Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Love Sees

There is this connected flow feeling that has weaved itself throughout the energy of today.  I felt it the moment I opened my eyes and as surely as I am here breathing, it is welcome.  So very welcome.  When the stream of love is permitted to freely flow throughout our thoughts, feelings and the whole of our existence, something changes and the sharp and harsh edges of this world seem to fade into insignificance.  I'm grateful for that.  I wonder often about the change in perspective, how it arrived and what fostered it.  Now that I give it some focused thought, I realize that I am aware of its source and it stems from love and a love expressed so purely that it makes my soul want to dance.  The love of angels is no small thing and they walk among you every day.  You may not see them disguised as a friend, a sister or brother who has been journeying through life beside you for all of your life or maybe they've just recently joined you - a stranger transformed through love into a friend.  It matters not one bit.  What matters is that you see and begin to realize that it is you who creates the loving or hateful feelings in this world.  We are so powerful and we just don't realize it.  Everything around you is part of that which you most wished to create for no other purpose than the experience and experiencing for the sake of growth within your own soul.  It's easy to dismiss this thought and even rail against it.  Denial or lack of understanding of something does not make it not so.

I am aware of so much in this moment.  I feel as though I have one foot gently placed in two worlds...the one most might consider the real reality and then... Elsewhere - a place as real to me as Earth is to you.  Both of these places have a few things in common - energy, love and beauty.  In a way, one exists because of the other.  I would think myself crazy hearing this tale if I had not had the experience of hearing similar tales recited by others who have found themselves in this place I now stand metaphorically speaking.  The mechanics just don't matter to me any more I guess but the feelings do.  When I am disconnected, I feel lost, lonely and alone.  When I am fully connected, I feel whole, complete and in the company of the brightest most loving angels. Delusion?  Maybe.  I don't really care.  This feeling is beyond intoxicating and I'm creating it.  It's a welcome shift from long days of contemplating complex connections, dreams and lessons.  Learning is hard but loving is easy.  Both can be used in harmony I realize.  I guess I just haven't consistently figured out how to get there.  So, the place to start is being what I want to see most around me - Loving, Accepting, Understanding, Tolerant, Compassionate, Gentle and Kind.  These things over time, have begun to matter so much to me. They emanate, when practiced, a certain loving frequency of energy that can be felt by all those around it if, they are willing to open to the frequency.  There is so much love in this world and we can decide every day and within each moment whether we will tune into it and allow it to resonate deeply within our cores.  Love heals pain.  Love heals fear.  Love heals uncertainty.  There is only love in my focus today.

I hope this feeling remains with me as it is the very thread that holds me together in this moment.  It's a beautiful thing and I hope that all of you reading these words know what this feeling is like.  It's beautiful beyond belief.  If you don't quite understand it yet, be patient and be tolerant.  If you set your intent to be open to it, it will happen.  You have the power to create the feelings you choose to create.  Well, it's the middle of the week and I'm just happy to be...I hope that you are too and that you consider shifting your view as you go about your day to one of love, compassion and understanding - not just for others but for yourselves too. ~Blessings of love, dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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