Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anxiety = Resistance

Anxiety strikes when our thoughts resist our actions or our experiences (and this can be past or present). Sometimes thoughts fly through our minds so quickly that we do not even have time to consciously acknowledge them. Even without the conscious acknowledgement of thoughts, emotion can still attach to them and the result can leave you feeling anxious and uncomfortable. If you feel anxious, take some time first to just breathe deeply and slowly. After a few breaths, slowly begin to consider the thoughts running through your head. Take apart the cacophony one thought at a time. Find the ones that are resistant to anything that you are doing or experiencing. See if you can find a way to re-think those thoughts in a more calm and balanced way. Consider what you can accept and what you can alter (if the actions were past, there is nothing you can do - accept it, accept you, forgive you and love you and then let go). Worries are borrowing trouble so deal with the now. If you can but pay a little attention to your thoughts, you can recenter yourself from the toxic poisonous chemicals of anxiety...you can find your way back to peace and you can get back to feeling yourself again. As with all things good, this does take effort. But, hey, you are always worth the effort, right? :) Blessings of love and peace!
(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is not mine but a random internet find...kudos to the artist though, this is beautiful).

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