Saturday, August 4, 2012

Illusion and Separation

The illusion of separation is one among many we hold in this frame here on Earth.  We are never separated from Source, God, Goddess or which ever reference you may choose to use.  I think that we are thoughts from Source, given the divine power to create as we move forward from the moment of our own creation but we never loose that point at which we were created and the moment we realize we were never not connected to Source, the love within wells up from the depths and life takes on new light and new meaning...and then we learn to create similarly to the ways in which Source created us. 

There are other illusions, such as seeing others as separate from you, seeing yourself better than others or worse than others.  Even more prevalent, the attack presented or the attacks we unwittingly engage in.   Did you know that we create the magnetic energy within us that calls to those with those characteristics that will psychologically trigger us?  In a way, we create them for the sole purpose of learning.  Why?  Because until we awaken, we unwittingly learn the wrong things that equate to misguiding us wholly into beliefs until we have proper understanding.  Then a belief is no longer a belief, it becomes an experience.  We wish to call those challenging people to us because we truly wish to heal the wounds inside of us that we misunderstood...the things we took on as truth but are not true at all.  Once we gain the courage and compassion to dive in, look and understand - we begin to see and when we finally see, bliss shortly ensues.  Every one who triggers us in some way is a messenger.

Life has many messengers.  For as much as your energy attracts to you magnetically those who will trigger you, your energy will also attract to you those of like mind and belief who will support you.  They support you in their sharing and learning and they give love so freely and you naturally give back because nothing feels more right.  The funny thing is that all of these souls, the ones we attract for seemingly negative reasons and the ones we attract for positive reasons - they are all us and they all - also are an extension of Source.  Treat every single person you meet as if he or she is God or Goddess incarnate, seeing through the masquerade and you might learn some very interesting things in life.  You do have free will though and you do not have to learn or transcend anything.  If your actions produce outcomes you appreciate greatly, continue them.  If your actions produce outcomes you do not appreciate, change them.  You are so powerful and can create in this life by understanding what creation means.  The Hermetic Principals teach of cause and effect, polarity, gender in everything, everything always in motion, as above - so below and more.  Great tools of understanding there about this framework within which we do work.  A Course in Miracles helps to teach us that all we see is an illusion - the attack is unreal - the enemy before you is no less than an extension of are you.  Buddhism teaches that our desire brings us suffering and that compassion and detachment can bring you serenity.  There are so many different paths in this world (and please don't take the short aspects from these paths I have noted as the whole - they certainly are not and I selected aspects only to make a point) that can lead you to understanding and can beg of you to trade your "beliefs" for experience.

I'd rather not hold beliefs because beliefs are like an untried scientific postulation or theory.  A belief is not real.  Experience is more real but even that is subject to our judgment and psychological filters.  I suggest that we keep a very open mind as the layers of our understanding are peeled away bringing us ever closer to definitive truth and moving us ever farther away from our perceptions, assumptions and provisional truths.  Life is important and every single thing you do, say and consider matters.  You matter.  You are a child of this universe, no greater nor lesser than all the other beautiful children of light in this universe.  I pray you feel the love of compassion and the wisdom of understanding all of the days of your lives.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (photo, random and beautiful creation from the internet)

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