Thursday, August 2, 2012

Transformational View

I turned in early last night and opened the curtains to let in some air.  I was stunned at the light hanging low over the horizon.  Deep burning orange embers seemed to settle in my Western skies with layers of pink, purple gray and pale blue.  A little further up from the horizon, I caught a glimpse of indigo and the first few stars come out to shine.  I stood at my window for the longest time just gazing at the sky, noticing the light etching the tree leaves in fine but fading light and I felt the peace that has dwelt deep within me no for so many days on end I've lost count.  A cool sea breeze blew the curtains back farther and I breathed in the scent of the ocean, flowers and the energy of life.  It was a pure and simple moment, the kind I treasure most. 

My mind wandered back over the days and months in a miracle montage of images, memories and colors.  Always the sky it is that captivates my soul in some ethereal way I cannot quite articulate fully but it was the beauty of the images, the love laced through the memories, words exchanged, dreams dreamed and all of this in a matter of a few seconds of fading sunlight.  It was a beautiful thing to stand there in the silence and stillness of early evening allowing the beauty of my vision to dispel the foggy mists and drudgery of a routine day.  I realized even among the mundane and routine I typically experience there were, interspersed, moments where I could see things differently.  I recalled earlier this morning a strange sight I've seen a lot here lately...the energy of souls speeding past me in shiny metal boxes.  I don't notice it when they are right next to me but at a distance its so clear to see.  The energy of humans in motion trails behind them in clear shadowy wisps and you can feel the energy of them even if far away.  Its strange sometimes when you open yourself up to the seemingly impossible. You can see and feel things that others who have not had similar experience might quickly label and brand as insane.  I just don't care any more.  If they could see what I see and feel what I feel, if they could walk the Earth as I walk the Earth, they'd know the truth...and the truth is, we can all see and feel things unexplained if only we could find that one thought, vision or emotion that we would allow to open us up all the way.

Life is more beautiful when you are open.  The walls we may use to shut others out really do nothing to harm them compared to the harm those walls cause us spiritually speaking.  Walls are always intended to protect but like a home that has never welcomed a weary stranger, what good is it to pine away inside day after day and night after night in solitude?  It may be safe but there is no exchange, there is no sharing, there is only one perspective and that perspective cannot be properly defined without the edges of the perspectives of others.  We need each other in ways we just can't properly understand.  We will learn though and we are learning.  Every day we awaken just a little more to this dream and gain a tiny little taste more of the true power of our own creative thoughts and emotions.  When we are captivated in a project and we're in the zone...this is a little like that which I speak of only it is not a limited "zone" at all but an all encompassing, ever expanding sense of oneness with the universe - a oneness with each other.  When we close our hearts off to our brothers and sisters, we close ourselves off from love.  We will learn this in time and begin to make adjustments as we begin to truly realize the benefit to us for such learning.

It's nearing my favorite part of the day once again.  I sit quietly in my living room watching the sunlight trail in through shadows of tree branches and leaves and the light dances across my vision.  The full moon this morning was beautiful but her energy was a challenge to contain.  The effects have eased a great deal and a great measure of peace now descends once again.  What a beautiful life this has been.  I am utterly grateful to have lived every single moment of it and I will cherish every gift of the rest of the moments I am given.  For in each moment I now know, I can find the love in all that I see.  That's enough for me for now.  Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

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