Saturday, August 11, 2012

Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming

Although I know that every single thing in this world has a great purpose whether judged good or not by the majority, I still dream of a different world.  In that world the little selves within us all are not supreme rulers of our being.  The little selves no longer exist to contrast and compare, to cause harm through jealousy, inferiority complexes and meting out guilt and shame just to give themselves validation.  In this world I dream of, we meet each other as equals from the state of the serene and confident core of our very souls, where we appreciate diversity and variation of cultures and living.  I dream that we learn to celebrate our differences for the facets they so beautifully and gently etch into the raw diamonds of the existence we truly hold. 

In this dream world of mine, no one goes hungry, no one goes homeless and no one lays broken, bleeding or emotionally beaten to the ground.  In this world I dream of, we have willingly exchanged our ignorance and stupidity for gratitude and love, for cooperation and divine creation.  I do not dream of a utopia but rather a world where understanding and compassion reigns supreme.  It may be a silly dream and one quickly dismissed because no series or group of souls would hold all the money and in fact, money would be of significance not at all.  There would be work for idle hands and minds, there would be various manners in which we could all create based on what calls us the most. We would exchange ideas, lend assistance to one another and quickly forget our violent and insecure history.  I dream that we come to a halt in our current existence and instantly find forgiveness not only for self but for others and the error of their ways...of our ways.

I dream of a beautiful world where the skies are clear, the land is revered, animals are treated with great respect, where religion may exist for those who choose but all would understand its just a path and not a tool to validate internal hatred. These small minded things would be left long behind in the darkness of the dark times we consciously decided to set down for good.  But this dream, as wonderful as it might seem is an impossible one right now in this frame.  The truth is that collective creation I dream of works only so long as there are souls lending energy to it.  As long as there is opposition, conflict will ensue, fear will grow and so much time for love is irretrievably lost.  This conflict, collective of ignorance and unawareness, love and compassion, learning and complete disregard is part of the frame work that we did create for this time and curious dimension we now find ourselves in. 

We created it just like it is and whether or not we had reservations we did give our assent or it would not be as it is.  We didn't arrive here and suddenly meet an opposing darkness.  We, the collective, agreed upon the roles that would be played.  Some learn from the darkness they portray in this world and others around these roles most definitely do learn and the facets are sometimes painfully carved rather than gently established for mutual shining!  This world is what it is and the souls in it are no less great just because of the roles they agreed to play.  Every soul on this Earth matters whether you segregate them into good ones and bad ones or not.  Its hard to understand dear ones, it truly is but with a measure of understanding you still swim through the thick seas of existence and learn the things you came here to learn.  How could you not?  It is what you wished.  You are not complacent souls seeking just to drift.  You wanted this world as it is and so it is.  Now, the challenge comes when you meet animosity and adversity, what will you do and how will you handle it?  Will you strive consciously and carefully so that when the day comes, and understanding finally dawns, you will look back on your life in this incarnation and be satisfied with your achievement or your progress?

I will go silently back to my dreaming and contemplate this morning's awareness further.  There is much to learn and despite all the doomsday prophecies and physical resets predicted and fearfully put forth into this world, you have ALL the time that you need to learn what you wished most to learn.  If not within the limited span of this life, then in the next or the next or an eternity from now.  Time holds significance only in this frame.  Outside of this frame time means nothing.  Dream on beautiful dreamers and find your place of love, of light, of greater understanding and higher learning.  You shine so beautifully.  You really do.

(c) Jaie Hart   (photo - a beautiful painting I found randomly on the internet)

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