Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can feel it in the air, that slight shift and change that brings us ever closer to the equinox.  I love that feeling of balance, the coolness that tinges the night air and that beautiful cerulean blue sky that becomes enhanced by big white puffy clouds.  The Summer is always fun and entertaining but I much prefer the Fall.  I relax a little more for some reason and the sleep in the cooler temps?  Well, it's just delicious to say the least.  When I look around and see the leaves on the trees turning, changing and beginning to fall away, I'm always mindful of those things I have finally learned and can now let go of having grown a little wiser for my efforts.  Maybe that is the real source behind that relaxing sense of completion.

The seasons are markers to me.  Much like in business, when we review the quarter's progress, so too do I engage in the same activities concerning my life.  I review my challenges and goals and consider my accomplishments--those planned as well as those unanticipated.  Life to me is no longer about filling my home with things that do not benefit the wisdom of lessons learned.  I am by far more interested in learning to understand and hold compassion for others as I make my way through this life.  That is the bigger challenge and it is infinitely more rewarding.  We cannot take with us the things we've collected while we've squandered our days and hours in pursuit of a feeling.  We can, however, take with us all of the love and understanding we have gained in our lifetimes.  When our bodies give up our souls, we remain very conscious and in that consciousness we are quite curious about what we've done - did we make it - did we do all the things we intended to do for the sake of the experience and learning?  We quickly then turn to love, did we give it enough, did we forgive and understand enough and did we leave a wake of love and serenity behind us?

When we know these things it gives us great pause to consider how we will live as we are, in fact, living and breathing.  Life is so very beautiful when you have your focus gently placed on those things that truly matter.  To deviate only causes you to lose your place and forgo your own progress but you can always find another way to learn because your consciousness never dies.  This place provides a great opportunity for experiencing from a very limited set of facets but there are more dimensions to our existence that we can reach into at any time. 

So, I've gone a bit of track.  But that's okay, I love letting my mind and heart roam where ever it wishes.  I appreciate every single day in every season I am alive.  Don't get me wrong.  But I'm happiest when I see representative change in the seasons.  It inspires in me hope.  It inspires in me the desire to enrich my own experience and to live in a way that I might leave some measure of peace behind me when the winter of my life finally comes.  I don't fear the hereafter.  I fear living lost in a world of superficiality and materialism.  I don't begrudge having nice things or making light connections - I just want the rich depths of meaning in life to continue to grow exponentially.  I will not fail in seeking that which I most desire.  I don't have it in me to fail.  Blessings of love, acceptance and understanding dear ones.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

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