Thursday, August 23, 2012


We have created everything under the sun -- the love we hold, the fear we is all a product of our own imaginings. If you do not understand how this is so and want to learn, know this - you hold all of the answers right there inside of you. Tune in with great focus to your perceptions and assumptions. Do you automatically assume negative intent or positive intent in others? Do you automatically assume the posture of the villain or victim? Why? Why do you think that might be?  It's not a simple answer and it undoubtedly will take time to truly find the truth.  However, when you can learn why you think the way you think about all of the experiences and encounters within your life, you will understand better how it is that you create your emotion from your thoughts related to the experiences you hold in this life. Set yourself free to roam the beautiful realms of your souls, seek solace in love and compassion, embrace the unique beauty that is you and you will be better able to see that in the world and in others thus changing your perspectives as well as your experiences. You are whole, complete, powerful and divine. Hold those thoughts first and foremost and watch your truest beautiful dreams come true.

I know it is no easy thing and there are so many who would laugh at your efforts and even deter them.  Pay them no mind understanding that you created them also in the scheme and framework of your existence at this time to prompt you to dig deep, be certain and learn!  There are no accidents in the encounters you participate in within this world.  Each one is intended either to impart to you understanding or to get you to stand up confidently for once in your own light - the light of love.  There are oh so many distractions, detours and seeming road blocks but those are all illusions to get you to climb outside of the themes that make you most comfortable - the ones that are rote and easy and make you strive harder to understand because the pain of complacency has grown too powerful.  It's a beautiful framework you have perfectly created for that which you most wish to learn.  Stand back in awe of your creations and then seek to better understand why you may have thought and felt them into reality.  New understanding will dawn and you will at some point grow to appreciate your own cleverness in outsmarting yourselves into learning.


(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo - random internet find)

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