Saturday, August 4, 2012

Telling Stories

Dearest souls, some food for thought:  When we complain and blame about something that has made its way under our skin, no doubt you have some very real feelings about things you are unhappy about and you are entitled to your feelings.  But consider, how does your body and your energy feel when you retell a tale of woe using blame and victim thinking?  It feels bad, doesn't it?  The more you tell the tale with the same negative emotion, the more you reinforce your victimized state.  This is a hard one so stick with me for just a moment.  Feel your feelings, absolutely.  Then, take a few breaths, take a time out long enough to get some clarity and then consider what things are within your power to change the story?  What things can you do to bring about a shift in your energy from positive to negative that depends only on you?  If you can shift your thinking from a negative victimized state that sends a very magnetic negative energy out into the world, you can negate the really negative effects of a negative magnetic pull that you create.  We are humans and we have emotion.  We see and hear things and sometimes those things hurt.  Consider, is there another perspective you might allow that may alleviate your pain?  Is there a letter you can decide to write to let your feelings out and be finished with them?  Is there an original wound at the core that requires healing that is magnifying an event unnecessarily?  Is there a loving conversation you need to have either with yourself or someone else to alleviate the pain?  If you can realize that someone may have hurt you but you do not have to remain a victim and can stand up and take accountability by processing your feelings without causing you or anyone else any more harm, you set yourself free from the negativity. The victimized state is such a tough one to get out of.

Our egos tell us we are a victim.  It's okay to feel that way momentarily but decide not to stay there.  Decide your own course to resolve without attempt to control another.  When we blame the government, the neighbors, mom or dad, friends, bad drivers and everything else around us for hurting us, we have given away our power.  We don't have to give away our power.  Someone may have facilitated the realization of our pain.  This may very well be true.  So, consider what you can do now in a positive light to restore yourself to wholeness and healing.  Consider your own actions, assumptions and perspectives and ask if any of these might possibly have also helped to contribute to your pain and do not feel one ounce of bad if the answer is yes!  Realize if you do find your assumptions, beliefs, expectations or perceptions as part of the problem, you have an amazing opportunity to regain footing standing in your own light that much sooner -- learning more about the truth...knowing pain doesn't last for ever - it will fade and heal if you let it.  A sore only remains a sore on the skin when you pick at it, right?  It's the same idea with hurt feelings.  Give yourself some space and time to consider how you might shift your view to a loving space and take loving action to restore your own balance.  If you discuss the tale of woe, do so in a way with someone you trust that might help you understand and process your feelings without reinforcing your weakness or victimized state.  Seek out empathy and understanding rather than sympathy.  Not all of those around us have this capability to be empathetic but you know who within your circle to go to who will give you an objective perspective or even an alternative one.  Be open and listen and allow the pain to heal.  Then if you tell the tale, tell it from a perspective of love and what you learned from the experience. This will free you from the negativity of it.  Again, just some food for thought.  Blessings of higher love, greater

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Photo, random internet find)

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