Thursday, August 2, 2012

Full Moon Rant of Sorts (smiles)

It seems a harsh world some times when all you see are people interested in gaining favor, money or prestige on the back of your labors and while you remain down and seemingly, suffering.  You have to understand how this world works and that the majority of the population remains asleep to this world's real purpose and rules.  The cost of remaining asleep is quite steep but that doesn't stop the egotistical battles and greed from raging on.  It's a sad state of affairs when you see how thick and rampant such negative existence is.  But then again, if you realize that part of this is an unwitting plan to keep most people preoccupied and asleep, you start to realize the rules of the game.  There are those who play within the rules tit for tat and seemingly gaining favor at the expense of others like in the case of the personality disordered, sociopathic governments and those who just don't care.  But you see they cannot win because they don't even realize that they are playing the wrong game on the wrong field and their tactics will keep them mired in darkness for all eternity.  To worship prestige, the dollar and things is an empty state of being.  These things are fleeting and will never give the soul what it really wants most.

There are those in this world wholly incapable of love and yet they have become Oscar-worthy actors in order to manipulate you and lull you into complacency and keep you from awakening in this dream.  The moment you attempt to fight back on their field, you will lose and become tragically mired in the very same darkness you struggle against.  The only way out is to free yourselves from the game.  Stop fighting on their field and raise yourselves to the higher dimensions of existence.  It will require that you relinquish your ego for in the real game, the ego is of no significance and in fact, sacrificing the ego is the true price of entry.  Once you can pay the price of admission and willingly so, the game changes, the field changes and the opponents change.  You've taken the game higher where it is more significant and winning has nothing to do with pushing others down expediently.  Quite the contrary.  The real game is finding ways to lift others up into the light of the sun where they too can awaken and transcend the limits and uniform of the prior game.

This is all very interesting to say the least but until you understand what the game is you are truly playing, you'll become lost with those who are playing the wrong game and you will commit your being to a series of recurring miseries.  Painful lessons are designed to be painful in order to get you to snap out of it, reaching higher, farther and even deeper within for the truth.  It is not easy to awaken at all.  It requires commitment, daily action, practice, understanding, compassion for self-and others and when you start to make progress, you get a reward.  That sweet reward is a tiny taste of the true thing that matters in this world - love.  Not the creepy romantic kind born of the ego that seeks reciprocal narcissism for a false energetic feed but the real kind that is universal, complete and truly fulfilling.

I do not mean to talk in riddles or mask the truth of what I'm trying to get at here.  For those who do not understand what I'm talking about, explanation won't help you.  For those who begin to understand, explaining just isn't needed.  A shift in thinking to our daily existence is required in order to bring about a beautiful change in our world.  We can raise ourselves and others up the moment we realize who we really are and why we came here.  We didn't come to grow, marry, buy a home, too much stuff, raise kids and become forever lost in the complacency behinds screens.  We have a much bigger role and while some have come just for the ride, many of us just don't have time for that.  We enjoy the beauty in this world and to see it is its own reward.  But, we also have much work to do and go about doing it with everything in us.  It matters to me when people suffer.  But I realize those unwilling to save themselves from their pain, cannot be rescued. They can only truly be empathized with, a loving space held for and then when they are ready, they can reach out and be received by none other than Source love welcoming them home to their true place in existence.  That true place will never have anything to do with egotistical pursuits.  I have had quite a long rant today.  Maybe the full moon is affecting my  perspectives a bit this morning.  It's energy had me up before dawn.

I guess my true thought in this little rant is that in life, there are throngs of unworthy battles being fought.  Until we learn the difference between the worthy and unworthy battles, we're just spinning our wheels.  The cool part about the construct of this universe is that some day someone else will come along with a series of words strung together that will help some folks realize the truth of life.  We also have all the time in the world to learn.  So many of us wish to leave behind us words of wisdom to help those who may wish to transcend the ordinary to the  out of the ordinary aspects of existence.  I'm thankful for such souls.  It was a few of those who inspired me to begin to awaken to the dream and gave me the desire to transcend the game I had mired myself in.  Much thanks to those beautiful souls.  The landscape begins to change and I am so very grateful.  I will strive always to ensure their time and efforts were not wasted upon me as I pay forward the good deed of their service in life.  ~Blessings of deeper understanding and higher love dear souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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