Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slowly Sunday

A strange occurrence this morning when I opened my eyes was daylight streaming in through my bedroom window.  It's a strange occurrence because normally when I wake up, it's dark out still.  A little disappointed that I missed seeing the stars, I laid there a few moments and let it go.  My mind begins to kick into full swing upon awakening and I feel this expansion of thought not long after opening my eyes.  Perhaps it is no sudden expansion at all but rather a continuation of thoughtful things I brought back with me from the land of dreams.  Regardless, its peaceful, serene and hopeful as always.  I arose slowly still feeling the blissful comfort of repose and I sat up making sure I was really awake.  A familiar thought beckons my and I went about making some.  The morning is a gorgeous one I noticed as I looked outside.  A pale blue sky in morning's light with gentle coastal clouds crawling gently across it.  Their motion seeming so smooth and gentle resonated a similar feeling deep within my soul.

The simple things in life bring me great pleasure.  An easy Sunday morning moving slowly with no plans or places to rush off to, nothing that absolutely has to be done and I am appreciative immeasurably as these facts begin to dawn on my waking mind.  Have you ever walked through a dark night of the soul and been through the stages of once again finding the light, walking all the way into it and feeling that overwhelming sense of joy for having made it through?  That is the feeling that I have this morning.  There was no protracted sense of dark night for me at any time lately but I do recall such a place from far back in my memory and I do recall that feeling of pure joy for having made it through.  Perhaps it is an unwillingness to forget the contrasting emotions that brings me such peace.  Finding the light in darkness always feels like a miracle to me and when you hold onto the light every day, that same sense of joy remains.  I'm really grateful for that.

The soul needs time, sometimes, to feel its way through life.  The typical reactionary thoughts assigning emotion just doesn't go deep enough for me.  I push my thoughts deeper and farther often in order that I might understand this dream or play that I have created.  It's been such a wonderful life and the lessons no less than absolute perfection.  As I come to a close of yet another year completed on this Earth, I cannot help but wonder what the next year will hold.  Birthdays are often a time of joy for many.  I've never really seen it that way.  I enjoyed them as a child but as an adult, not so much.  I think as every year ticks by I'm most concerned with whether or not I have achieved  those things I most wished to in my life.  I can say, absolutely yes for the most part but there are some things yet I still hold in focus and wish to beautifully create.  I'm certain it will be as I have dreamed.

So, well, I've got a few things I do want to do today and probably should get to them but I'll do so with a great sense of peace, serenity and joy in my heart.  I'm really glad to be here in this world and do my part to make a difference within it where I can.  It is something I love and I truly feel I live for.  I hope each of you reading this knows some measure of certainty about why it is that you came.  If you don't, look towards those feelings inside you that compel you into states of emotion for good or ill and you will soon begin to understand why you're here.  Seeking that understanding is a worthy endeavor.  Live, love and enjoy every step you place upon this Earth and every breath you take in harmony with all that you have come to know.  Realize that soon you will trade any illusions you hold for truth and when you do you'll realize that you gently become more authentically you.  Its beautiful how life works in this regard.  ~Blessings of love and deeper understanding.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (photo, fortunate internet find)

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