dealings, in all of your thoughts and all of your interactions, hold only yourself to these tools.  Judge no one, not even you by these tools. See everything and everyone through the eyes of love (even see yourself only through the eyes of love).   Honor every soul as a divine being part of the One that we all are (this means also honoring yourself).  Seek and speak only the truth and do it with your heart and honesty (but never brutally so).  Hold respect for yourself and every soul as the divine souls we all are.  We are One, hold yourself and your behavior to the highest integrity. Don't worry about what anyone else does or says...just focus you and your behavior on these things and you will render the fear machine's attempts to scare you into giving away your energy and power, useless. These are the most powerful and amazing tools in the universe. Use them wisely and often dear souls and watch your lives change for the better! ~Blessings of love and light dear souls!

(photo was a random internet find.  I do not hold the copyright on that).

Dreaming Awake

The meadow is warm
Yellow and now purple flowers
As far as the eyes can see
Familiar places
Memories begin to swirl
Blue birds sweetly singing
Conscious thought stretched far and wide
Feeling every drop of existence
From deep within my core
Frenetically peaceful esscence
Runs through the heart of me
But I make no effort to move
It is time now to stand still
Dreamers dreaming, I feel their call
Sleepy awakening, I feel them too
The ones still mired in foggy darkness
The ones standing tall in the light
We are all one
Both here and elsewhere
But most of us just don't know it
Although I am dreaming
Right here in this moment
I'm acutely aware of awakening
The mixed emotions it brings
The joy that this concept brings
And I float on the breeze
And am witness to amazing things
The universe stretched out in my hands
I smile from inside
Despite the torrent of emotion
Even though the dream goes on
I treasure these moments
And visions
And love

(c) 9/1/11 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)